Friday, August 31, 2012

Law Enforcement: Good versus Evil

I don’t want to distract from the euphoria of the moment regarding the fantastic job the police has recently done with the Kelowna Hells Angels’ clubhouse raid and the arrest of David Giles as well as the Kelowna Sergeant at arms. I do however, think it’s important to put it in perspective and look at the dual aspect of the struggle between good versus evil.

First is the external struggle that we can clearly see. Crack and crystal meth are horrible drugs. They are very damaging and very addictive. As a result they destroy lives and devastate communities. Some people argue that if the Hells Angels didn’t sell those drugs, someone else would. I disagree. Crystal meth is new to the East coast. Greg Domey was the Salem Hells Angels president as well as the entire east coast president. He was convicted of trafficking crystal meth. The Hells Angels were bringing crystal meth from California to Massachusetts.

Clearly the Hells Angels were the ones bringing crystal meth to a new market. Likewise in Canada, the Hells Angels are the ones using their big city bully powers to flood small towns with crack. They are creating new markets and destroying lives and communities in those small towns. In Kelowna Dave Habib posted a warning to parents on his facebook about drug dealers putting crystal meth in kids pixie sticks. Yet it was the Hells Angels who were caught running a huge crystal meth lab in Kelowna that was a major production point for the Okanagan.

Flooding the streets and small towns with crack and crystal meth is a clear example of good versus evil. It is an external struggle that we can clearly see. Yet there is another internal aspect of that struggle that is just as real but is much harder to see. Chicago was famous for it’s problems with organized crime. Al Capone and the organized crime were one thing. Corrupt politicians and police officers were another.

In all fairness, I don’t think we have the same problem with rank and file officers on the take as Chicago did. No doubt we have some. Edmonton PD was accused of leaking information to the Hells angels. Yet cases like Rob Sidhu and Ken Houston aren’t that common and even those were with former police officers. Yet I do think we have a problem of internal corruption involving politicians and government agencies that does rival Chicago back in the day.

Case in point, the leaked document showing that illegal drugs are no longer a priority for Canadian border agents. That is treason and shows how government agencies, controlled by corrupt politicians can do serious damage to the hard work of good law enforcement officers trying to make a difference. The Western Wind cocaine seizure is a prime example of that. A high ranking officer steps in to squash an important investigation. That is suspicious to say the least.

Due to a lack of resources, Canadian border agents have been told to stop looking for illegal drugs leaving the country and instead focus on stopping the export of illicit nuclear material and stolen cars. The directive, contained in an internal memo to Canada Border Service Agency man-agers that was obtained by Postmedia News, is unlikely to make officials in the U.S. and other countries very happy. But analysts say that in an age of finite resources, the agency has decided it makes more sense to target areas where it thinks it can make a difference.

Nuclear material and stolen cars? That is bizarre. The Harper government is the one trying to reopen the sale of Candu reactors to high risk countries giving them the capability of making nuclear weapons just like they did for China and India.

The pot for cocaine trade is a huge problem. For a government agency to be told not to prioritize that is treason. As is the Harper government issuing that mandate in the name of budget cuts. They are the ones that cut funding to the RCMP and the gang task force and gave $69 billion to the banks for a bailout they didn’t need. Since the banks are making such a big profit, they can start paying back that bailout instead of filling Stephen Harpers campaign contributions.

So we need to talk about corrupt politicians like Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney as well as the corrupt agencies they control which stifle the hard work of good law enforcement officers trying to make a difference. Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper are not corrupt because they are Conservatives. They are corrupt because they aren’t. They say one thing and do another. Brian Mulroney sued the Canadian government for slander for claiming he received a kickback from Airbus. He point blank lied about his relationship with Karl Schreiber and thereby defrauded Canadian tax payers out of $2 million. That is just the tip of the iceberg to Brian Mulroney’s corruption. Harper cutting funding for the RCMP, Gang Task force, Coast Guard, Prisons and Border Agents is another concern. So much for law and order.

We do have to look at Operation Fast and Furious,. It isn’t just an Obama thing but it is also an Obama thing. Just like George Bush SR.’s cocaine trafficking out of Mena Arkansas was also a Bill Clinton thing. Clinton’s ties to the crash of the BCCI is a serious concern we need to look at because we saw it repeat itself in Operation Wide Receiver and Operation Fast and Furious. That kind of internal corruption is harder to see but just as real. The struggle between good and evil continues on both fronts - externally as well as internally.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rats leaving a sinking ship

Front page of today’s Vancouver Province was about more Liberal MLAs leaving a sinking ship. A guy at work sees the headline in the lunchroom and says to me, hey, you’re up on politics. Why are all the MLAs resigning? I just laughed and said rats leaving a sinking ship. Haven’t you seen the polls? He shook his head and said no. They know they’re not going to get re elected so they’re jumping ship. Also because that one MLA who crossed over is brining the BC Rail case back to court and they’re all running for cover.

