Monday, June 20, 2016

Crystal meth bust at BC Border Crossing

AM 730 is reporting that Canadian Border Agents seized 32-kilograms of meth, and one kilo each of heroin and cocaine in a truckload from the U.S. on May 26th at Surrey’s Pacific Highway Crossing. The truck driver is a B.C. resident. Interesting that the crystal meth was coming into Canada this time. I guess that famous Hells Angels Surrey meth cook left town.


  1. it is a business and its a product so perhaps they got a better deal in the U.S.A. We've seen enough contracting out of Canadian goods over the years from cars to cloths to now illegal drugs.

  2. Good job ! 32kg of pure sh!t off the street.

  3. It's estimated that 80-90% of the meth in America comes from Mexico, so it's not really a surprise that eventually Canadian domestic production would decline and imports from Mexico through the USA increase. It's cheaper, purer, higher quality and it's just too hard to get all the chemicals to produce it in the large quantities the market can absorb. By contrast, TONS AND TONS of all the chemicals needed are exported from China to Mexico where the cartels have their own "super labs".

    I highly recommend "The Hundred Year Marathon" by Michael Pillsbury as a guide to China's long term goals.

  4. Trailrunner is correct. The quality meth which was produced in the USA is now being manufactured and exported from Mexico. The cartels realized the margins and ease of utilizing routes and chemicals and took advantage. The Chinese, who previously had a US monopoly on meth are still killing the cook(s) and anyone associated for revealing the recipe. It was always simply a matter of time,

  5. Now that you mention it, Jerry Langton wrote a book about the Mexican cartel making crystal meth.

  6. perhaps it is time Canada had a chat with mexico when they have the NAFTA meeting for the 3 amigos. Well they are going to be discussing free trade. Perhaps Canada ought to suggest to Mexico then do something about their porous Customs and China. For that matter all 3 countries might want to improve Customs security for their countries. Its just not drugs that come in which might not help the health of the Average North American.

    1. You think Mexico and China GAF? How naive.....Canada would politely suggest this, and Mexico and China would politely ignore Canada and continue on......Mexico has all the border security it wants, if shiploads of precursors didn't show up in their ports then there would be no payoffs to be had......Mexico is a corrupt (as is any place the Spanish ever colonized) narco state and that's exactly how everyone running the show wants it.

      Mexico is scared shitless that Trump will be elected, they know it would be a whole new ball game. Under Obama we have had units of the Mexican Army and Police escorting drug shipments right up to and in some documented instances OVER the border, on the occasion which some of them were caught in uniform, with weapons, on the US side of the border, Obama apologized (the one thing he's good at) and gave them back.

      As for China, they have been running a massive intelligence operation out of the Embassy on Granville for YEARS against Canada, and also as a base for their operations in the USA with no opposition from CSIS or their political masters who are busy selling China not only Canadian oil/minerals, but the actual rights to whatever is still in the ground.

      NAFTA will be dead if Trump is elected, and thank God for that, it's been of benefit only to Mexico and corporations who moved their factories to Mexico for cheaper labor and a lot less government regulation. Do you think they have Workman's Comp in Mexico?

    2. So true Trailrunner. Canada has always gained the least in NAFTA compared to the USA and Mexico. But we politely agreed and don't complain. We say we are a peaceful, unbiased a non confrontational Country but we may very well be looked upon as naive pushovers. Especially respecting NAFTA.

      We know the US government has been involved in importing drugs to finance special operations for decades. If they truly thought long term they would be brokering and exporting these drugs to China (for an example). They, and others, have been stock piling US gold reserves, decimated and overtaken our manufacturing, excelled in education, etc, etc.

      They have done this while we North American's were asleep at the wheel and high on drugs our government imported. SUPRISE!

      If Trump were not so egotistical and refrained some of his radical thoughts he might very well become the next US President.

      What does that say about the "state of the union"?

    3. "We politely agree and don't complain. We say we are a peaceful, unbiased (and) non confrontational Country but we may very well be looked upon as naive pushovers."

      Bingo. This is part Canadian national (what's left of it) character/culture and part social conditioning over a 50 year period by leftist "progressives". The problem is, what the citizenry is told they mean by "progressive" is different from what they truly mean. Occasionally they will let slip the truth.....

      "Gun Control is a necessary step in the social re-engineering of Canada". -Liberal Senator Sharon Carstairs

      This is a good example, but there are many others, basically you can look back at the last four decades, take any changes they said were necessary or characterized as "progressive", then see if it worked. If it didn't, then look at what changes took place and who benefited.

      Dennis has identified a LONG list of such things in the history of this blog, the theft of BC Hydro, reclassifying land so it can be stolen, etc., etc. etc..

      Great Britain has woken up, soon to be followed by the productive members of the EU who have been footing the bill for others such as Greece and Portugal for years. Perhaps Canadians will take back the freedom and control over their affairs stolen from them in the guise of "the greater good" (a Fascist/Collectivist concept if there ever was one) but first they will have to stop being non-confrontational. Collectivism is evil and must be not only confronted at every opportunity but chased down to it's lair and a stake driven through it's heart.


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