Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hells Angels Retirement Village

Well Kelwona sure appears to be the retirement village for the East Vancouver Hells Angels and their drug trafficking business. Take a look at all the property they own there. Talk about proceeds of crime. The "clubhouse" is listed as 837 Ellis Street Kelowna. That house was listed in court documents as a drop off spot for a cocaine ring. Great. A drug house a couple of blocks from the RCMP headquarters. What a joke. That clubhouse should be seized.

One of the owners of the clubhouse is Richard Goldammer, a member of the East Vancouver chapter of the Hells Angels. Another source claims he was seen with Geoff Meisner before he went missing. The police just announced that Geoff's disappearance was drug related after they found Brittney Irvings body.

The gated complex on 179 Vimy Avenue in Kelowna the pdf files states is owned by East Vancouver Hells Angel Hans Kurt has an interesting dock to it on the lake. I wonder if he owns a Bayliner boat and if he ever took Geoff or Brittney for a ride on it? Did the police say where they found Brittney Irving's body yet?

Then of course there's David Giles' room with a view:

You remember David Giles. He was the East Vancouver Hells Angel living in Kelowna who was acquitted of trafficking charges after 9 kilograms of cocaine was seized in Kelowna. Two of his associates plead guilt while he walked.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brittney Irving found dead

This isn't just another story. This isn't just another statistic. This is a human being. It saddens me and in a way enrages me, simply because she's not the only one.

We talked about how a Kelowna girl named Britney Irving went missing and was last seen making a pot deal with a member of the Independent Soldiers. Well today on the front page of the Vancouver Province we read that Britney isn't missing any more. She was found dead.

We already knew she had been living at a grow op that was busted shortly before her disappearance. We already knew she was addicted to OxyContin and was selling pot to pay for her habit. Well today the Province reports that her brother claimed this was going to be her last drug run and she was excited about going into rehab.

All we're left with is speculation. Did she really have that much money if her grow op was just busted? Did she have any drug debts? If they would cut off someone's finger for a $170.00 drug debt, what would they do if the debt was more than that?

Was she serious about going into rehab? Did she tell her business partners that? Surely they wouldn't have been as excited to lose a customer and a dealer. If it was the Independent Soldiers than that would clearly implicate the Hells Angels.

If you know anything about this case please call crimestoppers. Or at least tell us.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Throttlelockers MC Huckleberry BC

Oh brother. Another Hells Angels puppet club this time in 100 Mile house. The scourge continues. What makes me think they are a Hells Angels puppet club? Let's see... they brag about their endorsement from Rob in Kelowna:

And they brag about their associations with the Renegades in Prince George who the police say are a Hells Angels puppet club.

That's all we need. More crackhead puppets on a string.

Put away the Viagra before you hurt yourselves.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tories appointed Hells Angels Lawyer to Quebec Supreme Court

This kind of story leaves you shaking your head wondering if there is any semblance of honesty or credibility left in the political system. In 2006 the Tories appointed a former lawyer for the Hells Angels to the Quebec Supreme Court. If that doesn't spell WTF, I don't know what does. It's like Braveheart being betrayed by the Bruce. We are forced to bow our head in shame.

There is nothing to argue about. The lawyer was the president of the Conservative party. He also represented the Hells Angels in a trade mark dispute. Not only is that a conflict of interest, it puts the Conservatives suspect for arguing it isn't. At lease the Quebec Chief Justice had the brains to pull him off a Hells Angels case when the Tories didn't.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Semple Avenue 1996

in 2008 three men were arrested in a triple slaying in Winnipeg. Police claim all of the suspects were involved with gangs but they do not believe the shooting victims had any gang involvement. McCaskill said he believes it is an isolated incident and urged the public not to worry.

The shooters were all involved with gangs but the victims weren't. And why is that not a concern for the community and for public safety?

It was the first triple homicide in Winnipeg since the triple murder on Semple Avenue in 1996 also involving gangs.