Today’s news is about Kevin Falcon quitting. That’s interesting. He runs for the leadership of the party, loses, then quits politics. Why do I find that suspicious? He better not be planning on going over to the Provincial Conservatives. That guy is a Gordon Campbell clone and is part of the problem. We can’t have him poison a good thing. The last thing we need is for Gordon Campbell’s rats to infest John Cummings new hope.

Breaking news is George Abbott, Mary McNeil and John Les have just added their names to the list. I have two points to make. John van Dongen and Dave Hayer are good men. John van Dongen was a good AG. He crossed over to join John Cummings conservatives and started legal action about BC Rail. He’s solid. Dave Hayer is less confrontational and simply announced he’s not going to run for re election. He’s finishing his term that he was elected to. Dave Hayer is a good man. His father was a reporter who was murdered for reporting about the Air India bombing.

The other rats jumping ship are Gordon Campbell scum. Kevin Falcon is not right wing. Stop saying that. He supported the gas tax and the HST. John Cummings doesn’t. John Cummings support small business and a free market. Kevin Falcon and the rest of his Gordon Campbell scum do not.

The other point I’d like to make is that this current mess is not Christy Clark’s fault. She was those rats best chance to resurrect the party after Gordon Campbell drove it to drink. We can’t blame Gordon Campbell’s mess on Christy Clark any more than we can blame Brian Mulroney’s mess on Kim Campbell. The nose dive in the polls is a natural consequence of cruel arrogance the whole party has displayed.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation slams retiring BC MLAs’ $13 million pension haul

Meanwhile Christy Clark is in the news as Geoffrey Cowper, chair of a review of the justice system, released his report claiming that it was time for "systemic and wide-ranging change." The report claims the B.C. criminal legal system needs a major overhaul, five more provincial judges to reduce case backlogs, and a radical new management system. A new management system. I’m not sure what that means but if it means making BC Judges publically accountable then I’m all for it. That is long over due. Peter Leask should be hanged and Anne McKenzie should be fired.

Human torso found in Niagara River

Sympatico news is reporting that Niagara Regional Police announced a female torso was recovered from the river in Niagara Falls, near the Rainbow Bridge border crossing. Investigators said the discovery was not related to the ongoing investigation into the death of Hua Guang Liu, whose body parts were discovered in two Toronto-area parks in recent weeks.

Police said passersby spotted the floating torso on Wednesday and alerted officers. Police have not recovered any limbs or the woman's head. Niagara police said an autopsy suggests it belongs to a middle-aged Caucasian woman, who was the victim of homicide. Tragic.

We know the Niagara Hells Angels were intensely involved in the drug trade there. I wonder if this homicide is drug related. Hua Guang Liu's estranged boyfriend, has been charged with second-degree murder in that case. She was a mother of three starting her own business. Very sad.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kelowna Hells Angel turns himself in to Police

Brian Oldham, the sergeant-at-arms for the Kelowna Hells Angels has turned himself in at the Burnaby RCMP detachment Tuesday after a Canada-wide warrant was issued for his arrest following David Giles' arrest. Oldham has been charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

The charges follow a 21-month investigation into allegations that marijuana grown in B.C.'s southeast was being sold in B.C. and elsewhere to fund the import of cocaine to Canada. The investigation "benefited from contributions" from Mounties in the Okanagan, as well as from U.S. law enforcement, Mexican federal police and Panamanian authorities.

Nigel Wright and Barrick Gold

Pointed questions are beginning to swirl around Nigel Wright, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief of staff, and whether he used his position to further the financial interests of friends at Barrick Gold Corp.

Wright has known Barrick founder and board chairman Peter Munk for years and is particularly close to his son, Anthony, who sits on Barrick's board of directors. In a 2011 magazine article, Peter Munk disclosed that Wright is godfather to Anthony Munk's son. Wright worked with Anthony at Onex Corp., the private equity investment giant from which Wright has taken a leave of absence to work for Harper.

Wright also served as a director on the board of the Aurea Foundation, a "charitable" foundation established by Peter Munk and his wife in 2006 to support the study and development of public policy. A charitable lobbyist group. You’ve got to be kidding.

Ok all of that is indeed a flaming conflict of interest. However, two important points emerge. First is the fact that the Harper government’s conflict of interest in lobbying for Barrick gold goes far beyond Nigel Wright. Second is the fact that Barrick gold’s media machine is rewriting history. They are leaving out the part about how Barrick gold was created by the dirty arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi who was tied to Iran Contra and the crash of the BCCI. It was arms dealing, drug smuggling, money laundering and investment fraud tied to high ranking politicians. Barrick gold is just a grown up version of Bandera Gold.

Back in 2008 the Green Party reported: Peter Munk is Chairman of Barrick Gold Corporation. Mr. Mulroney is a Director of Barrick since 1993, and is Chairman of Barrick’s International Advisory Board. Three times in the past year, the Harper government has intervened to further the economic interests of Mr. Munk and Mr. Mulroney.

