Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trial underway into massive Langford drug bust

Check News is reporting that Zachary Matheson is on trial after one of the largest drug busts in Vancouver Island history. This stems from June 2013 when it was reported that Top level drug dealers were busted in Victoria. Our sources at the time claimed it was Zachary Scott Matheson aka Ziggy and Ali Ziaee which has since been confirmed. Ali has plead guilty.

Check News reported that "Police searched several properties in the raid, including a home in the 2700-block of Claude Road in Langford where marijuana was being grown just meters from a daycare. The home was owned by real estate agent Shirley Zailo - she was thrown into the spotlight after the horrific murder of Lindsay Buziak, who was dating her son, Jason." Jason failed to mention to Dateline that Lindsay was in the process of leaving him when she was murdered.

Sources claim that Ziggy does business with the East End Hells Angels. However, the Lindsay Buziak Blog has posted an interesting timeline of events related to the drug trafficking aspect of the BC Rail scandal. Jas Bains was taking over the Victoria drug trade after a rival dealer was arrested. When Lindsay went to Calgary to visit an old friend she told him she was leaving Jason. She did not rat out her friend in Calgary. Is it possible Jason and Ziggy ratted out a rival in Calgary and falsely accused Lindsay of being the informant? Yes it is.

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