Friday, June 29, 2012

Surrey says no to RCMP bar

The tsunami of insanity continues to flood the earth locally and globally. Today the Surrey Leader is reporting that City Hall just turned down the RCMP’s application for a new giant bar in their new Headquarters in Green Timbers but did recommend a liquor license for special events. What are they thinking?

Bob Poulson is supposed to help fix the RCMP’s disastrous problems with alcohol and sexual harassment in the workplace. The RCMP making an application for a giant bar in their new Headquarters is absolutely absurd. It makes you think they really don’t give a shit about the public and we are left with no alternative but to pull the plug on that broken and disgraced circus and create a Regional Police force. I thought we could save it. Evidently not.

Vicileaks Toews thinks it’s a great idea to give the RCMP a liquor license for a giant bar in their HQ. Isn’t that special? The Christian adulterer who had an affair on his wife and fathered a child with a younger woman thinks it’s a great idea. No wonder.

We are still reeling from the offensive injustice of transferring that drunken pig with a long rap sheet of sexual harassment and drinking on the job being sent to BC. What are we going to do, send him to Surrey and give him a giant bar? God help us. These people are maliciously insane.

Advertising for the Port Mann Bridge

Again stupidity reaches new heights in the Campbell Clark government. The Surrey Leader is reporting that the provincial government is spending $400,000 on an advertising campaign to promote the new Port Mann Bridge. Blair Lekstrom says he thinks it’s money well spent. The Georgia Straight doesn’t think the BC Liberals are showing much fiscal restraint.

We remember the Port Mann bridge scandal. First they were going to twin it since the existing Port Mann bridge is one of the newer bridges and is in good shape. Instead Gordo wanted a huge Rames bridge that would cost way more money. Tearing down a perfectly good bridge isn’t fiscally responsible. Neither is turning it into a park.

One voter posted a rant on craigslist about the stupidity of the Clark government spending so much on advertising for the new bridge we all know is being built. Too bad the public can't find the moron(s) who approved this and hang them from the bridge to show how much time it will save.

John Doyle pointed to a lack of transparency about over $80 billion worth of B.C. government contracts in private-public-partnerships or P3s, ranging from independent power producers to construction of the new Port Mann Bridge.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Banksters are robbing us blind

Banksters are bigger criminals than the Hells Angels and the Oil Companies put together. The tsunami of bank fraud that is sweeping the globe right now is astounding. Back in the day bank robbers would storm into a bank with guns drawn to rob it. Now, executives in suits working for the bank are robbing the banks and the world blind. This is the road to Corporate Communism.

Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008. Judith A. "Jami" Miscik rose from the analytic ranks of the Central Intelligence Agency to become Deputy Director for Intelligence, the Agency's seniormost analytic post. In 2005 she left CIA to become Global Head of Sovereign Risk for the now-bankrupt financial services firm Lehman Brothers. Miscik is currently Vice-Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc. in New York. On December 24, 2009, Ms. Miscik was appointed to President Obama's Intelligence Advisory Board.

She was wrong about WMD in Iraq and she helped crash the Lehman Brothers. I guess it’s about time we found a women to highlight for the gangsters out web site. A woman tied to the CIA and to bank collapse. Imagine that.

Vatileaks Continues

Earlier this month it was announced that the police raided the home of the Vatican's recently ousted bank chief and discovered 47 binders containing private communication exposing the opaque inner workings of the secretive Holy See. They included financial documents, details of money transfers and confidential internal reports – all prepared by Gotti Tedeschi to build a convincing expose of corruption in the Vatican.

Kinda makes ya wonder about the credibility of a psychologist report leaked to the media criticizing the mental health of Tedeschi. It also makes you wonder about the credibility of the Vatican Banks recent press conference pretending it’s trying to fight it’s history of money laundering. It also kinda makes you wonder why JP Morgan really fired the Vatican Bank after JP Morgan was fined for 'wash trades' on oil markets that had driven oil to $147 a barrel.

Myrtle Beach Hells Angels Round up

The round up of Hells Angels arrests in Carolina are continuing. There are only 4 arrests outstanding in Operation Red Harvest. Most of the charges are related to operating grow ops but some of the charges include kidnapping, assault and battery as well as assault by mob. Ellis Schindler, president of the Myrtle Beach Hells Angels has also been arrested.

More Harper Attack Adds

After coming home from a nice road trip and holiday I see this outrageously offensive attack add on TV put out by the Harper government. It’s not even an election time. This one attacks Thomas Mulcair. The last one attacked the leader of the Liberal Party after they were virtually wiped off the face of the earth in the last Robocall election.

No one likes attacks ads during an election. Attack adds when there is no election are not just obsessive, they are suspicious. This new add goes on and on about how Mulcair wants to impose a gas tax and how Harper is opposed to one. Holy hypocrisy batman, let’s look at the facts.

It is no secret that Stephen Harper rewarded Gordon Campbell for imposing the HST on British Columbia. Giving the most hated premier in recorded history, who left office with the lowest approval rating in the country, a sweetheart job as commissioner during the London Olympics was a slap in the face of democracy.

Gordon Campbell and the Christy Clark government are big fans of the carbon tax. We are suffering from ridiculous gas prices as a result in the lower mainland. In BC it is the NDP that are speaking out against the gas tax. So are the provincial Conservatives which unlike the Harper government really are conservatives. The Campbell government, which Harper supported, supports the gas tax. Harper running an attack add opposing it is sheer hypocrisy. Christy Clark and Stephen Harper use the same spin doctor.

One has to wonder where on earth they got the idea that Mulcair was in favor of a gas tax when the BC NDP are opposed to it. Seemingly it was a distorted accusation from Mulcairs position on cap and trade.

Personally, I oppose ongoing excessive gas tax. Enough is enough. We are getting shafted at the pump because we have let the oil companies create a monopoly. That is not a free market and is causing problems. Ironically enough, several leading oil sands firms, alongside 150 of Canada's top corporations, publicly support more gas taxes. Putting a cap on greenhouse emissions means making the big corporations that are the big polluters pay a penalty for damaging the environment. It’s not to pass corporate tax on to the consumers.

Harper said Canada wouldn’t contribute to a bailout for the Greek or European debt crisis. Let’s hope he doesn’t flip on that like he flipped on the bank bailout. The Greek financial crisis was the result of investment fraud. When we let white collar criminals steal from banks then force taxpayers to bail those banks out with tax dollars, that does not solve the problem of white collar criminals stealing through investment fraud and creating these manufactured emergencies.

