Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Gang War in Review

It’s time to do some house cleaning on the web site and highlight some of the main stories over the past few years of blogging about the Vancouver gang war. 4 ½ years and 6 million hits later we have to ask ourselves has anything really changed? Not much. This year Montreal had a rash of December shootings. Last year it was Surrey. One of the things we need to highlight is the connection between Vancouver and Montreal’s organized crime because they are connected.

Larry Amero’s drug bust in Montreal is further evidence of that. It’s hard to believe the Kelowna shooting was in the summer of 2011. It seems so long ago now. Larry’s arrest in Montreal is also further evidence that the Hells Angels weren’t the ones that put a hit on Larry in Kelowna. They wouldn’t have given him a position in the Montreal drug trade if they weren’t supporting what he was doing with the Bacon brothers. Spike’s niece was there the same reason Larry’s ex was with the UN when they shot at the Bacon brothers – to show support without actually being there. No doubt Larry warned the Bacon brothers that night but they were playing the UN by hiding their support of the Bacon brothers.

Prime Time Crime does a great job of listing the violent murders each year. It’s hard to keep up with them all. Looking back over the past year a few things stand out. One is the obvious extermination of the Duhre Dhak group. I guess we’ve made progress in the sense that we all know about the Hells Angels’ direct involvement in the Vancouver gang war now. Back in 2009 that was hidden behind a cloud of rage and denial. Yet now it’s pretty obvious. The Duhre Dhak group don’t sell drugs for the Hells Angels so they are getting wiped off the face of the earth.

The second most significant revelation of the year is the Hells Angels involvement in the torture of drug addicts for drug debts. The Whiteboys Posse arrest is the flaming example of that yet we had a brutal rape of a homeless woman in Surrey for a drug debt this month. That is outrageous. At least we know now who is ultimately to blame. The court application to seize the East Vancouver and the Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouses is clearly a step forward for the year. Let’s not forget the Hells Angels stolen car ring in Kelowna that was busted this year. Along with the David Giles arrest it made a great end to the Kelowna Summer Jam. That was another highlight.

Let’s not forget the three convictions this year in the cross border drug ring tied to the Hells Angels that have implicated Randy and Trevor Jones as well as Tbarz. Randy even put a sign out front of Tbarz saying it’s under new management so he must have finally taken it out of his mothers name and put it in someone else’s name. It is however, NOT under new management.

Another significant thing this year was the return of Greg Wooley the Hells Angels puppet from Montreal. Mom Boucher made him a member of the Rockers and put him in charge of the Syndicate a puppet gang that sold drugs for the Hells Angels and supplied all the Crips in Montreal. When the leader of the BoBars was shot in Montreal the motive became clear when it turned out he hit and humiliated Greg Wooley at a meeting trying to get all the gangs in Montreal to work for the Hells Angels. The BoBars said no and refused. Shortly thereafter their leader and his friend was shot dead. Clearly the Hells Angels involvement in the Montreal drug trade is bigger than we had imagined.

Of course I still believe the Hells Angels are supporting the Calabrians out of Hamilton against the Rizzutos. More Rizzuto shootings tied to the Hells Angels have emerged this year as well. So obviously first and foremost we have the drug war. Yet all that money laundering is always tied to investment fraud and devastates our stock market. Everyone thinks laundering drug money is a good investment. The problem is that people who sell drugs are dishonest and greedy. Whenever they launder drug money they always want more and get involved with investment fraud.

Recently the paper cited a quote by Richard Rosenthal that said one man with a brief case can steal more than 100 men with guns. We have talked about how the Vatican bank has been accused of money laundering for the mafia and how they were used to misappropriate a huge some of money from a bank in Italy and crashed it. This is what I am referring to with my concerns about investment fraud and how it is often tied in with the gang war over the drug trade. In the New Year we will continue to look at both: the gang war and the investment fraud that is shaking our sovereignty. Peace.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prison guard charged with drug trafficking

Paul Fleming, a local prison guard from Kent in Agassiz has been charged with drug trafficking in prison. This again sheds light on the ongoing problem. Peter Adiwal was caught trafficking cocaine in a Maple Ridge prison. We saw people throwing drugs over the prison fence in a Manitoba prison and an employee was caught bringing drugs into Stony Mountain where Deli and the Crackhead Crew are staying.

BC’s Police Watchdog in place

Richard Rosenthal has been chosen to lead BC’s new police watchdog office. Increasing accountability is a good thing. Yet Christy Clark came under fire for another foot in the mouth comment. She joked on the radio that she felt it was better to be thought a MILF than a Cougar. Kind of an airhead thing to say.

Woman advocates are left shaking their heads. Yet the BC Liberals problems happened long before Christy took the helm and Kevin Falcon is even worse. He’s just another Gordon Campbell clone in that conflicted crime family.

On the bright side, as a young lawyer in California, Rosenthal said he quickly gravitated toward white-collar crime and “holding the most powerful to account,” while “everyone else wanted to do blood and guts.”

“One man with a brief case can steal more than 100 men with guns,” he says, adding that the most difficult prosecutions are against the rich and powerful, because they’re often highly respected, well-liked, usually sociopathic and can hire the best legal defence money can buy.

So true. Does that mean he’s going to look into Christy Clark’s involvement with BC Rail and the laundering of drug money that went along with it? Or is he not allowed to bite the hand that feeds him? Please advise.

Suspicious fire in Surrey

Two mobile homes in Surrey were destroyed by fire after a mobile home exploded in Surrey last night in Bridgeview near the Pattullo Bridge. The first thought is possible meth lab but neighbors claims the smell of gasoline was very strong before the explosion.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Adelaide takes out the trash

80 Hells Angels and Finks have been banned from every licensed establishment in Adelaide, Australia in an effort to take the bikers drug war out of the public's way. Well done. Three cheers for Adelaide for finally taking out the trash. 80 Hells Angels and rivals banned from every pub in the city. Now that's a good start. Ya see what happens if everyone does their part and picks up a little garbage? The world becomes a much better place.

City of Surrey evicts homeless shelter - Update

Talk about tearing down bridges. Once again the city of Surrey shows it’s true colours. After accepting a bribe from the dirty developers of the mega casino they are closing down the Surrey Urban Mission foodline and homeless shelter with no plan in sight for a relocation. More blood money. Shame on them and shame on all of us for allowing this to happen.


The Surrey Leader is reporting that time is running out for the homeless shelter and the Vancouver Province has picked up on the story. This is a dirty stain on Dianne Watts’ campaign. This is something Gordon Campbell would do. Evict the homeless and accept a $24,000 bribe from dirty developers connected to Gordon Campbell for an organized crime megatropolis in Surrey. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

This place is on the same side of 104th just across the street from the new Babylonian City Hall that’s being built. The City of Surrey wants the homeless shelter out of there. They’re even putting up roadblocks on their relocation. This is the place that the City of Surrey just spent $5 million on new furniture. Why are they trampling the homeless in their greed and excess? They’re spending big money on a huge black fence around the Front room so people won’t see the homeless there. God help us.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Montreal Mayhem before Christmas

I’ve fallen behind in the gang violence over Christmas. So much for a December ceasefire. Freddy posted a few links in the other forum that are discouraging. Friday December 21st two men were shot in the head, at a strip-mall cafĂ© in north Montreal. The next day the police claimed the victims had no ties to organized crime yet sources told CTV Montreal the victims were foot soldiers for the De Vito clan.