In 1996, three men were shot, execution-style, in a Semple Avenue home in West Kildonan.

The slayings were part of an ongoing battle between members of the Manitoba Warriors and associates of the Hells Angels over control of the drug and prostitution trades.

Two men were convicted of first-degree murder in the case and sentenced to life in prison, with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Looks like the Hells Angels have been involved with murder, drugs and prostitution in Winnipeg for many years now.

Crack the CIA

There has been a lot of discussion on another forum about Freeway Ricky Ross and the CIA. I think this CIA thing is important to emphasize. Gary Webb was the star reported that made the Ricky Ross connection public and lost his job over it. He died of a suspicious suicide by shooting himself in the head twice. He documented everything in his book Dark Alliance and it involved a lot more people than Reagan. George Bush Sr. was Director of the CIA at that time.

Before Gary Webb, the CIA - Crack – Contra scam was made public and investigated by the Kerry Committee. Gary Webb was the one that revealed who was dealing the crack the CIA brought into the country. After his report came out other witnesses stepped up to the plate including LAPD officer Mike Rupert and DEA Agent Cele Castillo. Both of whom have undergone huge character assassinations as a result.

Then former DEA Agent Judge Bonner appeared on 60 minutes complaining about how the CIA brought in a ton of cocaine into Florida which the CIA adamantly denied until it was proven. Then they said that was the only time and it was an accident.

Even Sarah McClendon knew about the Mena connection which Clinton helped to cover up. I don’t think the war on hard drugs is a scam. I just think the CIA is on the wrong side.

Dustin Paxton and the Torture Victim

Paxton has been found guilty of assault not confinement.


This is a very old thread. Both forums are shut down.
Paxton has started his first trial. They did crystal meth.

More new developments in Paxton's trial.
Most recently there are two new bombshells.

The comments on this thread froze at 13,000 then was reset to 10,000 and stayed frozen. There is now a forum set up to handle the traffic discussing this case. Buyer Beware. The Dustin LaFortune torture case has reopened the Danny Tokarchuk murder trial.

Well there's been some new developments in the Dustin LaFortune torture case. Seemingly the name of his Calgary room mate is Dustin Paxton. He ran a moving company called 'Two GUYS and a Truck' in Calgary. The business was operated out of this house 4203 Centre St NW, Calgary, AB T2E 2Y8. Paxton has since been arrested and the trial is ongoing.

Dustin LaFortune was dumped off at the Regina General Hospital with serious injuries after being missing for two months. The Vancouver Province reports that a resident at 2158 Halifax St. in Regina near that hospital recognizes the photo of Dustin's room mate.

LaFortune went missing in Calgary where neighbours saw signs of violence and ended up being dropped off at the Regina General Hospital. It would appear that the two have been living at 2158 Halifax Street in Regina since mid March. Let's hope more information is forth coming and that Dustin LaFortune has a full recovery.


However, I will say this, the amount of rage, denial and dishonesty regarding any theories of what the motive could have been are very suspicious.

The understandable public outcry has turned into a commercial circus while anyone who simply asks questions the family don’t want asked are raged upon and deleted. Something just doesn’t sit right. This is the other photo people say looks like Paxton:

I am told that someone posted it on the facebook group after I left and the brother raged on them and swore at them calling them idiots and said that he knew it was Savoie not Paxton because he knew what Savoie looked like. However ,other sources claim that SW was in the Zig Zag crew first and didn't get his Hells Angels patch unlit he got out of prison in 2004.

Savoie was killed in 2000. That means it's not possible that the picture is of Savoie and the brother lied. I wonder why? The trust fund on the new web site sure looks like it's going well. Looks like Ryan finally found la fortune.


Here's some more numbers. Ryan is so full of rage and denial about the Hells Angels being involved he will delete any thread that talks or asks about it.