The third intervention occurred this week when finance minister Jim Flaherty took what the Globe and Mail (May 7, page B1) called “the unusual step of intervening” by phoning CIBC executives to pressure them to settle up with Barrick Gold Corporation over a dispute over losses related to the current asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) meltdown. Clearly this conflict of interest goes far beyond Nigel. It goes straight to Lyin Brian Mulroney who defrauded Canadian taxpayers out of a $1.2 million out of court settlement which was based on his perjury around kickback mountain.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

13 Hells Angels plead guilty to murder

Thirteen members of the Hells Angels pleaded guilty Monday to charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder at the Gouin courthouse in Montreal. They were arrested in an April 2009 police sweep, the culmination of Operation SharQc, a three-year investigation of the Hells Angels drug and gang activity in Quebec and New Brunswick. Ten are full-patch members of the Hells Angels' chapter in Sherbrooke, two others are associate members of the Montreal chapter and one is from the South chapter.

The Crown dropped 22 murder charges against 13 Hells Angels members and associates in exchange for guilty pleas that will cut their sentences in half. Eleven of the accused received sentences ranging from six to 11 years in prison. The remaining two, Yves Laforêt et Guy Lemoyne, will be sentenced on Oct. 26. Those who pleaded guilty will be unable to seek parole until they have served at least half of their sentence.

A publication ban prevents media from revealing details about the nature and extent of their involvement in killings during the bloody biker war, in which 165 criminals and bystanders were killed from 1994 to 2002. Several members of the Hells Angels chapter from Sherbrooke, QC, are scheduled to be tried en masse this fall.

Publication ban. That is not right. Guy Rodrigue is a founding member of the Hells Angels Sherbrooke chapter. In 1987, he was convicted for his role in the murders of five members of the North Chapter (Laval) Hells Angels. Also known as the Lennoxville Massacre. Rodrigue was sentenced to four years in prison.

From 1994 to 2002, says in a statement on the Quebec government issued yesterday, he was party to 22 plots of murder, "and he had personally ordered several" in order to increase market share Hells Angels in drug trafficking. I appears that Rodrigue is still at large and is on Quebec's 10 most wanted list. Here's a video clip of him. If you see him, call it in.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Davie Giles – BUSTED!

Now that made my day. David Giles and three co-accused, Kevin Van Kalkeren, James Howard and Michael Read, have each been charged with cocaine trafficking and conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. Castanet has a video clip of the Press conference. That is the crown jewel of the 2012 Kelowna Summer Jam. Word. No matter how the race is run it always ends the same. Another room without a view waits downtown. Just about the time you're thinkin' it's alright, Breakdown, takedown, you're BUSTED.

Police seized $4 million in cash, firearms and eight kilograms of cocaine from several locations including a hidden compartment in a vehicle. Giles was taken into custody at the Grand Villa Casino and Hotel in Burnaby over the weekend. Also facing charges is Brian Oldham, a Hells Angels sergeant-at-arms in Kelowna. He remains at large and a Canada-wide warrant has been issued for his arrest.

I sure wouldn’t call him quintessential. Although the idea of a pure evil is an interesting concept, he’s the behind the scenes puppet master. He benefitted from the Lenoxville massacre. He was implicated in the Western Wind seizure. He was caught on wire bragging about how Revelle made him $30,000.00 in a few months. He’s not quintessential, he’s the dirty dog. The driving force behind Dale the drag queen’s lies. David Giles is Skeletor. He calls himself the Gyrator but I call him the Rusty Vibrator. Here's a link to some photos of him.

“These groups show a complete disregard for Canadian families, and public safety,” says Superintendent Brian Cantera of the RCMP Drug Enforcement Branch in B.C. Very true. They don’t care who gets killed or who gets tortured as long as they get rich at someone else’s expense. Well done officers. Thank you.

From coast to coast a toast to the host we hate the most

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that Giles was in court today wearing a black t-shirt with a skull on it. Skeletor was wearing a skull shirt. Go figure. I hear Pat James is starting a Free David Giles facebook group just like they did for Matt Foley. I hear these are the new support shirts they’re selling to raise money for Giles’ legal fees. Or should I say bibs.

We need to talk about the social awakening that has resulted in the shattering of two misconceptions that this drug bust represents. First is the ridiculous claim that the Hells Angels aren’t criminals, they’re just a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts. People here can’t even quote that with a straight face. Everyone here knows that is absurd. All these drug convictions speak for themselves.

Freddy just posted a link to a court challenge in the US where the Hells Angels are appealing their criminal organization status there. Well, they’ve already done that in Canada and lost. The long list of drug convictions shows that is their primary business. The freedom of association means we are free to join a religious or political party of our choosing. It does not mean we are free to engage in organized crime. We know why they are appealing their criminal organization status. They don’t want their proceeds of crime seized by the police.