So what’s with that? A masked gunman shoots two guys in the head in north Montreal. How can that not be related to organized crime? December 17th Giuseppe Fetta was shot in north Montreal. Emilio Cordileone was shot dead December 8th. These guys have no respect for public safety or for a seasonal cease fire. They just don’t care. That’s what greed does to people. This morning there was another shooting in the HoMa bar in Montreal.

These are the same kind of guys that would shoot someone on Christmas eve then tell the shooter to kill his co accused just because. Just because they are untrustworthy and betray everyone they meet for the almighty dollar. They're all a bunch of skidmarks crying out to be flushed down the toilet of justice. Astounding they're driven by the Ontario Village Idiots.

On a lighter note, at least 45 centimetres of snow fell on Montreal on Thursday, breaking a record on Thursday that had stood since 1969.

Gary Webb and the Fiscal Cliff: Part 2 The final cut

Although Gary Webb didn’t mention the fiscal cliff doom and gloom we are now hearing, the things he did bring to light very much effects the reality of the current cause of the financial cliff con that keeps sucking up tax dollars to pay for investment fraud. George Bush used the same con. He called it a global financial meltdown which his fraudulent spending helped create. That is the key thing to remember.

Banks don’t crash all by themselves. Someone has to commit fraud and steal from the bank before it crashes. We know from the closure of the VSE how corrupt those fake pump and dump stocks really were.

The Greek financial crisis is the prime example. Economists warn that what happened to Greece could very well happen to Canada and they are quite right. We could easily get conned just like they did. What caused the Greek financial crisis? What was public money became private money then disappeared. Madoffs were springing up like popcorn who stole the public money through investment fraud. That is what caused it. Just like the S&L crisis in the /80’s.

The mortgage crisis in the States was a little bit different but the root cause was obvious. In the /80’s Canada had a recession and mortgage rates skyrocketed. Mortgage rates went from 6% to 20%, a rate jump that was previously illegal. As a result monthly mortgage payments doubled and people couldn’t keep up and ended up losing their homes. This domino effect continued across the country.

The same thing happened in the recent US mortgage crisis. It wasn’t just a matter of banks handing out high risk loans. Mortgage rates skyrocketed and people couldn’t keep up with the increased payments. Homes were foreclosed left right and centre while cunning capitalists came in and cleaned house. There is nothing wrong with capitalism. There is something wrong with fraud. Canada didn’t see the same mortgage crisis they saw in the US this time simply because our mortgage rates didn’t skyrocket like theirs did. Controlling those mortgage rates helped prevent a national recession.

Capping mortgage rates is pretty simple. What we need to examine is the investment fraud that crashes banks and Wall Street. The kind of fraud that is causing the Irish to ask why they should be paying for that in Europe.

One of my primary points here is the fact that according to Al Martin, the agency used investment fraud as a way to raise money for Iran contra. Not only did they sell drugs to fund the contra rebels in Nicaragua, but they also knowingly committed investment fraud as a way of raising money.

Al Martin pointed out that sometimes the victims were willing participants. They would knowingly invest in a dry oil well as a way of contributing to the cause so to speak. When the fake oil well went bankrupt they would be paid out half their investment and use the rest as a tax right off so they would come out whole, get a patriotic photo of George Bush and a pat on the back saying they contributed to the cause. Others weren’t so fortunate. They were ripped off and lost their shirt.

The double dip scam that Al Martin exposed and claimed Neil Bush instructed him to do was the practice of taking out a bank loan to invest in a dry oil well or fake pump and dump stock. After ripping off investors and taking their money when it came time to dump the pump and dump, they also defaulted on the bank loan and thereby double dipped on their little scam. Al Martin claimed that during the S&L crisis in the /80’s many of the defaulted loans that crashed the banks in Texas were loans the agency defaulted on as a way of fund raising. Those banks were bailed out and the agency walked away with a black ops budget from fraud. This has been confirmed by former Huston Post reporter Pete Brewton.

We have talked about how this did happen in Canada. How the CIA used Earl Brian to commit investment fraud in Canada to help raise money for the October surprise. The question we need to ask is how are we going to address the huge amount of investment fraud that the CIA is directly involved with to avoid this financial cliff con that Obama is talking about. To answer that question we have to remember who paid for Obama’s education.

Deregulating the banks and deregulating Wall Street opened the door for investment fraud. Consequently it isn’t surprising how this fraud has been tied to politicians of both political stripes in the Keating Five. This fraud in nonpartisan. To over come it we need to open our eyes and look beyond party politics. Business is good, fraud is not. Deregulating the banks and wall street so criminals can steal from them will not only see us over the financial cliff, it will rob us of our precious sovereignty. Buyer Beware.

Americans pledge allegiance to the flag and bind themselves by oath to preserve and protect the constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Turning a blind eye to the CIA’s drug trafficking and their investment fraud is a violation of that oath. It is not patriotism, it is treason. Whistleblowers are not domestic enemies of the constitution, they are patriots. Government drug traffickers and investment fraudsters are the domestic enemies of the constitution. Sluffing off this reality as a conspiracy theory isn’t just irresponsibility, it is culpability. In our case it is unnecessarily driving our nation over a financial cliff of fraud.

To this end let us remember the dirt king himself Robert Booth Nichols as portrayed in Guy Lawson’s new book Octopus. Not to be confused with the James Bond movie.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gary Webb and the Fiscal Cliff Part 1

The Gary Webb series was a simple model logical progression. Gary Webb was an accomplished award winning investigative journalist. Garry Webb claimed the CIA were responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80’s. After making that statement Gary Webb’s credibility was attacked. They claimed he was a conspiracy theorist. He was not.

The same person who made that absurd claim was himself pardoned by George Bush Sr. for their illegal involvement with Iran contra. Iran contra as we have established wasn’t just selling Iran weapons in exchange for the release of American hostages. It was selling Iran weapons to raise money for the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. It had nothing at all to do with freeing hostages. Yet Iran Contra went far beyond even that.

Basically, Gary Webb was right. Despite the personal attacks and political pressure his paper faced, he was right. The CIA were indeed responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80’s. That fact needs to be established and reviewed because we are seeing the same thing repeat itself in the modern day Operation Fast and Furious.

So before I dive into the conclusion of my Gary Webb series this month we need to establish two things. First that Gary Webb was right. The CIA was in fact responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80’s. They used the rationalization that the end justifies the means. They used the sale of cocaine to raise money to support the military campaign in Nicaragua to fight communism. Unfortunately, the end does not justify the means in real life.

