Thursday, May 5, 2016

Erik Prince of Darkness has Returned

I can't believe Erik Prince has returned from exile. Did we forget why he went into exile or has everyone that was willing to testify against him mysteriously died? Erik Prince is a bad man. He is a man like unto Allen Dulles of old. He created a private military army called Blackwater. When they were accused of committing war crimes in Iraq and when Erik Prince was acused of arms dealing and murdering whistleblowers he ran off to the United Arab Emirates. Now he's back loud and proud with a new clone army. Forbes has declared: We Created A Monster.

One minute he's trying to start a new Christian Crusade against Muslims, then the next he built a mercenary army for an Islamic monarchy with Sharia courts. It gets worse. Now he's working for Communist China. I kid you not. Why on earth is he doing that? Wait 'till I tell ye.

It's not just a matter of him selling his services to the highest bidder. It's that he has always been a Communist because he has always opposed the civl liberty embraced by the US Constitution. He has always been an enemy of the Constitution. Him working for the Communists is simply the natural conclusion of the path he was on. Clearly the formation of a single state religion is a step towards forming a marxist leninist atheist state. Both roads lead to the same destination because they abandon the sacred principles of a free republic.

Giving large corporations their own private army is exactly what Communist China does. Erik Prince works for oil monopolies. The Rothschilds were the one that funded the Communist revolution in Russia after they hijacked the workers movement. Oil companies aren't bad. Everyone want to make some cheddar. Oil monopolies are bad. Back in the day when the Rothschilds used hostile take overs to secure a monopoly on the market the US supreme court cited anti trust laws and ruled it illegal. Now the politicians line their pockets with campaign contributions and call it good business. Creating corporate monopolies and destroying the free market is never good business. Times have certainly changed.

Wikipedia states Erik Prince claims the former CIA director Leon Panetta outed him as a CIA asset. Ah so Blackwater contracts out for the CIA. Big surprise. Do the CIA contract out some of their drug trafficking to Blackwater? What were these two Blackwater b*tches doing with their backpacks at the Boston Marathon bombing? Were they doing contract work for Graham Fuller?

In hindsight Star Wars fans ask: Was creating a clone army a bad idea? Evidently it was.

Blackwater guards sentenced for massacre of unarmed Iraqi civilians

Former Blackwater chief under investigation for deals with China and Libya


  1. Wow. Well, if he's shown to be guilty of doing deals for Libya, and especially China, you will never hear me defend that guy again. If guilty he needs to be extradited to stand trial, and if found guilty, sentenced to a very long stretch as a guest of the Bureau of Prisons.

    1. It is the natural conclusion of the direction he was heading in. If his Colombian mercenaries were bad, then he was bad. Sure he may of had one or two units that were on the up and up but so do the Hells Angels. They use those for money laundering. Perhaps it's time to start your own company completely separate from the Prince of darkness.

  2. I seriously doubt that he didn't have approval in some fashion, from someone, for that UAE venture. He may have overstepped his level of protection with this China/Libya stuff though. Sometimes people who are protected in their activities go too far. They get overconfident. They begin to think they are untouchable. They lose track of exactly where the line is. (the line sometimes changes location as well.) This is exactly what happened to Manual Noriega. His douchebaggery eventually reached the point where it could no longer be tolerated, and his good friend George H.W. Bush was the one who pulled the trigger on him.

    Also remember that CIA specializes in using non-Agency people for questionable stuff, then cutting them loose later if it becomes expedient. Erik Prince may be only the latest example of this.

    I have no interest in starting my own such company.

    1. I have no doubt he had approval for the UAE mercenary army. It's the sheer hypocrisy that's so astounding. One minute he's trying to instigate a new Christian crusade against Muslims then the next he is creating them a clone army.

      Manuel Noriega simply got screwed over like so many others. He was on the CIA payroll doing what he was told to do just like Oliver North was. Only he didn't get a job with Fox News.

      They certainly do have a tendency of using people then shafting them when they get caught. Erik Prince may indeed be the next one to get screwed over yet he does need to be weeded out. The whole agency does.

  3. "The whole agency does".

    It will never happen, short of a worldwide pandemic that kills 90% of the human race or a meteor strike that kills us all. No nation is going to voluntarily give up it's intelligence agency, especially in this day and age, and the nature of CIA and NSA at this point is such that they are powers unto themselves. Serious question, how do you "weed out" people who can go in front of Congress and lie through their teeth and suffer no consequences? Heck, we have a presidential candidate who has done the same thing. There is no real accountability anymore.

    1. Indeed. They make the Hells Angels look like Boy Scouts.

    2. I would posit that comparison is not accurate, in the least. That would be like saying the the HA are doing good deeds while the other guys are the real bad ones.

      Objectively speaking, a wrong is a wrong, period.

      I think another measure would be gauge the intentions of those who join their organization. Did they join because they wanted to do good or bad? (that is not mutually exclusive for each organization in question, by the way!)

      Then it would have to be gauged did the person continue with the organization when the real intentions/actions of the group became apparent?

      This kind of logical questioning can then continue until the result is accurately determined.

      This is how the Inquisition worked. Questions were asked by the judges and the accurate truth was determined.

      It was almost the opposite of today's courts where the judge is impressed by the arguments of the highly paid legal counsels and then picks which one did the best job in relation to precedence and the word of the law.

      The Inquisition went by the facts. There was no "getting off on a technicality".

      The only solution to those who testify and suffer no consequences are the logical extension of a court system that has no power to find out the truth - the judges need to be able to actually inquire and investigate and the state has to have the integrity to actually punish the transgressors.

      When the transgressors are doing the deeds of the state, what does that make the state?

      Another valid reason to oppose the separation of Church (there is and has ever only been one! - this can be verified and proven through logic and reason alone) and State.

    3. I think it's exactly the same. Not everyone who joins the Hells Angels are bad. The purpose of this blog and website is to help people realize what the real intent of that organization is. The same with the CIA. Not everyone who joins the CIA is bad and joins with the intent to participate in drug trafficking and Operation Northwoods. That's the purpose of this blog and website. To help people realize exactly what they are getting into so they don't do so unknowingly.

      Inquisition? Most people don't think that was a good thing. Who on earth would want to oppose the separation of the Church and State? That is a fundamental principle of a free republic. Which church? When you oppose the separation of church and state you have to pick one church. Which one? There are many. Like I said, adopting a single state religion is a stepping stone to forming a Marxist Leninist atheist state. First you get rid of all the religions but one, then all you have to do is get rid of that one final religion. A free republic supports the freedom of religion.


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