Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lady Gaga banned by Communist China

The Guardian is reporting that Lady Gaga has reportedly been added to a list of hostile foreign forces banned by China’s Communist party after she met with the Dalai Lama to discuss yoga. Communist China banns love, kindness, and compassion. Go figure.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, the Independent is reporting that "The Chinese government continues to illegally harvest organs from millions of its innocent prisoners despite saying it had ended the practice two years ago, a decade-long study has alleged. Experts estimate between 60,000 and 100,000 prisoners of conscience are executed annually and have their hearts, livers and other organs removed to use for transplants."

This report conforms concerns that local protesters in Vancouver expressed which the Harper government pressured the city of Vancouver into shutting down so he could sell our oil rights to the Communist dictatorship. Whatever happened to the Hong Kong protest? It was shut down.

Asians in Vancouver are concerned about Communist China's human rights abuses. Why isn't Gregor Robertson? Surely he can relate now that they arested his girlfriend's mother on "coruption" charges. His girlfriend is Tourism Vancouver's ambassador for China.

Report into allegations of organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China

Finian Commission Spotlight on Communist China

Don't worry. You can stand under my umbrella.

UBC’s statue, the Goddess of Democracy, was holding an umbrella today

"Those who never fought for freedom shall never know the taste of it."

Janette Wu loses security clearance

Speaking of the elephant in the room, here's another case that smells pretty fishy. The National Post is reporting that "A woman who lost her security clearance allowing access to restricted areas at the Vancouver International Airport - and with it her job with airport ground services - because she was once married to a member of the Hells Angels."

This case isn't just the epitome of hypocrisy, it smells downright fishy. The ex wife of a member of the Hells Angels loses her security clearance at the airport while full patch Hells Angels are allowed port passes to work at the docks. That is unequal enforcement of the law.

Another example is Mindi Niedermeiser, the B.C. border guard who partied with the Hells Angels, had been previously fired by the Canada Border Services Agency for misconduct but was reinstated after an appeal. So we have active members of the Hells Angels and their associates obtaining security clearances they shouldn't while someone who is clearly no longer affiliated with the club or never was is denied a security clearance. Something doesn't add up.

When the "New" BC Gang task force runs interference for the Hells Angels in the press, one has to wonder what side they are really on? If they are now compromised like the EPS perhaps we should contract out Alberta's Gang Task force ALERT since they are still putting the pressure on the Hells Angels despite the fact that the BC Gang Task force has stopped. It comes as no big surprise. We saw the writing on the all after the Kelowna Summer Jam. They did such a good job busting David Giles and that stolen car ring in Kelowna the Christy Clark government disbanded the OMGU (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit) and cut funding to the gang task force. Every time a police task force found organized crime a government body disbanded that police task force.

There is no way this woman who is now remarried to a US Sheriff poses any security risk at the airport whatsoever. What is more likely is that the club doesn't want her there in case she recognized someone like Villy trying to smuggle a gun on a plane and alerts the authorities. It's more likely that the HAs wanted her out and the gang task force accommodated them. Just like how they will kick a Hells Angels associate out of a bar under Barwatch but not an actual patch holder. It is also sad to see how much influence the Hells Angels have over the courts. It is reminiscent of Peter Leask and Ron Skolrood. If it looks like a fish, swims like a fish and smells like a fish, odds are something fishy is indeed going on.

Surrey Entrapment Fraud exposes Elephant in the Room

I understand that the judge in the Surrey Pressure cooker fraud entrapment case will render her decision on the entrapment argument July 27th if not sooner. June 17th the Vancouver Sun reported that "B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce says she must confront 'the elephant in the room' to decide the fate of a Surrey couple found guilty of terrorism for the 2013 Canada Day plot. The question, she said, was not whether, without the elaborate RCMP sting, the heinous scheme would have occurred but whether John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were even capable of it. Bruce feared that without police help 'not (that the pair) wouldn’t have committed, but couldn’t have committed' the planned bombing at the legislature."

Although that is very true, if one takes 30 seconds to actually look at the evidence it is crystal clear that without CSIS' assistance and pressure, this couple would not have even conceived of such a heinous plot let alone attempt it. It is also crystal clear that without CSIS' help they could not have done it either, That is not debatable. It is an obvious fact. Without CSIS' help and pressure there was no means or motive to commit this crime. That is entrapment. As I have said before, if the legal definition of entrapment exists in law, there has never been a more clear case of entrapment in the history of the earth. RCMP Terrorist Quotas have got to go.

Now to address the elephant in the room the judge refers to. If you say there is an elephant in the room, you mean that there is an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about. Indeed there is. Its' called CSIS. CSIS is in contempt of court for refusing to abde by a court order to hand over documents. That alone is grounds for a dismissal of the charges.

During the trial we were told that CSIS was directly involved with this entrapment. They didn't just pass on a tip to the RCMP like they claimed. They set the whole con up from day one. They also had help. In the beginning of the trial counsel for the defense stated American authorities were also involved in the entrapment. Big surprise.

So just what American Intelligence agency are we referring to? We have heard about many cases in the US where the FBI have foild a FBI terror plot. Bill Tieleman reported that “James Cromitie (was) a low-level ex-drug dealer who converted to Islam. A well-paid FBI informant befriended the Walmart worker and promised him $250,000 and a new BMW car to fire Stinger surface-to-air missiles at U.S. military planes and plant bombs at Jewish targets in New York.” Why would they do that? Without the FBI there was no means or motive to commit that crime.

Back to the elephant. We know the FBI only works within the United states while the CIA works outside of the United States. That is their respective mandated jurisdiction. So if American Intelligence agencies were operating on Canadian soil and helped set up this entrapment case it was the CIA. Since the Gary Webb story has been confirmed and validated a hundred times since his murder, it is clear that the CIA has been deeply involved in drug trafficking since the Vietnam war through Iran contra right up to Operation Fast and Furious. Perhaps that is something Canadian drug enforcement agents should be looking at.

The RCMP and the CBC reported that CSIS had a handler that helped plan the Air India bombing and actualy provided the explosives for that heinous attack. CSIS still need to be charged in that murder. That is the elephant in the room we cannot ignore that nobody wants to talk about.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Surrey Drive Bys - Updates

Surrey Alerts reported that there was a drive by shooting at 60th Avenue and 128th street today.

Update: The Surrey Now is reporting that A 21-year-old man showed up at a local hospital suffering from a gunshot wound Monday night, roughly 40 minutes after a shooting in Newton.