Yet the court said in the Tokarchuk trial that both Tokarchuk and Savoie sold drugs for the Hells Angels through the Zig Zag crew. The trial also said that Ryan and Dustin were both friends with Tokarchuk and he stayed with them for two nights in 2002 around the time of the murder. The trial was in 2004. The gf claims Ryan hadn't been in touch with Dustin for 6 years. Why did Ryan lose contact with his brother after that trial?


Someone compiled a time line and sent it to me so I posted it. It's hard to sift through all the drama in this case but there are some facts present. Cheers.


New development: Seemingly Carl was an employee of the moving company and lived with Paxton and Lafortune in Calgary. Seemingly Carl was addicted to crack and has disappeared. So if he was addicted to crack, where did he get it from?


One thing is certain is that this case has drawn a lot of facebook drama. Most of which has not been healthy. Helping find leads to solve the case is fine but obsessing over mudslinging just isn't right.

I will add that a trust fund has been set up in memory of a little girl who was murdered. The little girl is dead. She's not getting the money. The trust fund was set up to help the family cope.

Yes there are a lot of strange things happening with this case. Seeing two sides and their supporters fight back and forth is like watching a dysfunctional family fight over an inheritance. Yet spending all our time trying to find dirt on the victim's mother or on the mother of his child is very counter productive.


OK let’s try comment moderation for a bit. These trolls are just plain juvenile. I’ll be away from the computer for a while but will approve comments when I get back. Enjoy the day. Cheers.


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Another forum to discuss the case is at:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Britney Irving and the Independent Soldiers

This is another sad tale. A Kelowna girl named Britney Irving is missing. Just like Geoff Meisner. She had been living on a grow op that was busted and 1,500 plants were seized.

Michael Plante used to sell pot for the Hells Angels in East van. They had him beaten up after his grow op suffered a grow rip. The Kelowna news claims Britney was addicted to Oxycontin and that she was brokering pot deals to help supply her habit. I wonder if she owed *someone* money?

"On the day she disappeared, Irving had been brokering a large marijuana transaction involving an East-Indian man named Joey, who according to Castanet sources, ripped off Irving. Joey has also disappeared. Another source tells Castanet that Joey is actually Fijian. "

Only Joey hasn't disappeared and is still in town. MIB sources claim Joe (Joelon David) Verma is with the Independent Soldiers who work for the Hells Angels. I'm sure the Hells Angels would love this story to be told as some "brown" guy ripped her off. However, he was from Fiji and he was a member of the Independent Soldiers just like Randy Naicker.

Donnie McWhirter claims to be a member of the IS as well. If Joey and Donnie are members of IS and if the IS work for the Hells Angels, then where is Britney?


Update: She has been found dead.


Update: An arrest has been made.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Hells Angels love triangle

The Dustin LaFortune torture case has reopened the Danny Tokarchuk murder trial. Although that case was complicated and had contradictory accusations one underlining thread emerges. The Zig Zag crew sold drugs for the Hells Angels and was involved in several murders fighting over the drugs they sold. That pattern continues in British Columbia.

Danny Tokarchuk was accused of killing Trevor Savoie. He claimed it was in self defense. They both were drug dealers affiliated with the Zig Zag crew in Winnipeg which is a puppet club of the Hells Angels. Tokarchuk claimed he started using the product and owed money to Savoie and thereby feared for his life.

The court was told Savoie "certainly had some dangerous and physical friends who were members of the Winnipeg Hells Angles.

Kevin made a videotaped statement to police shortly after Savoie's murder. On it, he said Savoie contacted him multiple times asking about the whereabouts of Daniel, who had escaped to Toronto shortly before the murder. Savoie was trying to claim his debt.

Morrison noted that Donovan had a memorial tattooed on his arm that included Savoie's face and date of death. Jurors were shown pictures of Donovan, the tattoo and several other bikers including Grant, Wolfe and Hunter.

Kevin Tokarchuk, Daniel's brother, was shot dead exactly one year after Savoie's killing in a suspected case of gang retribution. No arrests have been made.

