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Dustin Paxton and the Torture Victim

Paxton has been found guilty of assault not confinement.


This is a very old thread. Both forums are shut down.
Paxton has started his first trial. They did crystal meth.

More new developments in Paxton's trial.
Most recently there are two new bombshells.

The comments on this thread froze at 13,000 then was reset to 10,000 and stayed frozen. There is now a forum set up to handle the traffic discussing this case. Buyer Beware. The Dustin LaFortune torture case has reopened the Danny Tokarchuk murder trial.

Well there's been some new developments in the Dustin LaFortune torture case. Seemingly the name of his Calgary room mate is Dustin Paxton. He ran a moving company called 'Two GUYS and a Truck' in Calgary. The business was operated out of this house 4203 Centre St NW, Calgary, AB T2E 2Y8. Paxton has since been arrested and the trial is ongoing.

Dustin LaFortune was dumped off at the Regina General Hospital with serious injuries after being missing for two months. The Vancouver Province reports that a resident at 2158 Halifax St. in Regina near that hospital recognizes the photo of Dustin's room mate.

LaFortune went missing in Calgary where neighbours saw signs of violence and ended up being dropped off at the Regina General Hospital. It would appear that the two have been living at 2158 Halifax Street in Regina since mid March. Let's hope more information is forth coming and that Dustin LaFortune has a full recovery.


However, I will say this, the amount of rage, denial and dishonesty regarding any theories of what the motive could have been are very suspicious.

The understandable public outcry has turned into a commercial circus while anyone who simply asks questions the family don’t want asked are raged upon and deleted. Something just doesn’t sit right. This is the other photo people say looks like Paxton:

I am told that someone posted it on the facebook group after I left and the brother raged on them and swore at them calling them idiots and said that he knew it was Savoie not Paxton because he knew what Savoie looked like. However ,other sources claim that SW was in the Zig Zag crew first and didn't get his Hells Angels patch unlit he got out of prison in 2004.

Savoie was killed in 2000. That means it's not possible that the picture is of Savoie and the brother lied. I wonder why? The trust fund on the new web site sure looks like it's going well. Looks like Ryan finally found la fortune.


Here's some more numbers. Ryan is so full of rage and denial about the Hells Angels being involved he will delete any thread that talks or asks about it.

Yet the court said in the Tokarchuk trial that both Tokarchuk and Savoie sold drugs for the Hells Angels through the Zig Zag crew. The trial also said that Ryan and Dustin were both friends with Tokarchuk and he stayed with them for two nights in 2002 around the time of the murder. The trial was in 2004. The gf claims Ryan hadn't been in touch with Dustin for 6 years. Why did Ryan lose contact with his brother after that trial?


Someone compiled a time line and sent it to me so I posted it. It's hard to sift through all the drama in this case but there are some facts present. Cheers.


New development: Seemingly Carl was an employee of the moving company and lived with Paxton and Lafortune in Calgary. Seemingly Carl was addicted to crack and has disappeared. So if he was addicted to crack, where did he get it from?


One thing is certain is that this case has drawn a lot of facebook drama. Most of which has not been healthy. Helping find leads to solve the case is fine but obsessing over mudslinging just isn't right.

I will add that a trust fund has been set up in memory of a little girl who was murdered. The little girl is dead. She's not getting the money. The trust fund was set up to help the family cope.

Yes there are a lot of strange things happening with this case. Seeing two sides and their supporters fight back and forth is like watching a dysfunctional family fight over an inheritance. Yet spending all our time trying to find dirt on the victim's mother or on the mother of his child is very counter productive.


OK let’s try comment moderation for a bit. These trolls are just plain juvenile. I’ll be away from the computer for a while but will approve comments when I get back. Enjoy the day. Cheers.


Yes there seems to be a technical issue with the blog. I have no idea why. I can’t even post a comment to the DL thread. I can post a comment to other threads which makes no sense whatsoever. It just seems to be stuck at an old page with trolls. I’m heading off camping but will be back Thursday to check on things. BTW This thread still works. Cheers.


OK here’s the deal: It appears that the comments on the DL blog entry have crashed after 10,000 comments. I’m deleting the troll spam but that is a long and painful process. As I delete the spam, more recent messages that disappeared are starting to reappear.

Another forum to discuss the case is at:


  1. I've been looking at your blog and noticed that a picture you have on here looks alot like paxton, the picture im talking about is the 3rd pic on the "which 1% is sean wolfe?". If that is infact paxton, it would be a better picture for the public identify him.

  2. Wow, good point. I can see a resemblance in the face but the kid sitting on Sean Wolfe’s lap looks like a frail little boy. I wonder how on earth he could inflict that much damage on LaFortune? Someone suggested he might have drugged LaFortune. I suppose all that GHB might have another use after all. I’ll have to try and find some more pictures of Paxton. If that is the same guy, it is certainly of interest.

  3. He really does look the same, wow.

  4. Re: Paxton's small appearance, Lafortune's brother said in this article,
    '“My brother was a very big man — he was happy all the time, but quite physically imposing, where (his roommate) is very small in comparison, so I have no idea how control was gained,” he said.'

  5. The MO fits. He could have gained control through a drug or through intimidation. Trevor Savoie was a tiny kid who sold crack for the Hells Angels. Danny Tokarchuk, the guy who shot him was much bigger and claimed it was in self defense because he owned the Hells Angels money and the little kid had some scary friends, namely Dale Donovan and Sean Wolfe. I’d like to get a few more pictures of Dustin Paxton to compare.

  6. Wow, a member of their facebook posted this blog & picture. Some thought it's paxton, some not & the brother responded very angrily swearing and calling people stupid and illiterate b/c this blog (gangstersout) very clearly i'd the little guy as Savoie in the 1% post. This f'book post has since been deleted. Presumably the brother knows what Savoie looked like b/c he was also friends with Tokarchuk (& testified) from the trial article. In any case they dont want any mention of any possibility of HA anywhere near this torture case, even the suspect. But how can they be so sure? They had limited contact with the victim for 2 years after he moved away. Doth protest too much? The whole thing is very strange. Also, someone claims paxton never allowed photos.

  7. The brother on the facebook group posted a discussion thread claiming the Motorcycle enthusiasts had nothing to do with it. I asked a few questions and posted a few links. The thread was then deleted after rage and denial. “The family” will not entertain the thought that the Hells Angels had anything to do with it. They even go so far as to say they know the Hells Angels didn’t do it yet they admit they have no idea why Paxton would do that to their brother/son.

    It is all very strange. All the evidence we have is that DL went missing and showed up at the hospital badly beaten and abused. We are told he named his room mate as the person who did it, Dustin Paxton. Yet Paxton was much smaller than him. How on earth did Paxton exert that much control over DF? The only way I see is if he drugged him or if he used intimidation.

    The family will not entertain discussion of Hells Angels involvement so I left that facebook group. However, the family’s fear of even mentioning the name of the Hells Angels to me shows that would be one way for a smaller kid like Paxton to exercise control and abuse over their brother/son. Hanging Paxton without finding a motive would be kicking the cat indeed.

    BTW Sean Wolfe’s pal Tiny Mac claims to be in Calgary these days. Interesting.

  8. Actually it’s not Savoie in the picture and the brother simply is not credible. The rage and denial are suspect. Trevor Savoie was murdered in May of 2002. Seemingly Wolfe was at that time a Zig Zag crew member not a Hells Angel. Yet in the picture with the kid he’s a Hells Angel. Wolfe was in jail from 2002-2004 as a Zig Zag and didn’t get his patch until he was released. Savoie was dead then.

    I wouldn’t say 100% that it’s Paxton in the picture but it’s not Savoie and it does look like Paxton. The MO fits but we still need more pictures of Paxton to confirm the theory.

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  10. Them blocking everyone who doesn’t agree with their version of events is suspicious indeed when they claim they don’t know the motive. I’m all for conspiracy theories but to say the person dropped off at the hospital wasn’t Dustin Lafortune is a bit of a stretch.

    However, I do also believe there must be some drug or gang link. I don’t think the Patrick M Johnson statement is credible. It doesn’t make sense. Just like their claim that it was Savoie in the picture with Sean Wolfe when it wasn’t.

    The key thing to remember is that *the family* is not a court of law. Speculation helps develop theories to finding people with the means and motive for a crime. After that comes a charge. Then comes the trial. That’s when the pleas and the evidence is entered. Coming to a conclusion without a trial is problematic.

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  13. Yeah, that missing dog thing is pretty weird too. I also doubt they left Calgary because of the dog. As you said it’s more likely they grabbed it on their way. I did think people getting their picture taken beside Lafortune in the hospital smiling was a bit strange. And yes the picture of the kid with Wolfe does look like Paxton. Enough to investigate the connection further. Since no one knows the motive we can't blindly say the HAs are not involved. Hopefully, time will tell.

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  15. Yeah it’s pretty confusing. Something happened to DL between the time he left Winnipeg and the time he left Calgary. Witnesses in Calgary saw signs of injuries. Having his jaw broken could explain the weight loss but several people are holding back a lot of information so it’s really hard to speculate and pick out what is true and what is not at this point. If DL is as afraid as his family we may never know the truth.

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  17. Yeah there are so many conflicting accusations we are just at total speculation at this point. The extended weight loss would imply a drug problem but is not conclusive. I don’t know what to think. All I know is that if drugs were involved in any way, it’s hard to conceive that the Hells Angels were not involved in some way since they are the biggest drug dealers in the country.

  18. I made the mistake of sending a private email to Dustin's brother (rather than a "wall posting" via facebook. I know someone very well who works with a bunch of older guys that have links to the Angels. My friend overheard them talking about Dustin and how the beating was done mainly (not alone) by Paxton to "patch him in" and it was all about sending a message. For what who knows. Dustin's brother cried bullshit and pretty much indicated that I was an idiot and that all this "biker" speculation caused him to create a "not motorcycle enthusiasts" blog.

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  20. Blair, what you said is interesting because some days ago one of the LaFortune friends or family started a rather cryptic discussion thread and seemed to be calling out the ex-girlfriend.

    Some of the things I remember from the post, which is now gone, I think, were that this person pretended to be their friend but then ran to the Winnipeg Free Press with the story that she claimed she couldn't tell police. It also stated that she had "slept with him", though at the time it was unclear whether the author was referring to Dustin LaF or Dustin P, but I had a funny feeling it was Dustin P. There was also something about not threatening them with "her". Didn't know what that meant, but I speculated that maybe this Lindsay Airhart was the mother of Dustin LaF's daughter and that she'd threaten to clamp down on family visitation. But again, that was just me speculating.

    One other thing comment from that discussion thread said that the truth would come out some day.

    It appears that it's starting to, but that much more of the truth is emerging than what the LaFortune family had intended.

    P.S. Isn't it strange for a(n) (alleged) psychopath to take his victim to hospital, then continue living a block away - in the same apartment - and still allowing himself to be seen as late as, what, last weekend (the dog-walking sighting)?

  21. HEY BLAIR,
    jazziecat,.. sleepygirl68,
    (all of your pathetic alias's)

    Are you sure you want to keep blaming the Hell's Angel's for this in a public forum when there appear to be many indications otherwise ?

    You have plastered your comments all over the CBC news website, and every news link you can find.

    You have harrassed the Lafortune family at THEIR personal "SUPPORT for Dustin LaFortune" Facebook Group while Dustin LaFortune has been clinging to life. In addition to his horrific injuries, he's been fighting pneumonia, and C Difficile infection, ... but surely these are details that you're not interested in.

    You have called into question Dustin's identity over, and over, and over again, TO HIS OWN FAMILY (!) and in your comments on news articles. Everywhere you have been met with overwhelming opposition. And you still won't give up. Now you've seen the most recent PHOTO'S that have been posted of Dustin LaFortune as his healing progresses ?
    You are looking more, and more, like an idiot.

    The agenda of your comments have become increasingly clear here today. And that is,
    the DEFENSE of Duston Ward Paxton.

    You have been attacking the credibility of the LaFortune family at every turn, as well as independant witnesses named in the press.
    The obvious question to be asked is, WHY ?

    And hey, don't think police investigators won't be questioning the same question. If your comments have the intention of misleading that investigation, be sure that you will be charged with Obstruction of Justice. Civilians can easily track IP adresses, so can the media through your comments, and obviously the police can.