Sad to think they were ready to kill John Punko just because he might lose his criminal org appeal. To think they would pull a Juel Stanton just to postpone their criminal org status in BC. That really is pathetic. It would be ironic indeed if it was David Giles who became the first Hells Angels criminal organization conviction in BC. I wonder if they’ll shoot him right before the verdict just to avoid that decision.

The next shattered misconception this drug bust represents is the ridiculous claim that rating out a crack dealer is being a rat. That is insane. Crack dealers are rats. Failing to report them is being a rat. The people who murdered Britney Irving and Geoff Meisner are the real rats. Reporting those murderers to the police isn’t being a rat. Failing to do so is. People understand that now. As a result, these two shattered misconceptions means our new social awakening will no doubt bring us into a new era where crime is not cool any more.

Crack and Crystal meth are very addictive and very damaging drugs. The organized criminals who make an obscene amount of money from flooding our streets and small towns with that kind of invasive poison need to be restrained. Ratting out a rat makes this world a better place.

Reflections on the Kelowna Summer Jam

As we anxiously await the Press conference about what was seized in the Kelowna Hells Angels raid, I just wanted to reflect on what started off as the Kelowna Summer Jam. The name of the event was taken from a Young Jeezy and Akon song where he says if ya get jammed up, don’t mention my name.

Recently the Hells Angels were implicated in a drug related murder in Dawson Creek which indeed opens a can of worms regarding a long string of drug related violence in that community. Recently a former associate of Tony Terezakis was shot dead in Surrey. Likely his murder had nothing to do with that case but it does once again show a Hells Angels connection to another string of drug related murders.

Big Tony’s case was very disturbing. Not just because of the murder of informants that connected the Hells Angels to the crack cocaine trade in East Vancouver, but because of his personal use of violence against drug addicts in East Van. Big Tony was a drug dealer for the Hells Angels in East Van. The guy video taped himself beating the life out of drug addicts who owed him money. As he beat them he would shout praise the lord and spit in their face. When they played the videos in court Tony couldn’t hold back the laughter. That is clearly deranged.

It also shows the violent mistreatment of drug addicts in East Van. Handing out free needles and free crack pipes doesn’t make the drugs free. Feeding those addictions feeds the violence and exploitation that goes along with it. Making money off the poorest and most vulnerable in the country is very low. Which brings us back to the Kelowna Summer Jam.

Britney Irving did not deserve to die. She didn’t rat out anyone. She sold pot to support her oxy addiction and was killed right after she made the decision to go into rehab. Geoff Meisner didn’t deserve to die. His kids miss him dearly. Geoff didn’t steal anything from anyone. Just as concerning as their senseless murders is the absurd lies that went along with them trying to hide and rationalize the real motive. Greed.

Vancouver is often referred to as lotus land. Despite the beautiful surroundings, many people here are materialistic yuppies. They care more about what they have then what they do. Adam Scorgie made a movie about the wealth associated with the pot industry. He didn’t mention a word about the Hells Angels use of violence to control that industry.

He talked about working in a club and seeing young guys with tons of cash come into the club and buy everyone drinks. He saw the draw of that kind of money very appealing. Sad. Wasting that kind of money on booze in a bar or on a new ugly suv is a very shallow existence and no reason to betray a friend. Strange how he would idolize that knowing in the end it killed people he knew in his own community.

Which brings us back to Dain Philips. Dain didn’t deserve to die either. The Hells Angels involvement in his murder is indisputable. Two patch members and one puppet club associate were seen beating him to death with hammers. As a result, the club has pulled back their public support and the two patch members have been beaten in prison.

I don’t support crack or crystal meth. Nor do I support the crime and violence that go along with it. I don’t support the Hells Angels violent control of the pot industry either or their extortion of the entire 420 movement. Supporting that violence is wrong. Completely and utterly.

In the words of Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2 "Follow the rich white man."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Extortion: Money for Nothing

In Denmark, there has been a series of articles in the news about gangs committing extortion. One story in particular involves a 67 year old woman being targeted. That’s pretty low. Several taverns in Copenhagen were being charged protection money. Jane Pedersen, the 67 year old owner of the Café Viking refused. The good news is that with the added media attention, the gangs seem to have backed off a bit. Bullies don’t want exposure.

Michael Green from TBM talked about extortion in the news and pointed out that you really don’t get anything for your money. Just like that old Dire Straights song, Money for Nothing. I have to agree. As much as I am opposed to selling crack, at least drug dealers are selling a product. Extortion is indeed money for nothing. Pay us this money or you might have an accident. That’s just as bad as selling crack.

I hear it is common in Montreal and they call it Pizzo. Well, I’m not from Montreal, I’m from Vancouver and the only Pizza I know about is the kind that comes with pepperoni and cheese. Extortion is what parasites do. They live off others and suck them dry.

Another form of extortion is insane interest on loans. One gambler in Montreal borrowed $20,000 and repayed $15,000 within seven months. He was told that was just the interest and was beaten with a hammer when he started making more payments. That wasn’t the Italians in was the Irish (West end gang).

