Friday, May 7, 2010

The B.C. Solicitor General Revolving Door

Well Kash Heed does it again. B.C.'s Solicitor General resigned while he was being investigated for election fraud. He's cleared, then is reappointed to the post only to resign again hours later when it turns out the special prosecutor that cleared him was a donor to his campaign.

This is really bizarre. As much as I despise Gordon Campbell I personally don't see the Kash Heed scandal as being much of a scandal. After all we have a drunk driver for a premier who just made stiffer laws against drunk driving. He lowered the blood alcohol level that deems over the legal limit.

So Kash Heed's office sent out a nasty campaign flyer full of stereotypes against the NDP. Nothing earth shattering there. The NDP candidate complained at the time and we heard about it during the election. I don't know why it made big news when he became SG. Gordon Campbell lies all the time.

However, if he wanted to take a hard on crime stance during the election, he should follow through with it. Unfortunately, that would be wishful thinking. Gordon Campbell campaigned against the gold plated pension when he was running for office then implemented it as well as two large pay raises amid devastating budget cut backs after he was elected.

Gordon Campbell also campaigned against the HST and we can all see where that went. He rammed it in stating he would not recognize a petition calling for a referendum on the HST. Can you say Brian Mulroney? No one seems to care about the Gordon Campbell scandal(s). Not to mention B.C. Rail. Much.

The last Solicitor General, John van Dongen, resigned over another "scandal". He had too many speeding tickets. I really didn't see that as a big scandal either. Of all the limp fish in Gordon Campbell's party, van Dongen was doing a good job. Dave Hayer is one of the other few I trust in that party but it's kind of like Carol James' challenge.

Carol James is a wonderful person and a competent leader. I trust her a million times more than Gordon Campbell. However, I don't trust everyone in her party. Bruce Ralston, Mike Farnworth and Penny Priddy are all standing up against crime. I'm not so sure about all the others. However, it would clearly appear that the B.C. NDP would be much better on crime than Campbell's liberals.

Let's just hope that Gordon Campbell will go down in history like Brian Mulroney did and have his party wiped off the face of the earth as he's replaced by a balanced coalition of Bill Vandersalm and Carol James. Isn't that an ironic combination? Personally, I think it would be a good balance between the extremes.


  1. Agent K,

    I don't know who you are. But having come across your blog for the first time, I like your attitude: that truth and the public interest come first ... and all other considerations need scrutiny.

    I hope you'll visit my blog, now and then, which has focused during its 4 years and 1,500 posts, on BC Rail. How did we lose it? Wtf was that all about? And is it an indicator of how things are done in the Campbell era? [Yes it is #3, I'm convinced of that ... but we're just coming to the sticking point in BC Supreme Court, and elsewhere.]

    Here's a question for you, Agent K. Why did Bill Berardino turn to Tom Berger for the "All clear" on his perceived conflict of interest. "Do your duty ..." said the venerable Berger. Or did he? Either the fabulous Berger who conducted the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Hearings and ... [gasp!] ... listened to the people ... either that Berger is gone ... or ... could the Uber-Special Special Prosecutor be making stuff up? Naaahh. Not Bill Berardino, our Special crown prosecutor battling to shield the Campbell government. Never.

    But all the same, would any of that in-group turn to the only NDP supreme court justice ... the only one ... and, seek his advice? take his advice? and then, crunch-time, broadcast that it's NDP Berger's advice? Berger's and nobody else's? Which Bill meekly obeyed?

    Just askin'.

    BC Mary
    The Legislature Raids

  2. Mary,

    Thanks for the info and link. I am very interested in the BC Rail case. I think that is far more significant then speeding tickets or sending out a tainted election flyer. There are more than one kind of gangster in our society. Some sell crack, some sit on the wrong side of the bench, while others use their office to betray public trust. I’ve linked to your blog on my web site. Cheers.

  3. Kash Heed's job is to find ways to cancel the RCMP contract in BC, and build a provincial police force like OPP, one that is loyal to only him and also provide lucrative equipment contracts for all the BC Liberals various cronies.

    It's only natural the RCMP are going to nail him for every little breach in his election office to run him out of town. This is a good thing, as the RCMP is the best police force in Canada (ignore the airport RCMP, that's where they dump all the excess baggage and clowns who don't make the street cut) and infinitely better than any corrupt creations Kash Heed and the BC Liberals comes up with.

  4. Kash Heed did seem to want to form a Regional Police force. Indeed that would be problematic as each agency doesn’t want to give up power. City police being unionized while the RCMP is not is another twist for some.

    Personally I don’t see a Regional Police force as a big priority and can’t see how that will solve all our problems when people like Peter Leask are the real problem. A revolving door judiciary is frustrating for any police force whether they be municipal, regional or federal.

    Wally Opal was a complete limp fish when it came to reforming the judicial system in BC. He said it was fine. Yet even the VPD are frustrated with chronic offenders getting less time the more offenses they commit:

    Any police force the BC Liberals come up with would be scary indeed.


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