    FYI... Don't think the comments that you've posted, and then deleted, on the Facebook site haven't been saved. They have.
    Anyone who thinks that any comments that they make on that site are not being watched by police is clueless.

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  24. Agent K said:
    "“The family” will not entertain the thought that the Hells Angels had anything to do with it."

    Maybe, that's because they have more information than you and i do at this point ? Seems probable doesn't it ?

    Agent K said:
    "I’m all for conspiracy theories but to say the person dropped off at the hospital wasn’t Dustin Lafortune is a bit of a stretch."

    You know, i am really NOT one for "conspiracy theories". Most it seems are based on faulty reasoning, and pertpetuated by people with little sense, and way to much time on their hands. .. Not suggesting that you are included in this group.
    However, if that's your thing, here's something you can chew on.

    The LaFortune family reported Dustin missing to police in February 2010.
    He happened to have been an "insignificant" witness in what became a very significant murder trial.

    ( Regina Police Chief Troy Hagen ) - "While Hagen insists the RPS will work with any agency that might be able to assist them, Calgary police confirm that they've had NO REQUEST for help from Regina on the file. " - Monday, May 17, 2010

    "The Calgary Police Service's Major Crimes Unit tells CTV News they are watching this case closely and have been in contact with Regina police, but so far they have NOT BEEN REQUESTED to help in this investigation. " - Monday, May. 17, 2010


    "It's one of the most horrendous cases of mismanagement by the justice system in this province,"
    (Justice Minister Gord Mackintosh )
    "Mackintosh and Mayor Glen Murray said it's possible a public inquiry might be called, but that would only be done once Tokarchuk's killer is brought to justice. "
    - Winnipeg Free Press - May 22nd, 2003

    " Chief faulted,.. mega-Hells Angels trial,.. five bikers walked free,.. millions of dollars were wasted,.. wrongful death claim .." - June 28, 2005

    Kevin Tokarchuk: Homocide
    UNSOLVED. As of May 25, 2010

    NOTE: To my knowlege the Lafortune family has not made reference to any of this.
    The above information only leads me to questions. NOT conclusions.

  25. Get off the crack lola. Don’t you think all the rage and denial is suspicious? Of course you don’t. Because it’s all one codependent love fest. Glad I’m not part of it. I’m the one that thinks the Hells Angels were involved. That would not be a Paxton defense. It would convict him, give a motive as well as accomplices which would give him the means as well. Having the means and motive to commit a crime are key ingredients in any investigation.

    Thank you Blair, Chili Pepper and Sylvia. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. I don’t have the stomach to listen to all the bs so getting the readers digest version is helpful. Sylvia don’t worry about the brother. We’ve all got that reaction from him. To me his attitude and his demeanor explains why his brother was susceptible to abuse.

    Hey lola:

  26. It is unlikely the family has more info b/c DL's ex-gf revealed that prior to DL ending up in the hospital the mom hadn't seen her son in about 10 yrs and similarly big bro Ryan not in 6 yrs. Hmm, aren't they the two most vocal family members on the fbook site? They know jack shit. Ex-gf also says paxton was a minor dealer of pot & pills in Wpg and Patrick Johnson sent her an email accusing the pair of ripping off an ounce of pot along with the dog. The fbook members are getting more vocal about questioning their 'truth' (which gets deleted) so today the mom posted that everyone should only say nice things b/c Dustin sees the page ("sees" as in present tense) even though earlier a cousin who visited said DL cannot see the page b/c there is no internet access in the hospital. To which a member soon replied they would be willing to send funds for a wifi stick if needed. On April 30 the cry went out for funds to get DL an iPad with a pricey app that is intended to help non-verbal autistic children communicate, that the mom claimed was needed for DL to be able to communicate what happened to him. Within a day the $750 (& more)was raised ( It was bought & delivered, the "1st iPad in Canada!" was proudly announced. But wait, a few days later Dustin began speaking, not clearly but enough to be understood. And recently the brother revealed Dustin can't have the use of the iPad in the hospital at all b/c of liability issues if he breaks it. Well that seems like a bit of a waste doesn't it? Perhaps the mom's youngest son back home in BC can use it. You know, the one who is a severely non-verbal autistic.

  27. The mother hadn’t seen DL in 10 years and the brother in 6? That is very strange. No wonder they weren’t aware about the weight loss. As you say they are the most vocal and abusive on that fb group. It kinda reminds me of Cinderella’s step mother and step sister. Has anyone contacted the father?

    Obviously what happened to DL was a legitimate tragedy but it is disheartening to see people exploit it. Personally, I just don’t see the mother and brother as trustworthy. The ex girlfriend may not be perfect but she seems to be the most honest of the bunch.

  28. God Bless you Lola...I endured some actual pain reading the comments by BLiar (thats what they should be called) and Agent K (Ketamine ref?)...really some of the worst I've ever read. The dear man involved in this crime and his whole family need the support of good people. It's always nice when creeps like the two were writing against Lola identify themselves so easy...and yes as a webexpert myself, EVERYTHING they have put on the net is ALWAYS available to us pros without too much fuss...and at the right time and moment we MAKE SURE IT COMES TO LIGHT!
    Thank you so much for your writing Lola, with you here things are much better!!!

  29. L-O-L-A Lola! She walks like a woman but talks like a man oh my Lola. L-O-L-A Lola! The dear man involved in this crime does need support without question. As does the mother of his daughter. Where was his wonderful mother for the last 10 years and where was the rageful brother for the last 6? Enjoy the fleeting passion of your codependent love fest Ryan. Truth will prevail. Until then, bully for you. Enjoy your fame:

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  31. I understand (from what they've stated on their own pages) that his father has been unable to visit with him unless escorted by one of the other LaFortune family members.

  32. Blair. I agree completely. It’s possible Paxton did it with the help of accomplices and it’s possible Paxton didn’t do it and was indeed the one who brought him to the hospital which saved his life. Either way the key word is accomplices. Who are they and what are the motives in this case.

    The family circus is not surprising. Look what happens to normal families when a family member dies with money. All hell breaks lose. I doubt the police will be stepping in to police the trust fund any time soon. I think that’s just a matter of buyer beware as people get scammed all the time.

    Sour Cherry: I think it would be wise to get another side of that story. I wonder what the father says not what the family claims.

  33. K, this is the man who was posting that he'd sent an email to Paxton back in the beginning, Paxton replied to HIM that DL was on a farm and he was trying to get DL to a phone: The newspapers said it was DLs father who had sent and received the email in question, so I'm assuming this would be the man we should be asking? It was Lindsay, the ex girlfriend who stated that the father also cannot see Dustin without a family escort so I'm somewhat more inclined to believe her.. Also, he moved someone a while back and he had a black eye, he told her he was a boxer. There's rumblings of organized fighting now from what I've been sniffing but I really seriously have to doubt that.

  34. Thanks Sour Cherry. Yes I am more likely to believe the ex gf than the brother and mother. Abuse is common but it’s always good to get both sides of the story. The brother and mother show signs of being offenders not victims. The news report claims the father was trying to get in contact with his son. Someone else claimed he had a black eye and told them he was a boxer. I am curious to hear his side and put it to cross examination. I remember a wise judge once said a red flag isn’t necessarily a red flag. I was thankful that judge took the time to cross examine the witnesses.

    Oh and the guy with the dog’s story is suspect. It contradicts the ex gf. He claimed he was living with them and saw Paxton beat Lafortune while the ex gf claimed that was false because she was living there then and he wasn’t. The whole missing dog campaign is suspect. It’s more likely he was the one beating Lafortune over a drug debt and the missing dog story was a lie made up to help find them to finish the job. I don’t consider selling pot as selling drugs. IF that is Paxton sitting on Sean Wolfe’s lap then he was selling more than just pot. Like Famous Amos he would have been selling crack or meth.

    BTW there seems to be a strange delay before comments on my blog are published. I get an e-mail notifying me of a comment on my blog but the comment doesn’t show up on the blog for quite a while after. I have no idea why. Cheers.

  35. Fight clubs K. and maybe Patrick just took out life insurance.. Getting me my friend? My witchy senses are tingling..

  36. Wow. Look at all these busy little cyber detectives. Good point. I’ll add a supplement to the blog post since it comes up pretty high when you search for Dustin Paxton on Google.

  37. Interesting idea about the fight clubs.

    What I keep coming back to though, is that apparently Dustin LaF. named Paxton as the culprit in his statement to police on May 14.

    Why would he do that if he had a hand in his own misfortune, like being involved in a fight club?

    What I'd like to know is the progression of Dustin LaF's responsiveness and suggestibility while in the hospital and at the mercy of his family. Did he really come up with Paxton's name on his own, or was it repeatedly suggested to him, perhaps unintentionally, through his family's questioning of what happened and who did that to him? Could this be part of the reason why the police haven't gone public with Paxton's name? Because they aren't sure how reliable Dustin LaF's account is?

    Agent K, I think you were right about lola's ID.

    By the way, I think that Lindsay Airhart has had a chance to look at the photo here and said she's about 99% sure it's not Paxton.

  38. B-Liar May 26, 2010 10:23 AM
    "Dustin and Paxton had been best friends
    for years " .... " Dustin's best buddy "

    Surely, you have a MEDIA SOURCE for that ?

    "For months, emails and phone calls to LaFortune went unanswered.
    The phone numbers for the Calgary company for which he worked were disconnected."

    On Feb. 28, family filed a missing person's report in Calgary; about a week later,
    (Lindsay) Airhart said, LaFortune called her father. "He sounded like death," she added. "

    Agent K said...
    "BTW there seems to be a strange delay
    before comments on my blog are published."

    Must be a conspiracy. :o

  39. Thanks Chilli Pepper. Did he name Dustin or did the family push it? Good question. Why on earth would the mother who hadn’t seen her son in 10 years demand that the mother of his child get supervised visits? It sounds very cult like.

    L-O-L-A- Lola! Surely if the media source was just coming from the mother and brother it would be biased.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. “If you wish your help to go directly to helping family cope and Dustin’s recovery” It’s nice to hear the mother promise that some of the money donated to help her cope will go to Dustin’s recovery. Let’s see if any of it does.

  42. Agent K & Others...

    I've been keeping up with this whole Dustin beating since a friend sent me the page request. I have sat back and read the contradictions typed to the people, from Dustins family, very appalling. One minute he can't speak, next he can, one minute he can see the posts but yet on the newly designed website for him it states under the Current News tab that he can't see the facebook page. So this is going to do something with the wall posts and mail them to Dustin (kudos there).

    If Renee (Dustin's mother) & Ryan (Dustin's brother) are lying to all the bleeding hearts in order to obtain NOT solicit (so eloquently put by Renee) funds in a TRUST FUND, but DENY her own grand-daughter, then SHE & Son Ryan are pulling off a scam and the bleeding hearts will be falling for it, for the pictures they posted of him... With this being said.....

    I believe that they have done to much damage with this Facebook page & the newly designed website, with the investigation.

    None of the people were there to know what exactly happened to Dustin so a lot are playing detective and quite childish detective too. I honestly believe that Renee & the rest of the LaFortunes should just step out-of-the-limelight, their month of fame is growing dim with now the Trust Fund being questioned.

    I'd like to know why they removed the America's Most Wanted thread, what they didn't like what someone stated about defamation of character, and how it is being done, (Paxton's name being thrown around like yesterdays garbage and that wanted poster picture that ppl have as their own, pure and utter ignorance on their part to endorse such a deed). Unless the Regina Police publicly announce the persons name as a person of interest or as a suspect, Paxton's name shouldn't be mentioned. It's a form of tampering in a police investigation what they have done so far.

    As for Dustin naming Paxton as the culprit, I'm personally indifferent to this because of Dustins family around him and I'm sure directly or indirectly Paxtons name was used often by them...

    The person I feel the most for IS his (Dustin L) daughter, reasons:
    - A grandmother worrying about her own coping issues and not that of her grand-daughter (granted she might not know but if Dad isn't mentally normal as a result of this then it will have an effect on her).
    - The pure selfishness of the LaFortune Family, to exclude her (grand-daughter) as being a part of the family, Does she NOT have his blood mingled with her moms flowing threw her veins? She does and that sickens and saddens me immensely. If I were a mother who's son were in the same situation I'd want to fulfill my day with his daughter as a reminder of my son... Obviously Renee didn't inherit the "mothering bone" or "grand-mother bone".

