Sunday, June 24, 2012

Little Italy shooting in Toronto

I’ve fallen a bit behind in all the shootings of late but Freddy mentioned this one and I think it is noteworthy. John Raposo’s funeral was held last Friday in the same church his young son was baptized in.

Police claim Raposo was the leader of the McCormick Boys, a small west-end crew that bought drugs from Italian organized crime. The McCormick Boys, who took their name from a park on the edge of Toronto’s Portuguese neighbourhood, had about 10 core members and perhaps twice as many associates. They were not major players, but their drug connections with the mob discouraged anyone from messing with them, the source said.

So this was a Portuguese gang that sold drugs for the Italian mafia. Since they had the backing of the mafia, no one crossed them. Until the murder of John Raposo. So who did it and why? Well a Toronto man with ties to BC has been arrested and charged. Who’s he with? It has to be a rival in the drug trade.

We know that Hells Angel Paris Christoforou teamed up with Peter Scarcella in that Toronto Sandwich shop shooting targeting Mike Modica. Scarcella was just a driver for Paul Volpe but rose in the ranks after Volpe was found dead in a trunk of a car killed by someone he knew. Scarcella was the last person to see him alive and has been recently released from prison.

Hells Angels associate Mark Peretz who drove the van in the Sandwich shop hit was rearrested last month after his statutory release. Police fear a continuation of the feud that led to the shooting, a dispute involving a large cast of gangsters from the Mafia and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Things certainly are heating up in Toronto with regards to the drug related violence there. The North Van UN associate gunned down in Oshawa was just one example. The gang related Eaton Centre shooting was reckless just like the sandwich shop shooting. One could even say it was a similar MO.


  1. Here's a sub-set of the problems caused, in addition, with reference to, your posts on Ontario's drug-wars:

    "Ontario’s surge in babies born addicted to Opioids."

    "In the past five years, there has been a staggering increase in the number of babies born dependent on prescription painkillers."

    "In 2003-04, Ontario tracked 171 babies born with NAS. In 2010-11, there were 654 — nearly a fourfold increase."

    "Experts say that with Ontario having the highest narcotic use in Canada and among the highest in the world, the tide of addicted babies is in no way abating."

    “This is significant,” says David Knoppert, a neonatal pharmacist at London Health Sciences Centre who remembers seeing only one or two babies with NAS in 17 years prior to 2006. Now, the hospital’s nursery cares for about 25 infants with opioid withdrawal each year."

    “All of a sudden it started taking off. The numbers just went up exponentially.” (TorStar)

    A reminder that some drug use is way up, remembering the Native Canadians addicted to prescription Opiods in Ontario, an incredible number.

  2. Anyone who thinks these so called gangsters mc cormick boys are part of some elaborate mafia drug ring are high themselves we are mostly talking about a tight nit comunity of young neighborhood men who played street hockey and hung out at the park or the center not street thugs we were labelled by 14 division after one of our own was found dead in there station and when we wanted answers we were now seen as gangters.........

  3. Answers? Somebody must have been selling drugs but weren’t selling for the Hells Angels. That’s why he was shot. Just like everywhere else.


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