Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Abbotsford Police chief has Santa’s hit list

Front Page of today’s Vancouver Province was a picture of the Abbotsford police chief dressed up as Santa carrying an automatic weapon with the slogan: Which list will you be on next year? Some people have expressed outrage as it was part of a Christmas card sent out to gang members.

The cards are being sent to gang members, prolific offenders and property offenders this holiday season as part of Operation Resolution, with a help line for criminals wanting to turn their life around. The Abbotsford Times is referring it to an outreach program to offenders. It was funny and in good taste. Case closed. At least they are doing something which is better than doing nothing.

Abbotsford is the only pd that said they were going to release a top 10 list of gangsters. Although we’re still waiting, they are the only ones that said they would. There is nothing wrong with this proactive program. Like I said, it is humorous and in good taste.


  1. it is pretty funny,I'm sure some of the cons even liked it, they're gangsters because they like that sort of "us vs. them" cowboy mentality and play right into it. What the issue here is; what they seriously need is more mental health services for violent offenders. Recidivism is not reduced with taunts and ridicule. That said, the card is pretty tame, and I agree, they should feel lucky to get anything from santa this year!

  2. That card should be sent to the Lieberals. The more of them that are stopped from robbing the people or are put in jail the better. That would affect a lot more people than a few gang members being jailed or changing their ways. I'll lay odds that Lieberal policies have destroyed more peoples lives than those few gang members could possibly hope to. Case in point, Private senior care homes that leave their residents to die alone in their room as has just happened in Summerland.


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