Sunday, June 10, 2012

Toronto Mayor opposes plastic bag ban

Well this is amusing. Finally there’s something that abusive idiot and I agree on. Recently Toronto City council just banned plastic bags for all retailers in the city. My first impression was that’s pretty stupid. I use the plastic bags I buy to take my groceries home for garbage bags. Now I’ll just have to buy garbage bags and nothing will be saved.

Turns out that Ford thinks it’s a dumb idea too. Yet he was the one that submitted the motion to get rid of the 5 cent charge for plastic bags. What the media describes as his pet peeve. Yet isn’t that interfering with business? Who is he to say that a retail outlet is not allowed to charge 5 cents for a plastic bag? Isn’t incentive a better way to get consumers to reduce the number of plastic bags they use?

Rob ford is trying to exploit the opportunity to get rid of counselors he doesn’t like. If anyone needs to be kicked of counsel, Rob Ford is the first one that needs to go. He is abusive. Maybe he should stop lying about getting drunk and abusive at sporting events or giving his constituents the finger for telling him to get off his cell phone while driving. Refusing to blow in Florida, yeah he’s a real winner alright.

We should rightfully be concerned about the environment. Landfills are a concern but Plastic Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a bigger concern. We need to turn a cargo ship into a plastic recycling plant and anchor it out there to clean up that huge mess.

These oil spills are a bigger concern. The two in Alberta could have been avoided. Every kilometer there should be shut off values in the pipeline. As soon as a break or leak is detected, shut off the valves on either side of the leak. Not doing so is irresponsible. I just find it strange how we get bent out of shape over the little things while we completely ignore the big things.


  1. Agent K, I'm sorry, but for those of us who are not well-off, those bags play a crucial, necessary role; they provide us with a cheap way of lining the under-sink garbage can. Fer Chrissakes, they take out garbage; that's just so very important!

    For decades I've used those bags for that crucial role. They are absolutely needed.

    I; and ALL the others; simply have not got the money to constantly purchase expensive purpose-made plastic bags, I need that every cent for food money, can you not understand that?

    The Environmental Movement sneers and laughs at the needs of poor people!

    The Environmental Movement hates people in general!

  2. I agree, I think it's a little, bit extreme. I'm much more supportive of incentive not forced compliance. Are they going to take away all the plastic bags in the bulk foods department? That would destroy that industry. Then some plastic bags are OK but others aren't? It's pretty messed up.


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