    This whole case is twisted on so many levels, to think if "P" didn't do this he wouldn't get a fair trial, because of the three ring circus this family has caused......

  43. Good points, RASurvivor.

    It would have been better, if they were all on the up-and-up, to have stepped away from the limelight once the media ran with the story.

    Instead, we have a very recent comment from Renee LaFortune that another media frenzy is due, probably by this weekend, and that Marcel & Courtney were working on a little surprise.

    Agent K, isn't Jodie's website interesting? So she's a gun-for-hire media and marketing professional, and will even act as internet bloodhound, sniffing out all mentions of pertinent subject matter. And since she also mentions that she 'ghosts' for people on Twitter, etc., that must mean she'd also be replying to comments on FB and elsewhere, and not under her own name.

    I see that transparency isn't high on the list of values for that group.

    I see she also charges -- what was it, $1673? -- a month for her services in those areas. Now, if the Lafortune family can afford those rates, why couldn't they buy their own damn iPad?

    I followed a case a few years ago in which a rather famous media & marketing rep got involved, and there was so much bullcrap flying it was nigh impossible to read through even supposedly reputable news accounts without feeling the need to have a shower after to wash off the stink.

    It's too bad that real journalism has mostly died out. It became all to apparent during that case that journalists nowadays don't go out and hunt down stories and cultivate street sources -- they sit at their desks or at a bar somewhere and wait for media rep-written press releases to come out, then run those as genuine news stories.

    It also became evident how many darn sheep there are out there -- people who simply swallow what's given to them by the media, and never even try to apply their critical thinking skills.

  44. Yeah don’t get me started on the media. Kim Bolan is pretty good but there are a lot of sheep out there and a lot of media manipulating that goes on.

    I think the family using the media to help find the accused is fine. It’s just strange how cult like it has become especially now that we know the mother hadn’t seen the son for 10 years.

    Jodie who? Which web site?

  45. That would be this website K: and the Jodie we've spoken about briefly..

  46. Also, wheels are turning, it's all coming to a head soon.. *here* a screenshot. That thread will likely be deleted as soon as the LaFortune family logs in..

  47. So Jodie makes the *family* web site that excludes his daughter and her mother but includes his mother who hadn't seen him in 10 years. I guess I'm not the only one getting weirded out. I hate drama. Soap operas are dumb and this is a real life soap opera. I think his daughter’s mother chose not to bring his daughter to the hospital because she didn’t want the daughter to see her father in that condition which makes perfect sense to me.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. I heard his mother left him in Brandon when he was 16 and he came to Winnipeg to meet his father and lived with him for a while who he had not known growing up.

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  51. OK 15 or 16. The thing that I find interesting is that the court said in the Tokarchuk trial that both Tokarchuk and Savoie sold drugs for the Hells Angels through the Zig Zag crew.

    The trial also said that Ryan and Dustin were both friends with Tokarchuk and he stayed with them for two nights in 2002 around the time of the murder. The trial was in 2004. The gf claims Ryan hadn't been in touch with Dustin for 6 years. Why did Ryan lose contact with his brother after that trial? According to the court Ryan was also friends with a Hells Angels drug dealer in 2002.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Ryan says this on the Missing Puppy site:
    "I enjoyed the ganster blog. It has some great stuff. I love the fact that that it has a true portrayal of the trial Dustin L. was involved it. I love how it doesn't think there is a big conspiracy, I love how it States that Dustin Testified AGAINST the person who killed an HA. Last time I checked they don't off witnesses on their side of the fence. And lastly, I love the fact that Paxton is claiming to be the guy in a picture on that blog (the little guy on the lap of a big scary guy) When he clearly is not. I hope someone tells the big scary guy that Paxton is making claims. I don't think that they appreciate that sort of thing
    Tuesday at 11:26pm"

    I like how Ryan likes to distance himself b/c as you say he also was friends & testified. In past postings Ryan even dismissed the testimony by saying Dustin only had to testify b/c he happened to live on the same street as Tokarchuk and they briefly encountered each other after the killing. (Not that he stayed for 2 days.) Ryan never ever mentions his part. As Ryan is older than Dustin by about 8 yrs, at the time of the murder the brothers would have been 16 and 24 and Tokarchuk was 28, it is reasonable to suggest Dustin was living with Ryan and that Ryan was the one who was really friends with Tokarchuk and Dustin was a tag along into big bros circle of friends. Ryan dismisses the testimony as minor & that ppl are stupid if they think this would be a motive so many years later. What Ryan fails to realize is that some ppl think his brother (or even Ryan) may have kept up with the same circle of friends and the motive would not be having to do with the trial, but something else, but with the same or similar players involved.

    Ryan also added this to the same page:
    "Oh...and Paxton, you don't think that of mY 30'000 FB friends that there isn't somone who can trace IP addresses? WOW People are giving you way to much credit for being clever.
    Yesterday at 12:27am"

    Wow, I didn't realize the 30,000 ppl were Ryan's personal fbook friends. Stupid me! I thought they were supporters of his brother Dustin that are upset by the horrific assault and wish his recovery to go well.
    The arrogance of some ppl never ceases to amaze.
    Also, Lindsay now says she is not sure when the brothers last saw each other. At first she said 6 and now she is saying "at least 4". The mom definitely 10 years as she never met her (until regina hospital) or granddaughter ever!

  54. Correction: Dustin is now 26, Ryan is 32. A 6 yr difference. At time of murder, they would have been 18 and 24 yrs old.

  55. As well the family is spreading paranoia either because they're ridiculous or they're illiterate but they tried to blame hackers for the facebook group issues the other day when in reality, the issues came on the heels of a site-wide announcement that was also featured in the Washington Post regarding the rewriting of code for the new simplified privacy platform, the groups were also slightly redesigned if any of y'all noticed.

    And this is one that's been pissing me off since day freakin' one on that damn group: none of them can "get ur IP man!" because that information is saved deep within facebook's servers and the public has never and will never have access to that data. I work in the tech industry, I should know.

    There is no way you can just write to admins and get the IP or any other personal identifying information, it is against the law. Facebook has gone to court in the past and only on order of high court have they handed over the detailed user data such as IP addresses and whatnot.

    Oh and Ryan, since I'm damned sure you are reading this: you don't know me, never met me, never will. I don't know a single individual in your life personally and I hope that I never will, don't go calling me Paxton or Patrick there son, and you just listen up: nothing you can do is going to stop this snowball y'all have created. Nothing. You've brought this unto yourselves and if you think it's scary that uneducated internet masses are figuring out your horseshit: you better believe the biggest reason the cops are being mum is because you've already destroyed whatever little case they had, I'd wager that they were so slow to take public action because of the real story, not in spite of it as you're trying to make the rest of the sheeple believe.

    Do yourself a favour, for you, your family, the brother you claim to love: go to the goddamn police and tell the truth before you make any more mess and someone actually gets hurt, for the love of all that is good: don't you have any bloody conscience at all? Just STFU and do the right thing for once in your goddamn life.

    I'm sorry K, but he's just really been pissing me off. I've vented now, I won't be mad if you delete this long-ass comment.

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  59. Blair I don't know you but I fucking *heart* you, hard. Thank you, are you male? Female? It doesn't matter, hugs don't require gender identification in our mostly civilized world {{hugs}} On that note: yeah, I'd take my chances with Paxton any day of the week rather than that wonky bunch of psychos. Gods poor Dustin, no damn wonder he left so young..

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  62. I wonder if when Lindsay Airhart's Facebook was unavailable for an extended time today if it was because of the Facebook changes, then? I was afraid they'd managed to have her account deleted.

    You know, Renee LaFortune has said on their Facebook page that they delete negative posts because Dustin reads the site and they only want him to see supportive comments. Fair enough, if that were true, but she also claims that that's the only reason they have the site, for support.

    But that's demonstrably false because they also use it to discuss the trust fund and to link to the new site for more information about that. It's also used to discuss the march in Regina, and air miles donations, etc.

    Not to mention that others have said that Dustin can't even read the pages yet.

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practise to deceive."

    IP addresses: pfft!

    I used to be a co-admin for a forum and it was part of my job to approve new registrants (we had some very dedicated trolls who kept trying to return after they'd been banned). Sure, you can find some information from IP addresses, but you can find much more info by other search methods. It all depends on the extent of the individual's web presence and how smart they are about their privacy. Frankly nowadays people post more highly personal stuff on their Facebook than you'd ever turn up in a search of IP address.

    Sour Cherry, I want to add my kudos for your post. Well said.

    Oh, one more thing, and this is about their web mistress, Jodie. Did you know that she's got a client she's trying to get on the Oprah show? It seems to me that what she markets best is herself. No harm there, everyone is entitled to make the best living they can. But when it comes to that kind of field, it's a slippery slope. I wonder who approached whom? Did the LaFortunes contact her, or did she see an opportunity to take advantage of, excuse me, I mean HELP a family in crisis because it would mean much more exposure for her?

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  65. Blair: "it’s like watching a train wreck on Jerry Springer." Indeed.

    "She fears reprisals from the family." No wonder.

  66. Chilli : I think Jodie jumped on the bandwagon when she saw a chance to align herself with a blockbuster media cause. She's sharp, that one, but her actual skill leaves a lot to be desired, have you really read her own crap? Oh lords the day I'd pay someone to spread that mindless banal drivel.. ugh. Everything she types seems like ad copy for some foolish social media guru site, twitter is full of those losers, trust me.

    I left my home at an early age because of a psycho mom and I wouldn't be half surprised if that was Dustin's reasoning either, he seems easily led, everyone who actually knows him says he's trusting, sweet, funny, a great guy. Earmarks for an abused or neglected child, and I should know. I won't make blatant accusations but the scars from his youth are probably far exceeding the scars from this adventure, and I don't mean physically, damn that poor guy, I'd give anything to just sit with him and hold him right now. This from my heart, as a child of a fucked up home and as a victim of violence as well. He really needs honest support, not these *things* that have taken control of his life, probably yet again, and he's lost in the fray..

    Mommy doesn't like Lindsay's presence because Lindsay gives Dustin the strength to think and speak for himself. If she's in the picture, it's that much more control that mommy loses.

    Lindsay has every reason to be afraid of the family too, from what I've seen and the gut feeling I get from them: they'd likely stop at nothing to keep themselves in the spotlight as the great protectors/guardians of the bloody lost ark.. I truly hope she has someone looking out for her..

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Oh good lord, is that crazy "Heather" woman EVER going to shut up? She's just stated about ten times in the past hour "I'm leaving now, ok, I'm really leaving now.." but then she has to say something else and something else, wonder if it's Jodie and her famous *for hire* ghost commenting? What the hell is wrong with some people?

  69. Sour Cherry,

    She's the person who sent me the "family" support page back in April. Since I was voicing my opinion on my status she blocked me. Ehh 1 less person on my fb is fine with me.

    But yeah I was reading all of that too... I'm removing myself, or I'm not commenting and 2 seconds later there she goes posting again.

    @ Blair, I loved that comment when I read it and to the person that posted that KUDOS! So true.

    Anyone notice Renee's posting on the FB page of the brain injury (ahem attempting to try to get the bleeding hearts to donate money to the Trust Fund, TRULY Pathetic and her attempts as feeble as they are will bite her in her ass soon enough). So thankful my mother isn't like her, because I would disown her if anything happened to my sister and she pulled crap off like this...

    To bad the LaFortune brother's can't see how mommy is trying to milk this for all it's worth or not.

  70. Well the main thing is (as someone commented upon her leaving lol!) she took her ball and went the hell home.

    Did y'all also notice that the Paxton manhunt seems to have trickled off almost completely on the *family* page? I mean before there was cash transactions involved: the most important thing in the world was tracking the monster.. Maybe the police finally got through to them and they realize that they could be held seriously accountable if it turns out Paxton isn't as responsible as they claim, or if he *is* and their rampage ruins whatever court case the cops could have mounted..

    Just so y'all know (I'm sure my atrocious hick vernacular gives it away) this is Sour Cherry, but my Yahoo "OpenID" kept fritzing itself up so I pulled an old coat out of the trunk and threw it on..

    Pleased to meet you, now you know my name..