The second thing we need to establish is that the CIA has a long history of drug trafficking. Operation Fast and Furious is very real. That is the same thing they did in Iran contra. That is the same thing they did under Bill Clinton’s watch in Mena Arkansas. Barry Seal and Chip Tatum were first hand witnesses of that. Bo Gritz and Terry Reed were first hand witnesses of the government’s involvement in drug trafficking in Vietnam. George Bush Sr. was directly involved. He is the one that fed the agency the poison kool aid and got them addicted to drug trafficking. Somewhat ironic that the agency’s headquarters is named after him. It forces us to question if there ever has been a good director of the CIA. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

What went on in Mena Arkansas is relevant because it happened again in Mexico with Fast and furious. What happened in Vietnam is relevant because it is happening again in Afghanistan. The Taliban brought heroin production in Afghanistan to a grinding halt. After the allied invasion of Afghanistan that country has returned to being the world’s largest producer of heroin. Ever year after the invasion the production of heroin has steadily increased.

So, now that we have established that Gary Webb was right, we need to ask ourselves, if the CIA lied about drug trafficking, what else did they lie about? If the CIA broke the law then, what other laws have they broken and what else are they capable of? I’m not referring to 9/11. We all know about Operation Northwoods. We all know about the USS Liberty. We all know steel framed buildings don’t collapse at freefall speed into their own blueprint without the help of explosives blowing out the load bearing beams. Any architect or engineer will tell you that.

The conclusion of my Gary Webb series is going somewhere else. It takes us over the financial cliff. May the new era be an enlightened one where we learn from history and prevent the same criminal fraud from reoccurring over and over again.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve in Sarajevo

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Drum roll please... Make that two... Then remix it one more time... Christmas Eve in Sarajevo comes to Vancouver to confront the gross injustices that continue behind closed doors. From our Holy land to yours - Peace. For the love of God man, open your eyes and Look at what we've done...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Local News

Sadly there was a murder in Kamloops this month on December 5th. A 16 year old girl from Terrace. Tragic. A meth lab was busted in Surrey. And a bizarre DUI in Kelowna but it wasn’t Giles this time. Giles is still in the pokey. Another snowboarder is rescued after going out of bounds on Cypress. Revelstoke too.

The government says it will contract out air to air refueling of the F-35’s if they buy them because they aren’t equipped to refuel those types of jets. Another reason not to buy them. I thought they said the deal was done. Looks like it was just put on hold while we recover from the shock of Harper selling our sovereignty to Communist China. A corporation that has it’s own police force and arrested people for their freedom of association.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Rain

We’ve talked a bit about Vancouver rain and how going out and about on a fall rainy day is a very Vancouver thing to do. Christmas rain is a bit different. It’s hard to get into the spirit of Christmas in the rain. I think it’s a little easier to get into the Christmas spirit in the Okanagan or back east where there’s snow. We occasionally get a white Christmas but not often. We recently had snow in the city but the rain quickly washed most of it away as usual.

Yet one thing we need to remember about Christmas rain is that as long as it’s below 8 degrees Celsius, all that Christmas rain in Vancouver is fresh powder on the local mountains. If you’re not there you miss it completely. As I’ve said before, driving up the mountains and crossing over the freezing point where the rain becomes snow is magical. After spending the day on the mountain in fresh snow then returning to the rainy city below is like waking up from a pleasant dream.

Nevertheless, today we went to the Vancouver Christmas market which is something fairly new. It’s a traditional German market with hand made crafts and lots of traditional food and drink. This picture is a local guy originally from Toronto dishing up some traditional German noodles. One is plain spaetzle for the vegetarians, the other is spaetzle fried with ham and Swiss cheese while the other is a different type of noodle with some potato mixed in. They’re quite nice. I’m not a big fan of sauerkraut though. I prefer the plain ones with a little glazed sugar. I like the spaetzle with ham and cheese. They had a girl from Switzerland glazing the cheese and the sugar with a small blow torch. I kid you not.

The chocolate fountain is a family favorite. I’m not big on fruit dipped in chocolate myself but I think the idea of melting chocolate and putting it through a fountain is cool. So even in the rain there are things to do to help you feel the spirit of Christmas.

I remember speaking with an Australian guy on one of the local mountains one winter. He said they’re not really big into the turkey dinner at Christmas back home. I asked him what a Christmas tradition was for him in Australia and he lit up and said we always have shrimp on the Barbie at the beach. Barbeque on the beach at Christmas I thought? Then I clued in, oh yeah Christmas is in the middle of your summer. That would definitely put a different perspective on it. Rolf Harris and the six white boomers. My father used to listen to that all the time at Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, there’s a video going around of Nina Grewel saying how as a Sikh she is not offended by Christians celebrating Christmas. It’s a powerful video and pretty much sums up my definition of multiculturalism. Someone else’s traditions don’t diminish mine any more than my traditions diminish anyone else’s. She claims we can still use the C word and she is absolutely right. Merry Christmas everyone. May it be a peaceful one.

Friday, December 21, 2012

More guns from Fast and Furious

We have an update on Operation Fast and Furious that ties in with the December series on Gary Webb. Prime Time Crime reported on a LA Times article about more Operation Fast and Furious guns found after a drug cartel shoot out in Mexico that killed five on November 24 2012.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Federal authorities were probing how a gun bought by George Gillett, a former top U.S. federal agent in Phoenix ended up at the scene of a fatal shootout that killed a beauty queen in Mexico.

Even Fox news asks the same question. The answer is simple. It was part of Operation Fast and Furious where government agencies were selling the Mexican cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment. Bringing back tons of cocaine implies that they sold them a lot more than three guns.

Earlier this month ATF’s William McMahon was fired in the wake of the Fast and Furious investigation. McMahon’s lawyer said “Mr. McMahon was unfortunately the victim of a politically charged football match over an operation that was officially sanctioned.“ This goes right up to Obama and his own Oliver North, Eric Holder. Who I might add worked with Bill Clinton during the Mena Arkansas Arms Dealing Drug Trafficking scandal.

Last year ATF Director Kenneth Melson resigned as Obama retaliated against whistleblowers. My question is this, if Obama is going to pursue his gun control bill in the United States, will his government agencies stop selling arms to the Mexican drug cartels? Please advise. Arming criminals and disarming civilians is not gun control.

Stop the December Violence

Last night in what appears to be a domestic dispute, a man in Surrey shot a woman in front of her 10 year old son then put the gun on himself when the police tried to arrest him. What is wrong with these people? I realize December is a stressful month but for God’s sake it’s Christmas. Stop shooting people. Thankfully the woman survived and was hit in the shoulder and or wrist and the shooter didn’t shoot himself. Nevertheless all this violence both gang related and domestic needs some time with Dr. Phil.

Why would a man want to shoot his ex, then kill himself? She cheated on him? If that’s the case, you’re better off without that trailer trash. No need to murder her. How many guys out there cheat on their woman? If every woman shot every guy who ever cheated on them we would see a significant reduction in the population. This if I can’t have you no one can persona is messed up. Get over yourself. If it didn’t work out, then she’s not the one. Someone else is. There’s no need to wish misfortune on someone.

Same with all these gang shootings. You think they’d have a little respect for the season and for public safety but no. They keep shooting rival drug dealers over Christmas because they are consumed in their greed. That is what this is about. Make no mistake. There is no honour in greed.

Take Columbia. Farc offers a unilateral ceasefire during Christmas and the government of Columbia rejects their proposal. What is up with that? US troop backing the government of Columbia because someone discovered oil and now they are rejecting a December ceasefire. Go figure.