The View from Mount Seymour

Here’s a scenic interlude to help keep things in perspective. All of these photos were taken yesterday except for the last one. The first picture is of Mount Seymour also known as third peak or third pump for local hikers taken from second peak. The chair lift doesn’t actually take you to the top of mount Seymour. You have to hike or snowshoe to it. The view is more than worth it.

The following five pictures are the panoramic view from the top of mount Seymour, third peak. If you actually click on the picture you can see a larger version of it. In the first of the five panorama shots you can see Stanley Park and Lions gate bridge on the left. Spanning right is the panorama of mountains from one picture to the next until you come full circle back to Stanley Park and Lion’s gate bridge on the right of the fifth panorama picture.

This one is a zoom in of Deep Cove from Seymour third peak.

This one is First Pump from Second pump.

This one is the same shot of First Pump from Second pump only in the winter.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse raided

Speak of the devil. I was just saying we hadn’t heard anything from Kelowna in a while. All this news coming out of Montreal and the Maritimes distracted us. Drive by’s are always happening in Surrey. So Castanet is confirming it, the police had a search warrant for a Southeast District drug file and raided the Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse. I hope they didn't find Giles' rusty vibrator. Somethings are better left unsaid. Press conference on Monday in Vancouver.

I doubt they found anything as no one would be stupid enough to stash anything at the clubhouse but it is good to see them keep the pressure on for the Kelowna Summer Jam. If ya get jammed up, don’t mention ma name. I do have some comments to make but I have to get up early for work and I just got back from climbing Seymour third peak so I’m bagged. Catch ya on the rise G.

Hey everybody, look. It's Billy the Kid having a mid life crisis. Deja Vu. Reminds me of Robert Thomas trying to stare down reporters last time. Only look where Thomas is now. Getting his ass kicked in prison and nobody cares. Prospects and greenhorns. They still have the biggest chip on their shoulders trying to prove to the world what an idiot they really are. You go girl.

Update: David Giles - BUSTED! Oh Happy Day!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lighthouse Park

Another drive by shooting in Surrey last night. An associate of Tony Terezakis. That brings back bad memories. Took the bike out to Lighthouse park tonight. Nice place to see the sunset. You need a flashlight or a headlamp to get back to the parking lot in the dark though. Oddly enough there was a couple of seals slapping the water tonight. One would surface, slap the water three times then submerge. Ten feet away another would do the same thing and back and forth.

Ya see lots of seals around. Sometimes lying on the rocks in the sun. I’m not sure what the slapping the water was all about. Maybe they were trying to scare me off so they could climb up on the rocks. Ya see lots of seal kayaking. I was at the other end of deep cove by granite falls once and a seal did that same slap the water like a beaver and almost growled at me. It’s somewhat out of character for the normally friendly seals you see everywhere. I was beginning to wonder if that one had rabies. So tonight I see the slap the water trick again. Interesting.

Wonderful sunset though. The land in the distance on the left is Vancouver Island believe it or not. I never realized growing up you can see Vancouver Island from the coast. As I said before, at night you can see the lights of Victoria and Nanaimo from the top of sky chair on Cypress.

All this time on the water has me thinking about Kelowna. Haven’t heard much from Kelowna lately other than Darryl Wilcox's cocaine conviction, Ryan Ennis and Josh Armstrong being Neighbors and Giles’ DUI of course. We’ll have to follow up on the Kelowna Summer Jam before the summer ends. Noticed the PNE is on. One of the sad signs that summer is almost over.

Hells Angels associate gunned down in Surrey

Christopher Pammenter was shot and killed in a drive by outside his Fraser Heights house in Surrey Thursday night. He exchanged gunfire with someone in a white car that sped away from the scene. He is known to police and at this point it appears to be a targeted, gang-related shooting.

Pammenter was charged in a Calgary extortion case in 2002 with Anthony (Tony) Terezakis, who was a central person in an eight-year investigation by police into cocaine trafficking that resulted in the murders of five people in Abbotsford in 1996 and two people in Burnaby in 1995

We remember Big Tony and we remember that case. It connected the Hells Angels to the crack cocaine trade in East Vancouver back in 1995 where a police agent and his wife were murdered Christmas eve. “The Boys” brought Christmas gifts of gasoline to burn the house down after they were killed. The person who ordered the hit instructed the person hired to do the hit to kill his co accused on the scene but the opportunity failed him. They even murder the people they hire to commit murder. No L&R there only greed and betrayal. The Hells Angels are not welcome in Surrey.

The Surrey Leader found a picture of Christopher Pammenter. With a name like Pammenter, I thought he was Indo Canadian. Turns out he’s Caucasian.

