Saturday, May 28, 2016

Nanaimo RCMP officer charged with sexual assault

The Nanaimo New bulletin is reporting that a Nanaimo RCMP officer has been charged with sexual assault. Const. Ben Caram is accused of inappropriately touching another person while attending a social gathering. Touching in public is inappropriate but is a little different then full on rape like Tim Shields has been charged with. Time will tell.

David Giles' coaccused sentenced

Castanet is reporting that Kevin Van Kalkeren was sentenced in Vancouver on Friday to 16 years in prison, minus five years and seven months credit for pre-trial custody. In 2012, Van Kalkeren, a Hells Angels associate, was among a group of suspects charged with conspiracy to import a controlled substance and conspiracy to traffic in a controlled substance. One down one to go. Now lets get the ringleader. Panama. 200 kilos of cocaine as payment for 500 kilos a month.

One year plus a day for Surrey murder

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "One of two men charged in connection with a fatal stabbing in Surrey nearly two years ago has been convicted of assault. Tyson Darryl Cole, 29, was charged with manslaughter in the death of 63-year-old Donald William Deweyn. During an appearance in provincial court in Surrey last week, Cole was convicted of the lesser included charge of assault causing bodily harm. According to court records, he was sentenced to time served plus a day in jail, and a year of probation. Cole spent more than a year in custody before his conviction."

"At about 5 a.m. on July 25, 2014, Deweyn was stabbed during an altercation with two males in a parking lot near 106th Avenue and 135A Street. Deweyn was taken to hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries less than 30 minutes later.Deweyn was a retired millworker, a widower and homeless at the time of his death, though he was staying in the area. Deweyn had no criminal record and no negative contact with police. "

This once again highlights the exploitation of the homeless on the infamous Surrey strip that has been in the news. One year plus a day for murder is a disgusting insult to human dignity. Two guys were arguing with a homelssman on the Strip and stabbed him. What do you think the odds are they were arguing about a drug debt? They sure didn't kill him for his wallet. He was homeless. Yet both suspects had a long history of threats and theft. Robbing the homeless on welfare day is nothing new either. They stabbed Donald Dewey in the early morning hours of Friday July 25th 2014. Right after Welfare Wednesday.

The victim Donald Deweyn was a retired millworker, a widower and homeless at the time of his death. Deweyn once owned a property in New Westminster that was foreclosed upon in October 2011. This was a retired millworker who ended up homeless after they foreclosed his property. Giving the homeless drugs, then beating the life out of them for payment is predatory yet the victim had no criminal record. One year plus a day for murder is an outrage.

Dylan Dempsey, Tyson's coaccused was found guilty of uttering threats last month but the crown filed a stay of proceedings on the assault with a weapon charge. These are repeat offenders.

Tent city plagued by violence

Surrey and Vancouver Devils extort more money from the public purse

The Mayors's glutton council want to raise taxes again to pay for Translink expansions after that failed referendum on raising sales tax to pour more money into the over budget a billion dollars a year fiscal disaster. These two nutcases should be in jail. Linda Hepner is just taking up when Dianne Watts left off continuing the largest debt in the city of Surrey's history what with her Ivory Tower and her all expense paid junkets and all. Gregor Robertson is just as bad. Insisting we expand Translight before they balance it's budget. They already burn an extra billion dollars a year in a regional gas tax and they still want more because they insist on expanding it when it sucks and they give away a million free rides every year.

Earlier this month the Vancouver Province reported that "The City of Vancouver appears to have breached its procurement policy after Vision Mayor Gregor Robertson reportedly approved a contract worth almost $95,000 for a prominent supporter of his party, according to a legal expert."

Why was the contract for the Evergreen line, which we don't need because Translink sucks, given to SNC-Lavalin after it was banned from world contracts due to it's involvement with corruption and fraud. Giving them the contract was a criminal act. Now they want more money above the billion extra dollars a year they already burn simply because when you're a glutton, enough is never enough. Notice the new Translink CEO was nowhere near this one. He's too smart for that. He has business sense. These two devils do not. They are gluttons out of control that need to be restrained for the public good. Why would we toll the Lions Gate bridge after it was already tolled and paid for? Selling crack is not a Charter Right but mobility rights sure are.

"Delta Mayor Lois Jackson said she was concerned the mayors were backing down on their stance against increasing property taxes after 'we stood that line for a long time,' while looking to slap more fees on drivers - especially in communities south of the Fraser River where they don’t have the transit services in place." Indeed. Keep her, fire Hepner and Robertson. It's that simple.

Delta MLA Walter Davidson was right - scrap the GVRD and the Mayors glutton counsel. It's a costly bureaucratic and ineffective organization. We already have a provincial government.

VPD Officer shoots knife wielding suspect in the leg

The Vancouver Sun posted some pictures from that police shooting in East Vancovuer May 24th a witness took on their cell phone. This story has a happy ending. She put one in his leg not in his chest. You don't always have to shoot to kill. Just like with the suicidal man in Safeway.

Hey lady, here I come.

Ouch. You shot me. Why the f*ck did you do that? That's police brutality.

You charged me when I had my gun drawn dumb ass.

I guess it could be worse. At least you put one in my leg and not my chest.

I couldn't see the knife but the fact that he charged her with her gun drawn means shooting him in the leg is well within reason because even if he was unarmed he could have grabbed the gun.

I think I can see the knife now. Since he was bleeding from the stomach in what appears to be a self inflicted wound he clearly appears to be on something. Shooting him in the leg showed professional self control and restraint. Well done. Very different from the Hudson Brooks case.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Canadian Ambassador insults Ireland

I have a few stories to catch up on but I just wanted to pause on this one to give us a chance to reflect in case there was someone out there I have not yet offended. The Canadian Ambassador to Ireland is in the news after tackling a protester in Dublin. We have to pause and reflect on how outrageous and offensive this ceremony was on Irish soil. This wasn't in London, this was in Dublin. This is like the Nazis having a ceremony in France mourning the loss of its soldiers when it invaded France or North Korea holding a ceremony in South Korea mourning the loss of its soldiers when it tried to invade South Korea. It is freaking offensive. Sure soldiers are people too and everyone wants to remember those who died fighting for their country but if you don't want your soldiers to die don't invade another county.

All the Protester said was this is an insult and it bloody well was. If you want to have a ceremony in England remembering soldiers that were killed when you invaded another country have at it but don't do it on sovereign soil. It is insanely offensive. That's like the Protestants marching through Catholic areas in Northern Ireland on the 12th of July throwing it in their faces that they lost some battle back in 1690 which somehow gives them the right to remove all Catholics civl liberty today.