  71. “Pleased to meet you, now you know my name..”
    Awk you’re not Nick. That old Crowley Crony is:

  72. Point taken K, you truly are delicious, you know that? Now -- what in the unholy hell are we gonna do about this mess? *sigh*

  73. Nothing I suppose. They have the right to form a codependent love fest facebook group to con people out of money. We have the right to say we object. That’s about it. Collecting more information about possible motives and accomplices that caused the injuries would be helpful. Looks like Britney and Geoff in Kelowna weren’t so fortunate.

  74. Brittney's facebook group made me cry :-(
    Now THERE is a family that loved without condition.

  75. Britney’s story is really sad. I think people are finally beginning to see what these guys are really like.

  76. Oh it's slowly beginning to have a trickle down effect. People realizing that their posts are being deleted or that they are being censored is raising eyebrows. I'm reading the "family" wall some interesting comments about this is being raised.

  77. If we're going to continue adding posts to this thread, maybe we should try not to hijack it and take it completely off topic. Exploring possible motives, etc., as Agent K suggested, is one avenue.

    To that end, could someone here who is a member of Lindsay's FB please ask her when Dustin first started getting injured? Did she remember him being clumsy and getting hurt before he moved to Calgary, or did it start there (and when)?

    Thank you. I'd do it myself, but I don't have a FB page of my own and have no interest in getting one.

  78. I left both groups completely, the *family* group over a week ago and Lindsay's group just today. Facebook is nothing but trouble, it always seems to degenerate into a flame war of some sort, I always did work better on my own.

    K: I'm gonna keep digging. If I find anything noteworthy: you WILL be the first to know. You know which rocks I'm hiding under, if you need a sounding board on this case or any other, you know how to find me.

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  84. I noticed the condescending tone as well, talked to him like a child. The video saddened me, and when marcel said "your a famous guy now" and then later posted "is important for all of his fans" I thought sounded off, I though we were supporters?? There is some thing VERY off with this whole story, almost as if something is being hidden. Last week renee stated they were ecstatic to hear dustin speak but saddened when they herd him tell his story. what does that mean? because no one is offering the "supporters" an explanation. As well now renee cant give anyone a full report on dustins medical assessment? supposedly the cops dont want her too? i dont understand what his medical assessment has to do with the case for the cops. now the family isnt asking for info on who they believe caused this or offering much information to the public (who let me remind you THEY asked for and drew the public into the case and is only natural for the public to want to know what is going on, especially when asking for our money) its "donations" and kind words for dustin.... regardless i wish dustin the best and a full recovery.

  85. Blair, I've been pondering the same thing (re your post of 5:21). In fact while at work today, I snuck in some Googling time and found a couple of things I'll share here in a separate post.

    We have to start at square 1, and square 1 may not be Paxton. We've seen how unreliable the information is that we've been given by the Lafortune family, and we can't be sure that IF Dustin did name Paxton, he did it through clear and certain recollection. Memory is a fallible thing, and his may have been tainted through repeated family questioning focused on Paxton.

    Which aspects, if any, of his injuries can be indisputably attributed to Paxton? Never mind the suspicions because Paxton has been named by the family, and never mind Lindsay Airhart's belief that Paxton was responsible. They may not be in a place where they can or want to consider any alternatives.

    Drastic weight loss?
    No, the weight loss started quite some time ago and happened over a period of time. However, his current gaunt appearance seems to indicate something serious happened in addition to the more gradual weight loss. Prolonged illness? Possible, because there's been talk about his having stomach or bowel problems, and surgery for it, coupled with some sort of restricted diet.

    Injury to bottom lip?
    Not necessarily, as there was some sort of problem seen by witnesses previous to the latest hospital admission.

    Stab wounds?
    Do we know for sure there are any? Have they been confirmed by a hospital or police source? Or did this description come from the family and simply get repeated by lazy media types?

    Broken bones in the face?
    I don't know the details of these. Can anyone here provide more info?

    Injury to the tongue?
    Again, is there confirmation of this from anyone other than the LaFortunes? I haven't seen the video, but read on the family's Facebook page that Dustin sounded pretty clear when he spoke. Would this be possible if part of his tongue had been removed (sliced off?)? Or was it just a chunk of tongue gone, as if perhaps he bit down too hard on it during an accident, or during a beating?

    Apparent changes to his teeth?
    Could be from one or more beatings. Has also been theorized that it could also be due to severe malnutrition. But let's not ignore the elephant in the room. I've seen several posts around the internet now, most from when the story first broke, saying that his appearance was very like that of a meth head. Paxton apparently dealt drugs. LaFortune has been described as gullible and easily led. Did Paxton lead him into a meth addiction?

    Rampant infection?
    Unknown whether he already had it when he was admitted to the hospital, or if he picked it up while in there, which is not an uncommon event by any means.

    Acquired brain injury?
    A result of one or more beatings? Absolutely possible, maybe even probable. But could it also have been acquired through an accident?

    Could have resulted from head trauma. Could also have resulted from infection. And could also have resulted from complications from surgery. How long did he have this condition? Because it causes all sorts of other problems, including memory loss, loss of balance and coordination, changes in personality, decreased cognitive skills. I don't know how long a person can have this condition before it gets so bad they need surgical intervention. But if it's possible to live with this for many months, could this explain why Dustin seemed to be injury-prone in the last year or two?

    Can anyone provide details of other current injuries that LaFortune has?

    (Turns out my post was too long, so this is Part 1.)

  86. In the first video there was a kid there with blonde hair, think they said his name was Trevor....just wondering why this kid can be there, and his daughter can't?

  87. Part 2

    Moving on .......... if Dustin was beaten, was it by Paxton?
    Very possibly, yes. But not necessarily by him alone. And where did these beatings take place? The home in Calgary is a possibility because of the neighbours' comments about visible injuries. What about the farm that Paxton claimed that Dustin was at? More isolated than an urban home, less chance of being overheard by neighbours. So who else was at the farm, if it even exists?

    Dustin's requests for non-interference.
    Was he really in a domestic abuse situation? Was he too embarrassed to tell anyone, or too much influenced to break free? Or was he, by his own decision, involved in something or with someone who caused him physical injury but didn't want his ex or his family to know about it? Gang activity, either peripheral or more connected? The "jumping in" gang initiation requires secrecy, doesn't it? And we know that Dustin and Ryan LaFortune knew at least 1 person connected to a gang. What about fight clubs? "The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club."

    What am I missing? Anyone else want to add something?

    Now, here are Google-y bits. Maybe neither of these is pertinent in this case, but we can't really know yet.

    "I was reading in another article (my brother told me about this literally an hour before I saw this thread so I was doing a little more looking up) and it was said years ago he testified in a court case against the Hells Angels. I don't know if they are a big deal anywhere else, but where I'm from (Calgary, where the man is now) and all of Western Canada basically, if you are looking for something worse than the Asian gangs (which are horrifying already), it's the H.A.

    I mean, I just don't know if I can get across how scary the drug scene in Calgary is now. I used to date a big time coke dealer. I've met guys high up in the Asian gangs, I've met guys high up in the H.A. And by far, the H.A. are scariest. At least the Asians don't torture people the way the H.A. do. That's why hearing how SICK this is, how horrifying the torture was with this man makes me believe it's really got something to do with drugs and it's got to do with the H.A. The Asians will cut off a finger, maybe burn you a little bit, kill you, roll you in a carpet and dump you, the H.A. will keep you alive as long as they can and as long as you don't want to be.

    What I don't get is why this guy was dumped off at a hospital and not just killed though. That's the one thing that's stumping me and the only thing that makes me doubt it was H.A. related. The rest of it just screams the Zig Zag H.A's"


    Ack, too long again, so Part 3 coming up.

  88. Part 3

    "MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Memphis Police have arrested a suspect in the deadly beating of a University of Arkansas Pine Bluff student during an apparent gang initiation.

    22-year old Keith Saulsberry was brought by a private vehicle to Methodist Hospital South just after midnight on May 22, suffering injuries from a severe beating. Saulsberry died a short time later.

    The individuals that brought Saulsberry to the hospital claimed that the victim had driven up to a house seeking help because he had been beaten. Investigators later determined that Saulsberry was injured during an attempt to join the Bloods street gang.

    The initiation required that Saulsberry be physically assaulted by existing gang members, commonly referred to as being “jumped in.” This particular initiation consisted of a 2-on-1 fight for 3 full minutes of physical assault. The results of the investigation indicated that this may have also been a situation where Saulsberry was not allowed to fight back or protect himself, known as a “no cover” situation.

    As a result of the savage beating he suffered, Saulsberry was barely conscious at the conclusion of the initiation. Instead of taking him to a medical facility, the members of the Bloods street gang took him to a private residence and poured water on him to attempt to revive him. The delay between the assault and Saulsberry’s arrival at the hospital was approximately 1 hour. The assault was attended by several other members of the Bloods street gang, and the investigation is ongoing.

    Officers with the Memphis Police Department’s Homicide Bureau arrested 24-year old Robert Barlow, AKA “Bay Bay”, and charged him with Aggravated Assault and Reckless Homicide. Barlow is currently being held at the Shelby County Jail on $100,000 bond. An arrest warrant was also obtained for 23-year old Raymond Clark, AKA “Smooks”, on the same charges for his participation in the incident.

    Keith Saulsberry may have been eligible to graduate from the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, in December of 2010. He had no previous arrest record and no known gang affiliation prior to this incident."


    Now, a question.

    I saw posted somewhere that at one time Dustin was a construction crew supervisor. Does anyone know when and where that was?

  89. oops, forgot to add these comments, also found Googling.

    {"before and after photos" lead the opening post, followed by a Globe & Mail report, then come these comments}

    "Meth head that trashed himself. Probably got his ass kicked alot but bad guys are not gonna hang onto you that long."


    "The look of the teeth certainly suggests meth abuse."


    "Just reading the story says it all. The spiral down hill to the bottom. Nasty stupid ass drug. As with most get you high drugs...dumb. Knew a guy once, {name redacted}. Frigging genius, the boy gobbled up physics like candy. Nearly done with his masters at 22. It just came easy to him and that wonderful piece of gray matter he had. Then he discovered the horse, crash and burn. Ten years later...dead."


    "Meth will ruin your life."


    "Yup, I saw a guy go from a good job, house and family to living on the streets in only 4 years because of meth."


    "Guy around here went down that road in two years.."

  90. I just caught up on the facebook thread for the support group started by Lindsay. Did she say what injuries Dustin was treated for in Calgary that she did not know about at the time? It seemed like she may have, and then rethought saying that.

    Also, to those who wonder if paxton had anything to do with it, or if it was a beating at all.... remember, the guy in the regina appartment heard screaming, groaning and hits, and also taped it. I tend to think there had to be abuse.

    Also, in the first news articles, it was said that the injuries were in various stages, and that some were so fresh that the nurses didn't notice them until they bruised after he was dropped off at the hospital.

  91. by the sounds of it, he had surgery done, when you come out of the hospital for surgery you need aftercare, that was probably the opportunity DP had to do all the torture up until the drop off at the hospital.....not sure, just a thought....

  92. Wow, Lindsay Airhart, thank you for taking the time to answer questions posed here. You're a class act, girl. I take my hat off to you.

    Sask, thanks for the reminder that some of the injuries were very fresh. I had forgotten that.

    About the neighbour, I know the sounds he heard. He said he'd hear moaning around 9 or 10 in the morning (why only then, I wonder?), and heard yelling and what he thought sounded like flesh hitting flesh. Because of the information we already had, which came from the family, we automatically fit the sounds into the little screenplays we had running in our heads about what went down. But that could only be guesses, because we don't know the context in which those sounds occurred.

    I'm not trying to get Paxton off the hook here. I'm just trying to explore the events with whatever meagre knowledge we have, and without starting from the cornerstone provided by the info released by the family. We've seen that that cornerstone is shaky at best. Even without basing theories on family-derived info, we'd probably still arrive back at Paxton as culprit. But it should be through a process of thought, not simply through passively accepting the story the family is putting out.

    (Of course when I say "family", I mean Renee, Ryan, Marcel, and the others who've come crawling out of the woodwork only since Dustin has been in Regina hospital.)