2nd Update: Front Page of the Vancouver Province is the headline about a family dog being shot dead in a surrey drive by shooting. Like I always say, here in Canada, never mind human genocide, if you cut down a tree or kick a dog you're in big trouble. Never mind all the people who have been shot. Now that they shot a dog all of a sudden everyone is pissed.

The Abby News is reporting that "Three men are in custody and facing charges after shots were fired into a vehicle early Wednesday morning in Abbotsford."

CBC is reporting that one man is in hospital after a shooting in New Westminster Thursday morning in the 300 block of Carnarvon Street.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

James Riach and Damion Ryan getting their HA patch

Several sources claim that James Riach and Damion Ryan both have received their Hells Angels patch. February of this year Kim Bolan confirmed that Damion become a member of the Ontario Nomads. Damian has been up to his eyeballs in drug and weapons charges and has been involved in several shootings for years. If the Hells Angels are promoting that kind of criminal then that is another step towards criminal organization status.

As for the gingerbread man, James Riach has been involved with the Hells Angels and the Bacon brothers since before the Surrey Six murder where the Bacon brothers took over the Red Scorpions for the Hells Angels. After walking away from the Kelowna shooting with minor scratches when Jonathon Bacon was killed and Larry Amero was shot, Riach was busted in the Philippines for his involvement in a large drug trafficking ring tied to the Hells Angels.

Several sources claim James Riach got his patch from the chapter in Greece but I have yet to confirm that officially. Greece was where Robby Alkhalil was found and arrested.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dawson Creek fentanyl bust

BC Local News is reporting that "Forty-three people are facing charges after police officers made several drug and weapons busts in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit began an investigation into street- and mid-level drug traffickers last summer. On Friday, the unit revealed the haul of drugs, weapons and cash it seized as a result of the probe, and the details of the charges." Big city crime expanding into small towns.

Among items seized were a rifle, shotgun, AAR15, 74 ounces of cocaine, Approximately 700 fentanyl pills, 3.5 grams of crystal methamphetamine and 1.75 litres of liquid GHB. 29 people have been arrested, while another 14 are still on the run. Charged so far are Jamie Christopher St. Denis, 37, Christina Marie MacKay, 30, in Dawson Creek and Ryan Holden, 36, of Dawson Creek each face numerous drug and weapons charges.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Fire sweeps legal grow op in Langley

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that a fire swept through a legal grow op in Langley thursday morning and that there appears to have been a person sleeping in the grow-op who fled the scene when firefighters arrived. The CFSU busted several grow ops in Mission tied to the Hells Angels a few years ago. In 2013 there was another legal grow op in Surrey that burned down. The owner claimed it was tied to the Hells Angels and they burned it down after he tried to raise the rent.

People claim legalizing drugs will take it out of the hands of organized crime but that simply is not true. Exotic dancing is legal and that didn't stop the Hells Angels from using violence to take over that industry in BC. Drugs and prostitution is legal in Amsterdam and that certainly didn't stop them there. The Hells Angels were accused of using bully power to extort the owners of the Yab Yum brothel into selling it to them for far less than what it was worth.

The question we need to ask is if the legal grow op in Langley that burned down on thursday was tied to the Hells Angels. Perhaps it wasn't. Maybe that's why it was burned down. Like I said I have no problem with the black door or if the Hells Angels run a few grow ops. My problem is them saying no one else is allowed to have a grow except us and if you do run a grow you have to pay a tax to us or have an accident. That is complete bullsh*t. I believe in a free market. People should go to the Hells Angels because they have a quality product at a fair price not because they shot and killed all the competition.

Britain Breaks Free

Well this is interesting. Scotland votes to stay in the UK and the UK votes to leave the European Union. Finally Britain awakes. There is a lot of absurd doom and gloom rhetoric complaining about their decision to abort the fraud but I will clarify the step forward. Everybody likes free trade and everybody wants to prosper. The problem with most of these trade agreements is that they have nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with giving up sovereignty.

After signing a treaty supporting a European Union, with no Constitution or Charter of Rights that binds future governments by law to protect civil liberty, what guarantee do you have that new Union remains a free republic as opposed to a galactic empire so to speak? With no Constitution or Charter of Rights you have absolutely no protection whatsoever. Civil liberty is lost and so is the Free Republic. So stop the doom and gloom nonsense. None of us are that stupid.

Holland has already expressed valid concerns to this Galactic Empire in the EU. Another one of the concerns is Banking fraud. Ireland was finally beginning to prosper. Then all of a sudden they were surprisingly hit with a huge bank fraud similar to Greece. The Irish are smart. Screw them over and they will not forget. A star hasn't fallen. It just broke free.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

3rd Prince George Shooting

CFJC Today is reporting that this morning just after midnight police responded to the third targeted shooting in Prince George withn two weeks. A 26 year old man was shot and taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. Police believe the incident was drug related.

This shooting was just a block away from where a 30-year-old man was killed last Thursday in a targeted hit. Nearly a week before, police responded to Freeman Street, where neighbours were nearly hit by a stray bullet. Police admit that shooting was also tied to the drug trade.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Update on the Hells Angels Criminal Organization Status

As most people know, this blog started off with two fouding premises. The first was that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization. The second was that the CIA is also a criminal organization. Kerri Krysko argued against the criminal organization status of the Hells Angels. She coined the phrase, the Hells Angels aren't a criminal organization, they are an organization of criminals.

That was a pretty profound statement and it took me some thought to figure out what it meant. Kerri claimed that although there are many members of the Hells Angels who are criminals, there are many more who aren't. Take Maple Ridge for example. There are a ton of Hells Angels in Maple Ridge. Are they all involved in criminal activity? I don't think they are. I think there are a few key members who are involved in criminal activity. Unfortunately they use the name and reputation of the club to promote a monopoly on their criminal activity.

This new perspective caused me to rethink my position. I stopped supporting an overall criminal organization status and supported a case by case scenario instead. The Kelowna chapter was involved in so much criminal activity any judge that denies the seizure of that clubhouse is either an idiot or on the take. East Vancouver is a hard call. The police do have a long list of criminal activity for the court. Victoria, not quite as much. That would be a harder sell.

That's why I suggested a consent order returning the Victoria clubhouse on the condition that the Kelowna clubhouse would be seized under proceeds of crime. The East Vancouver clubhouse would have to go to trial. The Edmonton clubhouse is next to be seized because the amount of criminal activity they have been convicted of is staggering just like Kelowna. Maple Ridge, not a chance. The police would be better off doing what they are doing by seizing assets from the key players there clearly involved in criminal activity.