Do we have any idea what the Easter Uprising was? We all get upset when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait but that is exactly what England did to Ireland. They invaded a sovereign state just like Hitler or North Korea did. During Easter in 1916 when the world was opposing Germany's invasion of Europe and was silent on England's invasion of Ireland, a group of noble men took the Post Office and struck for freedom. Have you read the inspired contents of the Irish Proclamation the founding fathers were executed for signing? It is worth reading.

On behalf of Canada I would like to formally apologize to Ireland for this offensive disregard for their liberty. Peace begins by respecting the struggle for freedom. Erin go Bragh. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kamloops RCMP officer charged with selling cocaine

The National Post is reporting that "A former Kamloops police officer has been charged with three counts of cocaine trafficking — with allegations she was selling the drugs while still employed as a Mountie. Randi Love, who has since retired from the RCMP, is accused of dealing cocaine on three occasions last June, while still a member of the national police force. According to court documents, the 40-year-old allegedly trafficked cocaine on June 13, June 22 and June 26. KTW has learned Love retired from the RCMP in recent months after discovering she was the subject of a drug-trafficking investigation." CFJC Today article.

As we recall, the Chief of police in Merit pleaded guilty to stealing and using cocaine from an evidence locker. A Burnaby RCMP officer was sentenced to 14-months in jail for stealing a kilogram of cocaine from a police exhibit locker in the spring of 2011.

Surrey drug bust

Speak of the devil. The Surrey now is reporting that "Surrey RCMP's drug unit arrested eight suspects Wednesday in Surrey and are looking for four more in connection with an investigation into dial-a-dope drug trafficking in Surrey and Richmond." Just when we observed none of these drug busts ever happened in Surrey. Bill Fordy must have asked the gang task force to do a bust in Surrey so he didn't looks so bad. Mind you it's pretty hard for him not to look like and idiot when he is dancing naked after he set fire to some toilet paper hanging out of his ass.

The question we need to keep asking is why do they spend all that time and energy conduction an investigation into a dial a dope operation when there are drug dealers selling crack in public outside the Front Room in Surrey? Why do they let them do that? Those are the ones exploiting the homeless not the dial a dope operations.

Fraser MacRae was a real man. Bill Fordy never came close.

Canada Arms China's nuclear Sub

Welcome to another day in the Twilight zone. The Guardian is reporting that China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific amid tensions with US. Who the hell do you think gave Communist China the materials and the technology to arm those nuclear missiles on that sub? Canada did. First it was Jean Chretien's sale of military weapons and CANDU reactors to the Communist dictatorship. Then Stephen Harper did the time warp and thought selling China nuclear reactors was a good idea. It's not like they would ever use it for the wrong purposes or arm any terrorist organizations in the world or anything like that. Which once again forces us to ask ourselves which side are we on?

Let's not forget how Stephen Harper sold Communist China our oil rights. He didn't just sell them oil, he sold them our oil rights. That means every time we fill up at the pump we are funding the military expansion of a Communist dictatorship. Stephen Harper was more of a Communist than Pierre Elliot Trudeau ever was. History has recorded that. Guess who got the contract for CANDU reactors in China? SNC-Lavalin. I kid you not. The same criminals that got the Evergreen line after they were banned from world projects for corruption and money laundering.

Shootings in Abbotsford and Peachland

The Abbotsford News is reporting that Police watched a guy on a stolen motorcycle drive eraticalty and crash the motorcycle. The rider fled the scene but police found a fanny pack on scene with almost $1,100 cash, a loaded pistol, street drugs (including heroin, crack cocaine, cocaine, methamphetamine and unknown drugs), and identification of the arrested man. I guess that's one for the gangsters' fail army. The suspect was well known to the police.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Guy on a stolen motorcycle caught with gun and drugs

1130 News is reporting that there were shots fired between vehicles in Abostford last night around 8:30 p.m. on McCallum Road and Switzer Avenue (just south of South Fraser Way). Shell casings were found at the scene

Kelowna Capital News is reporting that there was a shooting in Peachland last Thursday when a man was shot in the leg on a rural property.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Steven Skinner arrested in Venezuela

CBC is reporting that "Venezuelan police have arrested a Nova Scotian man who left Canada shortly before being charged with murder in 2011. Steven Skinner, 43, faces a second-degree murder charge over the killing of 20-year-old Stacey Adams in the Halifax area. " I was wondering why the traffic on an old post I made about him was off the charts. A blog reader finally wrote in and said he was arrested. I'm not sure about his affiliations. He was a MMA fighter.

CBC is reporting that in 2006, two clothing stores owned by Skinner were firebombed within an hour of each other. One of the men charged with arson in the fires was Cory Melvin, the younger brother of Halifax crime figure Jimmy Melvin Jr.

The Chronicle Herald reported that "Melvin, a notorious Halifax crime figure, was arrested in July and charged with first-degree murder in the February 2009 shooting death of Terry Marriott Jr., who belonged to a rival gang." It doesn't name the gang but describe the feud between the Melvins and the Marriotts who used to sell crack together then split and became rivals.

The article states Jimmy Melvin Sr worked for the Hells Angels back in 1992 when he was caught trying to off load a spanish vessel loaded with three tones of cocaine. In 2000 a member of the Marriott family was charged with the murder of former Hells Angels associate William St. Clair Wendelborg. December 2001 Jimmy Melvin Sr was arrested along with Hells Angels members and associates when the Halifax clubhouse was raided for drug offences.

That would imply Skinner is a HA rival but Venezuela kinda sounds like HA protection. In the book Road to Hell, it claims Larry Pace (Lars) killed William Wendelborg in a contract hit ordered by Wolf Carroll’s associate Paul Wilson. Lars is the guy living in Kelowna now. So that hit was for the Hells Angels not against them. The HAs must be working with both groups in Halifax. Locals are under the impression Skinner got his HA patch in 2011.

Rental housing disappears in Metro Vancouver

Numerous media outlets are reporting that Low-cost rental housing disappears across Metro Vancouver. This is the first factor in the tent city crime plague. Housing is a genuine concern. Adding drug addition to that makes it untreatable. Global is News is confirming a Vancouver Province report that the high cost of housng is causing young families to leave Vancouver.

Tent city plagued by violence

The Times Colonist is reporting that "Victoria councillors have unanimously approved spending up to $113,000 in additional policing funds to deal with increasing crime and violence in the neighbourhood surrounding the tent city on the courthouse lawn. Acting Police Chief Del Manak painted a grim picture to city councillors of drug use, violence and intimidation in and around tent city because street gang members have infiltrated the encampment. 'The site is clearly not safe,' he said. Manak said police officers are regularly met with aggression at tent city; both residents and service providers are intimidated and many neighbours worry for their safety."

This is a common theme we are seeing repeat itself. Victoria, Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge - all have areas where the street gangs are exploiting and brutalizing the homeless so they can make money from addiction that results in a huge amount of violent crime.