Harpers attack add repeats chicken little’s sky is falling rhetoric about the NDP’s economic plan. The right always claims the left will tax and spend thus crippling economic growth. Yet the Harper government, like the Mulroney government before him, are the worst offenders of tax and spend ideology in Canadian history. The bank bailout the banks didn’t need and the insider trading jets are just two examples. $65 billion is a huge amount of money. The undisclosed cost of the insider trading jets continues to rise.

Not only has Harper’s pork barrel politics resulted in the worst spending in Canadian history, he has mixed that with outrageous cuts that have left us wondering about his possible use of crack pipes instead of common sense.

Let’s look at the military. Cutting spending on the military to help offset not pay for, the huge expenditure of a whole fleet of jets that can’t be used in the arctic are somewhat of a contradiction. To offset the cost of the jets he’s cutting military funding. Cutting military pensions, benefits, support programs, even eliminating our coast guard which need improvements not cuts. In essence to pay for his insider trading jets to a firm his candidate lobbied for, he is putting lives at risk and weakening the military in the process.

The bank bailout is the most dramatic contradiction in Canadian history. Harper goes over to England and tells Cameron Canadians don’t support bank bailouts, then he drinks the poison kool aid and turns around and gives the banks a $65 billion bail out that they didn’t need. Which meant he then raised the age of retirement to offset the cost. I say offset the cost not pay for it because it will take decades to pay that insane debt.

As we hear news that the secret bailout cost even more, just like the growing bill for the jets, the Harper government denies there even was a bailout and won’t even put that figure on the books. This isn’t just wrong. This isn’t just a scam. This is treason. It’s not a matter of the NDP versus the Conservatives. It’s a matter of the conservatives undergoing a leadership review and electing a conservative instead of a fiscally dangerous con man. It’s a sad day when the leader of the NDP is more Conservative than the leader of the Tories.

Now we hear the outrageous propaganda in the Globe and Mail that Mulcair and Trudeau are a threat to Canadian Unity. That is absurd. Trudeau saved Canadian unity with the Charter of Rights. Giving Quebec a voice on government supports unity by making them feel included and wanting to participate in Federalism.

That insane article quickly points out their real concern. They claim that in 1980 Trudeau introduces the national energy program (NEP 1), which fixed domestic prices for oil and gas. That is their real concern right there. They want their private monopoly and they want to be able to keep raising the price of gas at the pumps indiscriminately. Capping the price of gas at the pumps does not threaten Canadian unity. It only threatens excessive corporate profits at the expense of consumers. Lowering the price of gas at the pumps in British Columbia has nothing to do with the West subsidizing the east. They are the ones opposing Canadian unity by singling out two political leaders from Quebec.

Mulcalir is opposing Harpers attempt to destroy the free market in the fishing industry by getting rid of owner-operator fishing businesses and replacing them with corporate-led fishing. Those are the concerns of the fisherman. Although Harpers contentious report is silent of any details just like his budget is silent about any real costs, those concerns are valid because that is Harper’s MO. He does not support small business. He supports large corporate monopolies which is in opposition to a free market system. What has happened to our world? The NDP is supporting small business and the Tories are not. It’s a wild world so it is.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Joey Verma’s trial kicks off the Kelowna Summer Jam

I drove up for Joey Verma’s court date in Kelowna on Monday. Turns out it was just a date to set a date which is rather bizarre. There’s no reason they couldn’t have set that date last time. His new lawyer wasn’t even there. He just made a telephone appearance. The delays on this case are starting to get absurd. No doubt the defense will jump at the opportunity to ask for an adjournment at some point claiming his right to a speedy trail has been violated. Yet that argument fails when it’s the defense causing the delays. The court is right to push the case forward.

I am told Joey’s old girlfriend worked as a technician at a pharmacy. Like that’s not suspicious. I wonder how Sam and Mike’s Oxycontin fraud case is going? Nevertheless, Joey’s pretrial conference has been set for July 16 at 9:30 AM before the Associate Chief Justice. Joey made his appearance on the modern equivalent of Skype. It looked like he was sitting in the electric chair. Unfortunately I doubt justice will ever come close to being served in this case.

As we’ve said before, Joey was a known Hells Angel associate. Reports of him getting a new VP Tattoo and recruiting for the Kingpin Crew in prison are somewhat disturbing. Later that day Randy Naicker from the Independent Soldiers was shot dead in Port Moody. When Joey was first arrested it was reported in the news he was an associate of the Independent Soldiers. We know he is close with Blaze from the Kelowna IS who is facing sexual assault charges himself.

I noticed the following day someone put up Kelowna Summer Jam posters outside the Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse at 837 Ellis Street. It’s easy to miss the clubhouse. There are no 666 or devil horn logos outside. I drove right past it myself. I had to actually look for the street address to find it and then noticed the bikes parked out front. There is no name or logo on the building at all. The outside décor looks very trendy and feminine. Well trimmed hedge. Pink flowers in the hanging baskets. It’s very discreet. You’d never know by looking at the outside that was the clubhouse for a criminal organization implicated in numerous murders and drug trafficking.

Not far down the road and around the corner I visited the Delta Grand where Larry Amero was shot along with Jonathon Bacon. Turns out that not only were they making a huge scene on that ridiculous Steroids and Silicone boat, paying $6,000 cash at the hotel did bring attention to them which is clearly what they wanted. That is the problematic nature of organized crime. You need to establish a reputation but you don’t want to attract too much heat from the police or from rivals you rip off in the process.

Which brings us to the Kelowna Summer Jam. The Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse may well be discreet but the Hells Angels violent involvement in the drug trade isn’t. Dain Philips murder is a clear example of how loud, proud and deranged they have become. This needs to be addressed. Reporting a murderer to the police is not being a rat. Failing to do so is. Lest we forget.

Bob Paulson wants RCMP Misconduct out of the public eye

OK I’m back from my road trip and there are a few things to catch up on. A few people have sent me more links to police misconduct cases in the news. The first one I’ll cite is a disturbing warning by none other than the new head of the RCMP Bob Paulson. The guy who’s supposed to be cleaning up the dysfunctional mess.

Last week CBC reported Canada's top cop is signalling Mounties to stop airing their workplace grievances in the public eye, after a week when reports surfaced about an RCMP Inspector accused of groping his co-workers, and allegations of workplace bullying on the Prime Minister's protective detail.

Although part of his comments is common sense, part of it is really disturbing. After his warning for Mounties to stop airing their grievances in the public eye he states, "one of the trends that I have seen is this propensity to go public on every sort of beef that happens in the workplace."