Savoie had come looking for Tokarchuk several days before the murder, speaking with his brother, Kevin, court was told. Savoie brought along his friend, Tyler Cascisa, who had been convicted of killing one of Kevin's friends years earlier.

In a videotaped statement prior to his death, Kevin Tokarchuk told police Savoie even mentioned speaking to their mother if Daniel -- who was hiding out in Ontario -- didn't surface soon.

So what do we know. We know Danny Tokarchuk murdered Trevor Savoie over a drug debt to the Hells Angels.

We know Tyler Cascisa murdered Anthony McLaughlin. The court was told Cascisa had murdered one of Danny Tokarchuk's bother Kevin's friends and that Savoie brought McLaughlin with him to speak with Kevin about his brother.

We know that after Danny Tokarchuk murdered Trevor Savoie Danny Tokarchuk's brother Kevin was murdered in retaliation.

So here is the love triangle:

Tyler Cascisa murdered Anthony McLaughlin one of Kevin Tokarchuk's friends. (However, it was not over drugs, it was a childhood rivalry. Technically it was manslaughter but to me there is nothing noble about stomping on a guys head with boots on when he is down. To me, that is murder. The point is, Savoie brought Tyler with him to intimidate Kevin because Tyler had killed one of Kevin's friends.)

Danny Tokarchuk murdered Trevor Savoie.

Kevin Tokarchuk was then murdered in retaliation.

All of these people and these deaths (except for Anthony McLaughlin) are affiliated with drugs, the Zig Zag crew and the Hells Angels in Winnipeg. Somewhat similar to B.C. n'est pas?

Perhaps Dustin LaFortune being friends with Danny Tokarchuk was his only crime worthy of such heinous torture.

You know what I find creepy? This photo of Sen Wolfe with a frail young boy sitting on his lap. You know what else I find creepy? Is that Wolfie's pal Dale Donovan would chose a frail young boy to sell crack for him and collect his drug debts.

Zig Zag crew member Trevor Savoie was 5’ 6” tall and weighed 125 lbs. Witnesses who called police after he was shot thought it was a 12 year old boy because of his size. What is with these burly bikers and these frail young boys? That is creepy.

I can understand that if tiny Trevor was Deli's friend, he would get his pictured tattooed on him as a memorial but getting a tattoo of a frail young boy is a bit creepy to me. Maybe some of the other patch members were happy he was shot. It's all Greek to me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hells Angel murder witness badly tortured

Dustin LaFortune moved to Calgary a few years ago from Winnipeg. He had gone missing and was seriously tortured and found dumped at a hospital. In 2004 he had testified in a Hells Angel murder trail.

In that trial, Danny Tokarchuk was accused of murdering Hells Angels associate and Zig Zag crew member Trevor Savoie. Tokarchuk claimed it was in self defense. He claimed that he had been selling drugs for Savoie, started using the product and fell into debt. He claims he owed him $15,000 and was afraid for his life.

Tokarchuk claims Savoie was following him in his car, called him on his cell phone and demanded he pull over. Tokarchuk then claimed Savoie pulled a pipe and he was afraid for his life thinking he might have a gun and shot him.

However, police claimed the cell phone records said it was Tokarchuk who called Savoie. Savoie was 5’ 6” tall and weighed 125 lbs. Witnesses who called police after he was shot thought it was a 12 year old boy because of his size. Another witness claims she saw two Hells Angels standing over the body laughing one with his foot on Savoie’s head.

Dustin LaFortune’s testimony in that trial was not significant. All it established was Tokarchuk was paranoid and did not make sense when he visited them after the shooting.

The only thing that trial does establish is that Dustin LaFortune and his brother were friends with someone who sold drugs for the Hells Angels and belonged to the zig zag crew.

The question is, what did Dustin LaFortune do when he moved to Calgary? Did his associations with the Hells Angels continue? Were the Hells Angels upset about his testimony in court? Who was his room mate and What associations did his room mate have?

The torture case is very disturbing. We need to find out who is responsible.


