Thursday, October 29, 2009

La Familia Michoacana

303 people tied to La Familia drug Cartel in Mexico have been arrested across 19 states.
We all know the Mexican drug cartels are ruthless and a lot of money is involved. Interesting to note about this cartel is that they have a religious twist and claim their dealers don't do the drugs they traffic.

Kind of like that woman I saw selling crack at Surrey Central for the Hells Angels who said "I don't smoke the shit, I just sell it." Somehow I don't see that as any more noble. They are willing to exploit addicts but smart enough not to become one.

Seemingly La Familia started in the /80's as a group of vigilantes set up to fight kidnappers and drug cartels only to become ones themselves:

Clearly that is a good example of what happens when you take the law into your own hands. It's hard to understand how a group of people united to fight against a particular type of oppression end up becoming the exact same as the original oppressors they were set up to combat. We see it all the time but I have a hard time comprehending why that transformation happens. Absolute power corrupts...


  1. Its seems you fail to see the cia/fbi/sheriffs trafficking on the streets but you find no fault in that mr agent, your true ignorance is an example of what the majority dont understand about whats truely going on. Im sure you find it just fine that you pose as a dealer to arrest a person who chooses to do with his life what he/she wants. Drugs are illegal because they would be worthless to US officials if they were legal. The truthe is if they were legalized there would be no more new users than usual. Theyre illegal to keep ignorance employed like you. Lets see, if all were banished from earth tomarrow(drugs), you find your az in the unemployment line tomarrow, and your corrupt lawyers wouldnt be able to send there children to those fine colleges. What will happen when salts of meth get so cheap that its handed out gratis until those fine college kids have to have it, then the scum like you can start paying for there habits or send them to expensive rehabs. Im sure the psychologists will appreciate the business aswell. Theres hundreds of ways of making said salts. I hope they steel your families money just as theyve done to poor suburbs in the past. You have no clue. Karma is coming to those who emplored theres on me(cia,fbi,sheriffs) Dope can be made for about 10 bucks a pound. My fortae(chemistry/alchemy/physics/metaphysics) Ive taken no oaths and take no prisoners and the secrets ive obtained about said salts are going to keep you busy. Good luck with your ignorance. BRADLEY PAUL KAISER so you dont have to ip the message. Metaphysics I Quote "Do not mess with one mans dream and find yourself in the depth of his nightmare"

  2. Actually if you had read some of my other stuff you would know that I do have a huge problem with the CIA and other government agencies trafficking cocaine. Operation Fast and Furious, Operation Wide Receiver, Operation Watch Tower and all the cocaine coming out of Mena Arkansas supporting the contra rebels in Nicaragua. I have a huge problem with all of it. Legalizing crack, crystal meth or date rape drug is socially irresponsible. One man's dream is another mans nightmare when they start torturing, murdering, decapitating and dismembering each other. That is deranged and to say otherwise is a deluded fantasy.

  3. Speaking of ignorance, this thread is over three years old.....


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