Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brittney Irving found dead

This isn't just another story. This isn't just another statistic. This is a human being. It saddens me and in a way enrages me, simply because she's not the only one.

We talked about how a Kelowna girl named Britney Irving went missing and was last seen making a pot deal with a member of the Independent Soldiers. Well today on the front page of the Vancouver Province we read that Britney isn't missing any more. She was found dead.

We already knew she had been living at a grow op that was busted shortly before her disappearance. We already knew she was addicted to OxyContin and was selling pot to pay for her habit. Well today the Province reports that her brother claimed this was going to be her last drug run and she was excited about going into rehab.

All we're left with is speculation. Did she really have that much money if her grow op was just busted? Did she have any drug debts? If they would cut off someone's finger for a $170.00 drug debt, what would they do if the debt was more than that?

Was she serious about going into rehab? Did she tell her business partners that? Surely they wouldn't have been as excited to lose a customer and a dealer. If it was the Independent Soldiers than that would clearly implicate the Hells Angels.

If you know anything about this case please call crimestoppers. Or at least tell us.


  1. Its been 5 years since ive been in kelowna. I use to roll with all the boys back in the day. Im so glad I got out when I did!

    I didnt know Brittney but I did know Neal. How sad it must be to lose a family memeber or a close friend. I hope Verma spends the longest sentence in jail possible. And I hope he realizes there wont be room for him in kelowna when he does get out.

  2. The sad thing is Britney isn’t the only one. Joey didn’t kill all of them. A higher power is involved. All the boys have their hands dirty now. When will there no longer be room for them in Kelowna?


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