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. Lots of ideas passing back and forth. I’ve been at work and have to get up in a few hours to go hiking with a friend before sunrise. I’ll catch up eventually. Cheers.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. The gf admitted Paxton sold pot. Personally I don’t consider that selling drugs. It is quite possible he sold crack or meth but we haven’t proved that yet nor have we proved Lafortune ever used crack or meth. The gf just claimed they smoked the occasional joint. He could have smoked crack or meth just like any one of us could have. We just haven’t seen any proof of it yet.

    If the family is posting videos of DL is he speaking freely now? How does he say he incurred his injuries?

    “Meth head beats up his mother” In this case we can only hope ; )

  97. Agent K, you're right. We have no proof of the drugs. I'm merely putting the ideas forward as possible alternatives.

    Blair, not only did Paxton take Dustin to the hospital, and remain living in the apartment probably up until the raid or just a couple of days before, and showing himself in public (walking the dog), but there's also the matter of him ID'ing Dustin at the hospital. I don't know whether he actually gave them Dustin's name, or if he just claimed he himself was Marcel LaFortune, but whichever it was, he gave them enough to know that the person he brought in was Dustin LaFortune.

    If he and he alone was responsible, why would he do that?

    One possibility is that he didn't, and didn't imagine at the time that he'd be blamed.

    Another possibility is that he is involved somehow, and that Dustin was ID'ed upon admittance because there really was a message being sent, as one person on another site speculated.

    For that matter, why use Marcel's name? Why not Ryan's? Or Gabe's? No one at the hospital would have known any better. Maybe it was because Marcel was the only one of the family who'd had more "recent" contact, so Paxton would have been more aware of him. I put that in quotes because we're told that it really wasn't all that recent, but compared to the rest of the family, it was.

  98. Hm, I could have sworn the the 'gangters blog' thread on Lindsay A's facebook page had more entries. I was pretty sleepy by the time I read it, and was on my way to bed but I'm sure I didn't imagine the other posts.

    In one of them, she answered the question about the construction crew supervisor, and said that Dustin was the supervisor at a lumber company around 2002.

    Not sure why it was deleted, she didn't name the company so there wouldn't have been any legal issue there.

    Anyway, thanks for answering the question, Lindsay, even if it was online for only a short time.

  99. Everyone keeps saying that is no place for kids, then why was there a little boy there? The video had him on the bed all smiles right before they showed Rogi by the window.
    The original video also had everyone in room with him, nobody seemed to think that this kid was traumatised by DL's appearance.

    DL is a puppet and there is definately someone pulling the strings, it just isn't DP anymore

  100. I've been reading your blog for a little while now, and I just wanna say...AWESOME! :)
    I saw the video that Marcel posted last night on the FB page, and also the one on Dustin's website. (They've also now created a youtube account for Dustin)
    I found the video incredibly sad. Dustin looked a little confused....and whoever was behind the camera was clearly coaching him in what to say. Shortly after the vid went up on the FB group, Marcel started a discussion where he referred to the supporters as Dustin's "fans". That coupled with all the pictures of everyone posing with him, each on of them grinning fromm ear to ear like they're in the presence of the fucking Queen of England or something turned me completly off.
    For a while there, I was falling victim to the co-dependent love fest until I asked a simple question about helping his daughter, totally innocently (I had no knowledge of Lindsay and the fam having a tiff). That Lola broad ripped my fucking head off...tore right up one side of me and down the other.
    Shortly after, Shileen came on and posted a generic sounding message about soliciting funds blah blah....then the whole thing was deleted. What the fuck?

  101. Wow, busy Bees! OK. I'm just popping my head in. I have a few friends out west who have been *down in the trenches* so to speak. I've sent off a few emails and whatnot and I'm awaiting replies on 1) if anyone actually knows the people named so far 2) what kinda reputations or tidbits they can sniff out for me, and 3) if there is any murmurs in the darker corners of the alleys, where the reporters can't/won't go. I'll get back to y'all if I get anything at all..

  102. I haven't watched that video they've put online.

    I think it's incredibly crass of them, and I think that Dustin is being outrageously exploited by his own family. Shame on the lot of them, the leeches.

    Another thank you to Lindsay who has a fresh comment on her thread about this blog, once again confirming that Dustin did work at lumber mill (not a construction company).

    She has also said that while she was visiting the, both Dustins were very much against harder drugs (other than pot, that is), and that it was prescription drugs and pot that Paxton sold.

    Unfortunately prescription drugs don't rule out involvement by gangs. Earlier this morning I was reading about a pharmacist in Calgary, a male, who worked out of one of the IDA stores. He'd been lent some money (about $2000.00) and told he could pay off the debt by selling OxyContin (apparently its effect is like that of heroin, but is much cheaper). The man who'd lent him the money had some gang connections.

  103. Chilli: that video was fucking tragic, in the last few seconds Dustin looked like he was disgusted, he looked like he was going to cry. I did get teary eyed. He is injured but you can clearly see that his mind is functioning and he is still intelligent in there, he just looked so damn defeated.

    As for the RX drugs: recently there was a nurse here who was addicted and she stole drugs from the hospital as well as altered her real rx to get more, so that she could pay off her street debts and buy her own next fixes. It's all too easy to get RX drugs, and to trade them to darker members of society.

    There's a puppet gang here, trying to get their HA patch, they handle that stuff often, I don't think it's their regular trade but they won't say no to the profits it brings, just the same.

    Where there is demand: there is activity.

  104. Wow!!! I can't beleive as I do more and more reading how many lies I'm catching the Lafortunes in.
    There is a post on the family FB page, by Ryan that says he has never encouraged violence...just do process when it comes to Paxton. But if you go to the "Missing Puppy" group. ryan has a letter written to Patrick that states P.S I hope you catch Paxton before the police too, just leave him alive so he can suffer in prison too...or somrthing to that effect. If ya'll haven't seen it. Look in to it. This family are a bunch of game playing sons of bitches. I feel very sorry for Dustin L being a part of such a dysfunctional family...

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Bear with me here... Part One: This is the original image that the family used for the *before/after* photos they initially posted online and released to the media: *here* and this is the doctored image: *here*. This is what he looked like not too long before all the injuries started happening: *here. Judge for yourselves how much has been *fixed* and if his state not too long before the bigger of the injuries occurred.

    The family did indeed initially state (to the public on facebook and to the media) that Dustin was 245lbs when he was "taken captive" however now they've deleted the original threads that led us all to believe that he dropped over 120lbs during that time, however long it actually was. I'm not disputing that he was possibly (probably) held for an unspecified amount of time. Was it against his will or was he too ill or injured to leave? I cannot speculate.

    The family and all the current published updates state that his lips and tongue were "removed" however I DO recall Mme Renee LaFortune replying angrily in a thread about an article which stated such that "His lips and tongue weren't cut off!" and then going on to say that they were simply "cut" however I was still giving them the benefit of the doubt at that time and I had no cause for disbelief and did not take screenshots, who knew it would spiral into this?

    There is someone very near and dear to me who has intestinal issues, very serious ones in fact, and I watched her drop over 30lbs in a single month as a result of that, I also watched her hair come out in clumps and her teeth pretty much crumble and come out in pieces, also as a result. She is incredibly pale now whereas she used to have colour, she is stick thin and she was not held captive, but the act of simply holding and playing with her children has caused ugly bruises and small bone fractures at times, I'd hate to think what would happen if she even tried to lift a freezer or do a moving job. She is currently just 108lbs and mobility is a serious issue for her. All of the supposed nurses and health care workers commenting on those threads are either not working in critical care, have no real experience with sick folks, or aren't really as educated as they claim. I can vouch for these particular things first hand, I've seen it, I see it regularly.

  107. Part Two: I'm not saying he wasn't abused, held captive and/or cut. I'm saying it is entirely possible, especially with a known history of intestinal/stomach issues as well as the confirmed broken jaw, that many of these injuries really could be almost entirely innocent, and have happened long before this captivity issue. The scars that were visible in the initial photos from the hospital appear to be a fair bit older than the two months stated.. Incidentally, the photos showing the specific scars which I am referring to have since been removed from his pages.

    I'm only making these statements to get them out here, in one place, for the others who may drop in here to get a bit of extra insight. I know that those of us here have already discussed these issues at length and we already understand much of them for what they are or could mean, but others who are new to this situation need to know that the family has deleted many of their initial opinions as the group on facebook grew. I was there when the group was less than 4000 members, there were mentions of violence by LaFortune supporters and not very thinly veiled mentions of violence from the family members themselves, within the original threads.

    I did read all of that, from them, believe me or don't. I have no vested interest in any of this aside from keeping my country as safe as I can with whatever small means I can manage. I feel for Dustin, more than you could possibly know, but his family is far more detrimental to him right now than a full blown damn staph infection.

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. The one final thing I'm going to add for today:

    Lindsay started her group first, while Dustin was missing. Lindsay and Dustin's father were the ones who reported him missing. Some have said they think that Lindsay is trying to take the spotlight away from the LaFortune family however her group was initially named "Missing: Dustin LaFortune" and after I read the first news articles and went looking: It was HER group that I found first, the only reason I didn't join that group (as I suspect with many others) is because he had been found and I figured that the "Missing" group was now kind of a moot point. Lindsay herself said she didn't know how to change the name otherwise she would have.

    The LaFortune family were not the first to know, Lindsay and the father were. The LaFortune family were not the first to create a group: Lindsay was.

    [ Lindsay Airhart he was not reported missing in calgary b/c he didnt keep in touch with family exept us and we knew where he was. he was sort of expected to be at the wedding from what i know marcel had wanted him to be the best man b4 he left for calgary from what i know they didnt keep in close contact while dustin was in calgary. he ususlly called me at least every 2 weeks and hadent so i got worried and told his dad who then proceded to call all the # we had for him and no answer or disconected #. i told him i had a gut feeling something was wrong. them he filed a missing person's report with calgary police. then his mother was told and she filed one on line then when he was droped off at the hospt in regina the red flag came up saying he was missing and his dad was contacted
    Thursday at 8:23pm ·] -- citation *here*

    I'd wager that if it wasn't such a high profile outcome: the LaFortune family wouldn't have even bothered with much more than a card and maybe a few calls. As it stands now, they're not doing much of anything for Dustin personally, it's all about that site and attention for their actions.

    Where does Dustin actually fit in? If the LaFortunes could intelligently and clearly answer that, I'd be more than impressed to see it.

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Thank you. I finally got my pain meds refilled so I make much more sense today than the last few. OK kids, back to the grind. I'm off to go hunting some more...

  112. Oh, I didn't know that Lindsay had started her fb first.

    And a correction, from Lindsay: P sold prescription drugs, not pot.

    You know, someone over at Lindsay's page said that the likely answer is that P started abusing Dustin after Dustin's return from hospital and was dependant on P. After mulling over all kinds of other possibilities, I think that's going to turn out to be pretty close to what happened.

    I wonder if Paxton became jealous of Lindsay's relationship (platonic) with Dustin?

    There's another possibility. We've heard that Paxton had a bad upbringing, with an abusive father, and that he was in foster care for a while. Okay, that's not a recipe for aiding a young person in developing healthy interpersonal relationships.

    What if Paxton didn't actually intend malicious injury to Dustin, but rather didn't know how to cope with having someone dependant on him, and having to be responsible for the day-to-day care of someone who was recovering from illness? What if Dustin had even taken a turn for the worse, and his recuperation not only stopped, but his progress actually reversed? There's a lot of stress that caregivers face, and maybe someone like Paxton just couldn't handle it? And his stress manifested into rougher and rougher treatment of Dustin?

    Can someone help me out with the timeline?

    Freezer accident - when?
    Broken jaw - when?
    Stomach or bowel surgery - when?
    Any that I missed - when?


  113. Oh darn, I meant to add that I read on the family's facebook that people have been getting a trojan virus uploaded to their computers along with the video, and that it's a problem throughout facebook, not just their page.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. This comment has been removed by the author.

  116. First, I must say I feel awful for what Dustin Lafortune must be going through right now. I have lived in Regina most of my life until last year, and being that he is currently in the Regina General Hospital, and the fact that most of my friends and family are from Regina, it didn't take long for me to get a facebook invite to join the Family Support Group site for Dustin. I joined, and was absolutely disgusted with what Dustin Paxton, for what he "apparently had done."