The Victoria police chief said both residents and service providers are intimidated and many neighbours worry for their safety. This is very true. Service provides is referring to sex trade workers like Dianne Rock and Janice Shore where the drug dealer becomes the pimp and take everything they make not just a percentage. There is nothing consentual about it.

There are two problems on the table not just one. Housing is a legitimate concern. Yet the cause is lost when it is overcome and exploited with open drug abuse. Hal Hannon from Breaking the code nailed it in a post he made entitled Why Tent City Has No Solution.

Hal states Addiction is relentless:

"Have you ever supported a drug habit? I have. I supported my ex-roommate’s addiction for fifteen years. It cost me between $3,000 and $5,000 a month, whatever I could make available. Had I made more available, she would have wasted that on drugs too. Multiply that by the masses who inhabit tent city and those waiting for a spot to pitch a tent. I can assure you that when a lifestyle is driven by addiction there is never enough money. Without enough money, tent city has no solution. Every effort to help them will be misused to support their drug habits I am not saying every tenter is an addict. I am saying that some ninety percent of them are."

Hal has a very valid point. However, I am saying there is a solution. Arrest the drug dealers exploiting the homeless not the drug addicts. Unless we do that we are enabling and supporting the violence exploiting them. Then we can devote some of the resources we spent on harm promotion on housing instead. People need homes not drugs.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Provincial government shafts Surrey Schools

The Surrey Leader nailed it. More specifically Kevin Diakiw did. I can't find the article online but the printed edition has an inspiring article that states residential growth in Surrey contributed $585M to BC coffers over last decade then points out they only devoted 18.4% of that to building new schools. It's not surprising that article isn't available online. It was quickly replaced with a Christy Clark Corporate spin and photoshoot announcing new schools. Better late than never.

Recently there has been a lot of hype in the media about how Surrey has to slow down it's new construction because there aren't enough schools. Then I start thinking wait a minute, building new schools is a provincial budget not a civic budget. Then we hear that some kids in Surrey might have to be bussed into Vancouver to go to school because there isn't enough room in Surrey. But we discover that Vancouver is facing the possibility of closing schools that are full. Why? To save money because of their being over budget.

Once again we see the ugly face of the BC Hydro fraud reveal itself. In Christy Clark's' fudge it budget she said she was going to balance the budget by extracting a dividend from BC Hydro knowing full well that was a lie. The Campbell government created the BC Hydro crisis and their ballooning deficit made it impossible for Christy Clark to extract a dividend to fix her fudge it budget. Instead they had to lend the money to BC Hydro to pay the dividend they didn't have to *balance* Christy's budget.

The real crisis was created by the one and only Gordon Campbell who privatized the power brokers that sell power to the public company at above market rates so his campaign contributors could literally make a fortune off the taxpayers back. If he hadn't done that, BC Hydro's debt would not be ballooning out of control and we could in fact have extracted a dividend from them to balance the budget and fund more schools. This is the same fraud that created the Greek Financial Crisis. What was public money became private then disappeared. Buyer Beware.

BC Hydro's Amazingly Bad Deal for Ratepayers

The Tyee reported that "Not only had B.C. Hydro agreed to buy three times the power requested in the tender, it had done so at locked-in prices far above projected market rates. We give big firms $15 billion. We get higher prices, no assets, no guarantee of supply."

Financial Fraud at BC Hydro

The Northern Insights bog reported that: "In fiscal year 2015, BC Hydro purchased 13,377 GWh of electricity from independent power producers for $1,064,000,000 ($79,540 per GWh). In the same period, BC Hydro sold 14,020 GWh to large industrial users for $748,000,000 ($53,250 per GWh). In other words, each GWh of power purchased from IPPs was resold for $26,290 less that it cost. However, the loss was not limited to $352 million since the utility had to pay distribution, administration and other overhead costs in addition to the power acquisition price."

How BC Hydro Wound Up $76 Billion in Debt

The Watershed Sentinel reported that "By 2015, BC Hydro had 105 operating projects on contract, nominally capable of 18,902 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy, with 3,098 GWh to come from 23 IPP projects still in development. In 2015 it purchased 13,377 GWh of energy at a cost of $1,064 million. That is 24 per cent of BC Hydro’s domestic supply at 76 per cent of its cost of power; $79.54 per megawatt hour (MWh), compared to $8.11 per MWh for power from BC Hydro’s dams. This describes the haemorrhage of cash which is now flowing out of ratepayers’ pockets through BC Hydro to IPPs. The contractual commitments add up to $54 billion over 56 years."

Note: If you move to Surrey and your kids can't get into a school they can always sign up for Surrey Connect online. Evidently it's called SAIL now - Surrey Acadamy of Innovative Learning. That would make a lot more sense then bussing it all he way into Vancouver every day.

Health Canada approves prescription heroin and GMO Salmon

It's pretty clear that the next criminal organization we have to deal with is Health Canada. It's bad enough that the methadone program has become grossly abused. Now they're going for the full monty. They're letting "doctors" prescribe heroin. I kid you not. Who's going to fund that - taxpayers? You can't get an MRI or cancer treatment but you can get free heroin? That is insane and evil. There is nothing compassionate about it. Bankrupting our sacred medical program to promote addition. That will burn tax dollars faster than a forest fire.

I'm not the only one that thinks Health Canada is a criminal organization. Like Vancouver Coastal Health, they have proven they have no regard for promoting health. They are simply engaged in harm promotion and enable addiction. People need homes not drugs. They should be handing out sandwiches instead of free crack pipes. Our good intentions are creating a lot of misery and funding the gang war. Handing out free heroin at Insite is wrong.

Dr. Colin Mangham lost his job for opposing the insanity surrounding Insite. Turns out there is big money to be had in harm promotion within the pharmaceutical industry. John Volken runs an amazing detox centre in Surrey where he not only helps people get off drugs but he also teaches them life skills and gives them a job at Price Pro as well. He can't get government funding because he helps addicts get off drugs instead of turning them into lifetime methadone addicts. For all the money the government is pouring into organized crime and harm promotion, they could be funding more housing instead. That would be a much healthier solution.

As for genetically modified salmon, give me a break. Anyone with a brain can see that is not good for you. I didn't even know what GMO was until I met a large group of locals in Kelowna objecting to it at Stephen Harper's visit. Injecting pesticide into food is not healthy. It's killing the bee population which is shooting ourselves in the foot. Well GMO salmon is worse.

The Council of Canadians opposes the approval of genetically modified salmon for sale as food in Canada. They are a credible NPO. If they approve genetically modified salmon for sale, they need to label it as such and let consumers decide. That is the only logical solution. Health Canada is a criminal organization working against the best interest of Canadian taxpayers.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Ip Man 2 Update: Mike Tyson in Ip Man 3

I just realized that not only has Ip Man 2 been released but it's also on Netflix. It's very well done. I made reference to the first Ip Man movie with Donnie Yen in a previous post. I like Wing Chun. I have mad harsh respect for the arts. The most stirring message from this movie is the importance of respecting the dignity of others. Nobody likes a bully. On that note I found two more inspiring quotes. The first is from one of Ip Man's students, the infamous Bruce Lee.

