Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Salute to the South Shore Freedom Riders

The South Shore Freedom Riders are a legitimate motorcycle club in Nova Scotia that doesn’t sell drugs. They are affiliated with real veterans not the fake drug dealing veterans on Vancouver Island. Nova Scotia has a proud history of military valor and service.

I’ve just received an anonymous tip that disturbs me greatly. Indeed I am greatly disturbed. Someone claims that the Darksiders have been threatening and bullying the Freedom Riders and as a result the Freedom Rriders have given up their club. That is unacceptable.

Their web site has been taken down. It appears they were also a Christain club. Christian bikers never hurt anyone. They are nonviolent, turn the other cheek types. That’s like beating up Gandhi or Mother Teresa. It is not cool. Darksiders suck. Literally. Just look at their logo. They suck the big boys and think that gives them the right to pick on a Christian club. It’s time for the Darsiders to be deemed a criminal organization and have their clubhouse seized. Pride cometh before the fall. Their clubhouse in Halifax is in the same building the Hells Angels had their clubhouse in before it was seized.

In New Brunswick a club called the Iron Order are getting the same BS from Bacchus over patches. The Iron order are very apposed to the 1% clubs and have strict rules of no criminals. Bacchus? They’re the patron saints of homosexuality. Just look what they did to Rusty and Ellen. That was an inside job. They were ripped off by their own people. They weren’t killed by a rival.

Reports are coming in about the Charlottetown Harley club also bullying other clubs around. Here we have three Hells Angel puppets bullying smaller clubs around because they are worthless. This is a picture I pulled off the cache from the Freedom Riders old web site:

They just want to ride and claim their right to religious freedom. Something we’ve fought wars for in the past. This is a song about Nova Scotia I noticed in their cache. It’s called Nova Scotia Nature's Music by Bob Quinn. Here are the lyrics. Nova Scotia is a lot like BC only more sincere. The salmon spawn in their rivers too and the eagles come to feed on the spawning salmon just like they do here. Upon eagles' wings. My mother was born in Amherst. I salute the South Shore Freedom Riders. To us from failing hands they throw the torch.

I’m not a very good Christian but I can see good and evil and I do believe in a higher power. Thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Like Martin Luther King of old, mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord. He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat. He is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgment seat. Oh be swift my soul to answer him be jubilant my feet. Our God in marching on. Word.


  1. There have been a few comments on this thread I haven’t approved because they were obscene. The trailer trash hussie with the potty mouth can kiss my ass. You’re not even dust in the wind. You’re sewage in the toilet waiting to be flushed. Farewell.

    Some people are claiming the South Shore Freedom Riders folded because of internal politics. Yet my original anonymous tip cited three 1% clubs giving smaller local clubs a hard time over patches. The Freedom Riders were just one of the smaller groups targeted. That seems very believable to me.

    As for the Wind Demonz, another source claims that the Bridgewater Darksiders were Wind Demonz. The ones that didn’t patch over didn’t make the cut because they didn’t own Harleys and yes they do still hang out at Tim Hortons. Kinda shows you a glimpse of the Darksiders not so scary history.

    I like the song about Nova Scotia and I like the tribute to the South Shore Freedom Riders because everyone agrees they started off with good intensions. Politics can affect any organization because we are human. Somewhere I read something about St Francis asking for humility, courage and wisdom. That is a worthy quest.

    The rest of us agree the Darksiders connection to the Hells Angels is concerning. The rest of us agree that hard drugs like cocaine, crack and crystal meth are a plague that we need to resist. The rest of us agree that forced prostitution and beating up a prostitute because she doesn’t want to work for a fat old man who blows the big boys is wrong. Notwithstanding our differences, most of us agree with that.

  2. I grew up on the South Shore of NS and am travelling back there soon for the first time in years. I'm in BC now. Been reading your blog for a while and was surprised when I first read about an HA connection in my home town. My folks are still there.

    I know of some of the folks involved with the Wind Demonz, but not sure if I know any of the Dark Siders. Curious about why you've taken an interest in something so far away. Is it just relevant?

    More curious than anything and keep up the great work.

  3. Ah the legendary Bluenose. I remember my mother telling me about the Bluenose on the Canadian dime. That national symbol is pretty iconic of Nova Scotia. Mostly it’s because I am my brother’s keeper. An injury to one is an injury to all and what not. My mother was born in Amherst and it’s disheartening to see Nova Scotia confronted with the same problems we have here in BC. The Hells Angels moving from big cities into small towns bullying the locals and bringing drug related violence. It’s happening all over the country. It’s also relevant to Nova Scotia because our famous David Giles is from Halifax and came to Kelowna with his friend Mickey Mouse. Giles going back there to start trouble with those Bacchus idiots is just a continuation of the plague.

    1. "Giles going back there to start trouble with those Bacchus idiots is just a continuation of the plague."

      where'd this come from?

    2. David Giles is a member of the East Vancouver Hells Angels and lives in Kelowna. He is originally from Halifax. The East Van Hells Angels are deeply involved in the drug trade. Someone sent me a picture of Giles not too long ago on a road trip in New Brunswick right when Bacchus were expanding into Nova Scotia. My point is that Hells Angels puppets and finger puppets are giving smaller clubs a hard time and that is concerning.

  4. lol How can one lady get all these drug dealing wannabes so riled up? She must be doing something right. Where is Paul Cook these days?

  5. The Charlottetown Harley Club did try to shut down the Red Island Crew its part of the public record that they assulted this group in the parking lot of Tim Hortons on University.

    George Mcginnis and Kirk Redmond where charged with assult. check last years PEI criminal inelligence bulliten it clearly states there was a beef over patches.

    What I here it come down to was the Red Island Crew wanted nothing to do with the 1% world did not not to be told what to wear or how the patch should look they wanted to do it thier way no strings.
    I herd they droped the charges and had a piece bonds for 12 months placed on George and Kirk in return they would be left alone.

    I have seen the Red Island Crew guys out this year so it appears to be true.

    PEI has way to may clubs that worship Bacchus and CHC groups like Brothers Charge, Vicious Cycle, Pirates Brotherhood all who asked permission to be a club to either CHC or Bacchus.

  6. I am an idependant I ride alone, My cut refects this. I feel and believe that the bullying that goes on here in the biker world needs to be brought out into the open.

    I do support any and all law abiding clubs. I ride mostly with my wife, I am looking at starting a chapter of another club here, if I can do this it will be a tought road as Bacchus will be after me and I am sure there puppets to but I belive strongly in the right to chose my own path.


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