Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hells Angels Kingpin Crew

These guys just don't quit creating new names for criminal puppets. The media reports there's a new gang in Kelowna called the Kingpin Crew. Word is some of these Kingpin Crew prospects were harassing people at Slack Alice's Show and Shine in Penticton last Saturday. Hells Angels had three tents there selling T-shirts.

I wonder if any of them know where Geoff Meisner and Brittney Irving are? Isn't Joey with the Independent Soldiers? Please advise.

They just registered their domain February 2010. So there we have it, a multitude of puppet clubs selling drugs for the Hells Angels all over B.C. The Independent Soldiers now work for the Hells Angels too. Same shit different pile.

In fact, the police claim one of the Kingpen Crew is very closely associated with the Independent Soldiers. Maybe he knows where Britney is. They speculate that the Kingpin Crew could be a spin off of the IS but it's more likely they are a spin off or a puppet club of the Hells Angels since that is who the IS work for.

In fact, "three men were spotted in a [Kelowna] nightclub last weekend wearing black vests with full crests sporting the name Kingpin Crew. The men were visiting Liquid Zoo, a Lawrence Avenue strip bar associated with the Hells Angels." Tell me, if they would cut off someone's finger for a $170 drug debt, what would they do if the debt was larger than that? Please advise.


  1. A one-time full-patch member of the Hells Angels died in a shooting near Vancouver City Hall early Thursday morning.

    Vancouver police identified the victim as Juel Ross Stanton, 41, a well-known Hells Angels member who had been out on bail on assault and weapons charges.

    SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MAKE THEM MAD Mr.H word around Kelowna is Mr.G is not happy with you. You sure have put both groups into the news and the talk of the town.

    Neighbours said they heard as many as 10 gunshots ring out at a house at W. 11th Avenue and Columbia Street at around 6:15 a.m. Thursday, and later saw a body lying outside the house.

  2. Yeah that was kind of bizarre. You can sell drugs and commit murder for the Hells Angels but as soon as you draw some bad press they’ll take you out. Insane. Why would they honour Otis Garrett but kill Juel Stanton?

    Mr. G is not happy with Mr. H? G must stand for geriatric. It’s OK to advertize your friendship with murders and drug dealers in Trois Riviere but God help you if you get on Gyrator’s bad side. He’s a nice guy alright. Not. Ya think Dale would have attracted enough bad press when he was charged in that double murder over a debt he owed in Calgary. Wasn’t that ironic.


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