    Somewhere along the way while reading posts on the groups site, I came across a link to this site, and decided to check it out. Needless to say, not only have I been reading all of the new comments being added to this blog, I find myself deep in thought, and agreeing with what has been presented. So much so, that I decided I should sign up on this site, so perhaps my thoughts could be heard?

    I find over the past 3 or 4 days, my perception of the Lafortune family is changing. I have had a very hard time from day one, with that fact that they have posted such disturbing pictures of his injuries. The reason I personally have been so disturbed by it, is that I myself feel if I were in Dustin Lafortune's situation, I really would not wish for all of my current city, former city, hometown, or especially country to see me in such an awful state. I was not going to watch the video the family posted on the facebook group that I am a member of, because I felt it really wasn't my place to do so. After reading the comments on this blog, I felt I needed to understand the things that are being said, not only on this blog, but everywhere else.

    Watching the video, made me very sad. Not for myself, not for anyone, but for Dustin Lafortune and his young daughtter. I have a 9 year old son, and it would hurt him to have me be publicly displayed as such, I am sure. It would hurt my spouse, my mother, my sister's, and everone who loves me. Shame on Dustin Lafortune's family. Give him some privacy, so he can heal, and come to terms with not only what has happened to him, whatever that may be, and for what he will be dealing with for the rest of his life, because of it.

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. Just so I'm clear... what are 'the hunters' hoping to accomplish here? It's just hard for me to tell what with all the judging and criticizing. You aren't clever and you aren't detectives. You're people with too much time on your hands desperately trying to make sense of something that is tragically nonsensical.

    Many involved may be dysfunctional and misguided, but you are that and more.

    Deceiving those associated in this ordeal so you can ultimately exploit them here is equally inhumane. Your conjecturing and eager anticipation for saying "I told you so" is vicious. And reveling in this tragedy as you evidently do is sickening. Shame on you.

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. If anyone's deceiving anyone, Observer, it's the LaFortune family. And it's beyond foolish to question trying to make sense of something that is tragically nonsensical. There's a reason for why people act like they do.

    Blair, I remember wondering about that arrest warrant comment too.

    About the caregiver scenario - I read somewhere that Paxton didn't have a WCB account for the moving company. Could maybe some guilt on his part for that factor in here?

  121. Observer you used the word "hunters" and since I'm the only person in this threat who used the word "hunting" I assume you were inspired by my post. I'd like to explain for you that it's a common colloquialism here on the east coast "to go lookin' for stuff that's hard to find" meaning, in this case, answers.

    Some of us are survivors of abuse and violence, some of us were exploited by those who were supposed to care for us, some of us want the truth of the matter so that we can work towards keeping our own streets and towns safer for ourselves, our children and others, in the future.

    All of us want what is right for Dustin and this bullshit family circus is not it. It can't be.

    You do not know who I am or what I do, you know nothing about me. You have no idea what I have experienced in my life and you have no right to judge me (or anyone here.)

    I know full well who you are Observer and I'm sorry I insulted your *medical knowledge*, I haven't once said "I told you so" and I truly don't give a rat's ass what you think of me.

    I just want the truth.

    That being said, Observer: I will not feed your need and this is the one and only reply you will get directly from me.

    First rule of exorcism:
    Do not engage the beast.

    Thanks, bye.

  122. P.S in my above comment the word "threat" was a typo -- I meant "thread" so don't none of y'all get the idea that I'm waving guns around or some shit. KK? oh and (LOL) so y'all know I'm joking ;-)

  123. What I wonder is, if Dustin Paxton did this to Lafortune, why the heck would he take him to the hospital, knowing what would be headed his way for doing so? He could of just let him die, ditched the body, and hoped he could get the hell out of there before anyone noticed a thing. He didn't, so I'm wondering what the heck really happened? Were there others involved, and Paxton and Lafortune both targets, with Lafortune getting the worst of it? Could Paxton have took him to the hospital, trying to give his buddy a chance of survival? Could a beating have happened by someone much greater than both Paxton or Lafortune, and Paxton got the hell out of the apartment in Regina because he knew once Lafortune's story hit the media, he would be next, being a witness to the crime?

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. I am not on here to attack anybody, just pointing out the obvious. I honestly don't think HA, NA, AA, NRA or even the MLA are involved in any of this, I think what happened to DL is horrific. I agree with the police when they mention the vigilantes, there must be one out of the 34000 'friends' (Lol)....what I am trying to bring to light are the discrepencies of the prent. What is going on behind the screens, or video cameras for that matter.
    I don't go on here all the time, but when I do, it seems the same people are on FB stating over and over again how they want to stay 'positive' when they are the leeches hanging in the shadows waiting for someone to even mention something they don't like, so that,(for the time being) they can be hero of the moment....sad really...LOL

    'Let's pat each other on the back shall we?, I sure showed them'...meanwhile their kids are screaming in the background for something to eat, or to get their diaper changed (LOL)

    Oh but we look like the hero on FB don't we? And all I need is a few hours and a good connection....

    There are videos going up that had to be 'altered because of the police' or maybe for the fact that they see no problem having this kid 'traumatised' while visiting 'Uncle Dustin'...hmmm wonder if Social Services gave the okay for that?...oh that's right, Daddy shot the video, he doesn't need 'permission' does he? Sad, sad, sad....and I am not talking about DL...

    Poor guy, went through hell and back 10 times over, yet we don't know where the guy who did it is, maybe he is sitting in the bar down the street having a beer with my brother? I will never know I guess because I don't even know what the fucker looks like!

    Every part of this is ridiculous...all except that smiling man who has his 'life' back...
    hang in there 'buddy' we are all pulling for ya!

  126. Just wondering why the family decided to make such a media, and internet calling for the capture of Dustin Paxton, if they truly thought him to be the perp who did all of the horrific injuries to Lafortune? Did they not for once step back and think that perhaps that would be the worst thing to do? All it would, and has done, is give Paxton a reason to flee and hide out, regardless of his involvement. Because the way I, and I'm sure he as well would see it, is that by him presenting himself to anyone he does not have comlete trust in, would be putting his own life on the line. I'm sure that is the reason the police are so tight lipped about naming him as a potential suspect, or even witness, is that they realize this would be the case.

  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. That's a very good point that I have not yet thought about. They may very well have talked to Paxton, and know of his whereabouts. He perhaps may have approached them very early on, when all of this came out through media and internet, to explain what he knew, or to have expressed concerns about his own well being.

  129. This comment has been removed by the author.

  130. I have thought the very same thing. He could be a perp, but he very well could also be a victim and or witness to a crime committed by a very serious gang, or group. If so, I do believe drugs would be the main factor. There just are not many other aggravating factors in this country for that type of brutal assault, unless you are truly involved with a mafia, or mob.

  131. Mind you, being a rat could perpetuate that type of assault, I suppose.

  132. We're forgetting something else here guys: (especially if this is in any way gang related) nobody at all has seen or heard from Paxton, as far as we know there haven't even been alleged sightings. Gods forgive me for even thinking this but there is a chance that he was saving LaFortune and if that is the case: there's also a strong chance that we won't ever see him again, and I do not mean he is hiding. Every day that goes by and there is still no trace at all, I'm left wondering if there's anything left of him to trace, ya know? The police might also have reason think that and they may be slow right now because they're expecting a body to turn up. Entirely speculation on my part, I pray that I turn out to be so full of crap.

  133. That is a good point, and god I sure hope you are not right. Like you and I have both said, there is a chance, as small as it may be that Paxton did take him to the hospital, to save his life, doing so as a friend, and not being the tormenter. It would be god awful if the media attention the family created made Paxton a target, and let him to a fate perhaps much even worse than Lafortune's. I truly hope this not to be the case.

  134. “Lindsay started her group first, while Dustin was missing. Lindsay and Dustin's father were the ones who reported him missing.” Interesting.

    “First rule of exorcism:
    Do not engage the beast.”
    I always get that one screwed up.

    So is DL talking yet? How does he say he incurred his injuries?

  135. Looks like 'Jay Cook' or shall I say 'Mel Cane' are not only stirring the pot, but they also turned the burner on HIGH.
    What a shit storm on FB tonight.
    BRB gonna go make some popcorn...

    BTW...wasn't Linsay hanging out with Jay tonight?....interesting

    Oh yeh, popcorn...

  136. Wow, this is better than Sunday TV...drama drama drama....did I mention DRAMA?

    Can I have 'Words &/or menautinous sayings for $1000' Alex?
    'Pot stirrer'
    'In support'
    'Shut the door(not literally of course, LOL)on your way out'
    'Fuck off Lily'
    'Did you see that post on the other group?'

    What is 'The FB Shit Show'...oh wait I mean 'In Support of 'whatshisname''

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner... ~:'D

    Like I said- Ridiculous

  137. This comment has been removed by the author.

  138. I was watching that gong show too, and have since noticed all of the "Mel Cane" comments and discussions have been deleted.

  139. Again it went against the LaFortunes way of thinking. Someone may genuinely have the info to crack this case open and they do not want to believe it.

  140. I have posts 50-85 before it got taken down....
    how many heros were out saving the world tonight?......
    All I know is I can sleep peaceful knowing that all the heros of the world are in one place at one time fighting......each other?....wait a minute...

  141. This comment has been removed by the author.

  142. Well here is something of interest....
    The only thing that got left behind from the thread was brotherL's 'heartfelt' I am not mocking you R, just wondering why you get to look like Superman, when the rest of them look like hmmm, what dooo they look like? Superstupid, yeh that's it....

    Oh right because you share blood with DL
    Someone get this man key to the city!

    Oh are naughty you little bitch....but you can't stir Shit Creek can you? Just put up a sail and hope the wind pushes you in the right direction...

  143. And Dear M. Ryan LaFortune: FYI: I don't hate on you, not at all, I just don't fucking understand why you don't want the truth to come out. If it were my brother, I wouldn't give a shit who found the answers OR how, just so long as they did. Of course my brother is dead--help didn't get to him in time. I guess it's a fucking moot point then, carry on.

    ilapsg'smu'gwet--you need it buddy, really, no hard feelings.

  144. its not savoie . sean didnt have his patch till years after trevors death !!!

  145. Lindsay, I got your message, thank you. It means a lot, truly. He had a little girl too. Hang on to Dustin with all that you have and are. You're one of the very few he can trust right now.

  146. Wow, perhaps when Wiccan Outlaw gets the thread posted we might be able to find out what the relevant information that was deleted is. Richard: Yeah we figured that out after Ryan swore up and down it was Savoie in the picture with Sean Wolfe. Since Ryan was also friends with Danny Tokarchuk at the time of the murder he would have seen Savoie in the trial if not before. He would have known what he looked like so he lied. We’re trying to figure out why he lied about that.

  147. Ahh..this blog goes great with my morning coffee. Sounds like I missed a good FB bitchfest last night. Is it just me or has Lola been quiet lately?
    Did anyone else notice in the video, that not only was Marcel? talking to Dustin like he was a child, but also seemed to be coaxing him in what to say? Dustin seemed very confused at one point, Marcel says something like, "We're all coming to visit" then there is some obvious bad editing, and Dustin says he's gonna visit everyone in the computer. which makes no sense of course, and shows that clearly he is still having trouble communicating his thoughts, or he is repeating what he hears and gets it mixed up.
    On Dustin's website, it says that he kept repeating the same things over and over and that it is normal for this stage in the recovery process.
    So, weeks ago...WEEKS ago, when his recovery hadn't come nearly as far as it is now, is when he named Paxton as his attacker. If he needs coaxing on what to say to thank his supporters, and according to Renee, is not in any condition to make any decisions on his own care, who he wants to see etc...what on EARTH makes them so readily take his "statement" at face value. The cops obviously didn't, and no offense at all to Dustin, but I don't blame them, considering the condition he is.
    On About:dustin website in medical updates, Dustin was apparantly saing weeks ago, "A memba, A memba" Clearly, Jodie and Renee were trying to make us beleive Dustin is "remembering" If he REALLY said, "A memba" Maybe he was trying to say, "Hey guys!! I'm a member of the hell's angels now" A memba A memba. A member A member. I'm a member!

    Maybe I need a nother coffee.

  148. “A memba, A memba” I think he was trying to say it was a patch member that did it - sarcasm. I wish him a healthy and stable recovery. However, looking at that side of the family that might take a long time. Hey Wiccan, let’s hope the hunters don’t end up on a witch hunt. More sarcasm.