The other is from the Dalai Lama himself.

Update: I not sure how historically acurate Ip Man 2 is. It seemed more like a fictional remake of Rocky 4 where he takes on the Russian after Apollo fails only in reverse. Likewise in the first movie it appears that the big fight between Ip Man and a Japanese general simply never happened in real life. Ip Man went to Hong Kong in 1949 to flee the Communist uprising IRL becasue he was an officer in the rival political party, the Kuomintang or Chinese Nationalist Party.

I will note that both Ip Man movies are in Cantonese not Mandarin. Cantonese is spoken in Hong Kong. Mainland China is trying to kill the language and replace it with Mandarin. Perhaps the hidden meaning behind the movie is to stand up to all bullies both foreign and domestic. Peace.

Yo! Mike Tyson is in Ip Man 3! David and Goliath hits the big screen. It's on DVD.

Whoa, it looks like Dr Smythe is right in that the Communist government of China had an influence in the production of the movie which may explain why it is so historically inaccurate. I was watching the opening credits for another Donnie Yen movie called Special ID and saw a very suspicious looking logo for the China Film Co Ltd. Wikipedia claims that the China Film Group Corporation is the largest and most influential state-owned film enterprise in China. According to Forbes it is a state monopoly that all imported films have to work with. I still think Ip Man is a great movie as long as you realize it is pure fantasy and is not historically accurate.

Burnaby fentanyl lab busted

The Surrey Leader is reporting that Delta Police busted a fentanyl drug lab in a Burnaby condo and seized over 16 kilograms of cocaine and heroin. They also seized nine firearms and two noise suppressors, over 100 kilograms of cutting agents, more than 4,500 oxycodone or oxycontin pills, more than a kilogram of methamphetamine, and 125 grams of pure fentanyl were seized. Well done. Fentanyl is deadly. Methamphetamine is crystal meth.

CBC posted pictures of how filthy it was. $1.5 million was also seized. Meanwhile back on the ranch, Surrey logged it's 40th shooting on Wednesday. Kevin Diakiw put out a thought provoking article on mental illness and drug addiction. It's an old series but I just noticed it and find it timely.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star

Yesterday I saw a cop on a quad outside the Front Room. Now that's what I'm talking about. Several years ago I was at Surrey central before they got rid of the crack dealers there and Surrey's awesome Police Chief at the time, Fraser MacRae, held a huge comunity policeing display right at crack central. He had a giant mobile command centre roll in with numerous auxiliary police officers on quads coordinating a concise community response to crime in Surrey. He was the exact opposite of Bill Fordy in every way.

Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star like John McKay, the VPD ninja was. Bill Fordy on the other hand is a flaming idiot. Bill Fordy was not an ace interrogator. He was a bumbling idiot on the Pickton investigation that was too busy sexually harassing Catherine Gallagher to do his job. He hasn't changed. He's one of the FOCERS - Friends of Craig Callen who is the root of the sexual harassment problem at the RCMP in British Columbia.

Bringing back the quads in Surrey is a good thing. Yesterday they were still kicking the cat in the sense that they were harassing the prolific offenders not the crack dealers but it is certainly better than doing nothing. I understand the math. A handful of prolific offenders are responsible for a majority of the crime. Harassing the prolific offenders prevents crime. I get it.

However, the real predators outside the Front Room on the strip are the crack dealer who brutalize the homeless on a daily basis. The prolific offender is stealing to pay back his dealer. If he doesn't do that, his dealer with beat the life out of him like they did to Janice Shore. If we really want to address the problem we get tough with the crack dealers not the addicts. Reducing the number of addicts reduces the crime and violence. That is the New York model. I saw it.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Royal Mail profits plunge after Moya Greene takes helm

The Scotsman is reporting that Royal Mail profits plunge after Moya Greene takes helm. Why does this not come as a surprise? Let me count the ways. Moya Greene tried to destroy Canada Post just like she did CN and Bombardier but by the grace of God we chased that crazy ass lunatic out of the country before she had the chance. She accepted the assignment to crash the Royal Mail so they could rationalize privatizing it. That was her mandate right from the get go.

I was a Letter Carrier with Canada Post. Moya Greene started screwing up Canada Post left right and centre. She had absolutely no idea what she was doing but claimed she knew everything. She was sent to Privatize the Post Office. The plan was destroy the profit margin and they'll be forced to privatize it. One of my coworkers said we're screwed. I said no we're not. She said yes we are. My husband worked for CN. They tried everything and nothing worked. There is no hope. I said you do what you gotta do I'll do what I have to.

So I took one for the team and we are both much better off. Canada Post and I that is. Canada Post is much better off without her. They're still turning a profit in her absence. So what happened to the Royal Mail and all the increased business revenue for delivering Internet purchases?

I made a website at and posted her disasterous resume. I didn't say anything that was untrue. I didn't have to. The facts spoke for themselves. I posted a screenshot of the Bombardier stock along with the dates she started and finished working there. When she was there the stock completely tanked. I said if you believe Moya Greene is good at business then you've been conned. That's why we call her an ex con. Moya Greene is a fugative from justice. No Justice, No peace. She tied to sue me but telling the truth isn't defamation.

First it was Michael Manson from Smart and Biggar. Turns out that firm wasn't very smart or very big. Michael looked a little like Charles Manson around the eyes so I called him Chuckie for short. I said "Alright Chuckie, you might be a devil and it might be a sin but I'll take your bet so I will because a public Post Office is the best there's ever been." Record profits paying record dividends to the government. We weren't going to let a banker who derailed CN destroy that.

More of the story is in my free E Book. I kicked two law firms' ass. Then I got a little cocky and sent her and the Board of Directors a fake E-mail making fun of her. They traced the ip to my computer and fired me for sending the fake E-mail. Bad luck. Yet I am much better off. Then David Cameron who had an agenda to privatize everything under the sun including the schools and hospitals sees her and offers her a job at the Royal Mail. He wanted an axe murderer like Moya Greene to kill the business so they could privatize it and she eagerly acepted the oportunity. We were thrilled to get rid of her. Things at Canada Post have greatly improved.

Take a look at her picture. Every video she makes she looks like she's not playing with a full deck. No wonder her charity of choice is mental health. In the top picture she freaking wore the living room drapes and pretended it was a sari in a ridiculous video she made before she left.

Hey Moya, remember me? Finian is back so he is. I'm thriving in the private sector with no Union in a company that does everything you don't. They reward their shareholders, obey the law and treat their employees with respect. They keep growing and doing more and more business. They don't have time for your stupid games. They're too busy making money. They know what business revenue is. You don't have a clue.

