Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vernon Greeks lawyer pleads guilty to criminal organization charges

William Jacob Mastop is a lawyer who represented the Vernon Greeks and was himself charged with participating in a criminal organization. Today he plead guilty to those charges. One of his bail conditions was a no-contact order with past or current members of the Hells Angels or the Greeks. Interesting that it specifically named the Hells Angels. We know the Vernon Greeks were a puppet club who sold drugs for the Hells Angels. Hells Angels support gear was found in their office.

Haslett said Mastrop wasn’t involved in murder or drug dealing but he assisted the Greeks by providing them with documents that they wouldn’t normally be able to access that aided their criminal activities. “He was aware of the murders, everyone in town was,” he said. “He would have known they were killing people.”

Speculation arises about the possibility of those court documents including names of police informants which is what some claim got Ron Thom killed. Thom, who the gang mistakenly believed had cooperated with police, was lured to a road near Vernon in the middle of the night and shot to death. Smart said when Thom’s bullet-ridden body was left on Commonage Road, it was “to send a message to others involved in the illegal drug subculture.”

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