He then admits "I suppose you could argue that is a result of having no confidence in the internal processes and systems, but the fact is that the RCMP is very central in the public discussion these days. Any sort of issue relating to affairs within the RCMP is noteworthy and people exploit that," said Paulson.

This is the part that makes some sense. You don’t want to go to the media with every workplace problem. You should give due process a chance first. Yet due process hasn’t worked and the command culture of the RCMP has shown the only time they change is when they take it on the chin in the press.

An internal RCMP management report leaked to Radio-Canada this week revealed there were internal concerns about workplace bullying by Supt. Bruno Saccomani, a senior RCMP officer responsible for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's security detail. Earlier in the week, Paulson called the leak "unlawful."

This is the disturbing part. Blowing the whistle on inappropriate conduct is not unlawful. Failing to do so is. Stephen Harper fires whistle blowers. THAT is unlawful. This whole idea of promising to clean up the bizarre mess, then claiming we need to sweep it under the carpet and do it privately is concerning. It implies they aren’t going to deal with it at all, only hide it from the public eye.

Last week the Vancouver Province reported on an RCMP Officer convicted of drunk driving getting sent to BC. Brian Hutchinson from the National Post then wrote: Welcome to B.C., dumping ground for bad Mounties.

This is a real concern. Bob Paulson’s position of the Alberta Mountie guilty of a long list of sexual misconduct is also disturbing. He claimed they needed to change the RCMP Act to fire guys like that which simply was not true. Employers are legally bound to protect their employees from sexual harassment. Failing to do so is unlawful. Not firing guys like that makes them legally liable for damages. That is why they are now facing a class action law suit. Changing the RCMP Act to make it easier for the Commissioner to discipline and fire cops who give the force a bad name, opens the door to firing whistleblowers which is also unlawful.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, A Victoria-based RCMP officer is due in court Aug. 1 to face two counts of fraud under $5,000, both related to alleged improper use of federal government credit cards while on-duty.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Randy Naicker shot dead

Kim Bolan is reporting that Larry Amero's puppet, Randy Naicker, from the not so Independent Soldiers was shot dead in Port Moody on Monday. I was in Kelowna for the Verma trial. Steroids don't make you bullet proof.

James Riach was also from the Independent Soldiers and was with Randy Naicker and the Bacon brothers at the Castle fun park meeting in Kevlar. James Riach was also shot in the same car with Larry Amero and Jonathon Bacon outside the Delta Grand in Kelowna. The Hells Angels used violence to take over the leadership of the Independent Soldiers. Now that’s come back to bite them in the ass.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Little Italy shooting in Toronto

I’ve fallen a bit behind in all the shootings of late but Freddy mentioned this one and I think it is noteworthy. John Raposo’s funeral was held last Friday in the same church his young son was baptized in.

Police claim Raposo was the leader of the McCormick Boys, a small west-end crew that bought drugs from Italian organized crime. The McCormick Boys, who took their name from a park on the edge of Toronto’s Portuguese neighbourhood, had about 10 core members and perhaps twice as many associates. They were not major players, but their drug connections with the mob discouraged anyone from messing with them, the source said.

So this was a Portuguese gang that sold drugs for the Italian mafia. Since they had the backing of the mafia, no one crossed them. Until the murder of John Raposo. So who did it and why? Well a Toronto man with ties to BC has been arrested and charged. Who’s he with? It has to be a rival in the drug trade.

We know that Hells Angel Paris Christoforou teamed up with Peter Scarcella in that Toronto Sandwich shop shooting targeting Mike Modica. Scarcella was just a driver for Paul Volpe but rose in the ranks after Volpe was found dead in a trunk of a car killed by someone he knew. Scarcella was the last person to see him alive and has been recently released from prison.

Hells Angels associate Mark Peretz who drove the van in the Sandwich shop hit was rearrested last month after his statutory release. Police fear a continuation of the feud that led to the shooting, a dispute involving a large cast of gangsters from the Mafia and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Things certainly are heating up in Toronto with regards to the drug related violence there. The North Van UN associate gunned down in Oshawa was just one example. The gang related Eaton Centre shooting was reckless just like the sandwich shop shooting. One could even say it was a similar MO.

Looting Main Street

This is a riveting article from the Rolling Stone Magazine explaining how the nation's biggest banks are ripping off American cities with the same predatory deals that brought down Greece, by Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, March 31, 2010.

Links between the Calvi affair and Operation Gladio

Licio Gelli is an Italian financier, chiefly known for his role in the Banco Ambrosiano scandal. He was revealed in 1981 as being the Venerable Master of the clandestine Masonic lodge Propaganda Due (P2). David Guyatt claims that there were links between the Calvi affair and Operation Gladio. He claims P2 ran Operation Gladio under the direction of the Italian secret service. Freddy is right about Operation Gladio.
We remember Operation Gladio. That was the European version of Operation Northwoods. Alan Dulles and Lyman Lemnitzer proposed and agreed to Operation Northwoods but Kennedy vetoed it. Dulles was fired and Lemnitzer was reassigned to Europe. He became Supreme Allied Commander in Europe where he took the ideas of Operation Northwoods and but them into practice with Operation Gladio.

There is a long list of bank fraud. When you start connecting the dots a sad pattern emerges. There is even speculation and jokes about Goldman Sachs getting involved with the Vatican bank. Right now it looks a lot like the Fascists ripping us off and collapsing our economy so we can be “liberated” by the Communists just like Poland was. Buyer Beware.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dank truck outside Tbarz last night

Late last night or rather very early this morning I saw a van with the Dank Energy drink logo all over it parked outside Tbarz. That’s the company Randy Jones brother Trevor is involved with. I wonder how that case is going in the states since Trevor has been indicted and is now a fugitive of justice. Looks like he’s still doing business as usual. They’re using an Aldergrove address now and sell Dank out of Tbarz.
Previously I posted the above picture thinking it was Trevor Jones. Yet someone else claimed it wasn’t him so who is it? He has a connection to that company Trevor and Randy are involved with. They’re recruiting Dank Skanks now. I wonder if that has anything to do with Tbarz or the Hells Angels involvement with prostitution?

There’s more than one Anti Christ

OK this one’s going to be from outer space. Since the subject came up I want to discuss it because I want to follow up on the money laundering allegations of the Vatican bank. Since Pope John Paul the First was murdered and since someone used the Vatican bank to embezzle $1.2 billion from the Banco Ambrosiano which resulted in that banks collapse June 1992, it’s important to look at that. I just want to clarify that as I do so, I’m not attacking the Catholic church, just the criminals who have taken over and are using the Vatican bank for their own criminal purposes.