Recently Kim Bolan posted an update on Skeletor's trial. The crown says there is overwhelming evidence to convict him. No doubt. That's why he never made bail. His coaccused was convicted and Giles was the ring leader. The interesting thing in the article is the court transcript which quotes Giles who "explained that not all Hells Angels are involved in illegal activity. His words were `not everybody in the family is in the business.’ But if they are going to be involved in illegal activities that might affect the club, they have to bring it to the table and let the officers decide.”

That is a pivotal statement that speaks to the criminal organization argument and clearly establishes legal liability of the entire executive when that chapter is convicted of criminal activity. He admits that when members of a chapter are involved in criminal activity, it has to be approved by the executive. That makes them criminally culpable. He just implicated every HA executive in the world where members or associates are involved in criminal activity.

Update: David Giles found guilty

Monday, June 20, 2016

Crystal meth bust at BC Border Crossing

AM 730 is reporting that Canadian Border Agents seized 32-kilograms of meth, and one kilo each of heroin and cocaine in a truckload from the U.S. on May 26th at Surrey’s Pacific Highway Crossing. The truck driver is a B.C. resident. Interesting that the crystal meth was coming into Canada this time. I guess that famous Hells Angels Surrey meth cook left town.

Steven Seagal thinks a lot of mass shootings are engineered

Speaking of the US Constitution Steven Seagal gave a powerful interview outlining exactly what he thinks about that sacred document. In the video he states “I believe in the second amendment and our constitution more than anything in the world, and I think that Adolf Hitler - for example - when he wanted to annihilate the people of Germany - the first thing he did was to take away their guns. And the right to bear arms wasn’t just to protect the people from foreign invaders, it was to protect them from evil governments, and anyone that would violate their inherited rights as human beings.” He continues, “I believe that and I hate to say this, a lot of these mass murders and all this funny stuff that’s going on, I believe a lot of this is engineered.”

A lot of us think it but he actually came right out and said it. There have been a lot of dramatic mass shootings that are absolutely bizarre from Sandy Hook to San Bernardino. In Sandy Hook Anderson Cooper of CNN was caught using a green screen in the funeral interview. Movies use green screen to add special effects. Anderson Cooper worked two summers for the CIA before becoming a reporter. In San Bernardino witnesses claim there was more than one shooter.

Likewise in the recent Orlando shooting some things simply don't add up. Reports are coming in that the shooter was himself gay. Witnesses claim he had attended the club previously on more than one occasion. The biggest inconsistency in that case is the number of people shot and the number of rounds fired. 49 people dead, 53 people injured and a firefight with police. That's a lot of reloading for one AR and one handgun. Logic would declare there was more than one shooter in Orlando just like in the San Bernardino case. Do I think it's possible that the CIA orcastraited this horific event and blamed it on one of the vctims they shot? Yes I do.

I'm not going to get into a pissing match over this because this is serious. I'm just going to throw it out there because I can and should. Something needs to be said.

The purpose of a false flag attack is to sway public opinion. As soon as the Orlando shooting happened, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, two criminals who sold the Mexican cartel guns during Operation Fast and Furious, launch a public campaign in support of gun control. Big Surprise.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fathers in the hood

This Father's Day I'd ike to speak on fatherhood or more specifically fathers in the hood. Last Mother's Day Kerri Krysko gave a shout out to all the single parent fathers who've had to assume the role of both father and mother. Likewise I'd like to salute all the single parent mothers who have had to pick up the slack and assume the role of both mother and father.

I knew a little boy who grew up without a father. His father didn't want to pay child support so he quit his job and worked under the table. He then got a court order saying he didn't have to pay child support because he didn't earn enough income. The kid is a grown man now and turned out just fine without him. He's a hardworking productive member of society.

Sadly the father doesn't even acknowledge his son's birthday or send him anything at Christmas and no they're not Jehovah's Witness. They do celebrate birthdays and Christmas. It's just that this father doesn't for this son. I feel sorry for the kid but I also feel sorry for the father. He missed out on his son's entire childhood. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Fatherhood can change how we view life or the direction our life is currently going. Many people have told me they left the gang life and got their act together after they had a child. Kids can inspire us to be better. They enrich our lives.

I never grew up in the hood. People joke about Surrey but its not the hood. I have lived in the hood though. New York City, Brixton, Belfast, South Seattle with all the crack dealers, that was the hood. When we were doing a crack down there I remember speaking with one crack head who was completely oblivious to reality holding a young baby. The diaper hadn't been changed in a long time and was very loose. The baby started wetting herself and it was leaking out of the diaper all over him. He didn't even notice. He just had that glazed look in his eye talking nonsense. I felt sorry for the baby but I also felt sorry for the guy. It was such a waste.

In contrast, my father set a wonderful example. He and my mother inspired my family creed - Honesty, Service, Sacrifice. I wrote my father while living in Ireland and told him that as I looked back over my childhood those were the three things I learned from my parents' example. He wrote back and said he never thought about it that way before. Honesty, isn't honesty if you have to think about it. Service isn't service if done for any kind of reward and sacrifice is simply the joy of parenthood. I thought then that if I could look back on my life and see every sacrifice I had ever made as a father was simply the joy of parenthood, then I would have lived a successful life.

So today I will visit my father's grave and have a pint of holy water to salute the sacrifices I have made as a father and the joy I feel as a proud parent. Life is good so it is. The secret to having it all is knowing that you already do. Peace.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

State of the Union Part Two: Requiem for the American Dream with Noam Chomsky

There is a thought provoking documentary on Netflix called Requiem for the American Dream with Noam Chomsky. I highly recommend it. Before I dive into my synopsys of that documentary I'm going to raise two points that I disagree with and feel are very important to clarify.

In the beginning of the documentary he quotes James Madison from the debates of the Constitutional convention and states "the major concern for the society has to be to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority." He seems to imply that the intent of the Constitution is to promote inequality and give the rich power over the poor which is in reality the opposite of what the Constitution does. It's not about circumventing democracy. It's about preserving it.

I'll spin the analogy to a different example and show how it relates to this one. Protecting the minority from the majority is a fundamental principle in the Constitution. Take religious freedom for example. If the majority of the people are Protestant and they want to oppress the minority of Catholics, then the Constitution protects the rights of the minority. It goes both ways. If the majority of the people are Catholic and they want to oppress the Protestants, then the Constitution protects the rights of the minority.