Bacchus cut off their Pinocchio nose but still kiss ass

Well, Buttkiss are kissing each other’s ass over this ridiculous apology they received from the RCMP. An RCMP officer warned the public about Bacchus coming to St. George in that they were a 1% OMG tied to the Hells Angles. That is true. Mike Weatherly was covered in Hells Angels support pins. Apologizing for making that statement is rather ridiculous as is Buttkiss' codependent love fest over it. Matt Foley is a murderer. Bacchus was selling drugs in PEI for the Hells Angels. They post pictures of themselves with Hells angels just like the Zig Zag crew did. Those are the facts. The police have a moral duty as well as a legal obligation to warn the public of criminal activity. Their new logo looks more like Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes.

They can cut off their condom covered brown nose on their new logo all they want but they still kiss ass and as soon as they start kissing each other’s ass that Pinocchio nose keeps growing right back. They are brown nosers. That is all they are and all they ever will be. They will never be independent from the Hells angels or they would cease to exist. Theirs is a puppet’s life forever.

I will point out the Nazi lightening bolts on one of their new tattoos. That is the same thing as a swastika. It is racist and pisses on the graves of all the solders who died on the beaches of Normandy liberating France from Nazi occupation. How does your finger puppet Mike Weatherly feel about that? In Montreal the White Supremacists get Greg Wololey to sell drugs for them. Looks like that con is catching on. Just like Tupac said, crack’s got em crazy. Jumping out of the frying pan into a new form of slavery. Pat James is the flaming idiot causing all the problems in Bridgewater. Patron saints all right. It’s spelt the same dumbass.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Haney Hells Angels associate loses murder appeal

Ryan Randolph Holden shot rival drug dealer, Kelly Roney, 60, outside a Dawson Creek pub June 2007. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for manslaughter. Back then we still had the two for one pretrial credit for time served. He served four years before his sentence and got double time credit for those four years. So ten years less eight years made two left to serve for murder. That was insane. So really he received a six year sentence for murder. He appealed that offensive sentence and the appeal was denied.

Here’s the thing: The Vancouver Province is reporting that Holden worked for the Maple Ridge Hells Angels selling drugs for them in Dawson Creek. It gets a bit messy because the rival drug dealer he killed also worked for the Hells Angles. We’re not sure if it was the same chapter. The key thing here is that the Haney Hells Angels, they are the ones in Maple ridge, have been implicated in the Dawson Creek drug trade. That would be Spikes chapter. The one he took over after Ernie Ozolins was murdered.

We know that the Hells Angels run the drug trade in Prince George which is close to Dawson Creek. We know that there has been a rash of drug related violence in Dawson Creek ever since Natasha Dostal’s murder. Rumors back then implied the Hells Angels were involved.

Of course Ricky Ciarniello, the fat ass liar, denies either drug dealers were associates of the Hells angles. I suppose he denies Jonathon Bacon was a Hells angels associate too. Or the Renegades, the Crew, the GTS or the Independent Soldiers just like he denied the Jesters were affiliated with the Hells angels even though Vinnie toothless was caught with papers saying they were. Some things will never change.

We figured out how to tell when Ricky fat ass is lying. His lips are moving. That guy has to be from weird Hal’s chapter. He wouldn’t make it in East Van. I can’t believe they call him their spokesperson. That’s pretty revolting alright. He was even panhandling at Sturgis North selling his support your local crack dealer shirts. Get a job.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scrabble fight in prison turns to stabbing

This bizarre one struck a cord. The Vancouver Province reported that two inmates in Kamloops were playing scrabble when a fight broke out and one of the inmates stabbed the other inmate in the eye with a pencil. I know we can laugh as it sounds bizarre even though losing sight in one’s eye is no laughing matter. The idea of fighting over a scrabble game sounds rather ridiculous.

Then all of a sudden a light went on. The guy that stabbed the other inmate over the scrabble game had plead guilty to stabbing an under cover police officer and killing his girlfriend. OK now wait a second. Stabbing an under cover police officer. We know someone in jail for that. The son of the former Edmonton Police chief. We also know his girlfriend went missing right after he was let out of prison for stabbing her. Turns out it’s the same guy.

Mark Lindsay, son of former police chief John Lindsay has plead guilty to murdering his girlfriend Dana Turner who went missing right after he was released from prison for stabbing her. John Lindsay resigned as Edmonton police chief after allegations that the department was leaking information to the Hells Angels.

Another Mounted Mountie

This just keeps getting worse. Another mountie in the news, this time having and affair with a US Judge. With all these sexual indiscretions in the RCMP lately people are really beginning to think the term Mounted Police has sure taken on a new meaning. Point granted it just an allegation of a convicted money launderer yet the court document quotes the judge’s ex husband about the alleged affair. I’ll dive into this one a bit more on my days off.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mom Boucher’s Past History

Before we look at the Hells Angels support of Domenic Violi and the Calbrians in Hamilton, we need to look at Mom Boucher’s past history to see the pattern that repeats itself. Greg Wololey has ties to Mom Boucher. I first started this web site and blog because of the Vancouver gang war. At the time, I thought Mom Boucher was hard core. Then I found out some things about him that I found hard to respect.

