Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Red Scorpions

Kim Bolan was the one who first broke the news about the Red Scorpions being involved in the Surrey Six murder. Not only were they involved, they were the victims. The Bacon brothers used to be affiliated with the UN and broke off from them to take over the Red Scorpions.

The Red Scorpions used to be friends and or affiliates with the UN. Those were the people killed in the Surrey Six murder. One other guy was killed in the Guildford parking lot and a mother was gunned down not far away with her son in the car. These were the Red Scorpions who were affiliated with the UN.

It is clear that the Bacon brothers were attempting a hostile take over of the Red Scorpions similar to the take over of the Independent Soldiers leadership which for all practical purposes was successful.
The UN did not take kindly to the take over and have been killing off bad bacon as we speak:
Obviously this is over the sale of drugs. However, since the Hells Angels are clearly the cocaine kingpins in the province and no one sells drugs in Prince George without the Hells Angels permission, one has to wonder how they fit into the picture. Perhaps we could ask Hells Angel Larry Amero who was seen with Independent Soldier Randy Naicker. Randy N was with the Bacon brother's crew when they were arrested in Castle park wearing body armour.
The police tell us that the new IS are a puppet club of the Hells Angels just like the Crew, the Renegades and the court Jesters. Since the Hells Angels run all these puppet clubs and profit from their sale of drugs, how can they not be involved in this turf dispute between the UN's Red Scorpions and the Bacon brother's Red Scorpions? Larry should know. He's the one with his finger in all the cow pies.

For all practical purposes the Hells Angels tolerate the UN and have been caught doing business with them but it's all very suspicious when Ron Lising and John Punko claim the UN aren't welcome in the province and they will pound anyone who does business with them. It makes for the Hells Angels associates who do do business with the UN suspicious. Especially when a UN members ended up dead in Mexico after having done business with a Hells Angel associate there. Did I say Matt the Rat again? My bad.

Perhaps the UN are perfectly aware of the betrayal and were responsible for the death of the Hell's Angels Bob and Doug McKenzie shot up in Mexico. It's all a viscous circle of betrayal and speculation. More like a soap opera. There used to be honour amongst thieves back in the day. Not any more. Now the Hells Angels just keep lying to as many people as will believe them.

My point is, as we clearly see how bad the Bacon brothers and associates are, let's not forget who encourages, supported and or endorsed their hostile take over of the Red Scorpions because the puppet master is not less blameworthy than the puppet.


  1. If Anthon did meth and heroine I doubt he would be fat. Those drugs suck the life out of you and addicts end up scrawny. If you had read anything I’ve posted you would realize that I oppose crack and meth both. Heroine is different. You’ve got to be pretty down and out to put a needle in your arm. That’s what makes crack and meth so dangerous. Everyone thinks it’s safe when it’s not. Heroine addicts are not as violent as crack or meth addicts. I do have a couple of tattoos but not a RS one or a playboy one. So was Anthon in the UN friendly RS leadership or the HA friendly RS leadership? It does sound like he’d be able to help me out with some more info. So the new RS… does that stand for Rat Shit?

  2. ive never matt the rat but hes friends with friends of mine. antons a fucking piece of shit whos killed on more than one occasion and he sells drugs. but u still dont mention him and as far as i heard about matt AKA the rat hes a collector and hes actually helped friends of mine get there stuff back and him and fatboy anton almost got into it. anton maay be 270 lbs but he hits like a bitch. all he knows how to do is point a gun. why dont u do a story on him ?????? answer me please. he was rolling with john lahn and killed him he was rolling james riach and james got shot at and then he was rolling with the bacon and they got shot at. so its puzzling why u havnt written a story on him????

  3. If you send me news articles I can find out more about him. I just found that one that said he was tried for killing someone but it was a hung jury over the self defense claim. You said earlier that he ratted out the Bacons and helped Ellen Mohan. Couldn’t be all bad then. Ratting out a rat makes you responsible. DK’s the real rat. Goes with them to shoot some bad guys, shoots an innocent bystanders instead, then rats them out to get a reduced sentence and a pay out. That’s messed up.

  4. I read about a guy who went to LA and got shot up. There weren’t many details. Didn’t realize he had anything to do with Anthon. If he stabbed and killed your friend why don’t you tell crimestoppers? You say he’s killed three people but I can only find news reports about one which he claimed was self defense. Suspicious but possible.

    If you have really lost a friend to gang violence then I am genuinely sorry for your loss. Doesn’t that make you think that the violence associated with the drug trade is wrong? Adiwals and Buttars are messed up no doubt but the Hells Angels had them replaced and now make money off the new IS leadership. You don’t seem to be worried about how the Hells Angels are taking over every crew in B.C. and making money off them. How can Anthon be bad but not them? Both are wrong.

  5. Do my job? I thought I was just supposed to f*ck off. Sorry, I guess I’m having a conversation with more than one person. Hard to tell when everyone posts under the name anonymous. I will do some more research on this Anton guy but my main objective it to get to the root of the problem. The reason I write about the Hells Angels is because they and their associates are the root of the problem here in BC. They do more than threaten. They run the show.

    A crew jumper. That’s an interesting concept. Ya gotta admit being a crew jumper sounds more appealing than a crack dealer mugging old ladies. However, betraying friends is not on either and if you have lost a friend to the violence, that is tragic. Once again it would just put Anthon in the same category as the Hells Angels it wouldn’t erase what the Hells Angels are doing but I will try and find some more info on the guy. If you could give me the names of the people he’s alleged to have killed that would help.

  6. Well that’s interesting. Didn’t Ron Lising and John Punko say the UN weren’t welcome in the province and they would pound anyone who does business with them? I thought Mike was their pal. I’m so confused. Don’t you hate it when people say one thing to your face and something else behind your back?


  8. I don’t know how broke he is but I have received private e-mail from people who really don’t want to be associated with him any more. Who’s Matt the rat gonna hide behind now Weird Hal and Rainbow Ricky?

  9. How tried to kill peter adiwal

  10. How or who? The Hells Angels in Haney had beef with the Red Scorpions who were affiliated with the UN. Then Larry’s pals murder the RS leaders in the Surrey Six. Peter Adiwal was with the original IS who were involved in the Loft 6 shooting. All the old IS leaders except for Peter have been replaced with Hells Angel friendly leaders. I don’t know who shot Peter Adiwal by my guess is that it’s someone friendly with the Hells Angels since they have taken over that gang.

  11. Are you talking about about the Loft 6 shooting.......where herman dhillon and phil hothi were invovled and subsuqently got murdered for it.

  12. Yeah. After that incident almost all of the old IS leadership have been shot or died in mysterious car accidents. New IS work for the HA's. Strange how that works.


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