Likewise if the majority of the people are Christian or Atheist, then the constitution prevents them from oppressing the Jews, Muslims, Atheists or Christians. The same goes for race. If the majority of the people are white, then the Constitution is framed to prevent them from oppressing the minority who are black and visa versa. Protecting the minority from the majority is very different than helping the minority oppress the majority which is an obvious concern for everyone.

I have heard it said that some Americans are so passionate about protecting the Constitution that they think the Constitution is actually inspired by God. That's because it is. It was predicted that the day would come when the Constitution would hang by a thread and that day has come. We need to be vigilant in protecting the constitution so that the liberty it creates within a Free republic is not lost forever. God is the author of liberty. Satan is the author of slavery. That struggle continues to this day in more ways than one.

The Redistribution of Wealth

I do not believe in the redistribution of wealth. I don't believe in taking the wealth from the rich because protection of persons and property is a fundamental principle in the Constitution. I have no problem with paying taxes. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. I have a problem with excessive taxes, wasting tax dollars and the misappropriation of tax dollars. I have a problem with people like Donald Trump paying zero taxes. That is wrong. The lower taxes the better but everyone should pay their fair share. Michael Moore pointed out how times have changed. The rich used to be in higher tax brackets and pay more taxes than the poor. Now the tables have turned and the rich pay little or no tax while the working class carries the whole tax burden. Not only that but the rich are getting richer from the taxes of the working class. That is messed up.

Even Warren Buffett said the fact that he still pays less tax than his secretary is wrong and he is right. We have gone from one extreme to the other. Low corporate tax is good but not at the expense of consumers. It's not a redistribution of wealth, it's fixing the unjust tax laws that exploit the poor then take tax dollars from the poor and put it directly into the pockets of the rich. Like the Wall Street bailout which was the result of deregulation and fraud which became easier to commit after they deregulated everything. That is wong.

Communism is different than Consecration

It is true that Christ condemned the love of riches and taught to give to the poor. The parable of the sheep and goats taught that is the cutting edge of the final judgement. It is also true that some believe Christ and his apostles lived a higher law where they held all things in common so to speak. Some compare it to socialism but it is very different than communism.

Consecration is based on free agency. Communism is not. If people choose to live in a society where all things are in common, every member of that community commit to living certain rules and standards. One of those rules is the willingness to work. Although Christian service is without that condition, Consecration is not. If you are trying to build the ideal society where all things are held in common and half the peole in that community refuse to work, that ideal society will fail. That's why we need a system built on incentive.

If an angry mob comes into my neighbourhood and says we are going to take what little I have just because they can, I will use reasonable force to oppose them. That is what is referred to as sailors rights - the protection of persons and property. We have a right and duty to defend our homes and families.

Communism is one great big lie. It promises social justice but delivers the opposite. In fact, the inequality of wealth that Noam Chomsky refers to is an example of how Communism is infiltrating our current society. Why do you think the bankers and Rothschilds funded the Communist revolution in Russia? So they could take over the workers revolution and maintain their elite status that we see exists within the politicians in Communist China.

Investment Fraud

Last post we discussed the CIA's control of the media and how they are still spamming the media with press releases on a regular basis trying to control public opinion. Drug trafficking is one of the major concerns about the CIA but that's not all. Investment fraud is another. Former US Navy Intelligence officer Al Martin claimed Jeb Bush instructed him how to commit investment fraud as an additional means to raise money for Iran contra. The Bush family were deeply involved in investment fraud that helped crash banks during the S&L crisis back in the /80's. So was the CIA. The CIA would default on bank loans with the promise that the banks would be bailed out with tax dollars. That is still a huge concern today.

The CIA crashed the BCCI. The common thread in that scam was drug trafficking, money laundering and investment fraud. They did the same thing in Australia where they crashed the Nugan Hand Bank once again through drug trafficking, money laundering and investment fraud. The CBS ran a documentary on it.

Judith A. "Jami" Miscik was the Deputy Director for Intelligence for the CIA. In 2005 she left CIA to become Global Head of Sovereign Risk for the Lehman Brothers firm before it too went bankrupt in 2008. Earl W. Brian embezzled $50 million from Nesbitt Thompson’s clients in Canada for the CIA and went to jail for fraud. He was released from prison in 2002. Investment fraud and the CIA go hand in hand and is another reason we should be much slower to reprint their press releases without confirming the source. Disinformation is their specialty.

The Greek financial crisis was the result of investment fraud. What was public money became private then disappeared. Instead of throwing away the Constitution we need to protect it and eliminate all the deregulation which made investment fraud so prevalent.

Democracy and the Constitution

Under the Constitution a rich man and a poor man have the same vote. If the poor man doesn't exercise that right it's no one's fault but his own. Americans need to be more involved in their primaries so next election they will have a decent choice on the ballot. Peace.

BTW Communism has failed in Venezuela. Once again it failed to deliver.

State of the Union Part One: The CIA's control of the media

State of the Union Part One: The CIA's control of the media

Hillary Clinton obtaining the nomination for the Democrat party has caused me to launch a two part series on the State of the Union. Part one is about the CIA's control of the media and part two is about the documentary Requiem for the American Dream with Noam Chomsky.

Pink Floyd wrote a powerful song called Requiem for a Post war dream and asked Maggie what have we done? Noam Chomsky's documentary Requiem for the American Dream is stirring and thought provoking. He is a very intelligent man. I'm going to make a slightly different conclusion than he has and paint a bit more hopeful future for the state of affairs we are in. I concede his analogies are valid and concerning. Yet I'm a firm believer in the US Constitution and the Free republic. I don't subscribe to the redistribution of wealth. I subscribe to the preservation of civil liberty and the protection of the real American dream life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I don't think this is the worst point in American history. I believe there is hope. I think it's more like a Tale of two Cities by Charles Dickens. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way- in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only."

Part One: The CIA's control of the media

Last December I wrote a two part series on Mainstream Media Censorship. Part one was about Media mergers and Corporate advertising while Part two was about the Dan Rather and the Gary Webb story. Media mergers are a concern because when one entity owns all the media outlets, it becomes easier to control. That was clearly demonstrated when Conrad Black was buying up all the newspapers and firing any editor that printed anything labour friendly.

When I refer to labour I'm not talking about a left wing agenda. I'm talking about people who work for a living and unlike Donald Trump actually pay taxes. Abraham Lincoln once said “If any man tells you he loves America, yet hates labor, he is a liar. If any man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool.”