Ian Paisley was a paid Protestant minister from Northern Ireland who became a politician and was elected to be a Member of Parliament at a time the Parliament of Northern Ireland was very pro British and very anti Catholic. Their slogan was “Ulster Says No” to a united Ireland. They didn’t want to merge with the Republic of Ireland in the south. They wanted to stay part of England instead. That’s basically what the troubles in Northern Ireland were all about. It didn’t really have anything to do with religion. It just so happened that most of the Irish who wanted to be free from England were Catholics and most of the people who wanted to remain part of England were Protestants descended from the plantation. They celebrate King Billy’s bigotry ever year on July 12 commemorating the Dutch Protestant’s invasion of Ireland at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.
Ian Paisley was very anti Catholic. One time he stood up when the Pope was speaking to the European Parliament with a sign calling the Pope the anti Christ and shouted out “I denounce you as the anti Christ.” That was the pot calling the kettle black. Ian Paisley was paid to preach hate and intolerance. He was far more of an anti Christ than the Pope ever was.
I want to address the issue of the anti Christ. Some Protestants can become obsessed with some pretty bizarre ideas about getting swept away by aliens in the Rapture. I’m left scratching my head on that one. This whole obsession with trying to interpret the bible and find THE anti Christ completely misses the point that there is more than one anti Christ. Christ said beware of false prophets because there would be many. They don’t have to be anti Christian to be an anti Christ. They just have to appose what Christ stood for like doing good and promoting justice and fairness. That’s why many Christians like Ian Paisley could in theory be referred to as an anti Christ.
Recently there was another Protestant leader in Northern Ireland that refused to shake the Pope’s hand because he believed the Pope was the anti Christ. That kind of nonsense isn’t just offensive, it’s in opposition to a free republic based on constitutional principles of the freedom of religion. Take the Irish flag for example. The Irish flag is green, white and orange. Green is for Irish Catholics, while Orange is for the Protestant Orange men. White represents peace. It symbolizes Catholics and Protestants living together in peace. Protestant hate mongers from the north burning that flag shouting Ulster says No are in reality opposing peace and Christian principles of a democratic society.

Islam is not anti Christ. Muslims believe Christ was a prophet. Yet radical Muslims can indeed be very anti Christ just like radical Protestants or Catholics can be. We are told they will know we are Christians by our love. Anyone who teaches hate and intolerance could then be considered an anti Christ.
There are a lot of oral traditions in Ireland. Some would say legends. I remember many people in Ireland say to me look at our weather. They say in the last days you won’t be able to tell the seasons one from another. That’s what’s happening know and shows we are in the last days. Whenever they would say this I would just nod and be on my way but then I started thinking. Where on earth does it say that? It doesn’t say that in the bible. Where on earth are all these people getting that from. Perhaps it was from the teachings of Columcille or Saint Patrick. Perhaps some Irish prophets made some of their own predictions like Nostradamus.

Another prediction was that the anti Christ would one day sit in Saint Peters’ chair. When I heard that I again said OK where on earth does it say that because I don’t see any reference to Saint Peter’s chair in the bible. These Irish Catholics were referring to a prophecy that one day the anti Christ would sit in Saint Peter’s chair. That doesn’t mean that Christ never existed. As I said before Christ confronted the religious leaders at the time calling them liars, hypocrites and children of the devil. He wasn’t referring to the Jews. He was referring to anyone who takes over the church for their own personal gain.
Years ago I bought a book called In God’s Name. It was written by a Catholic who tried to expose some of the corruption that resulted in Pope John Paul I’s murder. It started going on about a secret Masonic lodge under the Vatican. I never really got past that part of the book because I didn’t see that as significant. The Catholic church may have a rule about Catholics not being allowed to become Free Masons but Free Masonry doesn’t have a rule about Catholics not being allowed in Free Masonry. To be a member of the craft you just have to have a belief in God. Catholics have their own group called the Knights of Columbus which is basically the same thing.
When “God’s banker” was murdered after the crash of the Banco Ambrosiano, there was talk about his involvement with the P2 Masonic lodge and being murdered because he lost the mob’s money. I personally don’t see that as very likely. Stealing from the mob isn’t something he would do. Stealing for the mob is. I think he was murdered because he was facing charges related to stock in a company owned by Michele Sindona in prison in the US. Sinona was involved with the collapse of Franklin National Bank in the US in 1974. What’s relevant to the rouge P2 lodge is that leaders of the Italian intelligence agencies were members of it. I think Roberto Calvi was murdered because they wanted to cover up the link between him and Michele Sindona which stole from the Banco Ambrosiano and all that implied.

Friday, June 22, 2012

RCMP Act changes will give top Mountie more powers

Vic Toews is announcing changes to the RCMP Act that gives the force greater power to discipline orfire officers who give the force a bad name. I’m trying to bite my tongue and hold back the instinctive cynicism. Vic Toews is about as trustworthy and credible as Peter McKay. Not very.

Vic Toews was the one that pushed a bizarre bill that was drastically over reaching. He had the audacity to say if you oppose the bill you support pedophiles. Then he later admits he never actually read the bill and claimed he was surprised by some of it’s over reaching content permitting warrantless surveillance of someone who has not been suspected of committing a crime.

At first glance, the whole idea of giving any corporation more power to discipline and discharge it’s employees is concerning. Especially when that organization as well as the political party proposing the power grab has been plagued with a longstanding history of abusive bullying within it’s command culture.

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson had made an appeal for changes to the RCMP Act in his frustration of dealing with the public disgrace that keeping the Alberta wing nut on strength and transferred him to BC. That officer should have been fired. If he worked in the private industry he would have been fired. Blaming some review board for keeping him on when that was the recommendation given them was rather absurd.

My point is and was then, that no changes to the act were needed to fire that freak. In reality, the RCMP faced legal liability for his past, present and future conduct for not obeying the law and firing him.

The question is, how can we take the Harper government seriously when they say they want to end bullying in the RCMP when they clearly applaud it and endorse it. Harper fires whistle blowers. How do we know he’s not going to take this new power to fire whistle blowers to sweep the problem under the carpet without actually dealing with it?