So here I am. I'm still here. How do you like me now? My mother's ancestors were British. My father's ancestors were Scotch Irish. So hands off the motherland Moya Greene. They don't want your snake oil either. God save the Queen. Help stop Moya Greene.

Public sale of drugs in Surrey on the front page of the Vancouver Province - Update

The Vancouver Province ran a front page article yesterday with an in depth spotlight on the epicentre of drug related violence in Surrey outsode the Front Room. The article stated Drugs, sex and stolen goods: Population grows on vice-ridden Surrey Strip.

The Vancouver Sun also ran the article which explained "The two blocks of 135A Street between 106th and 108th avenues has long been a place where people who are homeless and addicted to drugs have congregated, mostly because it is close to medical services, food and shelters, and drugs are readily available." Drugs are readily available. They are sold in public and the police let them. That is why addicts go there. That is why addiction has spread like a forest fire consuming everything in it's path.

I have a lot more to say on this but just wanted to throw the links out there so people had a chance to read the article for themselves but I will say this. Note the picture in the Vancouver Sun article. It's a picture of a young woman smoking a crack pipe in public. Only it looks like a meth pipe since it has a round ball at the end. Crack pipes are normally straight glass tubes. This is all happening in full view outside the needle exchange which is no longer an exchange. They just hand out free needles for addicts to discard anywhere they want.

If we had a moral conscience we would support harm reduction not harm promotion. This is a place of exploitation. There are two reasons for it. One in the lack of affordable housing, the other is the public sale of crack. This brings us back to a crime prevention meeting in Surrey back in June 2008. Local residents complained that the police let people sell and smoke crack in public and they don't do anything about it.

The former owner of the Dell complained and said if someone lights up a cigarette outside his bar that person can be fined $2,000.00 and that fine can be enforceable. Yet the police drive by people selling and smoking crack and do nothing. That isn't right. Why am I the one having to live with bars on my windows? Mike Farnworth having to agree with the man's concerns shook his head and said all he could say to that was cite a quote from Charles Dickens and said "Sir, if the law believes that then the law is an ass." Indeed it is. Let's fix it while we still can.

Update - The Dianne Rock and Janice Shore Story:

It's important to remember how this desperate situation relates to the Janice Shore and the Dianne Rock story. Janice Shore was a homeless drug user that was found beaten to death at the end of this notorious Strip outside the Front Room in Surrey. The brutality of the Janish Shore murder outraged me. She was sexually assaulted and beaten to death. She was in a coma for two months from which she never recovered. I visited her in the hospital on Christmas morning.

One one side of her head her jaw had been literally caved in and on the other side of her head her temple was caved in. I wondered what could have caused those kind of injuries. It had to have been some kind of blunt forced trauma. A few months later while I was visiting the Front Room one of the patrons dropped a happmer out of his backpack. That's when the light went on. A hammer could have created those injuries.

Cpl. Bert Paquet from IHIT told a press conference Janice was involved in “high-risk activities” at the time of her death. He would not reveal whether she had been sexually assaulted or whether a weapon had been used. I spoke with him months later and he told me the police had no evidence Janice had been sexually assaulted. I said yes you do. She was found with her underwear pulled down around her ankles. You have the testimony of the witnesses that found her. In a court of law, testimony of witnesses is evidence.

Janice wasn't a sex trade worker per say. She was a quiet soft spoken panhandler. Like Dianne Rock she was forced into the sex trade after the addiction took hold to pay for the drug. If Janice shore was killed for a drug debt it couldn't have been a large one because she was a user not a dealer. Years later a former sex trade worker from the Strip outside the Front room contacted me and confirmed Janice had worked in the industry for a brief period of time. She said all the other girls hated her because they were trying to raise the bar and make some money. Janice would be gone half the day and come back with f*ck all.

That's when the investigation had a breakthrough. The former sex trade worker told me Janice was left beside that tree as a message to the other sex trade workers pay your debts or else. Everyone there knew that tree was where the drug dealers who supplied the sex trade workers demanded free service from them. Her murder was a message to the others. It is that kind of predatory exploitation that infuriates me.

Larry Mizen was the primary drug debt enforcer for that Strip. Everyone there knew about his brutality and was terrified of him for good reason. He was the prime suspect in her murder. If he did not do it, he knew who did. Not long after that information was made public he was found beaten to death in his rented home not far away. Larry Mizen worked for Len Peltier. The Hells Angels terminated Larry's contract and reassigned Lenny to Whitehourse.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Clay Roueche's new book and web site

In contrast, let's take a look at local celebrity Clay Roueche's new book and website. They have a video on youtube called Boss Weed. No doubt that was taken from the Rolling Stone Article on Clay which referred to him as Boss Weed and compared him to Pablo Escobar. The article explained How a blue-collar kid from Chilliwack, British Columbia, forged his own samurai code and raw ambition and became the King of B.C. Bud. Clay's new book is called The Book of Indomitable Virtues. Yes he's still in prison. The music is from Pepperblade. A rapper from Texas.

Clay's new website states: "Clay believes that no matter what a person's past may have been, their future is whatever they choose to make it." Indeed it is. It has also been said that no matter what your past, you have a spotless future. The website has a historical background posted under capture the facts.

My angel on Clay and the UN is a little different that others. Unlike the Hells Angels they don't pretend to be something they're not. Clay is a celebrity because the UN wasn't like all the other ass kissing puppets. Unlike the babylonian hoard of clone puppets they stood on their own. They didn't try to be rivals like the Rock Machine in Quebec. They just said he we are. We're the new kids on the block and we will fight for our right to be here. That they did. The Hells Angels were forced to recognize them and do business with them. However, since the HAs only like ass kissing puppets, they found ways to be friendly to their face but stab them in the back at the same time. Supporting the UN and the Bacon brothers at the same time was a prime example.

Yet after they showed up at Brandi's with K9 and kicked the Hells' Angels ass, one could likely foresee that the Hells Angels would hold a grudge. After that incident John Punco was caught on wire and said the UN are not welcome in this province and neither is anyone that does business with them. Yet they did do business with them and you can't blame the Hells Angels support of the Bacon brothers on Larry Amero. He was on club business. What Larry did was sanctioned by the club so let's not kick the cat and blame Larry. Shooting Larry won't solve anything. He's already been screwed over by the Big Red Machine.

Being the cynical conspiracy theorist that I am I have to ask why is Clay in prison and not Sony Barger? Probably the same reason Manuel Noriega is and Oliver North isn't. Dirty politics. The way they shafted Clay was pretty cheap. He was on a flight to a wedding in Mexico and they rerouted his flight to land in the US and arrested him in the US after they rerouted his flight. That was cheap. Meanwhile back on the ranch Randy and Trevor Jones still haven't been extradited on their charges. Oh wait, Randy's not even charged. It's the double standard that bugs me.

