Saturday, May 14, 2016

ISIS Official Web Site still Missing

Not to spoil the mood, but we seem to be witnessing a world of extremes. The Syrian refugees we have met in Surrey and Vancouver are wonderful. They are fleeing a war. A war between pro and anti government forces with the strange introduction of a bizarre third party that is so outrageous they are uniting all Muslims around the world to oppose them.

We first heard about ISIS in Syria. They seemingly came there from Iraq after that country was unlawfully invaded based on a lie. When they arrived in Syria and started committing outrageous acts, the government said it's not us. Then the rebels said it's not us either. So who then is it?

We are still getting regular reports of completely outrageous acts that make no sense whatsoever and have no genuine motive with a news report stating that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack but no reference confirming the report. Surely ISIS has the means of creating a web site or a Twitter account. We keep getting these third party reports about claims ISIS has made with no ability to confirm the claim. It's not just suspicious, it just doesn't make sense.

Then there was that fake picture of a Canadian Sikh that was photoshopped to make him look like a terrorist holding a Koran wearing an explosive vest when he was really holding a holy book from a different religion and wasn't wearing any explosive vest at all. That fake picture was printed in the press claiming it was one of the Paris bombers. The paper claimed it got the picture from the same source that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack from. That is why we need to confirm the source. They have been wrong before. That fake photo was an intentional act of fraud.

Recently a group of corporate thugs hacked into a local activist named Laila Yuile's blog and twitter account because she was posting information against the Site C Dam. The group that hacked her blog and twitter account claimed to be anonymous but they obviously weren't which had opened pandora's box. This same group that claims to be with anonymous but aren't are posting information about ISIS they claim they have obtained by hacking into ISIS. After they crashed Laila's blog their credibility has been destroyed so that means their information on ISIS has now become suspect as well.

When we first approved the military mission in Afghanistan we were told that Afghanistan was responsible for 9/11. Yet the bin Laden "confession" video didn't even look like Bin Laden. Consequently when the CIA sends out a press release to the media stating ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack, we are going to have to see some other evidence since their credibility has been lost over the Iraq media disinformation campaign referred to as Operation Mass Appeal.

Remember the Ayatollah Khamenei? Well evidently he still exists and guess what, he even has a web site. So if the Ayatollah can have a web site why can't ISIS? The Ayatollah claims that the US, Britain, and Israel created ISIS and have been aiding and abetting the terrorist organizations which they claim to be fighting. Well isn't that ironic. CSIS was indeed caught supporting ISIS.

Every wonder why the Ayatollah is so cynical of British and American intelligence? Perhaps it's because of what they did in Iran during Operation Ajax. Perhaps it's because he knows what the real October Surprise was and who was really behind the Hostage taking in Tehran. Perhaps it's because he knows what Iran Contra was really all about. The US Constitution is good. Very good. It protects everyone's religious freedom but the CIA is bad. Very bad. History has recorded that.

Previously I wrote about a TV Series on Netflix called American Odyssey. It is fiction but is very plausible and is well worth watching. Everything that happened in that series could happen in real life. It is something we need to think about after the declassification of Operation Northwoods. I highly recommend people watch it. It is very well done.


  1. You are confusing the Ayatollah Khomeni (who is long dead) with the Ayatollah Khameni. (who is not)

    A the majority of ISIS are Iraqi Sunni's. Of course we mostly hear about "foreign fighters" who go to join ISIS because it makes a better newscast than the idea that the whole Middle East is a massive Arab uncivil war of Sunni vs. Shi'a, both sides of which see the other as apostates and traitors to "the true Islam".

    1. I realize that the Ayatollah is a position not a person. I just think this whole ISIS insanity is a complete scam and that the Netfix series American Odyssey is very plausible.

    2. I am going to disagree with you to one point and agree to another in regards to your remark. I agree with it being insanity (a good working definition of insanity is being out of touch with reality - and since God is the most real thing there is - He has to be as the Creator - being out of touch with (from) God leads to insanity).

      As for disagreeing, I have to disagree about ISIS being a scam. As I have stated before, it is the logical end.

      As I've posted before, ArchBishop Fulton Sheen prophetically predicted/warned us in the 1950's:

      A more recent example is that of Tim Haines (an educator in New York who helps run the Vericast Network) who dialogues with an atheist in regards to this:

      The dialogue in this link is a very good example of how people from radically differing viewpoints can communicate and through communication respect can be earned and fighting avoided. It really is an example of the Socrates' dialoguing (known as the 'Socratic Method').

    3. That's OK. The Internet is full of Muslim hate, Catholic hate and Protestant hate. My blog is for the alternate view. Operation Northwoods isn't something we can bury our heads in the sand over. The fact that CSIS was caught supporting ISIS needs to be addressed.


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