Then there was that horrible massacre in the States where a shooter opened fire on young school children. Columbine couldn’t do it. The Dark Night Rises didn’t do it. Killing young children at school did. Now Obama is talking about gun control and there seems to be enough support to push it through.

Murder is horrible. All the massacres are outrageous. Killing young children at school is heart breaking. Yet I’m not sure gun control is the answer. Criminals will always have access to guns. But I am sure there is way too much violence in December that is related to the gangs as well as to domestic disputes.

Within New Zealand with one in three women experiencing violence from a partner in their lifetime, while on average, fourteen women are killed each year by a member of their own family. No doubt it’s similar in Canada. This needs to be addressed.

Where are you Christmas?

Giuseppe Fetta shot in Montreal

More December shootings. Freddy posted this link in the other forum. December 17 Giuseppe Fetta, a man known to the police with mafia ties was shot in Northern Montreal. A police source said that in recent months Fetta is believed to have associated with Andrea (Andrew) Scoppa, 48, a convicted drug trafficker known to have ties to the Mafia in Montreal for several years. Giuseppe Fetta was referred to as a Rizzuto bodyguard.

According to court records, about a decade ago Scoppa got involved in a dispute with members of the Hells Angels over who controlled certain parts of northern Montreal and required the input of Mafia leaders to negotiate a settlement. How’s that settlement holding out now as the Hells Angels continue their violent control of the Canadian drug trade?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mega Casino Misrepresentation

Gateway Casinos bussed in non Surrey residents for the public meeting to support their drug money laundering operation that required a $1.5 billion debt restructuring. Bribes and dirty tricks to support blood money. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. They're wearing the wrong shirts.

Christmas Preparations

There’s still lots to write and talk about. I have two final pieces for the Gary Webb Series. Likely the final one will comprise this year’s Christmas epiphany. I’ll save my discussion about Redemption and leaving the game in my New Years message. I still have to mention John Bryce’s new music video that makes Weird Hals’ I’m on a boat video look even more ridiculous.

And of course tomorrow is the big day! The planetary alignment. Unfortunately it looks like yet another day of rain so it doesn’t look like we’re going to be able to see it. I’m sure we’ll be able to see some kind of morning alignment around Venus for a few days after the fact in case we get a break in the clouds at sunrise.

Yet I really need to get ready for Christmas. All this work work work is good for paying the bills but it’s easy to miss the spirit of the season. We went on the Stanley Park train yesterday to see the Christmas lights. I haven’t done that for years. The fire department has some lights set up just outside. We’ll have to check out the Bear Creek park train too. They do the same thing.

There’s lots of free places to see Christmas lights. I remember one house in Surrey that would do their lights up every year and had a large train set in their back yard. Usually the paper lists addresses of houses that do their lights up over Christmas. I hear Capalino suspension bridge has lights. If you live local buying a year pass is worth it. That tree top adventure is nice in the summer. Just like the Aquarium or the Planetarium. Buying a year membership makes it worth while.

The same with the gondola on Grouse Mountain. A year pass is worth it. Now that’s festive. A sleigh ride on the mountain, a small ice rink and even live reindeer. It’s worth bringing the kids. Although I don’t think they have horses pulling the sleigh any more. They do on Silverstar. Lots of nice things to see and do on Silverstar and Big White.

So here it is, Get festive. Enjoy the season. Take time out from the road rage and the mall rage to look at the lights and enjoy your freedom. Yeah I had to go and use the F word again. One blog reader was asking my opinion about Giles spending Christmas in prison this year. I have to admit it’s a little comforting knowing that justice has finally arrived with that guy. Dale Sweeney was trying to get parole for Christmas in the wake of his cocaine trafficking trial. The big house crew isn’t very bright. Spending Christmas in prison isn’t very fun.

Nevertheless, don’t forget that part of being a good Christian is to visit the sick and those in prison. Strange as it may sound. Anyone can change but the key word there is change. You can’t change unless you admit you’ve done something wrong. Crack and crystal meth are horrible drugs. Profiting from that is wrong. Torturing addicts for drug debts is deranged. Lies and denial won’t change that. Be a man. Face the facts and come clean. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself.

So here’s a little tribute to Davie Giles and all the boys in the dumb house crew spending this Christmas in prison. Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson singing Folsom Prison Blues. And to the rest of you out there who think you can live a lie while you torture addicts and live off the avails, don’t kid yourself. Buyer Beware. God’s gonna cut you down. Word.

Vernon Greeks lawyer pleads guilty to criminal organization charges

William Jacob Mastop is a lawyer who represented the Vernon Greeks and was himself charged with participating in a criminal organization. Today he plead guilty to those charges. One of his bail conditions was a no-contact order with past or current members of the Hells Angels or the Greeks. Interesting that it specifically named the Hells Angels. We know the Vernon Greeks were a puppet club who sold drugs for the Hells Angels. Hells Angels support gear was found in their office.

Haslett said Mastrop wasn’t involved in murder or drug dealing but he assisted the Greeks by providing them with documents that they wouldn’t normally be able to access that aided their criminal activities. “He was aware of the murders, everyone in town was,” he said. “He would have known they were killing people.”

Speculation arises about the possibility of those court documents including names of police informants which is what some claim got Ron Thom killed. Thom, who the gang mistakenly believed had cooperated with police, was lured to a road near Vernon in the middle of the night and shot to death. Smart said when Thom’s bullet-ridden body was left on Commonage Road, it was “to send a message to others involved in the illegal drug subculture.”

Hells Angels members pleaded guilty to extortion and assault

Two members of the Hells Angels in Hamilton, James (Bubba) Sherwood, 42, and Joel Rollin, 29 plead guilty to extortion and assault yesterday. A statement of agreed facts claims the pair went to a Greenhill Avenue residence on Aug. 8, 2011, around 6:30 p.m. and entered through an unlocked door.

The pair, one of them wearing a gold and diamond necklace with the biker gang’s name spelled out, was hired to force two former owners of an east-end bar to transfer a liquor licence in a sale dispute, court heard. Once inside, Sherwood confronted one victim and punched him in the neck. He then demanded the two former owners sign a document to settle the sale of their bar and punched one of them in the face, said Leitch.

“In the house were three young people, one still a child,” Leitch added. Once the document was signed and before leaving, Sherwood told one victim he was being taxed $5,000 for mentioning the Hells Angels and had a week to pay or they’d be back to take his car. Bubba received a three year sentence. Joel will b sentenced on January 29.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Port Mann Bridge closed for falling icicles

Just when I was going to renege on my Surrey the Centre of Stupidity post. After all, they opened up more lanes on the new bridge going into Vancouver finally so things were finally improving. Until today. Two inches of snow and the thermometer hovering around zero has produced icicles on the cables of the new bridge. As it warms the icicles melt, fall and smash windshields of cars driving below. I’m not talking about one or two cars, I’m talking several. Great another brain surgeon escapes with his pocket full of money while the tax payer is left to pick up the pieces. It’s like the new wonderful sky train that doesn’t work when it snows. Brilliant.

