Saturday, December 8, 2012

Harper gives Communist China Canada’s oil rights and that’s not all

The end of democracy is near. This guy has no right to EVER call the NDP or Pierre Eliot Trudeau a socialist EVER again. Stephen Harper has proven to be the biggest Corporate Communist in Canada’s history. Right after Communist China buys our oil rights Switzerland takes over our grain rights.Scrapping the insider trading jets that don’t work in the arctic was one step forward but these new deals are three steps back. It gives up our sovereignty.

Harper gave the green light Friday to the controversial $15.1-billion takeover of Calgary-based Nexen Inc. by the China National Offshore Oil Company. Ottawa also approved Malaysian state-owned company Petronas's $6-billion purchase of Alberta's Progress Energy.

However, Harper said those acquisitions are "the end of a trend," rather than a beginning. End of a trend alright. The end of democracy. That was a nice trend while it lasted. These huge corporate monopolies are destroying the free market.

Now after disbanding the wheat board Harper has sold Canada’s Grain rights to foreign ownership. The $6.1-billion takeover of Canada’s Viterra Inc. (TSX:VT) by Swiss commodity trader Glencore International has been approved by China’s ministry of commerce.

Dylan Ratigan - Corporate Communism Is Killing Us

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  1. Rothschild calls Harper a slave,lolo....

    Here is how it works,the central banking families are Jews,Jews were the communists,Jews own Canada and the U.S....a pipe line from Iraq runs right through Israel down to the sea,where CHINA gets oil for 2 bucs a barrel....They are gutting the U.S. and setting up shop in China and abroad..

    “CJPAC owns your country; Stephen harper is like a slave”.

    CJPAC is the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, and Stephen Harper is the Prime Minister of Canada. At the bottom of the screenshot Adam Rothschild makes another post:

    “May Yahweh bless the CJPAC with control of the Canadian Government just like the AIPAC controls the United States


    -Adam R.”

  2. Somehow I don't think Israel using nukes will solve anything. Funny you should mention the USS Liberty. Do you really believe Israel did that all on their own? They were acting under the orders of President Johnston who recalled the air support to protect the Liberty when it was under attack. It was a false flag operation. The same type of false flag operation that Kennedy said no to but was implemented right after he was assassinated. This is why we have to talk about these events. This kind of treason is very real:

  3. Even if they didn't do it all on their own, they still did it.

    While using nukes on attacking Arab countries might well generate new issues, I'm not really understanding how thinking that cutting the Arab population of the planet in half would in of itself not solve anything. If nothing else it would cut the number of people who want to exterminate them in half. Sounds good to me.

    It's sort of like your mother telling you that violence never solves anything. In her world it doesn't. In the real world it solves quite a bit, always has. That's why nations and 1%'ers use it, because it works.

    Imagine bunch of HA's sitting around at "church" bemoaning the fact that violence isn't working for them and trying awkwardly (it being basically the only tool in their box) to come up with alternative business models....

    "Dude, maybe we can just ask them nicely, take them out to dinner or something, you know, "negotiate"....

    GLWT. (Good luck with that)


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