I have two points to make. Clay does have a background in the martial arts and that is to be respected. The Rolling Stone article made reference to Clay's Samurai code which his new book appears to exemplify. I guess the problem I'm having processing all this is my personal belief that real Samurais don't sell crack. Ninjas were trained assassins. Mercenaries for hire but Samurais were suposed to be different. Like Arthur's Knights of the Round Table or Orlando Bloom's quest for chivalry during the Crusade in the movie Kingdom of Heaven.

In the struggle between good and evil I just can't get around my personal bias that selling crack in on the wrong side of that struggle. No one cares about weed. Trading all that BC Bud for the CIA's cocaine in Operation Fast and Furious only to bring the US crack epidemic of the 1980s to Canada is just plain wrong.

In all the Bruce Lee movies he fought against the bad guys bringing in all the heroin. Somehow I just can't get my brain around the idea of a buddhist monk riding around in a grossly over priced luxury vehicle. Somehow that just doesn't scream enlightenment nor does the oppression that greed created to get it. But that's just me.

The one event that stands out in my mind from Clay's history is the claim that he helped one of his dealers overcome his addiction to crack cocaine. Kim Bolan interviewed the guy. He said that Clay had him chained up beside a toilet for three days and paid guys to watch him to make sure he was OK while he got off the drug. The guy said he was furious at the time but afterwards was deeply moved and grateful for the love Clay showed him in getting his life back. Shouldn't eveyone have that same chance? Oh and since they scrwed him over in the arrest they should approve his prison transfer back to Canada. Justin Trudeau might agree to that. Peace.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cheap imitations and fake ass wannabees

This is rather amusing. A blog reader wrote in and said did you see what that lunatic Ace Ventura is doing now? I suppose imitation is a sign of flattery, as he tries to mimic your site... Indeed. The only way he can get traffic now is if people go to his blog and mistake it for mine. It's called the Gangsters Out Blog - imagine that. He fires off a couple of headlines on the Hells Angels I never bothered reporting on because they didn't contain any new information to make it look like mine when it's pretty obvious it isn't. If I'm so bad why on earth does he try so hard to copy me?

Blaze back in court

Castanet is reporting that Dirtbag Donahugh McWhirter was back in court today along with his rock throwing coaccused on his trafcking crystal meth charges. Castanet states McWhirter and Stinn will appear in Supreme Court for a pre-trial conference, which could last several days.

Castanet states McWhirter faces 10 charges, including multiple counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and unauthorized possession of a firearm. Among other firearms he had in his possession was a 20-gauge shotgun. Wikipedia states that the 20-gauge shotgun is a type of smoothbore shotgun shell that is smaller in caliber (.615) than a 12 gauge (.729). It is often used as a beginning shooter's practice round and is noted by its yellow hull. The 20-gauge is commonly used for hunting squirrels, rabbits, upland birds and waterfowl.

Shooting squirrels. That's more like Blaze's speed. Small man, small gun. However, a 20-gauge can also shoot slugs and thereby become an effective deer-hunting gun. Kinda like what he and Joey shot Britney Irving in the back with. That wasn't a very manly thing to do now was it Kayla.

Castanet states that the RCMP at the time said CFSEU had been looking into a Kelowna-based Independent Soldier allegedly recruiting new members for a planned resurgence of the gang. So that's what Donahugh was doing bumming cigarettes off the kids at Rutland high school on his BMX. He's going to have to try his luck at the Elementary school if he wants to recruit for the IS. Even the kids at Rutland think he's an idiot. He's 45 years old and never grew up. Now that is sad. Anyone who has ever been in the game says he is a lost cause.

Vancouver Shooting - Abbotsford bust: Update

Scan BC is reporting that #Vancouver Police are on scene at W 27th Ave & Ash St after a male in a vehicle was shot multiple times. Confirmed homicide. Update: Metro News is reporting that "Police have identified the victim of Monday night’s fatal shooting on the city’s west side as Kennith King-Lok Leung, 23, of Vancouver."

News 1130 is reporting that an Abbotsford man faces dozens of firearms and drug charges after a bust last week. Semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, a sub-machine gun, semi-automatic rifles, a sawed-off shotgun, lots of cocaine, and almost 1,000 Fentanyl-laced pills. were seized. Corey Perkins, 28, faces a total of 66 drug and weapons charges and Caitlin Bransford, 26, also faces drug charges.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pregnant woman killed in Toronto drive-by shooting

CBC is reporting that "Toronto police and Mayor John Tory are calling for an end to senseless violence after an outrageous targeted shooting killed a pregnant woman Sunday night, and her baby was left in stable condition following an emergency caesarean section." She was only five months pregnant and will never meet her baby in this life. Tragic.

Police are looking into the possibility that a rivalry between two Toronto-area gangs played a role in the fatal shooting. CBC is reporting that "Fatal shootings in Toronto have increased 200 per cent in the first four months of this year as compared to the same time last year, police statistics reveal." Evidently it's not just in Surrey.

As we recall, Chenier Dupuy, leader of a north Montreal street gang called Bo-Gars, was shot dead after he insulted Greg Wooley and refused his offer to sell drugs for the Hells Angels. It is likely Toronto is facing a similar conflict. One group wants to sell drugs for the Hells Angels and the other group doesn't. Imagine that.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trial underway into massive Langford drug bust

Check News is reporting that Zachary Matheson is on trial after one of the largest drug busts in Vancouver Island history. This stems from June 2013 when it was reported that Top level drug dealers were busted in Victoria. Our sources at the time claimed it was Zachary Scott Matheson aka Ziggy and Ali Ziaee which has since been confirmed. Ali has plead guilty.

Check News reported that "Police searched several properties in the raid, including a home in the 2700-block of Claude Road in Langford where marijuana was being grown just meters from a daycare. The home was owned by real estate agent Shirley Zailo - she was thrown into the spotlight after the horrific murder of Lindsay Buziak, who was dating her son, Jason." Jason failed to mention to Dateline that Lindsay was in the process of leaving him when she was murdered.

Sources claim that Ziggy does business with the East End Hells Angels. However, the Lindsay Buziak Blog has posted an interesting timeline of events related to the drug trafficking aspect of the BC Rail scandal. Jas Bains was taking over the Victoria drug trade after a rival dealer was arrested. When Lindsay went to Calgary to visit an old friend she told him she was leaving Jason. She did not rat out her friend in Calgary. Is it possible Jason and Ziggy ratted out a rival in Calgary and falsely accused Lindsay of being the informant? Yes it is.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Shots fired in Surrey and Abbotsford

News 1130 is reporting that "Surrey RCMP responded to several 911 calls early this morning after shots were fired into a home near 160th Street on King George Boulevard at around 3:30 a.m."