Gee the old bridge didn’t do that. Twining it would have been cheaper, safe and we’d be able to use it all year round. The same thing doesn’t happen on the Alex Fraser bridge because those towers are on the sides of the bridge so the cars don’t drive under the cables like on the new and almost improved Port Mann bridge. I don’t want to be a pessimist all the time but I’m really not excited about the design of the new bridge. The whole thing held up by two concrete towers. It’s hard to tell if all those cables are holding the bridge up or if they’re holding those Babylonian towers up so they don’t tip over. I guess time will tell. When the earth quake hits we’ll see how it does. I personally prefer steel arches. They’re much more reliable.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pickton Inquiry Report is a Fraud

Wally the limp fish Oppal blamed the police for failing to arrest Robert Pickton sooner. Yet we all know that circus side show was a fraud and that the public inquiry wasn’t public. Aside from being in a position of conflict of interest right from the get go, and aside from his offensive side job in a slasher movie, Wally Oppal censored the inquiry and shut it down as soon as other possible suspects were mentioned which was highly relevant to the mandate of a Missing woman inquiry.

Wally blamed the police for such a disaster from happening while he himself was the root of the cause of it happening again which we have seen in Whalley recently. There was a great deal of information about the Hells Angels involvement on the Pickton farm that came to light during the inquiry and Wally ruled that information inadmissible. He then shut the inquiry down and transformed it into a less “adversarial” panel discussion to prevent key witnesses from testifying.

The judge’s instructions to the jury in the Pickton trial was that they could find him guilty even if he wasn’t the only suspect. He even went so far as to say they could find him guilty even if he wasn’t the primary suspect, just and active participant. On that basis he was convicted. Any missing woman’s inquiry needs to ask what other suspects were involved if it sincerely hopes to prevent that tragedy from reoccurring. Wally Oppal isn’t just a fraud, he is now an accomplice to murder.

Wally Opal is the last person on earth to make any recommendations about a Regional police force. Neither the RCMP nor the city police forces want that. That is something we can objectively look at but we should not let that distract us from Wally Oppal's criminal failures in the commission.

Police Negligence

I will however, say a word about police negligence in this case which went far beyond apathy and indifference. When a witness accused Willy Pickton of murdering a prostitute, a member of the Coquitlam RCMP went to Willy on the farm, told him about the accusation and told him the name of the witness. That was a crime. That officer should be charged and that whole tarnished detachment should be under review.

There are two mayor concerns on the table. The first is the overwhelming climate of unprofessionalism that permeated the RCMP as well as the VPD at the time. It was far more widespread in the RCMP. It was a climate of sexual harassment. Don Ray is the epitome of that dark reality. Catherine Galliford was the public face of the police investigation into the Pickton case. Her testimony about the ongoing sexual harassment she experienced by that investigation team is astounding. It was a climate of unprofessionalism that was rampant. Likewise, members of the VPD were accused of blackmailing prostitutes into having sex with them. Telling them if they didn’t have sex with the police officer, the officer would arrest them for prostitution. That’s the first concern. The climate of unprofessional that was pervasive.

The second concern is the huge cover up. The police covered up the Hells angels involvement on the Pickton Farm because the Hells Angels were under investigation at the time and they didn’t want to come across as having bungled that investigation which they clearly did. Just like Operation Phoenix. So the Hells Angels involvement with Dave Pickton and the farm was extensive and that fact was obsessively covered up by the police during the inquiry. Relevant police reports were not admitted as evidence in the not very public inquiry.

The Globe and Mail reported that the inquiry will hear that off-duty officers “frequented” Piggy’s Palace, that evidence was not submitted. We all know about the Jim Brown scandal. The police assisted that cover up by raiding the whistleblowers home.

Obviously the other purpose of the fake inquiry was to give the police a slap on the wrist and absolve them of any legal liability for telling Pickton the name of a witness who made allegations about him and for covering up the fact that they bungled the investigation into the Hells Angels involvement with Dave Pickton and the farm. I know paying the families of the victims compensation would cost a lot of money, yet that is no excuse for withholding evidence in the inquiry. Since there was no public inquiry perhaps civil litigation is the only remaining avenue to get a full disclosure of that important evidence Wally Oppal denied.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Woman assaulted in Whalley over a drug debt

More details have emerged about the brutal assault in Whalley. The Surrey Leader is reporting that the witness who discovered the body found her chained to a tree moaning, trying with a weak voice to call for help. Her underwear was pulled down around her ankles, and she drooped from a tree, her arms chained to a big limb and her knees touching the muddy ground.

Some people in North Surrey are saying that in addition to being beaten, the woman was sexually assaulted and had one of her eyes scratched out over a drug debt. Over a drug debt. Where have we heard that before? Edmonton and Lloydminster? Who was responsible for that one?

Who controls the drug trade in Surrey after Eric Sandberg promised “they” were ready to eliminate all the competition in Surrey. A sex trade worker in Maple ridge was brutally raped by someone who claimed her husband had a drug debt to the Hells Angels. This is why we don’t turn a blind eye and let the Hells Angels get a monopoly on the drug trade. Torturing addicts for debts is not acceptable. That blood money is not worth it and we should not be laundering it in our casinos or on Wall Street.

Surrey RCMP claim they didn't find the woman bound to a tree when they responded to a call at 12:40 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 2. They are saying she was a victim of a serious assault and suffered life-threatening injuries, including broken bones. As of Monday December 10th, the woman remained in hospital in critical condition, clinging to life.

Several people in Whalley are angered that police didn't release a warning to the public immediately following the discovery of the beaten woman. It was only after calls from The Leader days later that police released some scant details publicly. Smith isn't surprised. "This is the dead zone," he said as he walked north of 104 toward 108 Avenue. "They don't tell you when bad stuff goes on up here." The Vancouver Province expressed a similar concern in a front page article in their paper. Although they did write about it on December 5th. Perhaps the December 5th article was a tip not a press release from the police.

Torturing addicts for drug debts is a huge concern. Handing out free needles or crack pipes does not prevent addicts from being tortured. It just feeds the drug dealers greed. We need another solution. In this MSN video one local claims the first thing we have to do is get rid of all the drug dealers in that area and he is right. When we create no go areas that are tolerant of drug sales in hopes to contain it, we contribute to these kinds of outrageous assaults.

Rattan Mall has some interesting insight on the matter. He claims the Delta Police are more transparent than the Surrey RCMP when it comes to reporting crime statistics to the public. He asks if news is being deliberately suppressed to give Surrey a good image. Rattan even quotes the Balcony Rapist decision in Ontario. He recounts that in 2002, the Surrey RCMP were reportedly pressured to stop reporting every shooting incident as it was giving the city and then-mayor Doug McCallum a bad name. That tradition is now being continued under the new administration and has expanded to other districts.

It is time to turn the clock back and go back to reporting all serious crime to the public and stop surprising crime statistics. We keep hearing how safe Surrey is and we keep asking who’s smoking what. Over all Surrey is safe, yes but this dead zone in Whalley they refer to is just as bad as the DTES. Over all crime has dropped but in that area violent crime has increased and most of it doesn’t even get reported. Laundering that drug money in a new Mega Casino in Surrey is wrong.

Foreign ownership of Canadian oil is very problematic

Foreign ownership of Canadian oil is very problematic in times of war. We could easily not only find ourselves with a contractual obligation to trade with the enemy but to fuel their invasion as well. That is not right. It doesn’t matter what country it is.