I used to think the media was unbiased and just reported the news. I was very naive. Rupert Murdoch normally endorsed conservative candidates for Prime minister but switched to endorsing Tony Blair who was labour then switched back to conservative by endorsing David Cameron. Rupert Murdoch can vote for and endorse whoever he chooses. He owned the newspaper. When Tony Blair was running for office Murdoch's newspapers would run articles supporting Tony Blair and wouldn't run articles opposing him. The same thing with David Cameron when he ran for office. That isn't just media censorship, that is outright propaganda.

It turns out the Murdoch phone hacking scandal was tied to British Intelligence. Big surprise. How else was he able to tap Princess Diana's phone? This in turn leads us to the direct influence the "Intelligence" community has over the media. We know that MI 6 was caught red handed sending out false press releases about Iraq's weapons of Mass destruction to sell the unlawful invasion of Iraq to the public. That invasion was based on a lie not a mistake. They had no weapons of mass destruction and they knew it before they invaded. Despite the fact that they were the ones that put Saddam Hussein in power and sold him chemical weapons to use on Iran. When Operation Mass Appeal hit the press Dr Kelly, the British Weapons inspector in Iraq who was the whistleblower was found dead of a suspicious suicide.

We know that the CIA sent out the press release about the third tower in New York collapsing before it actually happened. The other day I was browsing through the newspaper and I just felt sick to my stomach. All the crazy drama. It looked like numerous reports were written by the intelligence community trying to control public opinion. Then two days later there was another article about ISIS quoting the director of the CIA.

That was my proof. If they are quoting the Director of the CIA it's pretty obvious the CIA are spamming the media with press releases and the media is blindly printing them because they are too lazy to do any investigative journalism and actually verify the story before printing it. Wouldn't want to ruffle any feathers and end up like Dan Rather. All the local newspapers are the same now. They share stories with each other. There is no alternate view there's just one view. CBC and the Tyee appear to be the only independents left.

The mainstream media's complete burial of Operation Fast and Furious and the continuation of Iran contra which helped Hillary Clinton obtain the Democratic nomination is evidence of how bad it has become. FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has a blog called boiling frogs. The analogy is obviously from the claim that frog are cold blooded. If you put a frog into hot water it will immediately jump out but if you put a frog into a pot of cold water and gradually increase the heat the frog won't notice it and will stay there until it boils.

Why are we printing press releases from the CIA at all? They have been caught intentionally sending out false information in the past. They have been deeply involved in drug trafficking since the Vietnam war. Operation Fast and Furious validated the Gary Webb story and showed us that Iran contra never stopped. Why do we print any of their lies at all? Would we blindly print press releases from the Hells Angels or any other organization of drug traffickers? Why then do we print the CIA's lies? That should stop if the main stream media wants credibility in the eyes of the public who buy their newspapers.

Although the present situation is dark, there is still hope on the horizon. Thanks to supply and demand consumers can chose to support independent and alternative views. We just need to realize where all these birrare press releases are coming from so we can see through the propaganda and form our own opinions. Voters are supposed to direct governments. Governments are not suposed to brainwash voters. We are still free to choose what to read, how to think and what to support. Peace.

Up next: A synopsis of Noam Chomsky's Requiem for the American Dream.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton and Operation Fast and Furious

The New York Times is reporting that Obama has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton and asked Bernie Sanders to step down. This comes as no surprise because the Obama deception was tied to the Bush Clinton Fraud. The crown event that ties it all together is Operation Fast and Furious. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that Former US Attorney General Eric Holder is endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. Do we remember who the former AG is? He was the freaking scapegoat for the Operation Fast and Furious scandal. If Eric Holder is endorsing anyone that is a huge concern. Now those two criminals have the audacity to declare we have just too many guns. Go figure. You were the ones selling guns to the Mexican cartel for God's sake.

Back in 2011 Infowars reported that "Last week it was reported that the State Department and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were deeply involved in the scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious, or Project Gunwalker. Today, however, new evidence has surfaced indicating that not only was Hillary deeply involved in the scandal but was one of the masterminds behind it." Big freaking surprise. Hilary's law firm and her husband Bill were up to their eyeballs in the same scam back in Mena Arkansas. Indeed Eric Holder has worked with her for over 25 years.

Operation Fast and Furious was the biggest scandal of our era. It was way worse than Watergate. It didn't even make the news in Canada. The only reason it made the news in the US was because an American border agent was killed with one of the guns the ATF sold them. The fact that they brought tons of cocaine into the United States as payment was barely mentioned.

The ATF were selling guns to the Mexican cartel and bringing back tons of cocaine into the United States as payment. It not only validated the Gary Webb story, it proved Iran contra never stopped. It was a CIA operation that went right up to the highest levels of government. Obama used executive privilege to hide criminal activity. That is not the purpose of executive privilege. When Nixon tried to hide Watergate under executive privilege the courts said no.

Eric Holder was the AG that took the fall for Operation Fast and Furious. Now he's back just like Oliver North campaigning for Hillary Clinton. How soon we forget.

Ron Paul likes Bernie Sanders

How and where to vote for Bernie Sanders

It would appear that Hilary has won the Democratic nomination. God help us. Evil has swept over the face of the earth. I'm all for a woman becoming president. Just not that woman.

The New York Times reported that the Clinton foundation helped the transfer of half of U.S. Uranium output to the Russian government in 2010 and was paid $145 milion for so doing. They used a Canadian company to do it.

That "Children's Defence Fund" was a front for money laundering. It was a CIA slush fund.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Edmonton fentanyl bust

Alberta's gang task force strikes again. The Edmonton Journal is reporting that "Three Edmonton men have been charged following the seizure of 2,000 fentanyl pills at a southwest-area condominium, the largest bust of the lethal painkiller by the Edmonton members of the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams." Christopher Jervis, 28, James Jervis-Hilker, 35, and Billy Roche, 28, have all been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. The fentanyl is thought to have come from BC.

Shooting in Burnaby leaves one man dead

CKNW is reporting that "One person is dead after a shooting around the 3900 block of Forest Street in Burnaby last night, near Burnaby General Hospital. RCMP Watch Commander Bill Iggulden confirmed the victim is known to police." The Vancouver Province ran an article by Kim Bolan claiming the name of the victim is Christopher Alexander Hurtado who had gang links and slit a stranger’s throat during the 2010 Olympics.

Scan BC reported that #Nanaimo #RCMP were on scene with a shooting at the Dairy Queen, 3190 Island Hwy. Victim transported in critical condition.

