Monday, December 10, 2012

The death of Gary Webb

Continuing with our Gary Webb series recognizing December as a Gary Webb Appreciation month, I want to talk about Gary Webb’s death which was on December 10th 2004. In an earlier post, one blog reader pointed out that he was murdered and I want to recognize that statement is true. Whether they committed an unlawful act and executed him or they simply buried him with slander and opposition until he gave up on life, the CIA were clearly responsible for his death.

Gary Webb died of a suspicious suicide. Reports claim he shot himself in the head twice. That would indeed make his suicide suspicious. Before I dive into the huge number of suspicious suicides and how crooked corners have been found falsifying death certificates, I do want to emphasize that it is possible Gary Webb gave up and threw in the towel after he lost his job and no other media outlet would touch him for telling the truth. Instead of giving him an award for being right, they ostracized him and took away from him his ability to earn a living which would discourage anyone.

Nevertheless, it would be blind foolishness not to consider the possibility of him being murdered. There have been many suspicious suicides. Danny Casolaro is one example. He investigated an organized crime ring so extensive he referred to it as the Octopus because it’s tentacles went everywhere even in high ranking seats of government. After meeting with the dirty Robert Booth Nichols he was found dead and was cremated before his family could claim the body so no autopsy could be performed. Abnormal and illegal.

In our examination of how suspicious suicides are tied to crooked corners who have been caught falsifying death certificates we need to look at Mena Arkansas and Bill Clinton’s pal Fahmy Malak.

The Mena Connection was a hard one to understand. A mother claimed her son and his friend were murdered. They were run over by a train. Fahmy Malak ruled it an accidental death. He claimed they had smoked so many joints of marijuana that they fell asleep on the railway tracks and did not wake up when the train approached. Abnormalities in the case were numerous. The train conductor saw bodies on the track and applied the train whistle and emergency brakes. It would have been hard for someone not to wake up from that. The conclusion Malak arrived at about the boys having smoked an excessive amount of marijuana was made from a test that had nothing to do with determining thc levels.

The bodies were exhumed and another autopsy was performed. The second autopsy found the cause of death to be blunt force trauma. The boys were murdered then dumped on the railway tracks. Not only that but Malak had clearly tampered with the evidence trying to hide that fact. It turns out there were several murder cases that Fahmy Malak ruled as suicides. Raymond Albrightt was shot five times in the chest. Malak ruled that murder a suicide as well. Which forces us to question why Governor Bill Clinton was so supportive of such an incompetent buffoon. When you google Clinton body count you will find a possible motive.

Another example of a suspicious suicide is Dr. David Kelly. This was the British Weapons inspector in Iraq who blew the whistle on MI6’s Operation Mass appeal where they gave the media false information about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass destruction to rationalize the invasion of Iraq. David Kelly pointed out that it wasn’t just a matter of them being wrong, it was a matter of them deliberately sending out false information. Dr. David Kelly died of a suspicious suicide in 2003.

All of this talk of suspicious suicides of course brings us to the current law suit the CIA is faced with regarding the 1953 death of a military scientist named Frank Olson. His sons are suing the CIA in a wrongful death suit accusing the CIA of murdering their father and covering it up as a suicide. His death was initially ruled a suicide but after his body was exhumed in 1994 and a second autopsy performed, his death was ruled a homicide.

The CIA commit murder. They perform assassinations. That is a known fact. What is not known is who they murder and why. No doubt some of those murders have been covered up as suicides. I do believe the CIA executed Gary Webb just like they did Danny Casolaro and Dr. David Kelly. CIA, MI 6, Mossad, they all work together and do the same unlawful acts. Gary Webb was right. The bottom line is that the CIA is a criminal organization tied to drug trafficking, money laundering and investment fraud. We will never solve that problem until we face it first.


  1. AK:"Reports claim he shot himself in the head twice."

    Ha Ha...I love those kinds of *suicides*; but I can beat it, 'cuz the Police in Seattle just claimed a man shot himself THREE times in the head. The 1st shot blew off the back of his head, but with that minor flesh wound he just carried on...

  2. That sounds pretty ridiculous. Yet the Gary Webb story is real. Last August there was a handcuffed man in the back of a police cruiser who seemingly shot himself in the head. Arkansas medical examiner ruled it a suicide. Some things never change in Arkansas:

  3. Different with one similarity. It was never implied Ian Bush committed suicide. It was implied he got in a fight with a rookie cop who pulled out his gun and shot him. The similarity is the claim that the cop shot him while the cop was in a rear choke. Which would make shooting the victim in the back of the head a difficult task indeed. I guess people have an easier time believing the police could commit murder and cover it up as a suicide. I don't think most people would have a hard time believing the police would be capable of such an act. The conspiracy claims arise when someone accuses the agency of doing that. Despite the fact that the agencies commit assassinations so would be far more likely to be involved in that kind of activity.

  4. True, I was more commenting on the gymnastics required to have done it the way it was said it was done.....

    The committing suicide with two shots to the head thing has actually happened before. I know it sounds unlikely to the uninitiated and all, that said it is an extremely rare thing.

    It only happens with a semiautomatic pistol, never with a revolver. The revolver has a long, heavy double action trigger pull. The pistol on the other hand has a much lighter pull and it cycles fast enough that a reaction to the shock/pain of the first round causes a nerve spasm/reaction that if the trigger has traveled far enough forward to reset the disconnector, a very slight rearward trigger movement will discharge the weapon a second time. People do not always drop dead/no reflex from a head shot.

    I actually saw an Army SFC shoot himself in the leg at a clearing barrel with a similar dynamic. He not only failed to remove the mag first, he racked the slide and, then pointing the weapon into the barrel, dropped the hammer. The first round went into the barrel but he startled himself so badly that he pulled the trigger a second time, shooting himself in the thigh. Fortunately it was military FMJ ammo, so 9mm hole in, 9mm hole out, got lucky and missed the femur and the femoral.

  5. Yes, shooting someone in the back of the head when in a rear naked choke is even more difficult that shooting oneself in the head while wearing handcuffs. It is theoretically possible for someone to get two shots off out of a semi automatic. I remember hearing a story about a cop who fired a .50 cal semi automatic Dessert Eagle at a gun range. He tried to do it one handed. After he shot the first round he accidentally put two more rounds into the ceiling from the recoil. However, Gary Webb was shot with a .38 cal revolver.


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