Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Former spokesman for B.C. RCMP charged with sex assault - Update

CBC is reporting that "Tim Shields, a former spokesman for the RCMP in British Columbia, has been charged with sex assault. According to a statement released by the Criminal Justice Branch, the criminal charge has been approved against the former Mountie as a result of an investigation into sexual misconduct alleged to have occurred between 2009 and 2010."

"At the time of the alleged incident, Shields was the officer in charge of strategic communications at E division headquarters. The complainant was a civilian employee with the RCMP. The single charge of sexual assault was sworn in B.C. provincial court today. Shields is scheduled to appear in court on June 27. The RCMP suspended Shields in May of 2015. He retired from the force in December 2015."

Finally. What's surprising is that Craig Callen didn't promote him along with Bill Fordy. Evidently his case was too public for a promotion. Tim Shields has two civil lawsuits for sexual harassment. Bill Fordy and Craig Callen did nothing about the first one. After the second one he was suspended with pay.

Update: Check the dates. CBC is reporting that the sexual misconduct was alleged to have occurred between 2009 and 2010. That's interesting timing. 2010 was the Vancouver Winter Olympics which was a wonderful success. One of the dark incidents that was alleged to have occurred was the RCMP smuggling a prostitute in a hockey bag on board a cruise ship for security personnel and the accusation of a female police officer getting raped by another officer at the drunken party. I would hate to think there were two alleged RCMP rapes that year.

Tim shield denies the allegation. No doubt in his mind it was consensual given the Caligula event. Perhaps he was simply too drunk to realize no means no. However, Global is reporting that the ringleader of that circus, Craig Callen claims it actually happened in the BC RCMP Headquarters. Sounds a lot like Don Ray who was transferred to the BC RCMP Headquarters after his shameful disgrace in Alberta. Birds of feather all get promoted together. How's that new RCMP bar on site doing? I don't see any breathalyzers set up outside for after they drive home drunk from the office.

This all speaks to the climate of unprofessionalism that permeates the force. MaCleans wrote about it and stated "When Montague was named to the RCMP’s integrated security unit for the 2010 Olympic Games, Wright says Montague’s desk was placed in a storage closet, where she was stationed for months, isolated from the team’s male leadership, despite having a senior leadership position as director of communications."

Kinda shows what the climate of unprofessioanlism was like among the RCMP leadership during the 2010 Olympics. It hadn't changed from when Catherine Gallagher was RCMP spokesperson during the Pickton investigation. These are all "Friends Of Craig Callen - the FOCCERS" as they are referred to on the force.

This same climate of unprofessionalism permeated IHIT during the Surrey Six investigation. First we had the charges split because one of the officers had an affair with one of the witnesses. Not surprisingly his coworkers covered it up like always. During the Surrey Six trial one witness admitted on the stand that she engaged in sexual banter while drunk with the police officers. She said that was OK because it was consensual. Didn't occur to anyone how unprofesional that might be when conducting an investigation of that magnitude.

One has to wonder why it really took over 6 years for criminal charges to be laid in this case. Did they pull a Jim Brown and give him paid leave until he had enough years in to retire with a full pension? If we want to address the climate of unprofessionalism within the RCMP, Craig Callen and Bill Fordy have got to go. That's all there is to it. Until that happens, all we are gettinging is more lies and disinformation as more people join the class action lawsuit.


  1. Suspended with pay pending having enough time to retire with a full pension and benefits. Why should we be surprised. Like Diners Club, "membership has it's privileges"...wonder if he was wearing only his boots when he did it?

    1. Indeed. A paid holiday isn't even a slap on the wrist, its a reward.

  2. it is interesting that they charged him after they had settled with Ms. Gallagher. One less person the Crown can call as a witness if they are planning on calling witnesses to establish a "pattern of behaviour".

    I guess he is the one they throw to the "lions" and hope no one notices the rest of the complaints. the media can focus on Shields and forget the rest.