We have a new forum for comments at:


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hells Angels Kingpin Crew

These guys just don't quit creating new names for criminal puppets. The media reports there's a new gang in Kelowna called the Kingpin Crew. Word is some of these Kingpin Crew prospects were harassing people at Slack Alice's Show and Shine in Penticton last Saturday. Hells Angels had three tents there selling T-shirts.

I wonder if any of them know where Geoff Meisner and Brittney Irving are? Isn't Joey with the Independent Soldiers? Please advise.

They just registered their domain February 2010. So there we have it, a multitude of puppet clubs selling drugs for the Hells Angels all over B.C. The Independent Soldiers now work for the Hells Angels too. Same shit different pile.

In fact, the police claim one of the Kingpen Crew is very closely associated with the Independent Soldiers. Maybe he knows where Britney is. They speculate that the Kingpin Crew could be a spin off of the IS but it's more likely they are a spin off or a puppet club of the Hells Angels since that is who the IS work for.

In fact, "three men were spotted in a [Kelowna] nightclub last weekend wearing black vests with full crests sporting the name Kingpin Crew. The men were visiting Liquid Zoo, a Lawrence Avenue strip bar associated with the Hells Angels." Tell me, if they would cut off someone's finger for a $170 drug debt, what would they do if the debt was larger than that? Please advise.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The B.C. Solicitor General Revolving Door

Well Kash Heed does it again. B.C.'s Solicitor General resigned while he was being investigated for election fraud. He's cleared, then is reappointed to the post only to resign again hours later when it turns out the special prosecutor that cleared him was a donor to his campaign.

This is really bizarre. As much as I despise Gordon Campbell I personally don't see the Kash Heed scandal as being much of a scandal. After all we have a drunk driver for a premier who just made stiffer laws against drunk driving. He lowered the blood alcohol level that deems over the legal limit.

So Kash Heed's office sent out a nasty campaign flyer full of stereotypes against the NDP. Nothing earth shattering there. The NDP candidate complained at the time and we heard about it during the election. I don't know why it made big news when he became SG. Gordon Campbell lies all the time.

However, if he wanted to take a hard on crime stance during the election, he should follow through with it. Unfortunately, that would be wishful thinking. Gordon Campbell campaigned against the gold plated pension when he was running for office then implemented it as well as two large pay raises amid devastating budget cut backs after he was elected.

Gordon Campbell also campaigned against the HST and we can all see where that went. He rammed it in stating he would not recognize a petition calling for a referendum on the HST. Can you say Brian Mulroney? No one seems to care about the Gordon Campbell scandal(s). Not to mention B.C. Rail. Much.

The last Solicitor General, John van Dongen, resigned over another "scandal". He had too many speeding tickets. I really didn't see that as a big scandal either. Of all the limp fish in Gordon Campbell's party, van Dongen was doing a good job. Dave Hayer is one of the other few I trust in that party but it's kind of like Carol James' challenge.

Carol James is a wonderful person and a competent leader. I trust her a million times more than Gordon Campbell. However, I don't trust everyone in her party. Bruce Ralston, Mike Farnworth and Penny Priddy are all standing up against crime. I'm not so sure about all the others. However, it would clearly appear that the B.C. NDP would be much better on crime than Campbell's liberals.

Let's just hope that Gordon Campbell will go down in history like Brian Mulroney did and have his party wiped off the face of the earth as he's replaced by a balanced coalition of Bill Vandersalm and Carol James. Isn't that an ironic combination? Personally, I think it would be a good balance between the extremes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Langley rcmp investigated 153 grow-ops in 2009

I find these numbers amazing. On May 6 2010 the Langley Times reported that the Langley RCMP claim they investigated 153 grow ops in 2009 and only charged 16 people. Now I'm not saying more or less people should be charged. I'm saying that is a huge number in relation to the size of Langley.

