Monday, June 4, 2012

Hells Angels targeted in Winnipeg, Germany and Australia

Police have made their 26th arrest in its Project Flatlined targeting the Winnipeg Hells Angels and their puppet club the Redline Support crew. Police said Jared James Irving, 26, was arrested and taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. He has been charged with participating in or contributing to a criminal organization. Police are still looking for 27-year-old Jesse Richard Thomas.

In Germany, police raided dozens of properties as part of a major investigation into the Hells Angels motorcycle club. The operation targeted 80 properties, including brothels and pubs.

In Australia, the multi-billion dollar Visy packaging company is allegedly using the Hells Angels to collect bad debts and act as "problem solvers". Senior police sources told the Herald Sun police intelligence files have recorded links between Visy and the notorious bikie gang, and detectives are monitoring the connection. What on earth are they riding? That’s a yellow sports bike with not only a full face helmet but a dirt bike helmet. Wow. Times have sure changed. Flower power.

Berlin bans Hells Angels, raid details leaked: Here's an interesting one someone sent in. Germany bans the Hells Angels for criminal activity. Before they implement the raid an informant warns the Hells Angels so they have to execute the raid earlier then they had originally planned. "Unfortunately we have to assume that people from our own ranks gave information to these criminals in return for money,” a police spokesman said, adding that the betrayal was shameful for the police force.


  1. Note that in Germany, local government has the power to ban the organization outright, then raid their clubhouse, shut it down, seize their bikes and any things else that says "Hells Angels" or has the winged deaths head on it, etc..

  2. Indeed. I guess the concern is Germany has done that in the past to any group of minorities not just to criminals.

  3. Preventing the resurgence of National Socialism is the reason such laws were enacted after WW2, the only post war employment of such laws/abilities has until now been against Neo-Nazi organizations. We are talking about 67 years of such laws existing and being used only for that purpose. So, this first time use against a criminal organization is actually historic in that sense and IMO not much of a concern. Also, HA and the other 1%'er orgs have the ability to protest this all via the courts, and unfortunately no one will be taking them all off to a concentration camp or a ditch out in the forest.

    Your mother probably told you, as did mine, that "violence never solves anything". They were both wrong, it actually solves a good many things, that's why bad folks use it or the threat of it almost exclusively, because it works. The trick for good folks is to employ it sparingly (Friedrich Nietzsche observed that "When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you")and only against people who by any objective standard deserve it, due to their own employment of it in the course of their 'business' and against innocent people.

    I know you are not going to say the HA are innocent, this whole blog is about the fact that they are not. The death and human misery they create and feed off EASILY earns them a round in the back of the head. Society ever gets its head out of its ass I would have zero qualms about serving my gentler fellow citizens in such a capacity.

  4. National Socialism - isn’t that a totally ironic name for Fascism?

  5. Not at all. Hitler was not only a good socialist then, he would still be a pretty good one (politically) by present day standards. Marxist-Leninist Socialism and National Socialism differ pretty much only in that in the former the workers have power (theoretically, this never actually happens...) and in the latter, the state does. In practice, power lies with the state in both cases. The Russians got along real well with Germany pre-war, people forget this and there was a whole effort to purge that fact from history. Would you believe that a Red Army unit had a shoulder patch with a swastika on it in the 1920's? Why not, it was a socialist symbol. (Yes, Japan and India too, we know...) That is until Hitler co-opted it so very effectively. After Russia and Germany became enemies, that little truth became quite inconvenient.

    You may wish to read to following. I guarantee you that your understanding of the history of Communist Socialism and National Socialism being opposites, left and right, Socialist and Facist will never be the same afterwards, and you will understand why the fraud of their supposed difference is perpetrated to this day.

    There are numerous links contained within that expand on various portions of the paper.


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