    During the Picton press conferances, Ms. Gallagher frequently looked nervous and looking over her shoulder. Now we know why. Mr. Shields was always standing behind her and know we know what the allegations were. Answers a lot of my questions about Ms. Gallagher's nervousness during these press conference. I used to attribute it to perhaps being new to the job. Guess not.

    Now lets see that class action lawsuit go forward and the RCMP start dealing with the complaints instead of hoping people will just go away.

    1. Good point. Waiting until after other case was settled is interesting timing. I'm also wondering how many years he had in and if he was able to qualify for a full pension after his paid leave.

  3. I wouldn't call them crooks. they were and are sexual abusers. In my opinion that is different from being a crook. they are criminals, but crooks, not so much.

    Rapists, sexual harassers, are not nice people at any level. Even some crooks can be decent sometimes. Sexual abusers and harassers, never.

    The news advised Shields had 18 years in when he "retired". given they could not join until they were 19, he still would not have made "the formula" for a full pension. Most federal workers have a "formula" they have to meet, years of service and age need to meet either 80 or 85, depending upon their collective agreement or their job.

    The RCMP needs to clean UP THE issue of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape within their ranks. In many places in this country they are the only police force for hundreds of miles. If they can't deal with the issue "in their own house" how will they respond to it in the community. How can anyone go to the RCMP with a complaint knowing there are 300 people involved in a class action lawsuit against the RCMP for rape, sexual assault and harassment.

    never one to suggest people take the law into their own hands, I would understand if people did in this case. Who would they turn to? Certainly not the RCMP. Poulson and the politicians need to do something. The B.C. Lieberals ought to be ashamed of themselves for signing a 20 yr contract with an organization such as the RCMP with their litany of complaints against them. Would suggest the mayor of Richmond is doing the right thing, by looking into having their own police force. How can this province continue to "employ" an organization which has that many complaints against it which remain unsettled. there maybe a 20 yr contract, but there is an "escape" clause. B.C. ought to exercise it.

  4. Time for BC to back to a Provincial Police Force of it's own. The problem with that is, if you just allow former Mounties or City Police to join, you're poisoning the well.
    Doing this right would be a ground up effort with so many aspects that would all have to be done right to make this work. If you allow any current trainers to teach the same old attitudes of entitlement and privilege, to perpetuate the culture of policing in Canada as it now exists, you might as well pass on the whole effort. after all, you already have that.....

    1. Perhaps it is. I had always hoped we could preserve a federal police force but their continued refusal to address the gross unprofessionalism not only tolerated but rewarded by management appears to leave taxpayers with no other option.

  5. there is nothing wrong with having a federal police force, but it ought to be used for what it was intended, rural policing. The problems lie with the RCMP taking up urban policing for which they were not created or trained.

    the RCMP is not answerable to any politician or citizen in B.C. They report to Ottawa and that is where their loyalty lays. That is part of the problem.

    1. A lot of people support the creation of a Regional Police force. I'm beginning to see that might be our only option.

  6. Galliford's and other such allegations resulted in an large scale internal investigation by Deputy Commissioner Craig CALLENS. CALLENS stated that he was so disturbed by what he found that he detailed 100 BC RCMP members to investigate the numerous allegations. CALLENS is solely responsible for "What happens on his watch", that he should step up, be a man, and resign. These are the words of a man who has his finger on the pulse!!

    "I acknowledge, without reservation, that we have some issues that we need to deal with," he said Sunday in an interview with The Canadian Press.

    "I'm committed to ensuring that we take the type of action that our employees deserve."

    I was dumpstruck with the use of his hallow words: "We have some Issues"!!! We live in the year 2016

    When CALLENS made reference that his own 21-year-old daughter was applying to become an RCMP member, I question that CALLENS only motivation to eliminate this repulsive sexual environment is so that his own daughter would not be exposed to this hideous sexual repugnant atmosphere that her father, CALLENS, has grossly failed to ignore over many years to address.

    Where is this mans (father) accountability!!!


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