Nevertheless, one thing in the act that appears to be a step forward is the creation of a CivilianReview and Complaints Commission. This is needed. Even Jim Chu supported such a body in BC. Notwithstanding my distain and mistrust of the Christy Clark government, one thing they did do that was good was create a civilian body to oversea police complaints in British Columbia. It would appear that this new RCMP Act would do the same thing federally which would be a step forward. So let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Right now I’m feeling a little hey Mr. Tambourine man won’t you play a song for me.

Third Alberta Oil Spill in Six Weeks

Yet another oil spill in Alberta. That’s three in the last six weeks and a fourth just over a year ago. That is irresponsible. The many Enbrige pipeline commercials are getting as hypocritical as the HST commercials. I used to think opposing the pipeline was opposing progress and economic prosperity. Now, the pipeline is just irresponsible. They need more shut off values to stop leaks when they happen. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was the largest in history. These economic disasters are getting bigger and bigger. We’ve supposed to reduce them with more technology. Now greed prevents us from doing so.

The latest spill occurred earlier this week in northeastern Alberta near the town of Elk Point, where Enbridge confirmed a spill of about 230,000 litres through its pumping station on the Athabasca pipeline.

The biggest incident was earlier this month near Red Deer and Sundre in central Alberta, where 475,000 litres of oil from Plains Midstream Canada leaked, some of it spilling into the Red Deer River. In May, a Pace Energy Oil and Gas oil leak near Rainbow Lake in the northwest of the province spilled about 5,000 barrels.

Gleniffer Lake resort community gets a crude awakening from oil spill

Alberta residents angry after oil spills into nearby lake

Alberta's oil spills may doom Enbridge pipeline across B.C

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Harvey Bracken: When a man kills a woman

A Surrey man who choked his girl-friend to death, wrapped her body in plastic and dumped it near a North Vancouver park has been sentenced to four years in prison. This tragic case shows us two things: What a disgusting farce our judicial system has become and what a horrific scourge crack cocaine is in our communities.

A four year sentence for committing murder is disgusting. Bracken, who was arrested in February 2011, received credit for 16 months pre-sentence custody, reducing his effective sentence to two years and eight months. Now that two and a half year sentence will be reduced by two thirds for mandatory statutory release. Gregory Fitch and society are both culpable in this heart wrenching injustice. The worth of a soul is a lot more than four years for murder. A daughter, a mother, a human being.

It was claimed in court that after a three day crack binge the couple got in an argument. Bracken’s lawyer claimed Ferguson wanted Bracken to get more cocaine and he refused. That is so offensive it is absurd. That’s what the murderer claims. Yeah right. Kinda like how Jack Woodruff claimed he murdered his girlfriend in self defence. Pretty outrageous to make that ridiculous claim when the victim is dead and can’t testify.

The absurd domestic violence continues. Hang down your head Tom Dooley has become smile Tom Dooley, it’s your lucky day. There is no justice here. You’re free to go. Stephen Harper only cares about possession of pot. He doesn’t care about murder.

12 problems with our justice system

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eldriegson Delalcazar, when a man hits a woman…

Eldriegson Delalcazar is back in the news. He’s in court over an assault that occurred in Denny’s back on Oct. 17, 2010. Eldriegson, his brother Jefferson, Kevin Baker and one other guy beat up , Jefferson’s ex girlfriend and two guys she was sitting with that she and Kevin Baker’s girlfriend had met that night at a club. So here’s the math. Four on two and they beat up the ex girlfriend just because. That is messed up. Although video footage shows four men approach the table Kevin Baker claims he left right away and didn’t participate in the assault.

Eldriegson has a violent history. When he was younger he led a mob of belligerent youth and threatened to bitch slab a man’s wife on Oct 12, 2001. Eight days later one of the punks in Eldriegson’s mob named Harry Hiscock along with a mob of punks swarmed a guy named Nicholas Chow Johnson and beat him so bad he's now a paraplegic.

Fighting is one thing, swarming is another. There’s nothing noble in swarming. Hitting a girl is worse. It reflects a poor self image. So Eldriegson, when a man loves a woman, does he hit her? When she says’ she’s had enough, is it Ok to hit her? Is it OK to hit another mans wife just because you’re a punk with a mob of pricks? I submit that it’s not OK. Swarming is not OK. Beating any woman including your ex is not OK. God help your beautiful new bride when the honeymoon period is over.

Jefferson was charged with possession of an undisclosed amount of cocaine for the purposes of trafficking. He plead guilty to assaulting and criminally harassing his former girlfriend Magdalayna Moraitis. He grabbed her by the hair, threw her to the floor and punched the back of her head. People in the restaurant pulled Delalcazar off her.

The first picture is of Eldriegson sitting down in the front, his brother Jefferson, the smaller guy above him (small guys beat girls) and Kevin Baker on the right. All three accused in the beat up your ex at Denny’s swarming. Get this, the guy with the pudgy face on the left is Ali Ziaee. A friend of Ziggy Matheson.

In this picture we see Ziggy on the left with Ali in the middle. Ali looks very similar to the north Van guy recently shot in Oshawa but it’s a different guy. Ali’s father, Kourosh Ziaee, is a convicted money launderer.

In 2002 U.S. Secret Service agents in Jacksonville unraveled an international money laundering scheme in which banks were bilked of more than $1 million, including $250,000 in Jacksonville.

The scheme involved stolen and forged Canadian checks that were cashed throughout the United States, including in Jacksonville, Tampa, and Louisville, Ky. The banks defrauded in Jacksonville were the Educational Community Credit Union, First Union and the Bank of America. They were all federally insured.

Organizers used middlemen to recruit people to open bank accounts and deposit the checks. The funds were withdrawn before the banks learned the checks were stolen, and the money was given to those involved. The scheme was made easy because banks in the United States don't place extended holds on international checks from Canada like other countries, court records said.

Eidem told authorities Ziaee had Canadian citizenship and had connections in Italy, Turkey and Iran, records said. The agents learned that Ziaee had been arrested in 1996 on similar fraud charges in St. Louis and served prison time. The length of his sentence was unavailable.

Agents recovered some of the checks, with Ziaee's fingerprints on them, court records said. They learned at least some of the money was laundered through the Italian bank account of a corporation Ziaee set up in Panama, records said. An Italian bank connected to a company they set up in Panama. Holy crack pipes batman – déjà vu!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Durham police officer busted in drug sweep

Durham Region dot com is reporting arrested after a raid on Sarasota Crescent in Oshawa Tuesday night was Tara Kramp, 38, a constable with Durham police since 1998. She is charged with trafficking, conspiracy to traffic, attempt to obstruct justice, possession of stolen property, fraud, and breach of trust. She claims she was a "beautiful but deadly" personal trainer and police officer who "lives her life on the edge as a homicide and narcotics officer."