Gas shortage in the Interior of BC

This is a story that was easy to miss in metro Vancouver. News 1130 reported that "You’re going to want to fill your gas tank before heading to the interior or anywhere east of the Lower Mainland. A fuel shortage caused by damage in Alberta’s wildfires is hitting more gas stations in BC. Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon and now Merritt are either seeing pumps turned off or long waits at those stations that are still running. Dan Mcteague with Gasbuddy.com says the Vancouver area likely won’t be affected as fuel here is sourced from elsewhere."

I was speaking with a guy in Surrey who said he recently came back from a trip to Vernon and the gas stations there ran out of gas. It was partly because of the Fort McMurray fires and partly because of a problem at Suncor Energy’s Edmonton refinery.

I know deep down we all want to be tree hugging vegans but sometimes we need to remember life in the real world isn't always that simple. A few years ago I was handing out fliers outside the Art Gallery in Vancouver. A couple of young transient anarchists started to heckle me. One of the guys shouted out How many trees did it take to make your fliers? Without hesitation I shouted back How many trees did it take the last time you went to the bathroom? The guy just looked stunned and turned to his girlfriend as if to say what the hell is that guy on about? She just looked at him and said toilet paper. It takes trees to make toilet paper. Now he was really stunned and didn't know what to say. I guess in reality we do have to cut down some trees after all.

The same with the oil industry. We can legitimately argue who killed the electric car but in the real world we still need oil. We can't all ride bicycles to work all year round and wipe our asses with leaves. That's just not reality based. Yes tar sands are dirty but sometimes life isn't as simple as one would hope.

I made a post about how natural gas is clean burning while burning coal is not. That is a very true statement. Some people expressed concerns about fracking which is understandable. However, some people will protest anything no matter what we do. The best thing for China would be to help them build some hydroelectric dams. Not only has hydroelectric power served Vancouver well but it is also very cost efficient. Yet some people will even protest that which once again means no matter what we do some people will protest. That's why we have to use good judgement and make up our own minds for ourselves.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Couple charged with lacing pills with fentanyl in West Kelowna warehouse

Kelowna Infotel News is reporting that "Two West Kelowna residents have been charged in connection with the RCMP raid of a warehouse in West Kelowna where a large number of fentanyl-laced pills were produced. Leslie John McCulloch, 38, and Rebekka Rae White, 27, have been charged with production and possession of a controlled substance."

"Fentanyl-laced drugs have become a serious threat in the Thompson-Okanagan recently. Through April 30, fentanyl was detected alone or with other drugs in 56 per cent of overdoses, according to the B.C. Coroner's Service. Only 31 per cent were linked to fentanyl during the same period last year. There were 308 deaths linked to illicit drug overdoses between January and May 2016 — up 75 per cent over the same period last year when there were 176 deaths, according to a media release from the coroners service. One Kelowna father died earlier this year after taking a drug he thought was heroin but a coroner's report says it was pure fentanyl."

So how do Quentin James and the Hells Angels fit into this picture? Please advise.

Recent News:

Hells Angels associate killed in Toronto

Eulogy: Finian's Ghetto Gospel

Another life lost to the drug trade while my guitar gentle weeps.

Edmonton Hells Angels busted for possession of stolen property

Gangsters out contact e-mail Update

Friday, June 10, 2016

Sean Doak sentenced to seven years

December 2015 Sean William Doak pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a cross border drug trafficking ring. CBC is reporting that he has now been sentenced to seven years in a US prison and that "The court heard that the MDMA and marijuana were transported from Canada to the United States, while cocaine was picked up in California and taken into Canada." The exact same MO in three similar rings tied directly to the Hells Angels.

In this ring Sean Doak was considered the "Kingpin" of the organization just like Rob Shannon was in the other one directly tied to the Hells Angels. December 2015 Castanet reported that investigators claimed Sean Doak's cross border drug ring was run by Colin Hugh Martin who CBC reported was ordered extradited back in 2014. As we know Colin Martin was a Canadian drug smuggler who reported other operations to the DEA in exchange for being allowed to continue his own operation. Speaking of the Walrus, no word on when Randy Jones and his brother Trevor will be extradited. Lose the Surrey Girls G. They don't make the cut. Eggheads.

Homicide victim had gang links

CBC is reporting that on Monday police found a dead body in the Fraser river near the Milltown Marina. The body was wrapped in a sleeping bag. Police determined it was a homicide and claim the victim, Justin Pauwat Chan, had ties to drugs and gangs,

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gangsters out contact e-mail Update

I was locked out of my hotmail account from Monday to Sunday but am now back in. The account was secure it's just that hotmail locked me out of it due to a fake phishing scam so my letfreedomring@hotmail.com is back up and running. As an alternative the gangstersout@gmail.com also still works. Cheers.

Surrey Shooting suspect apprehended

Seemingly there was a shooting in Guilford few minutes ago. The suspects abandoned their vehicle outside Walmart at Guildford and the police chased them through the mall. I saw they had one suspect apprehended. That was pretty fast. There is a large police presence outside Walmart right now. I'm not sure why they abandoned their vehicle in the middle of the road right outside the store. One witness said the suspects first ran into Walmart then I guess they realized it was a dead end so they ran back out and into the mall when the police caught up with them. Another witness claimed they tosses a gun before running into Walmart but I couldn't see anything and another witness said he didn't see them toss anything. Unfortunately, without a weapon they aren't going to have much to charge them with but a very noble effort and a very good response.

Eulogy: Finian's Ghetto Gospel

Another one come, another one gone, another one bites the dust. After Tupac Shakur was shot dead his estate remixed some of his music with that of Elton John and produced the infamous Ghetto Gospel calling out for an end to the war on the streets. So here we are. Another Vancouver gang associate shot dead, this time in Toronto. For what? The almighty dollar. It's such a waste.

Fairly recently I made a blog post about another gang associate murdered in BC and the mother of his child was determined to set the record straight. Seemingly the man's young son saw the post and said his Dad was a good guy. I'm sure he was. Especially in that case. The family was clearly grieving so I took the post down.

It's important to realize that whenever someone gets shot that has ripple effects that tears apart a family. In Tuesday's murder in Toronto, Kim Bolan reported that he was a father of young children. No doubt he was a good guy to his family and he will be sorely missed.

Yet he drove a fleet of luxury vehicles. Everyone in his extended family had to have known he was involved in the drug trade. Kim Bolan also reported that he had pending drug charges. Without trying to be too abrupt or insensitive I just want to point out the obvious.