First was the fact that he served time for armed rape. That’s pretty slimy. He joined the Hells Angels shortly after getting out of prison for that rape. Before he joined the Hells Angels he and his friend Salvatore Cazzetta formed their own white supremacist biker club called the SS. Now that’s pretty messed up. This whole obsession with Nazis is messed up.

I don’t understand how anyone from Quebec can wear Nazi lightening bolts. The Nazis invaded France. We spilt our blood on the beaches of Normandy to liberate France from Nazi occupation. The French revolution was based on liberté, égalité, fraternité. Fascism is the exact opposite. Anyone who wears Nazi swastikas or lightening bolts is pissing on the French revolution and the graves of the soldiers who died trying to liberate France from Germany.

So Mom Boucher’s past history begins with a white supremacist biker club called the SS and with armed rape. Before that he was a petty thief that robbed an old man at gunpoint. Don’t worry, it gets worse.

Next comes the dirty politics. Salvatore Cazzetta didn’t join the Hells Angels with Mom Boucher because Salvatore was pissed about the Lennoxville massacre. The Hells Angels set up and executed their own and he thought that was bullshit. He was right. Boucher surprisingly enough didn’t have a problem with it. He saw it as an opportunity to advance himself in the organization. Just like his other pal Biff Hamel did.

Biff Hamel was a member of the SS and became a Hells Angels prospect with Mom Boucher. Biff was present at the Lennoxville massacre. He watched them murder his sponsors. Instead of being upset that they murdered his brothers, he jumped at the opportunity to promote himself in the club. That’s when Biff Hamel and Mom Boucher teamed up to take over the Deathriders.

On May 4, 1987 the President of the Death Riders, Martin Huneault, was shot to death in a Laval bar. No one was ever arrested for the murder, but just hours after Huneault's funeral, Death Riders Mario Martin and André Richard were seen meeting with Hells Angels Maurice "Mom" Boucher and Normand "Biff" Hamel. Boucher and Hamel received their colours after the incident and Huneault's murder allowed the Hells Angels to completely take over drug trafficking in Laval and the lower Laurentians area.

This is what I mean about dirty politics. First, they had the president of the Death riders shot dead. Before that they plotted with his own members for a take over. Two members of the Death riders were in on it and saw the murder of their president as an opportunity for their own advancement. That is as low as you can go. What do you think is going to happen when you build an organization with the kind of low lifes that betray their own to promote themselves? It’s a house of cards that is bound to collapse on itself simply because no lie can live forever.

Now for the crème dela crème. A while ago I reported that I went for lunch with a guy visiting Vancouver from Montreal. He said that a member of the Rock Machine told him that Mom Boucher had paid members of the Rock Machine to murder some of his own political rivals within the Hells Angles. That is what he said a member of the Rock Machine told him.

At first that sounds absurd, but look what happened right before he went to prison. Boucher was in and out of court for several years. He was acquitted then finally convicted for ordering the murder of two prison guards.

In the year 2000, his old buddy from the SS, Salvatore Cazzetta, left the Rock Machine, joined the Hells Angels and shortly thereafter became the president of the Montreal Hells Angels. Wow. That was before the Bandido massacre not after.

Salvatore wasn’t the only one that crossed over at that time. He had a brother named Giovanni who started the rock machine with him in 1989. Giovanni also crossed over and joined the Hells Angels with him. But that’s not all. Paul Porter and Sal Brunetti left the Rock Machine and joined the Hells Angels all at the same time: December 2000. Paul Porter leads the Ontario Nomads.

Brunetti was the leader of the Dark Circle, often described as the Rock Machine’s hit squad. Right before Mom Boucher goes to jail all these guys magically cross over to protect Mom’s interest in the organization. It makes ya wonder if they weren’t doing that all along. Clearly there is merit to the allegation that Mom Boucher paid members of the Rock Machine to kill his political rivals. That is his MO.

Two years ago Mom Boucher was stabbed in prison. He’s losing his grip. He looks rather ridiculous with bleach blond hair lifting bottled water as weights in prison. Kinda like one of the Beach boys having a mid life crisis. Next let’s talk about the Hells Angels support of Domenic Violi and the Calbrians in Hamilton.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is Larry Amero doing business in Montreal?

Update: Larry Amero busted in Montreal

I was hesitant posting Larry Amero’s picture and a link to the story about him being spotted in Montreal because I know he’s been in hiding since he was shot in Kelowna with Jonathon Bacon. We knew he had contacts in Ottawa. Then we hear the leader of a Montreal gang that doesn’t want to buy drugs from the Hells Angels was shot dead and I started wondering. One blog reader claimed Greg Wooley, Mom Boucher’s poster puppet is still involved in the Montreal Drug trade. They even claim he slapped Wolley at a big meeting and confronted him at a club before he was shot. That would reinstill the fact that the Hells Angels are still very much involved in the Montreal drug trade. So what is Larry doing there?

