Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Edmonton Hells Angels busted for possession of stolen property - Update

The Edmonton journal is reporting that Two Edmonton members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang have been arrested and charged following a lengthy investigation that led to the recovery of $1 million in stolen property, the seizure of 21 firearms and eight other arrests. Led by the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams or ALERT, the organized crime and gang investigation squad uncovered a scheme involving members of the Hells Angels, support clubs and associates who were allegedly involved in theft, putting new vehicle identification numbers on stolen vehicles, and selling stolen vehicles." Johnny Newcome dejavu.

"Among the numerous stolen items were 17 travel trailers, three pickup trucks, six all-terrain vehicles, one snowmobile, two dirt bikes, 18 rifles, two shotguns and one handgun. Knibbs said two of the people arrested, Christopher Escott, 32, and Julien Roussel, 58, both of Edmonton, were full patch members of the Hells Angels." Once again this was an ALERT bust not EPS.

Since only rats steal and fence stolen property tell me again his someone who reports a rat to the police is a rat because it just doesn't make sense. Someone who steals is a rat not someone who reports them to the police. Grow up. This is exactly what the Kelowna chapter was doing.

CBC is reporting that the investigation began in Drayton Valley. Home of the Dirty Flu. Thank God for the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams because the Edmonton Police service is compromised. I have heard many acusations about the Edmonton Hells Angels that are too henious to even mention.

Update: The Edmonton Hells Angels are running up quite the rap sheet. Clearly they are heading down the same road as the Kelowna chapter who is in court because the police are trying to seize their clubhouse under proceeds of crime and well they should. The Kelowna chapter was a cesspool of criminal activity deeply involved in drug trafficking and stolen vehicles. Rats galore. Skeletor still hasn't made bail. His coaccused was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

In 2012 two Edmonton Hells Angels were convicted of enforcing for the main drug traffickers in Fort McMurray. They lost their appeal. The Edmonton Hells Angels supplied the White Boys Posse a neo-Nazi group of drug dealers selling cocaine all over northern Alberta that were responsible for numerous heinous murders over drug debts.

April 2014 the Alberta Gang Task force targeted the Edmonton Hells Angels. Full patch Hells Angel Blake Christie and his associate were the original targets of the investigation. Blake never made it to trial. July 2015 he was found dead.

June 2015 three Canadians from the Edmonton chapter were arrested for a brutal assault in Greece which turned into a murder charge after the victim they swarmed died of his injuries.

February 2016 Edmonton Hells Angel Dominic DiPalma Jr. was arrested with a kilo of cocaine. Previously I had reported that he was the one in charge of the Whiteboy Posse's drug trafficking network. March 2016 Dominic was sentenced to six years in prison for drug trafficking.


  1. Wait, I thought they said they are just a bunch of guys who like to ride motorcycles.....

  2. Yes, they are just a bunch of guys "who like to ride motorcycles" but motorcycles cost money so they have to finance them somehow.

    Glad to see the Edmonton/Alberta police are doing a better job than Surrey's police.

    Its not nice to steal. It raises our insurance rates. it makes people feel insecure.

    When they trace the guns and rifles back to their owners they might want to have a chat with them about how they secured their weapons.

  3. You seem to have the impression that all firearms must be locked in a safe to comply with the storage laws.....might want to educate yourself on that. As well, it's not news to law enforcement that burglary is a major source of firearms for the criminal element, they get victimized themselves occasionally, and they certainly don't want to draw attention to that.....

  4. I am of the opinion all fire arms ought to be in a locked safe place. Really locked. that way children don't get at them and neither do crooks. It makes the world a safer place. I am one of those people who believe guns kill people. that nonsense of people kill people, might be true to an extent, but stats clearly demonstrate countries without guns or very strict gun laws have a whole lot less shooting deaths.

    Cops need to secure their guns at home also. I am well aware not all of them did back in the day and there is nothing to lead me to conclude much has changed.

  5. Human beings use what's available. In Australia and Britain both, the stats for death by edged weapon and blunt instruments are way up since the big government "gun grabs". Britain has even enacted laws against knives LOL which have predictably changed nothing (you can ban guns so people don't target shoot, hunt, or collect anymore but it's kind of hard to ban cooking/eating) and Australia has gun violence that surpasses what it had before it's ban. In both countries violent attacks with firearms were almost non-existent until the one incident in each country which was used as the excuse to do what the powers that be already wanted to do anyway.


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