Times have changed. Back in Tupac's day everyone wanted to be a G. Now, here in Vancouver people are starting to see through that illusion for what it really is. It's hard to process the extremism. Take the Dianne Rock story. Here's a guy making serious coin as a longshoreman but for some reason that's just not good enough so he starts selling crack on the side. He gets his girlfriend addicted to crack and she has to start working in the sex trade to pay for the drug. Then when the drugs have eaten her alive, he casts her aside like an old shoe. That is the epitome of greed and exploitation. How can you do that and still look yourself in the mirror?

Now I'm not saying that our friend who was recently murdered in Toronto pimped crack hoes. But I am saying that fleet of luxury vehicles was paid for by a huge amount of exploitation. Take the Janice Shore and the Ashley Machiskinic story. Ashley was pushed out the window for a drug debt while Janice was literally beaten to death. Giving the homeless crack for free then beating the life out of them for payment is predatory. If you don't front the drugs there are no drug debts.

The Anthony Terezakis story is indisputable evidence of the kind of greed and exploitation I'm talking about. He filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts in the DTES that owed him money and yes he was a Hells Angels associate. The most disgusting part of the story is the fact that when they played the videos in court he couldn't hold back the laughter. He thought it was hilarious. That man is deranged. When I look at that life I'm forced to agree with Linkin Park and declare all I want to do is be more like me and less like you.

So when I look at the fleet of luxury vehicles I say to myself what a waste of money. If you have that much money at least spend it on something worthwhile not a butt ugly SUV that looks like a Soccer Mom's mini van. I look at those luxury vehicles and say what a waste of a life. The gang life is indeed such a waste. In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean Barbossa turns to Elizabeth and says we're surrounded. There's not a fools chance. It's not something to die for. Elizabeth responds, you're right. Then asks what shall we die for? A fleet of luxury vehicles? No thanks. That is not something worth dying for.

Gurmit Singh Dhak made a video with the Vancouver police's Odd Squad four months before he was shot dead. In the video he said “Every day I’ve got to look over my shoulder. I have got to worry if I jump out of my car am I going to get shot? Or I could be walking in the mall and walking out and get shot. I don’t know.” He said he regretted getting involved in gangs and the grief that it had caused him and his family. “If I could turn back time, I would never join a gang. I would have just finished off my high school, got a better job, anything else. Anything is better than joining a gang. It is useless. You are going to get killed,” he said. “I want to get out. It is too late now to get out. I have too many enemies." Four months later he was shot dead.

Gurmit was a good guy. He wanted to get out but couldn't. I submit that it's never too late to leave the life. Don't walk away mad just walk away. My exit strategy is simple. 1) Stop selling drugs. They shoot rival drug dealers. If you aren't selling drugs in their area you have a much better change at living your life. 2) Pay your debts. If you pay your debts, you have a much better chance of living your life. 3) Don't become a police informant. Law enforcement clearly has its place but if you want to leave the life and live don't become a police informant. Just leave and keep your mouth shut. If you do that you have a much better chance of living your life as TI and Rihanna so eloquently declare. Peace.

Another life lost to the drug trade while my guitar gentle weeps.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Edmonton Hells Angels busted for possession of stolen property - Update

The Edmonton journal is reporting that Two Edmonton members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang have been arrested and charged following a lengthy investigation that led to the recovery of $1 million in stolen property, the seizure of 21 firearms and eight other arrests. Led by the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams or ALERT, the organized crime and gang investigation squad uncovered a scheme involving members of the Hells Angels, support clubs and associates who were allegedly involved in theft, putting new vehicle identification numbers on stolen vehicles, and selling stolen vehicles." Johnny Newcome dejavu.

"Among the numerous stolen items were 17 travel trailers, three pickup trucks, six all-terrain vehicles, one snowmobile, two dirt bikes, 18 rifles, two shotguns and one handgun. Knibbs said two of the people arrested, Christopher Escott, 32, and Julien Roussel, 58, both of Edmonton, were full patch members of the Hells Angels." Once again this was an ALERT bust not EPS.

Since only rats steal and fence stolen property tell me again his someone who reports a rat to the police is a rat because it just doesn't make sense. Someone who steals is a rat not someone who reports them to the police. Grow up. This is exactly what the Kelowna chapter was doing.

CBC is reporting that the investigation began in Drayton Valley. Home of the Dirty Flu. Thank God for the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams because the Edmonton Police service is compromised. I have heard many acusations about the Edmonton Hells Angels that are too henious to even mention.

Update: The Edmonton Hells Angels are running up quite the rap sheet. Clearly they are heading down the same road as the Kelowna chapter who is in court because the police are trying to seize their clubhouse under proceeds of crime and well they should. The Kelowna chapter was a cesspool of criminal activity deeply involved in drug trafficking and stolen vehicles. Rats galore. Skeletor still hasn't made bail. His coaccused was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

In 2012 two Edmonton Hells Angels were convicted of enforcing for the main drug traffickers in Fort McMurray. They lost their appeal. The Edmonton Hells Angels supplied the White Boys Posse a neo-Nazi group of drug dealers selling cocaine all over northern Alberta that were responsible for numerous heinous murders over drug debts.

April 2014 the Alberta Gang Task force targeted the Edmonton Hells Angels. Full patch Hells Angel Blake Christie and his associate were the original targets of the investigation. Blake never made it to trial. July 2015 he was found dead.

June 2015 three Canadians from the Edmonton chapter were arrested for a brutal assault in Greece which turned into a murder charge after the victim they swarmed died of his injuries.

February 2016 Edmonton Hells Angel Dominic DiPalma Jr. was arrested with a kilo of cocaine. Previously I had reported that he was the one in charge of the Whiteboy Posse's drug trafficking network. March 2016 Dominic was sentenced to six years in prison for drug trafficking.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More Shootings in Toronto - Hells Angels associate killed

The Toronto Star is reporting that "a man was slain in a brazen midday shooting on Tuesday near one of Toronto’s busiest intersections. Cowbell Lane, an alleyway behind the Minto Towers tucked south of the Yonge St. and Eglinton Ave. E. intersection, was the scene of a gruesome homicide. A man was shot multiple times while in his car, a white Range Rover. He was pronounced dead at the scene." Global posted a news clip.