Giving our oil rights to Communist China is even more problematic. Remember the Korean War and the Vietnam War? China supported both. In World War II Japan elected a fascist government and started invading other countries. The US put them under a naval blockade cutting off their supply of oil to fuel their invasion. Japan responded with the bombing of pearl harbor.

China has a horrific history of human rights abuses. We all remember pictures of the tank man in Red Square but we forget the Communist military used live ammunition on the protestors in the middle of the night. Over 2,600 people protesting for democracy were killed in Tiananmen Square. Many more were wounded. Do we really want to fund that in a time of peace? I think not. We certainly don’t want to fund that in a time of war. China has a need for foreign fuel. We can supply that need in times of peace by selling them fuel. Not by giving them ownership of our fuel. Giving any foreign country ownership of our oil is insane. Giving a Communist dictatorship ownership of our oil is treason.

Giving the Dutch foreign ownership of our grain is also problematic. What if, after a few years of profiting from owning Canada’s oil, Communist China decides to buy out the Dutch and take control of our grain too? Ever head of the potato famine in Ireland?

Blennerville was the main port of emigration from County Kerry during the Great Famine (1845 to 1848). In the year 1800 there were over 100 working windmills in Ireland, now only 3 survive. One of them is the Blennerville Windmill at Tralee in Kerry. During the famine corn was shipped out of Ireland to England through this port and mill as well as others.

Being forced to ship Canadian grain out of Canada during a famine would be unwise but is the exact situation we create by allowing foreign ownership of our grain. Foreign ownership of our resources is very problematic. Communist ownership of our oil is treason. History matters.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Interview with Vice Magazine in Edmonton

Vice Magazine in Edmonton just ran an article about the Gangstersout Blog. They were interested in the recent news about the Whiteboyz Posse and the allegations of them being involved in three murders including the decapitation of one victim over a drug debt. There’s a lot of good and evil out there so there is. And then there’s Tom Jones from the Twilight Zone just to get you thinking about both. To understand the future, you have to go back in time.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Justice Richard Wagner sells poison kool aid

Look who's dressing up like santa. Justice Richard Wagner was complaining to The Canadian Press about how court decisions are being examined and commented upon in the media as never before. Somehow he thinks that’s a bad thing. He erroneously claims the credibility of the justice system is put at risk if its decisions are criticized without being properly explained. He said lawyers, media and governments all have a duty to educate the public.

STFU. That is the problem. He thinks the public is stupid and it’s up to the lawyers and judges to educate the public. That is the problem right there. The judges are so arrogant they insist they are untouchable and beyond reproach. When they make a bad decision that clearly defies natural justice, they say the public has no right to question it because the public is not learned in the law like they are.

The truth is, many of them have no concept of justice whatsoever. Even a layman can see that. Many of them don’t know the law. They’ve just memorized a bunch of watered down jurisprudence that has destroyed the justice system completely. Chronic offenders. The more offences they commit, the less time they do in jail. That is not right. The judicial system needs to be rebuilt. Making judges accountable is the first step.

Judge Wallace Craig claims that it is not only the public’s right to criticize bad judicial decisions, it’s their moral duty. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that Justice Maureen Forestell’s recent decision to return the Hells angels’ seized property has taken us right back to the dark ages. The Hells Angels are the biggest drug trafficking organization in Canada. They held Quebec hostage for years in their biker war which was simply a war over drug turf and profits. They even contributed a portion of their drug profits to a fund to pay for the murders of rival drug dealers. Maureen Forestell should be hanged. The Hells Angels are responsible for public executions of drug rivals and the torture and dismemberment of addicts for drug debts. Claiming the public isn’t allowed to talk about that is insane. To claim that she made the right decision and the public just needs to be educated in the law is false.

Take a look at Peter Leask. He’s another idiot who is sitting on the wrong side of the bench. I was in the Vancouver courthouse for one of David Giles’ court appearances. I was asking around about what room it was in and what judge he had. I said don’t tell me it’s Peter Leask. The response was no, I don’t think they let him do criminal cases anymore. He just does civil cases now. If that is true, then that would explain how the police were claiming there has been improvements to the BC Justice system of late.

Nevertheless, if that is true, it proves that Peter Leask is a problem and that the public wasn’t imagining it. It proves that Justice Richard Wagner is still selling that same old poison kool aid that is choking our judicial system into oblivion.

Wagner was just publically sworn in as a supreme court judge on December 3rd of this year after his October appointment by you guessed it, Stephen I fire whistleblowers Harper. The parallel system he fears is the US system where judges are elected. No wonder they fear that system. It makes them accountable. He is right about one thing though. People are losing faith in the judicial system and that is sad. One local group thinks Judges are the Problem and they’re pretty passionate about it. It’s not just the appointment of judges, it’s getting rid of a bad judge. We currently have no process for that.

Two UN members sentenced for cocaine trafficking

Doug Vanalstine received a ten year sentence while Daryl Johnson received an eight year sentence for conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Both sentences were reduced by pretrial credit since they were incarcerated before the two for one credit was done away with. Of these two hillbillies were high ranking members of the UN, I’m forced to question the credibility of that organization. The UN is way more organized then these two idiots.

IKEA shooting targeted

Police claim the shooting at the Richmond IKEA parking lot was targeted but not gang related. The only type of shooting that’s targeted but not gang related is a domestic dispute. Time will tell.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kelowna teen set on fire at house party - Update

An 18-year-old was drunk and fell asleep on the kitchen floor at a Kelonwa house party during the early morning hours of Dec. 8. The suspect allegedly poured a liquid on the back of the victim and then lit a match, while another suspect recorded the resulting fire on video.

Police said the teen suffered major burns to most of his back but no one who was present in the home at time told police about the incident, and the RCMP didn't become aware of what happened until about 12 hours later when the victim was at the hospital.

Two Kelowna residents, Matthew Sweet-Grant, 20, and Joshua McWhirter, 18, have been charged with aggravated assault and remain in custody. I’m not sure if the maggot Donnie has any brothers or cousins named Josh. Perhaps someone could advise us.

This is a low life dirt bag act of mental illness. Everyone at the house party should be ashamed of themselves for associating with such a low life. Police claim this might not be his first offense. Rats don’t report that kind of sickness to the police. Those are the real rats. They’re not men. They are DEVO.


Update: One source claims Josh McWhirter is the son of Toni Angel McWhirter. I don’t know if that is true. Perhaps some of our Kelowna crew can confirm that. We do know that Toni Angel McWhirter is Donnie the woman beating dirt bag McWhirter’s cousin.

She is total trailer trash. She was all in my grill when a guy from a Hells Angels farm team called the Baseball team in Lloydminster was arrested in Lloydminster’s largest cocaine bust. I’m not sure how she knew him but she has posted a total trailer trash poem on her facebook that sates: “Rats and Goofs, deserve their beats.” I guess the girl her cousin beat up and the kids her alleged son set on fire deserved it too. What a nice dysfunctional Christian family.

Harper surrenders Canada’s sovereignty to Communist China

So on one side of the planet we have nutbars setting themselves on fire to protest their oppression by the Communist government of China. Here at home we have another nutbar handing over our sacred sovereignty to that same Communist dictatorship Tibet is yearning to be free from. Stephen Harper has gone insane.