Previously CTV reported that "A man found dead in an Abbotsford blueberry field Wednesday looked like he’d been shot multiple times, according to the farmer who made the grim discovery." IHIT has taken over that investigation. Early Monday morning someone was shot in Surrey and drove to a hospital in Abbotsford for treatment.

Update: Scan BC is reporting that #Surrey #RCMP on scene a vehicle shot up at Scott Rd & 75a. One male with multiple gunshot wounds.

Russia, North Korea and China

This post is going to get a little sidetracked but since we have opened Pandora's box and have started to talk about deep politics as Wikispooks refers to it, I want to set the record straight. I do not hate America. I hate the CIA. I support the US Constitution completely.

If I quote Bin Laden or the Ayatollah Khamene, it does not mean that I support terrorism in any way whatsoever because I most assuredly do not. I deplore terrorism. Back in Ireland, when the IRA hit a military target they gained public support. When they hit civilians they lost public support. That's all there is to it. Operation Northwoods was a deplorable plot.

My point is twofold. First, the end does not justify the means. Opposing the spread of Communism by force is the right thing to do. Yet drug trafficking or investment fraud to gain money to support that cause is not. Second, when the CIA say they are drug trafficking or committing investment fraud to oppose the spread of Communism they are lying. They are the Communists they claim to oppose. They oppose the civil liberty the US Constitution was framed to protect. That is why we need to define Communism so we're all on the same page.

I had a friend at the post office that said he thought I was a Communist for the same reason I thought he wasn't - we both believe in democracy and free speech. I found that somewhat ironic.

I was quite vocal in my opposition to Darryl Tingley's public endorsement of revolutionary Communism in Cuba when I was involved with CUPW. A National Union Rep who I greatly respect came up to me at Regional Conference and said, "The Chinese at Red Square call themselves Communists but they aren't really Communists. The Soviets in Eastern Europe call themselves Communists but they aren't really Communists." I was somewhat shocked and said then what they hell are they because that is exactly what Communism is. In East Berlin they built a wall and had the machine guns pointed inwards so no one could leave.

He said don't look at them, look at Cuba. Cuba is the best model of Socialism we have. I said no it's not. They hold political prisoners and practice religious discrimination. The best model of Socialism we have is the kibbutz movement in Israel. People are free to join or leave and they are free to be religious or not. That is a way better model.

When I worked in the local Union office I would always get letters with the latest Cuba propaganda in it addressed specifically to me with no return address. The writing on the envelope was always dramatically slanted to the left. I knew it was him. It was rather amusing.

The Communist Manifesto is a flawed document. It's founding premise is that the history of conflict in the world all boils down to one of class struggle. If you eliminate the classes (and the religious and cultural differences) you then eliminate all the conflict and we become subservient robots. That is their ultimate quest because that is their founding premise.

In reality, the history of conflict in the world isn't about class struggle it's about greed and oppression. They say Capitalists are greedy. Well they are but not as bad as the Communists. Despite their false propaganda about social justice they are far more greedy then the Capitalists. Just look at the Communist politicians in China or the off shore accounts Putin has in the Panama papers. Actions speak louder than words.

When I was in West Belfast in the very late 1980's a friend from Twinbrook gave me a James Connolly pin. I genuinely thanked her and said who is that? He was a rebel she said with a twinkle in her eye. He was a Communist. Well ironically enough that "Communist" was one of the founding fathers of the Irish Proclamation that signed that declaration with his own blood which established a free republic guaranteeing religious freedom for all. I submit that the only way true socialism can exist is within a free republic that guarantees civil liberty and people are free to join or leave of their own free will. That is why true Communists can and should support the principles in the US Constitution because it protects their rights along with everyone else's.

In contrast we see Putin and North Korea trying to do the Time warp and bring back the dark era of oppression under Revolutionary Communism which means civl liberty is removed by force under the false guise of social justice. Just remember the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He claimed Lenin wasn't the leader of the workers revolution, Shliapnikov was. Lenin had Shliapnikov killed and took over the party. When the Trade Unions he used to get in power went on strike, Lenin sent in the machine guns to cut them down. The families were too scared to even collect their dead. That is what Communism is. That is what we rightfully opposed in the Korean war.

In the book Fidel on Religion, Castro admitted he received help from the Christian Marxists during his revolution and did not apologize for establishing a marxist leninist atheist state as soon as he got power. He said said it is what it is. Use people with lies then screw them over when you are in power. Typical of any politician but when you have a manifesto instead of a constitution, you have no recourse and no protection for civil liberty.

Yet Communist China has committed far worse atrocities than Cuba ever has. Boycotting trade with Cuba but promoting it with Communist China is absurd. So is selling China CANDU reactors so they can sell nuclear weapons to North Korea. Which side are we really on?

It is clear in the Ukraine many people protesting the decision to join Russia not the EU were grossly mistreated. There is a documentary on Netflix about it and it's appalling. Yet as I previously mentioned half the people in the Ukraine wanted to be associated with Russia while the other half wanted to be associated with the EU. Justice would declare, let the half that wants to be associated with Russia do so and let the other half that wants to be associated with Europe do so. It's that simple.

God help the Ukraine. Stalin was no better than Hitler. How about neither? Putin isn't smart enough to be the antichrist but he is not a good man. His political opponent was murdered. He was accused of killing his own people to get elected just like the CIA and now he is chumming up with North Korea. This is a very bad precedent indeed. Yet you have to sympathize with the Russian people. They are noble and proud. The criminals in power are preventing democracy from having a fair chance. If they elect to return to Communism just so they can return to their former greatness, they will rediscover the end does not justify the means.

In my recent posts on supporting Muslim's right to the freedom of religion, some have shared with me their concerns that in an Islamic state there is no freedom of religion. That is very true. That is not the kind of society I would want to live in. If I was a guest in their country I would not say hey guys you need to overthrow your government. That's not up to me that's up to them. Israel has formed a Jewish State. I don't support that but I am most certainly not going to tell them they don't have a right to do so. I really don't think we should get involved in the politics of a country. If anyone like Communist China commits genocide, then we most assuredly should speak out against that and consider economic sanctions. Yet history has shown us that things do not improve when we meddle in other country's politics. We take up arms when countries invade other countries. We do not take up arms when people elect a government we don't happen to like.

ISIS Official Web Site still Missing

Not to spoil the mood, but we seem to be witnessing a world of extremes. The Syrian refugees we have met in Surrey and Vancouver are wonderful. They are fleeing a war. A war between pro and anti government forces with the strange introduction of a bizarre third party that is so outrageous they are uniting all Muslims around the world to oppose them.