That's over 12 a month and almost 3 a week for every week and month of the year. We can argue about the legalization of pot until the cows come home. The fact is, that is a huge number. That's not even touching on Surrey or Vancouver where one would assume the numbers would be much larger.

Part of the problem comes from legalized medicinal marijuana grow ops. For some bizarre reason the Federal government will not let the RCMP know who has legal grow ops. So if they get a tip on a grow op, bust the grow op and find out they were one of the ones that were legal, they could get sued for damages. Now that is absolutely insane.

Then we have the problematic nature of legal grow ops in itself. Stealing Hydro and creating fire hazards as well as becoming targets of violent grow rips. Then they commonly abuse their license and provide for much more than medicinal markets. One medicinal marijuana grow op in Pentiction was caught with guns as well as providing for more then the medicinal market. Then there's the violence involved when Hells Angels take over grow ops.

Now we read of how Surrey has adopted a policy of using the fire department, bylaws officers and the police to post warning signs on suspected grow ops. Delta rejected the proposal saying they prefer grow ops to be raided with arrests made because posting warning just allows them to relocate. However, doing something as opposed to doing nothing seemingly has seen an 80% decrease in grow ops in Surrey.

So basically the situation is a mess. The Federal government not communicating with the RCMP is insane. The number of both legal and illegal grow ops is staggering. The conservative government used the argument of wanting to provide more bang for their buck in provide health care aid and what serves they will and will not pay for.

Likewise we can see two things in B.C.'s real world. The drug related violence is staggering as is the number of grow ops. Yet logic dictates there is a huge difference between smoking pot and smoking crack or meth. Without legalizing pot we can still draw a line in the sand and create mandatory minimum sentences for selling hard drugs. Mandatory minimum sentences for SELLING hard drugs not for USING hard drugs. Even if the person is selling a small quantity.

Locking everyone in jail who smokes a blunt or grows a plant has become fiscally irresponsible. Yet the prolific amount of crime that hard drug users commit to pay for their habit is staggering as is the profits the gangs make supplying them. That is what the murders in the gang war are about - greed and money.

We can't do everything but we can do something. Legalizing all drugs is socially irresponsible as is the fiscally irresponsible quest of supplying addicts with drugs. Buying an alcoholic alcohol is just plain irresponsible. And since our emergency wards have horrific lines and our wonderful medical system is grossly over burdened, we need to be more responsible in determining what medical services we will cover and what we will not. Feeding addiction is not fiscally responsible.

So draw the line and get rid of the crack and meth. Deal with that first. Fund it with criminal organization legislation seizing the proceeds of crime. This would greatly increase public safety.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Judge David Ramsay from Prince George

This story saddens me deeply. David Ramsay, a former B.C. judge from Prince George plead guilty to five charges, including sexual assault causing bodily harm, and obtaining sexual services from someone under age 18.

All of the crimes took place while Ramsay, 61, was a judge in Prince George in the mid-1990s. Ramsay's victims were mostly aboriginal prostitutes who ranged in age from 12 to 16 at the time of the assaults.

Ramsay was sentenced to seven years and was incarcerated in New Brunswick. In 2007 protesters rallied objecting to the fact that his parole hearing was not public and was being done in secret. In January 2008 Ramsay died of cancer in jail.

This case shows how absurd and misplaced the fear and paranoia is thinking we are not allowed to ever question a court judge or any of their decisions. Judge Wallace Craig has explained that it is not only the public's right to question judges and their decisions, it is their duty.

I came across the story when it mentioned two police officers in Prince George being investigated with similar offenses. One Kamloops officer sued the RCMP over being investigated.

I certainly don't want to jump on the anti police crusade. That is pointless. If ours was not a democratic society we would never hear about these kind of allegations and we would not be allowed to talk about them. My point is, no one is above the law. Not even court judges.

What Judge Ramsay did was horrific. He destroyed young girls lives. Yet what Peter Leask is doing is just as bad. His horrible decisions about gangs is destroying our communities and our province. In a democratic society judges are accountable to the public.