Gayle Gavin wrote in to the Vancouver Province about how Harper is selling out to the Chinese. She said: “Prime Minister Stephen Harper must be stopped from selling Canadian sovereignty and environmental protection control to the Chinese.”

“On Dec. 7, Harper OK’d the sale of Nexen’s control of three to six billion barrels of tarsands oil to China’s state-owned oil company, CNOOC. He plans to sign a secret treaty soon - the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Act - that will allow CNOOC or any Chinese corporation owning Canadian resources, to challenge Canadian laws or regulations they deem contrary to their interests. These challenges will be decided by panels of international corporate officers and lawyers in secret tribunals, using the same scheme former prime minister Brian Mulroney set up in the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

What was wrong with NAFTA? Chapter 11- compensation awards. That insane clause in that agreement has resulted in an absurd amount of misappropriation of tax dollars to corporations who sue the government for creating laws that inhibit their ability to make a profit. This includes any law that protects the environment.

Ethyl Corporation was awarded 20 million in tax dollars because the Canadian government rightfully banned a toxic gasoline additive. SD Myers was awarded 6 million in tax dollars because the Canadians government rightfully banned dumping of PCPs in Canada. These trade agreements have nothing to do with free trade. They give up our sovereignty and need to be opposed because they are bad business.

The Dali Lama turns violent

The Dali Lama is what we would describe as an enlightened sage that teaches about love, enlightenment and nonviolence. He has won the Nobel Peace prize for his non violent and peaceful campaign to free Tibet from Communist China’s rule. Nevertheless, all these Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire is anything but nonviolent. I find it very violent and concerning.

I realize they have a cause. I realize their campaign is to raise public awareness about Tibet’s right to self determination. I admit theirs is a good cause worth promoting. Yet surely there is a better way then teaching kids to set themselves on fire. That doesn’t respect life and is in opposition to the Buddhist belief of building good karma. It’s not that it’s a Christian belief that God thinks suicide is a sin. God has compassion and if someone gets discouraged and gives up on life God will have compassion on them. It’s a matter of respect for life.

In yesterday’s Province there was an article about another young monk who set themselves on fire in a protest. Communist China’s response was that the Dali Lama could stop these deaths if he simply asked them to stop doing it but he won’t. Sadly, they have a point. No doubt everyone else will rightfully argue that Communist China could stop all these deaths if they freed Tibet. Nevertheless, if the Dali Lama asked these young monks to stop setting themselves on fire, they would do so. To me that creates a profound conflict in a leader who is commissioned to teach about love, peace and nonviolence.

Last month a British monk died after setting himself on fire at a Buddhist monastery in France. Reports claim he “may” have been protesting against the Chinese occupation of Tibet. I’m sorry but that is crazy. It is not the sign of an enlightened mind who respects life. It is the sign of someone who has gone insane and has lost their respect for life.

Find another way to raise public awareness about the cause. Find a nonviolent method. Stand in public with a sign that says Free Tibet. If they arrest you and put you in prison for holding a sign then you are a martyr for the cause. If you set yourself on fire, you’re just a lunatic that wants to go back a few steps on the evolutionary scale and relearn what you should have already learned before you came here. Respect and common sense.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Drug dealers oppose improvements to Main and Hastings

We’ve talked about how mixed-use development projects in East Vancouver are such a positive thing and how extremists are trying to oppose the projects because they might interfere with their drug sales. Well these same spoilt brats are still trying to hold the city hostage and prevent the biggest step forward this city has ever seen at Main and Hastings.

Now the brats are targeting the developer. When will their bullying end? Drug-user rights activists oppose the step forward because it will disrupt the area’s drug market and displace impoverished residents. You hear that? The drug dealers are complaining it will disrupt their business which is a good thing. They don’t care about the poor and the homeless in East Van. They profit from the exploitation and torture of the drug addicted homeless in East Vancouver.

This project will contain 79 low income rental units that currently don’t exist as well as 19 social housing units that don’t exist. Here’s the kicker – because it’s mixed development and other residents will be paying full rent, these low rent units are in a wonderful new building instead of a disgusting slum lord mansion. So if anyone really cares about the poor and homeless in the area they will support this social housing initiative. Only the drug dealers are opposing it and it’s about time they be evicted instead of holding the city hostage. Drug-user rights activists? Only in Canada. These are drug dealers people. Vandu is used as a drop off for drug dealers. That’s a conflict of interest.

Brutal assault in Whalley

Freddy posted a link to an article that was on the front page of today’s Vancouver Province about the brutal assault of a homeless woman in Whalley. The article raised many concerns about how the police didn’t contact the media or public about the assault and implied it was because she was poor.

Although I agree that is a possibility and a concern, there are several factors that should in all fairness be discussed. When I saw the article in today’s paper I was trying to find out if this was the same brutal assault that I had heard about and mentioned but didn’t see anything in the news about it. I did express the concern at the time how a brutal rape could happen in a city centre and no word in the local press.

I noticed that the Province did report a brutal assault that may have been a rape on December 5th. Both news reports claim the assault happened on December 2nd so I’m assuming it’s the same one. So my first question is, how did the Province hear about it to report it on the 5th? They quoted statements by the police so it doesn’t appear the police were hiding anything.

My second question is, how much do we expect the police to tell the public about crime through the media? Most of us agree when a shooting ends in a fatality, the public should know about it. Some have expressed concerns that shootings occur that we often don’t hear about if there hasn’t been a fatality. Most of us would agree, the public should be notified of all shootings.

Rape is another serious violent crime that effects public safety. Do we expect the police to send a press release out about every rape? That would be problematic regarding the privacy trauma. Yet if a rapist is lose, that does effect public safety. Obviously, asking the police to report every car theft and brak in to the media would be impractical. Every assault? Significant assaults? It’s a little bit problematic but I do think a brutal rape in a city centre should be made public.

Which brings us to the primary problem – the level of violent crime in out community that is often tied to drugs. I will point out that the police didn’t assault this woman. Using the police as a source to vent displaced aggression isn’t going to solve the problem. We have every right to be angry about such a brutal assault. That anger should be directed at whoever committed the crime. Basically I think we all can agree that crime should be reported and violent crime needs to be addressed.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Surrey Mega Casino support shirts are in

In contrast, gang members are coming out in support for the proposed mega casino in Surrey where they can launder their drug money. They have put out new casino support shirts. Instead of saying the future lives here, they say Surrey: the future dies here. Sad but appropriate. This mega casino proposal is anything but noble and good. Not surprising it’s tied to Gordon Campbell’s dirty developers. It is disappointing nonetheless.

Clarifacation: I'm joking about these being support shirts for the new mega casino although they might as well be. One blog reader wasn't sure what the shirt was and thought it was very dark, almost offensive. I was comparing it to the Abbotsford PD Christmas card that some people were complaining about. I was thinking if people were upset by the Christmas card they need to see what we are up against. I.E. The future dies here shirts. The gang problem and the torturing of drug addicts is very real. An editorial in today's Province was supporting of the Abby PD's christmas card.

