Sunday, May 23, 2010

Throttlelockers MC Huckleberry BC

Oh brother. Another Hells Angels puppet club this time in 100 Mile house. The scourge continues. What makes me think they are a Hells Angels puppet club? Let's see... they brag about their endorsement from Rob in Kelowna:

And they brag about their associations with the Renegades in Prince George who the police say are a Hells Angels puppet club.

That's all we need. More crackhead puppets on a string.

Put away the Viagra before you hurt yourselves.


  1. No wonder the Hells Angels & friends are so fond of strippers & hookers...only a woman desperate for money or being coerced would get within 100 feet of these ugly, fat buggers.

  2. new motorcycle clubs are not necessarily doing the bidding of the HAMC, or controlled at all by them.

    sure, anybody who wants to form a real MC and wear the patch in Canada must first ask permission from the local HAMC chapter before flying their own colors in the streets but this doesn't mean you must start working for them, or they control your leadership.

    each club is totally different from the others usually which is why they start up their own club in the first place. if they wanted to be just like the HAMC, they would join them as prospects instead. it certainly isn't because a new MC is needed to deflect law enforcement attention from the dominant club as police claim, because HAMC members engaged in criminal activity have hordes of associates to do that for them, they don't need another MC to do it.

    it might not be an outlaw or 1%'er club either. the extremist jesus freaks who ride in an evangelical christian MC in the US still had to get permission from the HAMC, Mongols/Banditos or Pagans MC before starting up just like these new guys. also just because they hang out together doesn't mean they are actively involved in criminal activity because every allied MC including the veterans club hangs out together.

    being in an MC is still all about riding, and 'the life'. not every member is a criminal, but if called upon to do criminal activity for the club you have to do it (meaning beat the hell out of somebody, or hide weapons for other members from police ect.) but no club has an official drug dealing policy or godfather/underboss calling the shots like the mafia.

    individual members do that themselves, and usually the club doesn't care because they're outlaw MC's with hardly any rules.

    if you want to be like the mafia and strictly do criminal activity/sell drugs then you go to work for the Independent Soldiers or Red Scorpions of Zig Zag crew. the only affiliation said gangs have with the HAMC is that they probably get their supply from them, but nothing else is controlled I'm sure outlaw motorcycle members could care less what the IS or Scorpions do so long as it doesn't interfere with whatever they are doing.

    also if you note some of the guys who arrive at MC parties, they're not all rich looking dudes. some of them are piss-poor broke, and working menial labour jobs just to support their biker lifestyles while others are millionaires from organized crime.

  3. True but the Hells Angels are a criminal organization that bring huge amounts of cocaine into Canada and are busy creating puppet clubs like the Rockers, the Renegades, and the Zig Zag crew all over the country to sell crack for them. The fact that the Huckleberry Throttlelockers brag about a Hells Angels endorsement is very suspect as it their association with the Renegades who do in fact sell drugs for the Hells Angels.

  4. if i want to wear my patch and colors and not be associated with the HAMC, then i will. I dont deal, i dont rape, i ride my bike, do community work, and have a beer or 20. Tired of the paintbrush being laid on everyone. I thought the whole purpose of being a biker was being free...and now i gotta ask permission from someone to tell them im NOT affiliated or honing in on their

  5. You don’t have to ask permission to wear a senior citizen’s patch. You already do. You are right in that the whole purpose of being a biker was to be free. Then the Hells Angels came in and turned all these puppet clubs into drug dealers, pimps and enforcers. None of which has anything to do with living the dream. As long as any puppet clubs continue to lie and commit crime, the public will rat them out because that is the responsible thing to do. Your club brags about it’s associations with the Renegades who are drug dealers and the Hells Angels who are the puppet masters. I think you are lying. You can’t brag about your affiliation then deny it. It’s not believable.

  6. Actually im not a part of any of these clubs, dont wanna be 1%, just wanna hang with my brothers, have some beers, work on some bikes, and enjoy whats left of my freedoms before the BC government persecutes me further for being a taxpayer...

  7. Sorry, I misunderstood your previous post. I agree. If anyone creates a patch, they shouldn’t have to have permission from the Hells Angels and should not have to pay dues for the right to wear their own patch. Many other patches however, like the Rockers, Renegades and the Zig Zag crew deal drugs for the Hells Angels. The Campbell government is scary.

    Liberty is a very important right. The Hells Angels are infringing on our liberty with their extortion and organized crime. The Throttlelockers posted pictures of themselves with Renegades who do in fact sell drugs for the Hells Angels. Bragging about their affiliation with drug dealers creates just cause for a search warrant.

  8. These creeps make me physically tense, upset and angry. Walk a sturdy walk and proud of your name. Hope Daddy Cox is dead and if hes not he should be ashamed of what he grew. I was ripped off as a single mom going to university and B.Cox backed it. They deserve to fry so does anyone who associates with them!!!!!! Cowards Bullies sraight up bottom feeders

  9. I personally know a few people in the clubs and have northing but respect for them. They have never done any wrong to me.,and actually quite nice guys. There is good and bad in everyone, so you can't knock a whole crew.

    1. The president of the Throttlelockers has been charged along with two members of the Hells Angels with beating a father to death with baseball bats and hammers. It was that same Rob, Robert Thomas, that gave them their initial bully endorsement. You should be ashamed of yourself but you're not and that says it all.

    2. Sure we can. It's called "guilt by association".

      You would have us believe that "nice guys" hang around with people who sell drugs and beat people to death.

      They don't. "good and bad in everyone", blah blah......what a load of shit. When these guys are being sentenced for the callous, brutal death of an innocent man, they will have their lawyer saying exactly this sort of drivel...about how they collected toys for underprivileged kids and were good fathers.....well, guess what we don't punish them for all the good things they might ever have done, because NONE OF IT, even taken in it's totality, (even if any of that were true) balances the scales or mitigates their offense.

      Justice would be the three of them being taken out and beaten to death as well, so they could spend their last moments in this life experiencing what they inflicted on the victim.

  10. I just learned about the man killed in Kelowna. Wow...I am completely disappointed in this club and yes it is the club because they allow the one to remain in the club. That being said they endorse these types of violent attacks on unarmed people over trivial kid fights. If they didn't he wouldn't be in the club simple as that. I have absolutely no respect for them now and will not endorse any thing, purchase anything, or voice against the government taking their homes.


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