Prince George faces so much drug related crime from the Hells Angels and their puppet clubs the Renegades, the Crew and the Independent Soldiers. This story makes me wonder how many Ken Houstons and Rob Sidhus there are in Prince George helping them.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hells Angels Associate caught on video cutting crack cocaine

Well this is interesting. Harold Amos was caught on video cutting crack cocaine. Famous Amos was a member of the Zig Zag crew a Hells Angels puppet club in Manitoba. He was arrested with several Hells Angels in 2004 and charged with intimidation but the charges were dropped to save the confidentiality of the informant.

Former Manitoba Hells Angels president Dale Donovan was arrested with them as well as Hells Angel Ian Grant. He's the one that had that confidential RCMP file in his home listing all the Hells Angels in Winnipeg as well as their associates and rivals.

Well, lo and behold Famous Amos is now really famous because this Hells Angels associate was actually caught on police video cutting crack cocaine. Isn't that special. Sounds like a criminal organization to me. Not only do the Hells Angels bring tons of cocaine into the country but they are directly involved in the sale of crack as well.

It is clear that the Hells Angels use their name and their reputation to not only supply the Zig Zag crew with drugs but they also use their name and reputation to discourage rival drug dealers from interfering with them. That clearly fits the definition of a criminal organization.

Monday, May 3, 2010

David Loiseau to fight in Vancouver for UFC 115

Well, David Loiseau's suspended license was indeed temporary after his RCMP record check came back clean and is now set to fight in Vancouver for UFC 115. Quebec denied his license until a criminal record check came through because of his involvement in XMMA which appears to have ties to a criminal organization.

It doesn't change the fact that the company he sold, XMMA, was later run by Hells Angel associate Burton Rice. Rice was arrested with the new Montreal Hells Angel president Salvatore Cazzetta. Police claim they used the Rice compound to traffic contraband cigarettes and crack cocaine.

Make sure you send in your photos of Bob Greene and the east Van Hells Angels at UFC 115 in Vancouver. Sounds like it'll be a great show. Maybe Randy Jones will show up with his pal Russel Peters.

First Conviction in Project Divide

Well that was quick. Project Divide was the recent RCMP sweep on the Hells Angels and their puppet club the Zig Zag Crew in Manitoba. 55 year old Blair Alford was one of four suspects that remained wanted after the crack down so he turned himself into police.

Get this, he delivered 12 ounces of cocaine to a police informant and got a 40 month sentence. That's three years plus 4 months already served no double time credit. Compare that with Chad Barrowby who received 18 months house arrest from Peter Leask for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels. See how B.C. is out of touch with the rest of the provinces?

Blair just made one delivery and has a daughter in university. I kinda feel sorry for him. I guess he got off easier than all the young kids that have been killed selling drugs for the Hells Angels.

Interesting to note that the deal involved a Vancouver-based associate of the Independent Soldiers gang, Daniel Hawkins, who was also arrested in the Project Divide bust. Another direct link between the Hells Angels and the new Independent Soldiers selling drugs.

More on Project Divide convictions still to come.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mihaly Illes and Derrick Madinski

Here's a new twist. Someone quoted a post allegedly made by Anton claiming that Mihaly Illes also went to LA with Joe Bralic. Madinski and Illes were involved in the drug trade.

Illes was the guy who shot Derrick Madinski’s friend, Javan Luke Dowling, with Madinski in the vehicle. Madinski testified that he witnessed Illes cut off Dowling's head and he helped him bury the body outside Squamish. Mihaly claimed Madinski was the shooter.

Neverthelss, if Illes had gone to LA with Joe Brallic and the other two traitors, that would be significant and he would clearly be a person of interest in the Joe Bralic murder as well as Madinski and Favell.

The Tyee reports that Illes was deported back to Hungry in 2000 but Canwest reports that he slipped back into the country months after his deportastion. The Javan Luke Dowling murder happed the same year as the Joe Brallic murder so Illes must have been in the country.