Thursday, May 26, 2016

Surrey drug bust

Speak of the devil. The Surrey now is reporting that "Surrey RCMP's drug unit arrested eight suspects Wednesday in Surrey and are looking for four more in connection with an investigation into dial-a-dope drug trafficking in Surrey and Richmond." Just when we observed none of these drug busts ever happened in Surrey. Bill Fordy must have asked the gang task force to do a bust in Surrey so he didn't looks so bad. Mind you it's pretty hard for him not to look like and idiot when he is dancing naked after he set fire to some toilet paper hanging out of his ass.

The question we need to keep asking is why do they spend all that time and energy conduction an investigation into a dial a dope operation when there are drug dealers selling crack in public outside the Front Room in Surrey? Why do they let them do that? Those are the ones exploiting the homeless not the dial a dope operations.

Fraser MacRae was a real man. Bill Fordy never came close.

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  1. If they crack down on the dealers at the Living Room they will move to another area. they could move to an area the developers, politicians don't want them in.

    Harvey O. at Keeping it Real has a good post up about how an area deteriorates, this one in Vancouver.

    I've always been of the opinion, that if there is open drug dealing and it goes "undealt" with then someone (cops) are complicit in the "dealings" either overtly or not so overtly. Open drug dealing in one area keeps it out of other areas. So in this case, hitting the dial a dope operation most likely inconvainces those who can afford "home delivery" and can easily find another "business".

    The Delta and Abbostford police departments out work the Surrey RCMP every time.

    Nothing will change in surrey's RCMP department until things change politically. If the mayor and council of surrey wanted Bill Fordy gone, I'd suggest he'd be gone. At some level all of this works for the RCMP and the politicians and to some extent the citizens of Surrey.


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