Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Whiteboys posse members charged with murder and decapitation

Four men with ties to the White Boys Posse have been charged with three recent murders in Edmonton, Lloydminster and Saskatoon. The most dramatic murder was of Bob Roth whose decapitated body was dumped north of Edmonton October 20 2012. His head was found in Edmonton a few days later. Sources who identified the victim before the police did, claim he was murdered for a drug debt to the Whiteboys Posse.

The second murder was of Bryan Gower in Lloydminster on September 25th where sources claim Mike Bexson was also shot several times. The third murder was tragically a case of mistaken identity where Lorry Santos was shot and killed when she opened her door to strangers in Saskatoon on Sept. 12 2012. Yet speculation swirls around the possibility of her murder being a hate crime.

Kyle Darren Halbauer, 22, of Lloydminster, made a brief appearance Monday in Saskatoon provincial court. City police confirmed at a Tuesday press conference the identities of the two other suspects: Joshua Petrin, 29, of Edmonton; and Randy O’Hagan, 22, of Lloydminster.

In addition to the murder charge, Halbauer was also charged Monday with possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. The charge dates to Sept. 21. Police claim the group is involved in trafficking cocaine and other drugs from Yellowknife to Medicine Hat. It often uses the swastika in tattoos and other gang paraphernalia. Yellowknife? We know someone in Yellowknife with Hells Angels affiliations.

The point here is that the White boys Posse sell drugs for the Hells Angels. These drug related murders are therefore driven and fueled by the Hells Angels which is clearly a criminal organization that uses extreme violence to maintain control of the drug trade and to collect drug debts. This is what Maureen Forestell is promoting with her treasonous decision to return the Hells Angels intimidation gear in Toronto. She is supporting murder, torture, dismemberment and decapitation. That is what her treasonous decision has done.

Kyle Darren Halbauer, 22, of Lloydminster and Randy James Wayne O’Hagan, 22, of Lloydminster, have been charged with first degree murder in the death of Gower. Both men also face charges of attempted murder of another man in this case. Gee, that must be the secret shooting of Mike Bexson.

O’Hagan also faces first-degree murder charges in the death of Roth, of Lloydminster. Nikolas Jon Nowytzky, 32 of Wainwright, also faces first-degree murder charges in Roth’s death. Nowytzky and O’Hagan are also charged with indignity to a human body.

Halbauer, O’Hagan and Joshua Petrin, 29 of Edmonton, are charged with first-degree murder in the death of 35-year-old Santos. The pictures above and below are of Randy O’Hagan who has been charged in all three murders as well as indignity to a human body. Just a socially awkward kid with serious mental problems. We need to stop this violence and report these obscene acts to the police. Then we need to fire these corrupt judges who refuse to do their job.

The other issue we need to address is the police withholding information from the public. It’s not to preserve the integrity of an investigation. We’re not stupid. It’s to suppress crime statistics. Although Edmonton and Lloydminster have the worst reputations for this, it happens everywhere including here.

A few nights ago I received a report of a brutal rape in Surrey central yet not a word about it in the local media. We know that the police here don’t even report shootings if there isn’t a fatality. Does that mean they don’t report violent rapes if there isn’t a fatality either? That is not right. If we are going to work together to solve these problems we need to build a relationship of trust.


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  2. Wow what? He is a socially awkward kid with mental problems. That's pretty obvious. Look at him. That goofy look on his face with those dumb ass ears. He looks socially awkward like Sheldon on Big Bang theory only he isn't very smart at all. Tell me, did he shoot the wrong person at the wrong house or was that a hate crime? Mike was probably a rat? F*ck you. You are a LIAR. We hear that all the time. So and so was probably a rat. Let me tell you ya little maggot you are the rat and all your socially awkward friends who sell crack and crystal meth. Those are the rats. People who report crack dealers to the police are responsible.

    So I call bullsh*t on your $300,000 figure. Which brings us to drug debts themselves. How does somebody get a drug debt? A piece of sh*t crack dealer gives an addict drugs on credit or they set them up and make them pay for a bust or a grow rip that they did themselves. No one with a brain should give a crack addict credit. So now Bob's dead. Didn't get your money back did ya? So does that mean the HAs are gonna shoot your ass for being a dumb prick and shooting someone without collecting a debt? That debt belongs to you now. Pay up.

    Lloydminster's fine. Parasites like you are the problem. Poisoning a small town with horrible drugs like crack or crystal meth. They make meth with Drano. That sh*t eats you alive. Get a real job you parasite and stop living off of others. Anyone who dismembers a human body has metal problems. Your little Nazi freaks are clearly socially awkward.

  3. Take a look into gore sites and it wont take long to understand were they get this depraved sick shit from. ahh the internet full of great things for the kids. they want to be like the drug cartels in mexico. Oh so honorable cut your enemies head off and film it so sickos like this kid can watch and learn how to torture someone for nothing really. Drug debt what a good excuse now everyone understands he had it coming. Its sad because its happening all the time now heads here heads there dismembered this dismembered that. luka magnotta was a by product of the gore site and killed kittens before moving on to humans. lets let them keep the sites up so we can have this continue. Ohh shit to late we have lots of serial killers and gangsters killing for drug debt. and why fear hell when your already living with evil.

  4. i knew kyle .he was my oldest sons best friend ...when i knew hiom as a child he was a good kid,, wen his father died was when things went the wrong way for him . i dont condone his actions .. but its so sad to see our youth lost to the drug game... im so thankful my son drifted away from his friendship with kyle when he first started down the path that led to him being a murderer..

    1. A hate crime towards immigrants trying to make abetter life for themselves and their familes back home, some how this backwards piece of shit town thinks it is ok. If an immigrant struck down one of you faggots, then somehow the system isnt working anymore, and they need to leave. I will never have the same respect for canada as I did growing up in toronto.


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