  149. Alrighty-Tighty: how and where are you this fine AM? Did you manage to catch screenshots? I didn't, there was too much life happening here and I only even got to read up to 50 on the Mel Cane debacle.

    Anyone who comes here from one of the groups: did you get the exchange in your notifications? This is NOT for us, this is for Lindsay. Please, she wants (and needs) to see what happened, she could end up needing it to defend herself.

    Lindsay: I didn't get screenshots of any of it and I'm not in either group so I don't have it in my inbox.

    Somebody has to come through here..

    Who IS Mel Cane? Does she actually know anything? I don't expect her to say a bloody thing if she does, I just want to know what happened on that bloody thread, it could be important in the long run.

    Lindsay, here's what I can tell you: Mel claimed that she knows both Dustins, she claims that she lived with them before she went to Brazil, she made veiled references "You have no idea what they got up to for the last year" "You have no idea the whole story" etc. and the Whole thing degenerated into chaotic fucktardio from there.. That is about the time that my husband pulled me to bed because I was almost sleeping on my keyboard..

  150. Oh and K? lmao, part of my dissertation was on "The Malleus Maleficarum" if they want a witch hunt (in a literal sense) at least I already know what to watch out for :-P

    OK, sorry, waaay off topic, I know. Gimme coffee and my rx and I'll be slightly more palatable again soon enough :-)

  151. Why doesn't Dustin's father apply for sole guardianship of Dustin until he is 100% well??

    Is it true that Dustin's father cannot visit him without one of the Lafortune's present??

    As said in this blog the other side of the family have turned his misfortune into a windfall... that to me is disgusting these are not real people but dispicable animals.

  152. Not much on it for Lindsay but some good old FB entertainment.

    She should get out of the limelight and quit assuming that it is all about her LOL

    Shame shame shame just because you have 'answers' doesn't mean everyone is out to get you....

    You have a hit parade going to'stir the pot' (LOL) that do your dirty work for you, while you stand back and use the old 'it's not me, it's them'....nice an angel with bat wings

    Wish I had a copyright for 'stir the pot' I would be shopping for a new car right now...

    BTW- stir stir stir Ms. McLean....let's see who is awake this morning

  153. Thank you SO much Tighty!

    Can we get this to Lindsay? It was by her request that I wanted this up more than anything..


    and I'm saving a doc copy in case anyone tries to alter it, etc. you're a good one Tighty, no doubt about it.

  154. This comment has been removed by the author.

  155. No xlisamariex but I think people ARE trying to add stuff, they're just not getting how it's done. I've gotta come up with an easier way, pastebay is tricky for new folks..

    Everyone, give me a little bit, I will come up with a much easier (and also anonymous) way to share what you want to share..

  156. Thanks WO... I really appreciate you doing that anonymously.. great way to get people to share what they know!

  157. ahh dillpickles, I`m still working on a better way than pastebay though. Stay tuned..

  158. Hero of the day goes to Carolina!

    Just as her kids are waiting on breakfast she is out showing the world how much she cares....those bad guys come from everywhere don't they?

    Pay attention though....the ones who NEED recognition for their Facebook fighting ways always go on with their true identities....oh so proud that, what was the last count?....hmmm, we will use 34000, 34000 people see me rescuing you from the harsh words of the cruel FAKE identities....and not only did I come to the rescue, I have done so over and over why aren't you bad people listening to me? ((((TEAR))))
    Oh well, it all looks good on screen doesn't it?
    'They don't know me personally, but now they know that I A.) watch this page religiously, nobody gets by meeee
    & B.) Ignore reality and fight the good fight from right here in the comfort of my home (which no doubt is starting to look like I am one of those hoarders from that show...what was it called again?...)'

    Someone get her email and send her a virtual pat on the back...or better yet, a cookie for the hero she is LOL

    Oh but she isn't the only one that matches that discription is she?....

  159. Calm down Tighty, I understand your frustration but we do not want this thread to turn into the mess on the LaFortunes group, now do we?

  160. Some weeks ago, when the news came out in the media, I too joined the family's fb page to show support for the victim. But I was a bit horrified at all the discrepancies appearing in their replies so I started asking questions, such as "how do you know Dustin was 'dumped' by Paxton?". Many of them jumped all over me, insinuating I could be Paxton himself (note that I live in Eastern Canada and am totally unfamiliar with what goes on in the West except for the news).

    Heck I hate being taken for a ride and when my intelligence is insulted, I tend to ask questions, especially when the case in question is about to be made into a cash cow.

    In a matter of seconds, they reported me and had my FB account suspended. I just read Wiccan's link on this week-end's exchange and that is exactly the same thing they did with me a few weeks ago, first making fun of me having only 2 friends and then accusing me of being fake.

    Their attitude online tells a lot about how they are in real life. Also, I saw the video where 'Renee' is interviewed and that was a whole lot more telling. Her constantly shifting gaze told the whole story, which is a lot darker than the one they're trying to force upon us.

    Thanks for this site, K and have a nice day :)

  161. P.s.: I forgot to add, every know and then, the family is threatening everyone with getting their IP addresses, which at first I found very suspicious. They can't get that info via FB, so now that they've set up their own website, they can view/collect every visitor's IP... to what purpose?

    Being so keen on accusing Paxton from day one makes it look like they have an account to settle, utterly disconnected to Dustin's ordeal. For all we know, I tend to agree with one poster here who suggests Paxton himself is/was a victim and may never be found.

  162. Diane: I'm a techy as well as a webmaster, I'm also a part time software dev, nothing hardcore but I know my way around the net and a domain.

    The most info that they can get from an IP address is a city (and not necessarily because MY city comes up as Moncton depending on the time of day and how the signals are blowing, I assure you lol I am NOT in Moncton) and an ISP (like Aliant, Rogers, Eastlink, etc) and they're going about it all wrong with that website if they're trying to get individual IP addresses anyhow, they'll get hundreds belonging to anyone who visits the site but it's useless if they can't reconcile it with a comment or email, I mean imagine how many folks are actually visiting there because of the media heat?

    Now, if they left comments open (I am a part time dev for Wordpress and that's what they're using) they could get the IP address attached to a specific commentor but even then, as I said: they'd get an ISP and *maybe* a city, pretty freakin' useless, actually. I see they're saying they can find out names, genders, home addresses and more? That is bullshit, plain and simple.

    There is a retired police officer in my family and I can pretty much promise you that the crap they're doing will come back to bite them on the ass. I am in no way associated with the law and I am not carrying any info beyond these pages, but I can (and do) ask questions and get advice when needed. The LaFortunes are playing with fire and anyone who jumps into their little frying pan is likely to get burnt as well..

    I actually feel really bad for the folks who are honestly trying to help them by defending them to the point of libel and veiled threats as they have been, they have no idea how bad they've already fucked that investigation..

    We're not perfect over here Diane, and we're throwing around a lot of ideas and speculation, I know. But we're trying. We're coming up with any idea that we can, we're going through them and discarding the thoughts that couldn't work. This is problem solving: hearing out all the ideas, sharing thoughts, working together to discount the ones that are probably useless. After twenty pointless thoughts: we might well get a tidbit that could crack it all wide open. Or: we might not.

    In any case: we're doing the best we can in the only ways that we know how.

    P.S: I recall the way they lynched you, that's about the time I left the group..

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  166. well it seems the people doing all the 'back and forth' on FB have come to do some screening of their own on Agent K's nice little blogspot.

    I am neither here nor there, I am everywhere....just so all of you readers out there know, I have not commented on anything on FB....
    I am not on this blog because R blocked me LOL
    I just like to critique the shit show we know as FB.
    Pot stirrier? maybe Shit disturber? possibly
    blogger? definately

    The last thing we need in here is for the drama of both sides of the shit show to come trapesing in here on a high horse....I will still sit on my donkey though and watch how the scorned come rushing in here....

  167. The comments regarding gangs and drugs: why is it so hard to believe that someone can just be totally fucking insane? I realize that because this happens to be a blog about gangs and gang related crimes that you are all victim to tunnel-vision, but surely you must hear about the zillions of other horrific crimes that don't involve gangs and drugs? Why is it so hard to believe that Paxton is just a crazy sadistic pig? Apparently, he has had at least one other victim who escaped before the torture went too far, who has been in contact with the police. Also, someone who knew Paxton as a youth said he burnt down his family home when he was a kid.

    And who cares the last time Dustin and his family SAW eachother before his torture? They were in contact over the years. I know from experience with my own family, and witnessing the family interactions around me that it's not uncommon for a young teen to go and live with the "other parent" find the grass isn't greener on the other side and then finally live on their own. Families tend to grow apart when members live in different areas of the country. Regardless of when the last time any member of the LaFortune family saw Dustin shouldn't factor into their love of him or their want and need to find some justice for Dustin.

    As for those who are claiming that the LaFortunes are in it for the money, it's my understanding that the Trsut Fund still isn't even set up. It's actually Lindsay, Dustin's (7 years, is it??) ex-girlfriend whom is the only person currently recieving funds from what so many have dubbed the "gullible".

    It's really easy to sit back and judge from your computer chair and say what you would do in this kind of situation, but you don't know until you are actually in the shoes of those who have truly been affected.

  168. Liv, how much actual research have you done? How much have you read about Paxton that did not come from the mighty censors LaFortune?

    How much attention have you actually paid to the things we DO know for a fact about Paxton and his *ahem* associations? There is every reason to believe that gangs and drugs were and ARE a factor in this mess somewhere, whether or not Dustin LaFortune was a witting (or willing) participant is another matter altogether but they ALL have had associations with said gangs and drugs, that much can be and has been verified.

    Also, some of us DO have access to other means than a keyboard and armchair, just in case you haven't actually been reading here, which I take it from your comment that you basically skimmed this page long enough to pick out a few key words and then find the text box to submit your outrage.

    Your outrage is understandable and to an extent it is also justified however you have no more right to lay judgment on any of us than the judgment you are accusing us of laying.

    Basically: If you don't like what you read here: you don't have to come here. You clicked here of your own free will, you'd do well to remember that. We don't like what we're seeing on the groups but it's entirely our own decision to continue torturing ourselves with that mindless mass of *helpful* soap opera hungry housewives and alarmingly ignorant CSI TV addicts.

    The LaFortune family started a so-called *support* group which they wilfully turned into a witch hunt. The LaFortunes encouraged vigilante justice by plastering that photo all over the net and making accusations when they themselves have stated that poor Dustin doesn't even know when he's had too many pain meds. The LaFortunes made a public callout for help in finding answers and they published it in an open public forum for that reason.

    So now you're here to tell us that it's OK for them to seek help from the public but only when the speculation makes them feel warm and gooey inside? You don't think the police go over scenarios that the LaFortunes may not find flattering? You don't think it hurts the families of actual killers when their kin is determined to be batshit crazy?

    You keep on doing your thing,
    We'll just keep on keeping on.

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  170. Name change... AT= B

    K-No just making a statement.

    Hope DL doesn't have major brain damage,people will be coming out of the woodworks to 'help' in his recovery, there are too many stars in that show already.
    To have to have someone(or everyone for that matter LOL) being at your bedside when the camera is rolling, but talking to you like you were never a functioning human being is something in its own.

    L should be sitting next to R on that podium...yes her I mean 'friends' come a calling...bad B, bad bad B LOL

    Thinking of cutting off the sattelite subscription, I have never watched a 'soap' before, but if this is what it is like...I just may tune in once in a while....could get my $s worth

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  172. Biker connection?
    According to Renee "a big guy, with long hair and lots of tattoos" was at the hospital looking for Dustin L. on May 16th.

  173. You know what guys? For some of these: I should open a generic blogspot just to add these pasted posts (related to the DL case) for reference sake, and leave the comments 100% open for actual total anonymity.

    What say you?
    K, would you join my admin team and work with me on this? If so, let me know.

    Would the rest of you be willing to submit? At least we could get it all in order in one place..