A narcotics officer in Oshawa charged with trafficking. Isn’t that special. Oshawa is where that UN affiliate from North Van was just shot. Who controls the cocaine in Oshawa again? I wonder... Jeremy RUSSELL, Gailanne DUVALE, Roderick AYRE, Stephen FROST and Keith HATCH are charged with trafficking and robbery related offenses.

Roberto Calvi and the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano

We’ve talked about how the Vatican Bank has been recently accused of laundering money for la Cosa Nostra. We’ve expressed the concern that money laundering usually results in crashed banks due to investment fraud. We’ve also just talked about how Rakesh Saxena embezzled $80 million and crashed the Bangkok Bank of Commerce which resulted in the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

Now let’s look at a cold case also in the news that talks about how the Vatican bank was accused of crashing another bank through embezzlement. It involved the murder of Roberto Calvi who was referred to as God’s banker because of his ties to the Vatican Bank. Roberto Calvi was the chairman of Italy's second largest private bank, Banco Ambrosiano.

Banco Ambrosiano collapsed in June 1982 following the discovery of debts of between 700 million and 1.5 billion US dollars. Much of the money had been siphoned off via the Vatican Bank (strictly named the Istituto per le Opere Religiose or Institute for Works of Religion), which was Banco Ambrosiano's main shareholder. In 1984, the Vatican Bank agreed to pay US$224 million to the 120 creditors of the failed Banco Ambrosiano as a “recognition of moral involvement” in the bank's collapse.

Much of the 700 million to 1.5 billion US dollars had been siphoned off from Banco Ambrosiano via the Vatican Bank. Follow the money. The Vatican bank or Institute for Works of Religion, is the same bank Ettore Gotti Tedeschi was just fired from and has now been accused of laundering money for the mob.

Two concerns arise. First we have the accusation that the Vatican Bank is laundering money for the mob. The other concern is that Banco Ambrosiano collapsed because someone stole over $700 million by siphoning it off through the Vatican bank.

Banco Ambrosiano was owed huge sums of money by Panamanian shell companies involved with the Vatican Bank. Before his murder, Calvi was facing fraud charges related to stock in a company owned by Michele Sindona in prison in the US. Sinona was involved with the collapse of Franklin National Bank in the US in 1974. Carlo Calvi, the son of Roberto Calvi is also a banker in Montreal.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Insider Trading on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes ran an interesting but disturbing segment on Insider Trading in congress. We’ve heard about it before how congress can accept bribes in the form of insider trading stock tips. Something they threw Martha Stewart in jail for. Only it’s legal for members of congress. They also showed very disturbing clips about how congressmen can personally benefit from special deals in their own riding. Like I said, we’ve heard it before but it’s hard to believe and it’s only getting worse. No one wants to deal with it. When Michael Moore talked about Senator Dodd's insider trading in his movie Captialism a Love Story Democrats told him to cool it. The struggle continues.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vatican Bank accused of money Laundering

There’s been a fair bit in the news of late about how the Vatican is being “blackmailed” after secret documents were leaked by the Pope’s butler now referred to as Vatileaks. Now it appears that the Vatican Bank is under investigation for laundering millions for a mafia godfather. Papa? Mamma Mia!

The Vatican bank is refusing to disclose any records of an account held by father Ninni Treppiedi formerly the cleric of Aclamo, the richest parish in mafia safe haven Sicily. Investigators want to know more about vast sums of money that are said to have passed through his account to establish if they were money laundering operations by on the run Mafia Godfather, Matteo Messina Denaro. Denaro is considered to be the new leader of Cosa Nostra - Our House.

The president of the Vatican bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, was ousted by its board on May 24th . The bankers name was Gotti. Are you serious? As in John Gotti of New York? Like that’s not a red flag. Unfortunately him getting fired just means he’s the scape goat. Money laundering in the Vatican bank is serious because banks that launder money inevitably crash and demand tax dollar bailouts.

Vatileaks: Christ on Trial

On an unrelated note, secular bandits have taken this true scandal and ran with it right into the twilight zone to promote their own absurd agenda which clearly defies both logic and history. It’s a new book called Christ on Trial by Tony Bushby.

It never ceases to amaze me how even with all this new modern technology, human beings can still be such mindless blind sheep. We’re like a bunch of straw men dancing around singing if I only had a brain.

Tony’s new book poses the question Did Jesus Christ ever exist? He claims that the church cannot prove the existence of Christ. That’s pretty ridiculous. We can argue the resurrection until the cows come home but to say the church cannot prove Christ ever existed is false. Ever heard of Josephus? He was a Jewish (non Christian) historian that recoded Christ’s existence.

Christ lived, taught, had a large following and was crucified for his teachings. That’s a part of history. Our whole calendar is based on that historical fact. We can argue his resurrection but we cannot argue his existence nor the fact that he like many other religious leaders in the past made a profound influence on not only his followers but on the world we live in.

In contrast I would submit Evidence that Demands a verdict and More than a Carpenter both by Josh McDowell. That is much more historically accurate written by a qualified journalist who set out to disprove the resurrection. Christ was on trial alright. Many years ago. That’s why he was crucified. Josh McDowell pointed many irregularities of the trial showing how it was illegal and how Christ was shafted and railroaded. It was done at night, all the witnesses contradicted each other, he was ultimately convicted by his own testimony.

So yes, Christ did exist and Tony Bushby is another idiot trying to make money off another scam saying send in your donations and I’ll tell you what you want to hear. We’ve heard that all before Tony. Nevertheless, the Vatican bank’s ties to money laundering for the Mafia is a real concern that needs to be addressed. Getting distracted by Bushby’s circus side show is a waste of time.

Now I’m most certainly not going to perpetuate Protestant versus Catholic arguments. Protestants will say just because the Catholic Church is corrupt doesn’t mean Christianity is corrupt. Yet we all know there are many paid Protestant ministers who have been very corrupt such as Jimmy Baker and Jimmy Swaggart.

The whole point it, just because the church is corrupt does not mean Christ didn’t exist. In reality Christ confronted the religious leaders at the time. He called them liars, hypocrites, extortionists and children of the Devil. The leaders at the time responded by saying well, off with him. Crucify him. He’s sent from the devil. And the sheep said baaaa. Andrew Lloyd Webber dramatized it well in his slightly unorthodox version of Jesus Christ Superstar as did the even more unorthodox movie Godspell. Yet the secular bandits are no better. They are trying to make money off their own scam to promote their own agenda. God save the people.