We first heard about ISIS in Syria. They seemingly came there from Iraq after that country was unlawfully invaded based on a lie. When they arrived in Syria and started committing outrageous acts, the government said it's not us. Then the rebels said it's not us either. So who then is it?

We are still getting regular reports of completely outrageous acts that make no sense whatsoever and have no genuine motive with a news report stating that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack but no reference confirming the report. Surely ISIS has the means of creating a web site or a Twitter account. We keep getting these third party reports about claims ISIS has made with no ability to confirm the claim. It's not just suspicious, it just doesn't make sense.

Then there was that fake picture of a Canadian Sikh that was photoshopped to make him look like a terrorist holding a Koran wearing an explosive vest when he was really holding a holy book from a different religion and wasn't wearing any explosive vest at all. That fake picture was printed in the press claiming it was one of the Paris bombers. The paper claimed it got the picture from the same source that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack from. That is why we need to confirm the source. They have been wrong before. That fake photo was an intentional act of fraud.

Recently a group of corporate thugs hacked into a local activist named Laila Yuile's blog and twitter account because she was posting information against the Site C Dam. The group that hacked her blog and twitter account claimed to be anonymous but they obviously weren't which had opened pandora's box. This same group that claims to be with anonymous but aren't are posting information about ISIS they claim they have obtained by hacking into ISIS. After they crashed Laila's blog their credibility has been destroyed so that means their information on ISIS has now become suspect as well.

When we first approved the military mission in Afghanistan we were told that Afghanistan was responsible for 9/11. Yet the bin Laden "confession" video didn't even look like Bin Laden. Consequently when the CIA sends out a press release to the media stating ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack, we are going to have to see some other evidence since their credibility has been lost over the Iraq media disinformation campaign referred to as Operation Mass Appeal.

Remember the Ayatollah Khamenei? Well evidently he still exists and guess what, he even has a web site. So if the Ayatollah can have a web site why can't ISIS? The Ayatollah claims that the US, Britain, and Israel created ISIS and have been aiding and abetting the terrorist organizations which they claim to be fighting. Well isn't that ironic. CSIS was indeed caught supporting ISIS.

Every wonder why the Ayatollah is so cynical of British and American intelligence? Perhaps it's because of what they did in Iran during Operation Ajax. Perhaps it's because he knows what the real October Surprise was and who was really behind the Hostage taking in Tehran. Perhaps it's because he knows what Iran Contra was really all about. The US Constitution is good. Very good. It protects everyone's religious freedom but the CIA is bad. Very bad. History has recorded that.

Previously I wrote about a TV Series on Netflix called American Odyssey. It is fiction but is very plausible and is well worth watching. Everything that happened in that series could happen in real life. It is something we need to think about after the declassification of Operation Northwoods. I highly recommend people watch it. It is very well done.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Surrey Syrian Refugee Update - Salam Alaikum

I just wanted to throw out there another real life experience and update on the Syrian Refugee status in Surrey. As I previously mentioned, I was thrilled to discover we had a family of Syrian refugees move in literally next door. So when the Lord asked, who is my neighbour I can truthfully declare, the Syrian refugees are. They have four wonderful young children. Two boys and two girls who are absolutely adorable. Those parents have to be doing something right. Their kids are fun, friendly, polite and respectful. Take my word for it, as a parent in Surrey, you want your kids hanging out with these kids. They are a good influence on our kids.

The kids are always smiling saying hi over and over again and I enthusiastically wave back whenever I see them. I asked my daughter how you say hello in Arabic and she said Salam Alaikum so I tried it out on the oldest boy. I said Salam Alaikum to him and he just looked a little confused. I was worried I didn't say it right so I said Is that right? Salam Alaikum? Then it sinks in and he says yes, Salam Alaikum. I guess he was just shocked I was trying to speak Arabic.

He goes inside, tells his mother and she comes out laughing all excited so I repeat it to her and she eagerly replies Alaikum Salam. She explained when someone says Salam Alaikum to you the customary response is Alaikum Salam. So that's what we say every time we see each other. Literally it means peace be unto you kind of like how in Punjabi you say Sat Sri Akaal which literally means Truth is the ultimate God. I always thought it mean God is good but Wikipedia clarifies it. I met the father a few times and shook his hand telling him he has wonderful kids because he certainly does. Then the other day we get a knock on the door and it's the mother wearing a full Hijab holding her English homework that she's having trouble with.

Through sign language I understand she wants help with her homework. She wanted us to read it out to her. There is a list of phrases: My name is, I am from Syria, In Canada we have four seasons, In Syria we have four seasons and so on. She can't practice it because she can't read the script. She has what the words mean in Arabic written beside each word but that doesn't help her with the English pronunciation. My daughter comes down who teaches English to refugees as a volunteer in her spare time and starts helping her. Then she asked my daughter to come over so she can help her with her homework and I said have at it.

Later my daughter calls me on her cell saying she was having a wonderful time and that they wanted me to come over. I said I'm not going over there unless the husband is home. She says, no the husband is inviting you over. I said sure. Then texted back and said it's getting late and I have to get up at 5 AM so let's make it for tomorrow instead.

So last night they invited us over for dinner and it was amazing. All sitting on the floor around a table full of food sharing a traditional Arabic meal with their wonderful family. It was awesome. It was like visiting the Middle east in my own back yard only better. You don't get those kind of experiences at a hotel or resort. The food was fantastic. They put roasted almonds in the rice. It was delicious. I'm going to start doing that. I worked with a Caribbean chef in London many years ago and he explained they put black eyed peas in the rice hence the name of the rap group. It's awesome. So is roasted almonds in the rice.

One of the things I finally began to understand was the Hijab. When my daughter went over the wife took her hijab off and they just chilled. Turns out the wife is only three years older than my daughter and says they are like sisters. It's wonderful. When I came over for dinner she put the Hijab back on because that is the tradition.

A few years ago my daughter found a funny picture people were sharing on facebook. It was a woman wearing a Hijab at the mall with two different boxes of hair dye in her hand trying to decide which one to buy. Westerners thought it was funny because who cares what colour your hair is when no one can see it. Then a Muslim girl comments and says she is trying to look good for her man not for every dog that looks at her on the street. My daughter laughed out loud and said whoa shots fired! The Muslim girl slammed the infidel. It was funny and made sense.

So next time you see a woman wearing a Hijab remember she doesn't have a bomb. She just loves her husband and doesn't want every dirty old man checking her out. It's that simple.

When you think about it, if you're walking down the street in New York City and see an Orthodox Jew wearing his traditional clothing, who cares? That is his right. When you are in Dublin and see a Catholic Nun wearing her traditional clothing, who cares? That is her right. Just like when you see a Muslim woman wearing a hijab in Surrey. Who cares? That is her right. And when you think about it, is it really that different? The traditional clothing looks very similar to that of a Catholic Nun. Harris J - Salam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

From a distance we look the same.