This is what the creator of the t-shirts has to say and asked me to post: "Not even close K on linking this shirt design with support for the proposed South Surrey Casino or organized crime gangs. The message of this design is anti-gun/anti-gang violence. If you choose to mess with guns or gangs in Surrey, it is likely that your future will be very short. Surrey's record of targeted hits, day-time shootings and innocent victims being caught in the cross-fire speaks for itself."

"The shirt design may be dark and controversial but does nothing to glorify the dead-end gangster lifestyle. Hopefully it will make people think about what fate awaits them if they decide to carry guns on the streets of Surrey. Abbotsford police have turned their gang war around, hopefully the Surrey RCMP can follow their lead."

Turns out that the creator of these Surrey shirts also writes for the White Rock Sun in a column called the Naked Truth.

Abbotsford Police chief has Santa’s hit list

Front Page of today’s Vancouver Province was a picture of the Abbotsford police chief dressed up as Santa carrying an automatic weapon with the slogan: Which list will you be on next year? Some people have expressed outrage as it was part of a Christmas card sent out to gang members.

The cards are being sent to gang members, prolific offenders and property offenders this holiday season as part of Operation Resolution, with a help line for criminals wanting to turn their life around. The Abbotsford Times is referring it to an outreach program to offenders. It was funny and in good taste. Case closed. At least they are doing something which is better than doing nothing.

Abbotsford is the only pd that said they were going to release a top 10 list of gangsters. Although we’re still waiting, they are the only ones that said they would. There is nothing wrong with this proactive program. Like I said, it is humorous and in good taste.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The death of Gary Webb

Continuing with our Gary Webb series recognizing December as a Gary Webb Appreciation month, I want to talk about Gary Webb’s death which was on December 10th 2004. In an earlier post, one blog reader pointed out that he was murdered and I want to recognize that statement is true. Whether they committed an unlawful act and executed him or they simply buried him with slander and opposition until he gave up on life, the CIA were clearly responsible for his death.

Gary Webb died of a suspicious suicide. Reports claim he shot himself in the head twice. That would indeed make his suicide suspicious. Before I dive into the huge number of suspicious suicides and how crooked corners have been found falsifying death certificates, I do want to emphasize that it is possible Gary Webb gave up and threw in the towel after he lost his job and no other media outlet would touch him for telling the truth. Instead of giving him an award for being right, they ostracized him and took away from him his ability to earn a living which would discourage anyone.

Nevertheless, it would be blind foolishness not to consider the possibility of him being murdered. There have been many suspicious suicides. Danny Casolaro is one example. He investigated an organized crime ring so extensive he referred to it as the Octopus because it’s tentacles went everywhere even in high ranking seats of government. After meeting with the dirty Robert Booth Nichols he was found dead and was cremated before his family could claim the body so no autopsy could be performed. Abnormal and illegal.

In our examination of how suspicious suicides are tied to crooked corners who have been caught falsifying death certificates we need to look at Mena Arkansas and Bill Clinton’s pal Fahmy Malak.

The Mena Connection was a hard one to understand. A mother claimed her son and his friend were murdered. They were run over by a train. Fahmy Malak ruled it an accidental death. He claimed they had smoked so many joints of marijuana that they fell asleep on the railway tracks and did not wake up when the train approached. Abnormalities in the case were numerous. The train conductor saw bodies on the track and applied the train whistle and emergency brakes. It would have been hard for someone not to wake up from that. The conclusion Malak arrived at about the boys having smoked an excessive amount of marijuana was made from a test that had nothing to do with determining thc levels.

The bodies were exhumed and another autopsy was performed. The second autopsy found the cause of death to be blunt force trauma. The boys were murdered then dumped on the railway tracks. Not only that but Malak had clearly tampered with the evidence trying to hide that fact. It turns out there were several murder cases that Fahmy Malak ruled as suicides. Raymond Albrightt was shot five times in the chest. Malak ruled that murder a suicide as well. Which forces us to question why Governor Bill Clinton was so supportive of such an incompetent buffoon. When you google Clinton body count you will find a possible motive.

Another example of a suspicious suicide is Dr. David Kelly. This was the British Weapons inspector in Iraq who blew the whistle on MI6’s Operation Mass appeal where they gave the media false information about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass destruction to rationalize the invasion of Iraq. David Kelly pointed out that it wasn’t just a matter of them being wrong, it was a matter of them deliberately sending out false information. Dr. David Kelly died of a suspicious suicide in 2003.

All of this talk of suspicious suicides of course brings us to the current law suit the CIA is faced with regarding the 1953 death of a military scientist named Frank Olson. His sons are suing the CIA in a wrongful death suit accusing the CIA of murdering their father and covering it up as a suicide. His death was initially ruled a suicide but after his body was exhumed in 1994 and a second autopsy performed, his death was ruled a homicide.

The CIA commit murder. They perform assassinations. That is a known fact. What is not known is who they murder and why. No doubt some of those murders have been covered up as suicides. I do believe the CIA executed Gary Webb just like they did Danny Casolaro and Dr. David Kelly. CIA, MI 6, Mossad, they all work together and do the same unlawful acts. Gary Webb was right. The bottom line is that the CIA is a criminal organization tied to drug trafficking, money laundering and investment fraud. We will never solve that problem until we face it first.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Emilio Cordileone shot dead in Montreal

The body of former Vito Rizzuto ally Emilio Cordileone, 50, was found on Saturday morning by police behind his luxury SUV in north Montreal. Cordileone was considered close to the late Frank (The Big Guy) Cotroni, a mob boss with strong GTA ties.

Did Jay Hall OD?

Strange things are happening in Prince George, again. Oddly enough, after the Renegades, one of the Hells Angels puppet clubs in Prince George beat that gang rape rap in their clubhouse with the GTS, people started jumping ship. November 22 someone tells me the group folded and everyone has their bikes up for sale. They sent me s link to Jay Hall’s 2007 softail up for sale which has now been taken down.

Now all of a sudden someone claims Jay Hall overdosed on December 7th and is brain dead. Has anyone heard word on what’s going on with the Renegades in Prince George and whether or not Jay Hall had OD’d? the timing is highly suspicious. Chad Karylchuk‏ died of a drug overdose January of 2011. Since he dealt drugs, people in Kelowna find his death suspicious and claim he was murdered. Makes ya wonder about Jay’s OD. Keep me posted.

Prince George has had a long history of violence tied to the Hells Angels. For years the police have been telling us that no one can sell drugs without the Hells Angels permission. Then Kim Bolan found a GTS member striking for the Renegades which is a known puppet club for the Hells Angels. That meant the GTS, the Independent Soldiers, the Renegades and the Crew were all selling drugs in Prince George for the Hells Angels. That meant the Hells Angels were ultimately responsible for the drug addicts that were found chained in crack shack basements being tortured for drug debts.

Historically, the Hells angels murdered Bill Moore from the Renegades because he unknowingly sponsored someone who turned out to be a police informant. They shot him in his truck and burned down his house. Joey Arrance became a target of the Hells Angels in Prince George. Someone burned down his girlfriend’s home when he was arrested. His girlfriend’s mother who was wheelchair bound died in that fire. These guys are as low as they go. Who's next?