Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kingpin Crew and the Lost Souls sighted in Kamloops

Two members of the pinheads were seen with a couple members of the Lost Souls hanging around a tattoo parlor in Kamloops on the North Shore this week. I guess they were getting their new L tattoos for their forehead. Finger puppets for Dale the drag queen, you can’t get any lower than that. They’re lost souls all right.

Speaking of Kamloops, today in the news they claim two mutilated cats were found in the city earlier this month just like in Maple Ridge where two men were spotted around the same time a decapitated cat’s head was dropped off at an elementary school during school hours. That is seriously messed up. What do Kamloops and Maple Ridge have in common? I’m sure it’s just another bizarre coincidence.

Speaking of psychopaths, the police have reported that the human hand and foot sent to two Vancouver schools were from the same victim killed in Montreal by the whack job who sent other body parts to the conservative headquarters in Ottawa. The deranged wave sweeps on by.

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  1. The US Government keeps insisting that Mexican violence never touches America or Americans. This great, New York Times' six-page article tells a different story, that they are in North America in a big way, it's fascinating;

    "A Drug Family in the Winner’s Circle."

    "Newcomers rarely make it into the winner’s circle at the All American Futurity, considered the Kentucky Derby of quarter horse racing."

    "Yet in September 2010, a beaming band of men waving Mexican flags and miniature piƱatas swept into Ruidoso, N.M., to claim the million-dollar prize with a long-shot colt named Mr. Piloto." (NYT)


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