Rakesh Saxena gets 10 years for embezzlement

This is another example of a bank that failed because of investment fraud. Banks don’t just fail all on their own. Someone needs to rip them off first. We’ve talked about the Great Texas Bank robbery and the double dip investment fraud. We’ve talked about the BCCI and the Australian bank that failed as a result of the CIA’s arms dealing, drug trafficking and money laundering. Now let’s look at the Bangkok Bank of Commerce that failed because Rakesh Saxena ripped it off.

Saxena, 59, was found guilty on five counts of securities fraud between 1992 and 1995, having siphoned off tens of millions of dollars from the now-defunct Bangkok Bank of Commerce, where he was employed as an adviser.

The scandal that engulfed Bangkok Bank of Commerce caused a run on bank deposits and led to the bank's collapse, contributing to the devaluation of the baht and the regional crisis. Saxena was arrested in 1996 but was extradited from Canada only in 2009.

In the 13 years between his arrest at the Château Whistler and his deportation in 2009, the one-time Asian financial darling claimed he spent close to $20 million trying to avoid being sent back to Thailand. The cost to the Canadian taxpayer to thwart Saxena's efforts was well over $10 million.

The Bangkok South Criminal Court heard how Saxena had set up 60 businesses in Thailand and used them to secure loans from the bank to cover debts and running costs, but instead channeled the money into personal accounts, mostly in Switzerland.

"The defendant clearly demonstrated his intention to take funds from the damaged party to invest for his own personal use, depositing the funds into several overseas accounts," the judge said in reading the verdict. Estimates of the money he stole from the bank vary from $60 million to $82 million.

In this affair, he colllaborated with Oleg Boiko, a flamboyant Russian businessman; the two owned a New York brokerage firm. At that time Boiko managed the Moscow National Credit Bank. July 7, the US Dollar account number 001-6-10050 was opened at the BBC under the name National Credit Bank.

In days to follow Saxena produced a bill of exchange guaranteed by the National Credit Bank under the name Essex Corporate and Finance, a paper company registered in the British Cayman Islands controlled by Saxena. His BBC colleagues applied the standard discount and received the bill of exchange as collateral. All the BBC internal usage documents interpolated the seal "extremely urgent". In less than a week, $80 million was credited to a National Credit Bank account. June 11 1995, all the money was withdrawn and the National Credit Bank account was closed. The loan was not honoured, according to the bank, the registered bill of exchange was valueless and the National Credit Bank is now collapsed.

Rakesh Saxena blamed for the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

Once again this reinforces the premise that banks don’t just fail all by themselves, someone has to rip them off first. The great Texas bank robbery was an example of how the Bush family and the CIA ripped off banks in the /80’s through investment fraud. They defaulted on the bank loans for their fraud and bailed the banks out with tax dollars. That was the double dip. Al Martin wrote in his book the Conspirators that he was trained to commit investment fraud to raise money for Iran Contra.

We have also seen how Earl Brian, the CIA and even Mossad committed investment fraud in Canada to raise money for the October Surprise, which was a deliberate subversive act to manipulate public opinion and sway a democratic election. Robocalls times ten.

Entitlement versus Austerity

This of course brings us to the entitlement versus austerity propaganda that is sweeping Europe. The Greek financial crisis is not about entitlement, it’s about investment fraud. What was public money became private money then disappeared. That is the problem. It’s not about I’m entitled to this or that.

I am entitled to a free market where crime is punished according to the nature of the offense. I am entitled to a free market where my investments and my pensions are protected from criminals. I am entitled to a free market where thieves are not bailed out and compensated with tax dollars. That is what I am entitled to.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Assisted Suicide is not a Charter Right

This is why people trash talk the Charter of Rights. Because brain dead judges twist it completely out of context and apply it to things it was never intended to apply to. Free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, lawful assembly, freedom from unnecessary searches and seizures, the right to a fair trial, the right to legal representation, these are Charter Rights. The right to assisted suicide is not in there.

Suicide is, ironically enough, illegal. Kinda hard to enforce a consequence to that law. After someone commits suicide, they can’t be sent to jail or made to pay a fine. Yet assisted suicide is hugely problematic. A BC Supreme court has just struck down the law against assisted suicide. This insane decision screams for change. We need to elect our judges like in the US. The BC Court judges are completely out of touch with reality. One judge, one flawed mortal like unto Peter Leask or Wally Oppal needs to be publically accountable. Preventing that accountability and fostering that insanely unjustified egomania is wrong.

It’s like the freedom of association does not include the right to belong to a criminal organization. The freedom of association means the right to belong to any political party or philosophy one chooses. It does not include the right to commit a crime. Just as we need to preserve and protect the Constitution and the Charter of Rights, we need to protect it from being distorted and taken out of context so it isn’t diluted and destroyed.

A number of intervenors were opposed to striking down the law, including the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. "We're disappointed but not surprised at the radical nature of the decision today," Dr. Will Johnston, the coordinator of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of B.C., said outside court today.

"We"re very disappointed in this. We think this judgment decided to minimize and to disregard the evidence of harm in other jurisdictions where assisted-suicide and euthanasia has been practised," he said. "And we are extremely concerned about the situation of elder abuse, which is a major issue in Canada," Johnston said.

Two assault cases dropped against Surrey cop

Crown has decided not to pursue an assault charge against a Surrey RCMP officer accused of hurting a woman during a traffic stop. Const. Imran Saeed, 31, was charged following the Feb. 12, 2009 incident. The stay was entered Monday in B.C. Provincial Court in Surrey, which was to be the first day of his trial.

It was alleged that Saeed pulled over Trina Westad near her Surrey home and ordered her out of her car. When she asked why, he allegedly pulled her out of her vehicle and slammed her on the ground, causing a variety of injuries. It’s the second time in a week that charges have been stayed against Saeed.

On June 4, B.C. Provincial Court Judge Roy Dickey stayed two assault charges because Saeed’s right to a timely trial was violated. It was alleged that Saeed assaulted Christopher Gilmore and Christopher Stojak when he responded to a domestic disturbance call on May 19, 2009.

During arguments, defence lawyer Maegan Richards blamed much of the 30-month delay on a second investigation conducted by RCMP shortly before the case was set to go to trial last summer. The trial was rescheduled for May. Richards said the re-investigation duplicated the work that was initially done before Saeed was charged in November 2009. It appears that both cases were dropped because of delays affecting the acused’s right to a speedy trail. Yet the foul stanch of injustice is overpowering. The first case started in Surrey but was dropped in Chilliwack. Why on earth was it transferred to Chilliwack?