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  176. Yeah, the IP is useful to law enforcement and the ISPs but they're not going to hand that over to the LaFortunes, or ANY civilians for that matter. Police generally need to get a court order (which requires reasonable cause) to get the ISP to trace which account the particular IP was assigned to at what time, Aliant hates doing that because it's a hell of a lot of work for them (they use dynamic IPs which change every time you reboot your connection) and Roger's hates doing it just because they can hate it lol

    The days it takes to get a warrant, the weeks it takes to get the ISP to court, the months it takes to get a final judgment, and the cost to tax payers: law enforcement generally won't go through all of that trouble unless there are out and out blatant death threats or things of that sort and even then they usually won't, I know: I had a stalker, in my real life, who also haunted me online. Death threats in my email and on my website: the cops did nothing. They said they wouldn't, unless he physically assaulted me *in real life* internet laws in Canada are still really sketchy that way and not likely to change any time soon.

    I want to hear from K and if he's game: I'll see about going forward with the separate blogspot to tag, categorize, and organize the LaFortune situation..

  177. Wiccan: thanks for your precisions about IPs and other technical details. Whatever, it does seem particularly important to the L's the way they keep mentioning it and threatening everyone as if it was their ultimate weapon.

    I agree, we are not perfect but it's not about being perfect, it's more about how to prevent such horrors to happen around us and in the world, as parents, neighbours and human beings and how one can help.

    In order to do so, we have to understand... what part belongs to reality, and which part doesn't. Blaming 'sociopathy' without further ado is so irresponsible, it doesn't make sense. Facts, IMO, are more important to me, not for blaming purposes, more for learning how to deal with these kinds of situations and how to avoid/prevent them.

    Every day, many times a day I would visit the "support... " site just to see if the victim was recovering, how much progress he had made, any medical updates but sadly in all this time, there was maybe one or two updates so far. Clearly the site was a vendetta call, using the victim as bait for anyone with... violent tendencies. It is so sad.

    I'm only hoping for the victim to recover completely and to be able to tell his own story, however dark it is and, I'm sure that when and if he does, it will have given this site's author a reason to continue his research and shine more light where needed.

  178. Diane, you have summed up exactly why we are here. It's not grandstanding, playing detective or staring at a gory car wreck, it's for all of the reasons you have just said, perfectly. Thank you.

  179. Wiccan, I'd be interested joining anything you make. I have a lot of the earlier facebook pages saved, because I had a hunch they'd be taken down. I've been reading as much about this as I can, for some reason it really struck home with me as soon as I heard about it. More time that has gone on, the weirder and weirder it seems. If that Mel really knows what she is talking about, that really piques my curiousity as to what they were "in to" and why she thinks paxton has been interviewed by police... and is not in custody.

    I have a gut feeling that the truth may never come out to the public, in the media, but if the core group of people who are interested ever find out what actually happened - I sure don't want to miss it.

  180. Sask, and others (especially you Lindsay--
    Some full disclosure here:

    In 1987 I lost a brother to a violent crime. It was dressed up to look like a suicide but it was a small town in the USA and his mother would not allow an autopsy even though there was reason to believe that something entirely different actually happened.

    On the 9th anniversary of his death, one year before my father died of cancer, we were told by a group of locals (who came forward individually) the real story of what happened.

    My brother was lynched by a gang of local redneck country boys because his commonlaw wife was screwing around with at least three of them. She didn't want to leave him because she was a coward and didn't want to face the questions, etc. These dickheads took it upon themselves to *fix* it and they made it look like he hung himself.

    Many neighbours saw the cars coming and going that night from his mobile home, many locals heard the talk at the local tavern. Not a single one would come out: they were scared.

    By the time we learned what had really happened, my father said it was too late to do anything, he said my brother would be at peace just knowing that we knew the truth. He said it would only cause more harm if we did try to reopen it.

    The local troopers knew (and know) that something happened, but their hands were (and are) tied. Those men walk free to this day.

    The only reason we ever did find out is that two went to prison in other states on other murder charges, one died, a two others relocated and any others are swearing up and down that they were just innocent bystanders.

    I do not like to see this shit happen to ANYONE and when I saw Dustin's story: I saw the face of my own brother (his name also starts with D) and when I finally saw Aurora's photo: I saw my own beautiful niece who was three at the time and has no real memory of her own daddy.

    Forgive me my passionate obsession but it totally isn't rooted in morbid curiosity as some of the naysayers have accused..

    Basically, I can't see me letting this go any time soon, it hits too fucking close to home.

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  183. This is a completely bizarre case and watching it unfold on the internet is unreal and entertaining. I think the main posters here are full of wit, brains and common sense. Can't really say the same about the members of the Lafortune family. I joined the support group site when this first happened but left it soon after, tasting a bit of vomit in the back of my throat with each read. The way they have exploited DL is shameful. Did I ever think he was an "innocent" victim? No. Does anyone deserve what they report he went through? Depends who you talk to. Many of the initial group members would say "what kind of animal could do this?" followed by comments about what they want done to the "perp". Seems many people in that support group have the same tendancies as whoever did this. I do wish Dustin Lafortune well, although it may be too late for that!
    There are some really good ideas in here. Keep it up, I hope everyone eventually comes over here and opens up their minds to possibilities. Too bad the family has screwed up the possibility of a conviction of probably anybody. For the record, my initial thoughts were that Dustin Paxton would probably turn up dead pretty fast, if he turns up at all. I heard there was another Dustin involved as well. It's not that common of a name, especially for people of that age group, what's with that too??? Strange strange strange. I am also wondering when the family is going to bring out the Kool-Aide for one and all supporters to drink.....

  184. This comment has been removed by the author.

  185. OMG, Wiccan Outlaw, I'm so sorry about what happened to your brother. That's horrific. (((hugs)))

    From my limited knowledge and experience, I can confirm what Wiccan Outlaw says about tracing IPs. And it's true that different IP tracers may, and often do, show the IP located in different areas, sometimes very far apart geographically.

    Kisster, I disagree with the idea that the Lafortunes may know a lot more than they're letting on, but that it's none of our business. If they're allowing funds to be raised and a trust fund to be established and walks in different cities to be organized, the public who are contributing to these events should not be misled in any way about any of the facts. But that's just what the Lafortunes seem to be doing.

    Liv, where did you read that Paxton had burned down his family house? I read a post somewhere from a guy who claimed he grew up with Paxton and that Paxton and a couple of friends had burned down a gas station, then fled town. I'm wondering whether someone is going around posting different, probably false, stories around the web, or if you just have a reading comprehension problem.

    I missed all the action last night, and haven't yet read the PasteBay material, but I do want to just add that I've seen in another high profile (international) case that when a topic gets enough notice on the web, trolls and troublemakers descend, causing confusion for because some of what they post can seem very plausible. Don't know if that's happening here.

  186. I know that a lot of the initial information I read was from the family, so I take it with a grain of salt and a shot of tequila, but someone mentioned that Dustin P wanted to be "just like" Dustin L, and then schizophrenia was mentioned as well with Dustin P. As another "out there" thought- maybe schizophrenia mixed with self medicating through pills or meth led to some sort of grand scheme regarding becoming Dustin L somehow (going with the same name coincidence). Also, if someone had this mental disorder (if there is any truth to it) it is not uncommon for voices to say "do this" then recant ie. tell him to drop Dustin L off at the hospital. This could also explain why he didn't know enough to then hide if in fact he did any of this. (really mentally ill people don't exactly make logical decisions) Geez, he (Dustin P) could even suffer from DID- formerly MPD. If his past (Dustin P) is correct at all, that kind of childhood usually leads to some kind of mental health issue.
    Again, I realize all this supposing comes from info from the family, where for some reason they want the ONLY answer to be that this happened to their compeletly innocent family member, at the hands of one, only one crazy person, for just no reason at all. I tend to think the ideas that have been discussed here regarding drugs and gangs and addiction and retaliation are much more likely scenarios.

    I really really hope one day we will find out the truth in this, the real truth, not someone else's created reality!

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  189. BTW- then I hope to shut up and just go back to reading, I don't believe for a minute what I wrote about this being a grand scheme by one mentally ill man who locked up a guy and did this to him then dumped him at the hospital. I was more pointing out that at this point, with all the rhetoric it seems anything is possible. Also wanted to express gratitude for this site being here, and especially comment on Wiccan's posts- others here are sure smart and witty but you, in particular, have captured me. Smiles and cheers to you all. Sad that this entertainment has come at such a cost to a young man whose life has become a freak show on the internet, thanks to his "family"

  190. Chilli Pepper,I guess we posted at the same time. Very valid point you have there,on second thought. I have donated to causes before,but it seems like the L family are exploiting Dustin to get the money coming in. Whether or not they've begun collecting any yet,we certainly know it's coming.

    I too was reading just the information from the family for a while,and very little of it made sense. I'm thankful that we can come and post our true opinions here without being shot down or censored.

  191. This comment has been removed by the author.

  192. Sponsored by the makers of IPad, and Kool-Aide.

  193. Thanks Blair, if it was summed up perfectly I would have spelled "completely" right! LOL
    Back to trying to shut up now, so far it hasn't worked so well. Up until now it did, but once the fingers start going....
    you know, like what happened to Ryan! Speaking of that, what ever happened to "ask a big brother"? I never had a big brother, I had so many questions for him.

  194. Chilli, Kisster: thank you. from the bottom of my poor old worn out heart {{hugs}}

    Schizophrenia: Dustin Paxton's aunt Merle said he has it. Shannon, everything you said sums it up enough that I'd only waste space repeating it again.. Like you though, I don't think "One crazy mofo" is responsible.

    Blair, I can't condemn Renee's multitude of former *somethings* because I have a weird ass octopus of a family myself, but we all love each other and we'd all go to bat for each other in a heartbeat, without thought. Renee's attitude otherwise speaks volumes to me on a personal level though, to be vague: she certainly does not practice what she preaches (I've not seen her follow a single of our laws yet and yes, she does claim to be a Wiccan), and that has nothing to do with her life-mates..

    Kisster: they're exploiting first I think for the attention and the money was only a thought when someone else presented the idea at which point a whole new world of possibilities opened to them and they just took the flag and ran with it, that was when we became *fans* rather than *supporters* and the *professional* production/PR crews came into play [[ *waves* Hi Jodie! kiss-kiss, let's do lunch sometime, shall we? ]]

    I'm going to go ahead with putting this stuff in order on a blogspot, for my own records/peace of mind if for nothing else. This leg of the discussion all started here with K, and y'all can continue to read/visit here but I'm going to also give you my link (when I get it all ready to rock and roll) and you are invited, and welcomed with open arms, to also visit and share there. I know I'll still be back here just about as much as ever.

    I don't want to let this go, even if it doesn't get solved for a long time, but I want the info collected and in order so that others can see a bit of how this shit happened in the first place.

  195. Gracias Wiccan Outlaw, and the rest of you.


    I don't know how they missed deleting this thread. Funny that the people there are giving Lindsay (don't know if it's the same one mentioned here, sorry...not good with names lol) heck because she has a theory based on something mentioned in a blog! Oh the irony.
    And I am sure that this blog is being watched by many people, not just the police and the Lafortunes. That's most of the reason I refrained from posting in the first place. Now I can't seem to stop!

  198. This comment has been removed by the author.

  199. "Vonna Belcourt Reynen -Lindsey, You obviously have not read the information. Dustin was not involved..WITH GANGS, hello... he just happened to live in the neighborhood. When the police serve you to witness in court you can be charged if you do not appear.

    What happened to Dustin had nothing to do with homosexuality. It had to do with control. "

    May 25 at 10:23am · Report.April Fields WOW Lindsay!!! Have you even read Dustin L's story?? So according to your theory, in order to be a Victim you must have been involved in a crime?? That's so twisted. And as far as his weight loss is goes, I lost 60lbs in 2 months just dealing with the stress of a divorce. And I was free to eat when I chose, I wasn't beaten and tortured regularly, I didn't have inventions pouring through my body and lord knows what other horrible things he may have endured during those 2 months. Someone please remove her from this page, Dustin needs positive support right now, not ignorant attention seekers!"

    No ignorant attention seekers are allowed on his support sight! I may need to be banned from posting on this site. This is a serious matter. Really, it is. In the grande scheme of what is happening on this planet this must surely be the most important issue out there!

    Please people, get the answers, solve this fast, and let this fade into the vaults labeled "interesting bizzare crime stories" and let that be all.

    I am going to gag myself now, perhaps give myself a couple of shots to the head and give the floor back to you intelligent, more serious sleuths, cause I'm starting to lose it over here. Warning warning. don't go to the support site. you too may be subject to losing your mind from shaking your head so hard.


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