That happened today. Sunday the Toronto Star reported more shootings and stabbing over the weekend and stated that a 10-year-old boy was recovering from a gunshot wound to the shoulder after a bullet flew through a window in his public housing unit was expected Sunday to be released from hospital in the coming days."

In April it was reported that Fatal shootings in Toronto now double this time last year.

Update: Kim Bolan is reporting that the victim in Tuesday's daytime shooting in Toronto was former Vancouver gang associate Sukh Deo. The Deos were affiliated with the original Independent Soldiers before they were taken over by the Hells Angels after the Loft Six shooting.

2nd Update: It appears that Sukh Deo survived and supported the changeover in leadership of the Independent Soldiers which turned them into a Hells Angels puppet club. In the printed edition of Thursday's Vancouver Province they ran a picture of Sukh Deo posing with Don Lyons and Larry Amero. Not something Bicky or Peter Adiwal would do but was something Randy Naicker did. Kim Bolan wrote the article and has the picture posted on her blog.

The Independent Soldiers were originally an Indo Canadian gang and were independent. After the Loft Six shootings most of the original leaders were killed off or converted to become patch lickers. Randy Naicker obviously converted as he was posing with Larry Amero showing the Hells Angels support and endorsement of the new changeover. All of a sudden numerous buff white guys on steroids started to join. That's when they started writing the name Independent Soldiers on their forearms in distinctive script. That was the new puppet club's trademark.

The picture shows Don Lyons, known drug dealer and member of the Independent Soldiers, showing off his forearms with the IS Tattoos posing with Larry Amero and Sukh Deo. The purpose of that picture is to show Sukh Deo's support of the new leadership and show that the Independent Soldiers now work for the Hells Angels not just Larry Amero.

Say what you want about Kim Bolan but she did break that story. The cub pack thing is a real smoke and mirror distraction from the obvious. The Hells Angels took over the leadership of the Independent Soldiers just like they used the Bacon Brothers to take over the leadership of the Red Scorpions in the Surrey Six. Both the Red Scorpions and the Independent Soldiers sell drugs for the Hells Angels just like the Alkhalils.

Surrey RCMP's Smoke and Mirrors

Well Linda Hepner's spin doctors are at it again. Another press release claiming the Surrey RCMP are making an attempt to crack down on gun violence by disrupting the drug trade - Not. They've arrested a couple more people in a dial a dope operation but still haven't touched the crack dealers selling crack outside the Front Room who are brutalizing the homeless daily.

Bill dancing naked in front of coworkers Fordy said "We are committed to tackling this crime and the resulting violence through disruption of the drug organizations." Liar. You did f*ck all when Dianne Watts was mayor and are still doing f*ck all now. The residents behind Green Timbers pub kept complaining about an after hours illegal booze can run by guess who while Bill Fordy and the City of Surrey REFUSED to do anything about it. The local residents were outraged. They said what are you going to do, wait until someone gets killed. That's exactly what they did.

In Newton the BUSINESSES were complaining about crack dealers selling crack outside their BUSINESSES while Bill Fordy and the City of Surrey refused to do anything about it exactly like how they are refusing to arrest the crack dealers outside the Front Room right now. This is not a new problem. The residents have been publically complaining about it since 2008. Are Bruce Ralston and Mike Farnworth the only politicians who care about this problem? Bill Fordy and Linda Hepner obviously don't. Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star. Bill Fordy doesn't have a clue.

Crime stats related to the sale of crack in Surrey:

Developer shot in Richmond

CBC is reporting that Police have identified the 56-year-old man shot in Richmond, B.C., Saturday night as a prominent developer, Amarjit Singh Sandhu. Sandhu died in hospital after the parking lot shooting left his truck riddled with bullets. Police say he was targeted.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Closing arguments in the John Nuttall entrapment case

BC TV is reporting that Closing arguments began in B.C. Supreme Court on today in the John Nuttall entrapment case involving the Surrey Pressure cooker fraud. Closing arguments for both defence and the Crown have been scheduled to wrap up within two weeks. Global posted an interview with John's mother back in February. In that video it showed a clip when John Nuttall said on hidden camera I don't want to kill any women and children.

The law states that entrapment is wrong. There has never been a more clear case of entrapment in the history of the earth. Without CSIS' involvement there was no means or motive to commit the crime. John repeatedly said he did not want to hurt civilians. He was pressured to come up with a plot after he had been given food and money. John was told Mr Big isn't going to be happy with your lack of progress. He's spent a lot of money on you. You need to come up with some ideas. John thought Mr Big was a kind religious man helping them out of the goodness of his heart. When he was told Mr Big was really a crazed terrorist planing an attack he became fearful for their life and did what he was told.

This case was horrific exploitation of two very vulnerable people and is the perfect example of misappropriation of tax dollars. Without CSIS there was no means or motive to commit the crime. That is entrapment. The fact that CSIS has yet to be charged with providing the explosives for the Air India bombing is an obscene miscarriage of justice.

Liberals planning to buy Super Hornets

Thank God. Finally someone with a brain. The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that " The Liberal government is intent on buying Super Hornet fighter jets, according to multiple sources. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet reportedly discussed the issue last week, and while no formal decision was taken, one top-level official said: “They have made up their minds and are working on the right narrative to support it.” Rather than a full replacement of the air force’s aging CF-18 fighter fleet, it’s believed the purchase will be labelled an interim measure to fill what Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has warned is a pending “gap” in Canada’s military capabilities."

Let's backtrack to the obvious: Boeing is good. Lockheed Martin is bad. Boeing has been making quality airplanes for a long time. Lockheed Martin has a horible reputation for fraud. Forbes wrote about The 10 Worst Things About Lockheed Martin's Alleged Lobbying Fraud. The Corporate Research Project has posted their rap sheet. Just Google Lockheed Martin and fraud.

The Boeing Super Hornet is perfect. The insider trading C-35s are not. In the Boeing Super Hornet, additional fuel can be carried in up to five external fuel tanks and the aircraft can be configured as an airborne tanker by adding an external air refueling system. That’s a lot better than having to contract out the air to air fueling in the F-35.

The fleet of C-35's that don't work in the arctic and are solely for invading other countries for their oil, was a tumultuous scam like unto Brian Mulroney's Airbus scandal also referred to as Kickback Mountain. Mulroney lied about his relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber and defrauded taxpayers of an out of court settlement that was based on Mulroney's perjury.

Likewise with the C-35s Conservative candidate Raymond Sturgeon lobbied for Lockheed Martin. John Ivison is out to lunch. The Super Hornets are a much better deal for taxpayers.