Thursday, June 9, 2016

Surrey Shooting suspect apprehended

Seemingly there was a shooting in Guilford few minutes ago. The suspects abandoned their vehicle outside Walmart at Guildford and the police chased them through the mall. I saw they had one suspect apprehended. That was pretty fast. There is a large police presence outside Walmart right now. I'm not sure why they abandoned their vehicle in the middle of the road right outside the store. One witness said the suspects first ran into Walmart then I guess they realized it was a dead end so they ran back out and into the mall when the police caught up with them. Another witness claimed they tosses a gun before running into Walmart but I couldn't see anything and another witness said he didn't see them toss anything. Unfortunately, without a weapon they aren't going to have much to charge them with but a very noble effort and a very good response.


  1. They ditched something in an aisle in the store. (Gun or drugs I assume) The police were there looking for it for hours afterwards. Pretty clever really.

    1. Historically, the terms Surrey Criminal and smart have never gone hand in hand. Yes getting rid of the gun would have been smart. Running into Walmart not realizing it was a dead end and then getting caught by the cops wasn't very bright.

      What I'd like to know is why the hell did they dump the car in the middle of the road in front of Walmart? Witnesses say police weren't chasing them at the time. Did the police disable the vehicle through its ONSTAR? It looked like a bit of an older car for that.


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