The second case is most disturbing. The right to a speedy trail is one thing but a victims right for justice is another. These two bad decisions have overruled the victim’s right to justice. It wasn’t there fault the case was delayed. The bizarre part is that the second most outrageous case wasn’t stayed by a judge. The Crown decided not to pursue the case in the event the judge might drop it. That is absurd and offensive. That case should proceed in the courts. The Crown should be sued for civil liability.

More local shootings

There’s been a few more local shootings and another relevant one in Oshawa.

A man was shot yesterday morning at the 10600-block of 135A street in Surrey.

Saturday night a man was shot 9100-block of 147 A St in Surrey. Suspects were taken into custody.

A 17 year old was shot in south Van south and east of 41st and Victoria Drive Tuesday morning. Police say it was targeted.

Kim Bolan is better with all the breaking news about all the local shootings. As we’ve found out, the police don’t always tell us about local shootings if there was no fatality involved. One of those shootings Kim reported from a police scanner. The South Van shooting also had ties to Surrey.

A North Vancouver man with gang links named Kamran Ahmadbeigi has been gunned down outside a house in Oshawa, Ontario on May 25. Kim Bolan is reporting that he was with a smaller group affiliated with the UN and was targeted within 24 hours of arriving in Ontario. We know the Hells Angels had a clubhouse seized in Oshawa but I’m told they still have a presence there.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kingpin Crew's fruit stand over turned

Speaking of losers from the Pinhead crew, reports are coming in that last weekend Hells angels showed up at the pinheads fruit stand and kicked their ass. Seemingly one of the pinheads were dating a Hells angels ex. It is said that Dale knew about it ahead of time and left so they could do it when he wasn't around. What a slime ball weasel. How can you be finger puppets for a loser like that? Have you no self respect? Sounds like club discipline not revoking their support for the puppets. More like the puppets will have to pay more protection money so they don't have another accident like that again. L & R bitches.

David Cameron Waffles on ties to Murdock

This is rather amusing. I’m watching the news today and I hear the headline British Government admits close ties with Murdock. Then they go to a clip of David Cameron who admits that there were close ties but he doesn’t see transparency as to who did what to whom as being productive. Of course not. It could mean your ass goes to jail. I’m going to have to look for the clip but here’s a few links to set the stage:

David Cameron to testify about ties to Murdoch

David Cameron has faced criticism for the way his government handled Murdoch's bid to take full control of British Sky Broadcasting. His ties to Murdoch have also been questioned because he hired former News of the World editor Andy Coulson as his communications chief. Coulson has since been charged in the phone hacking scandal.

David Cameron denies deals but defends Christmas with James Murdoch

On 10 September 2009, James Murdoch used an informal drinks with the then Leader of the Opposition to reveal that The Sun would be switching its allegiance back from Labour to the Tories. Yet Cameron insists there were no "inappropriate conversations" over his Christmas dinner with James Murdoch. However, James Murdoch admitted they did discuss the bid over dinner.

Murdoch’s UK chief to Cameron: 'We’re in this together'

Blair admits being too close to Murdoch

Blair, who is godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch’s children, was asked about his close relationship with the media baron whose tabloid The Sun — Britain’s top-selling newspaper - gave Blair its backing. He said he had taken care to court the press because if media groups had turned against him, it would have been a "huge and sustained attack". Robert Murdock stated “If our flirtation is ever consummated Tony then I suspect we will end up making love like porcupines, very, very carefully,” he told him.

Former British foreign secretary says ties between politicians and press became 'incestuous'

Britain's former foreign secretary says that ties between the country's politicians and the media had become uncomfortably close when Tony Blair was in power. Jack Straw, who served in several senior positions in Blair's government, said Wednesday that ties had been "sometimes incestuous."

Who is Rupert Murdoch?

Rupert Murdoch is a media baron in the UK like unto CONrad Black. James would be Robert's son. Turns out “one” of his tabloids were caught phone hacking to get the inside scoop on certain stories. They even had members of the royal family bugged. I said at the time there’s no way they could have done that without MI6’s help. After the scandal broke and scape goats were selected, it turned out that the police or shall we say “retired” police were involved in setting up the phone hacking for the tabloid. Then the news broke that the British government was in on it. Now David Cameron has been called to waffle on the stand at the inquiry.

Why is this relevant?

This is relevant because it show how politicians, Scotland Yard and the media teamed up to perform warrantless surveillance. Just like George Bush introduced in the US with the NSA warrantless wiretaps. Just like George bush introduced with his Un Patriot Act. Just like Barack Obama introduced with the NDDA.

What I find so amusing is how a media baron can support Tony Blair then change and support David Cameron. Switching allegiances isn't what’s surprising. What’s surprising is the newspaper adopted a candidate then published stories biased toward that candidate to promote them. We always thought newspapers just repport the news. That’s not necessarily true. Many news outlets have political biases and publish those biases in the form of propaganda. It’s not a matter of getting rid of the Conservatives or getting rid of Labour. It’s a matter of both parties cleaning house and getting rid of the corruption. That is the biggest challenge we face.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kingpin Crew and the Lost Souls sighted in Kamloops

Two members of the pinheads were seen with a couple members of the Lost Souls hanging around a tattoo parlor in Kamloops on the North Shore this week. I guess they were getting their new L tattoos for their forehead. Finger puppets for Dale the drag queen, you can’t get any lower than that. They’re lost souls all right.

Speaking of Kamloops, today in the news they claim two mutilated cats were found in the city earlier this month just like in Maple Ridge where two men were spotted around the same time a decapitated cat’s head was dropped off at an elementary school during school hours. That is seriously messed up. What do Kamloops and Maple Ridge have in common? I’m sure it’s just another bizarre coincidence.

Speaking of psychopaths, the police have reported that the human hand and foot sent to two Vancouver schools were from the same victim killed in Montreal by the whack job who sent other body parts to the conservative headquarters in Ottawa. The deranged wave sweeps on by.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

21 Arrests in North and South Carolina Hells Angels

21 individuals were arrested earlier this month after the return of a 91-count indictment charging members and associates of the Rock Hell City Nomad Chapter of the Hells Angels with racketeering, narcotics violations, money laundering and firearm violations.

The arrest warrants were served along with the execution of 23 search warrants in North and South Carolina. During today’s operation, law enforcement seized methamphatamine, cocaine, marijuana, pills, and approximately 100 firearms, including two automatic machine guns.