Larry is the queen of deception. He has a long history of playing both sides. That is why he was shot in Kelowna. During the 2009 Vancouver gang war the UN and the Bacon brothers were arch enemies. Jamie Bacon is on trail for his involvement in the Surrey Six murder where two innocent bystanders were shot dead when the Bacon brothers took over the leadership of the Red Scorpions and made them a Hells Angels puppet club. There was another ruthless hit against a UN supporter where a mother was shot dead with her toddler in the car.

Consequently the Bacon brothers are hated in Surrey and despised by the UN. Nevertheless, the Hells Angels, Larry Amero, included, were at the same time playing the UN. They were caught doing business with them and playing both sides. They kept their support of the Bacon brothers a secret from the UN at the time.

Larry even let one of his ex’s, Sarah Trebble, who he shared a car lease with, ride with the UN when they did the hit on the Bacon brothers outside Tbarz which Randy Jones from the Hells Angels owns.

Needless to say, the UN were a bit surprised and a bit choked when Larry Amero came out of the closet with his relationship with Jonathon Bacon. We knew they were friends at the time, we just couldn’t prove it. We could only prove Larry’s friends were friends with Jonathon’s friends. Yet in Kelowna, they weren’t just caught meeting together. They were bragging about the Hells Angels support of the Bacon brothers driving around on that stupid Steroids and Silicone boat trying to pick fights with civilians on the water. No doubt Larry is playing the mob in Montreal while the rest of them are supporting the Violis in Hamilton. Buyer Beware. The Irish didn’t firebomb a funeral home.

Come to think of it, Larry Amero’s friend Jeremy Bettan who used to work for Larry’s “courier company” in Montreal was shot dead in Walnut Grove a while ago. I guess Larry has been doing business in Montreal for a while now.

Come to think of it, Larry Amero’s other friend, Randy Naicker was shot dead too. Working for Larry appears to be very risky business. Jonathon Bacon worked for Larry. He’s dead. Jeremy Bettan worked for Larry. He’s dead. Randy Naicker worked for Larry. He’s dead. I’m beginning to see a pattern. It doesn’t look like Larry’s very good at protecting his employees. He’s only good at playing both sides and covering his own ass. We’ll see how long it takes for the brothers in Quebec to see through that.

The Toronto Sun is confirming the story that the gang leader shot in Montreal had slapped Greg Wooley at a Hells Angels sponsored summit to unite all the gangs in North Montreal. Needless to say that a Hells Angels sponsored summit to unite all the drug dealers in North Montreal is a complete joke. They don’t want to unite them, they want to take them over. There’s a big difference. I think we should unite the gangs. We should unite the Haitians, the Irish and the Italians against the Hells Angels and their Nazi 666.

Sadly, the police’s response is to shake down all the members of the Bo-Gars and charge them with firearms offenses. That is an offensive waste of taxpayers money. Helping the Hells Angels take over the entire Montreal drug trade is not something the police should be doing. I realize they’re worried about retaliation. Yet we live in a cause and effect world. Searching the Bo-Gars for weapons and not the Syndicate is wrong. If you want peace on the streets you need to arrest Greg Wooley for murder and take him off the street. Helping promote his business is not the answer. Greg Wooley is still a puppet for the Hells Angles.

Kitchener, Ontario

Here’s a guy I hesitate to even mention, Dominico Esposito. He’s in a different league than Pat James entirely. He has a lot of respect on the street and I have to admit I have a lot more respect for him than most of the other clowns out there. He doesn’t ride a fully dressed Harley that looks like a goldwing. He rebuilt a rigid frame from ground up. Ya gotta respect that.

He doesn’t have facial tattoos and he doesn’t brag about bad ink. He’s quiet, polite and respectful yet they say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. He has past history in Montreal and New York. He’s not one to cross and he gets the job done. Selling drugs in clubs is different than selling crack on the corner. The guy even overcame cancer. There’s a lot there to respect.

Yet there’s a lot to be concerned about too. He supports the Hells Angels and lives in Kitchener Ontario. So does that mean the Hells Angels in Kitchener support Domenic Violi in Hamilton? That is a huge concern. It is as they say, a conflict of interest.

I will tell you something about the Hells Angels. They are not honest. They are not trustworthy. They play both sides until the opportunity arises to stab a brother in the back to promote their own financial gain. We’ll talk about Mom Boucher’s past history as well as their support for the Violis.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

1% Clubs forgot to grow up

The TBM guys send me this article about police issuing a warning about the Mongols in Norway claiming they aren’t just a motorcycle club and that they are in the business of selling drugs, extortion and robbery. The first thing I see is their group picture showing their colours giving the finger and I had to laugh.

When on earth are these guys going to grow up? These are grown men acting like juvenile kids. As we get older and raise kids, somewhere along the line we are supposed to grow up. Take on responsibility. Contribute to society. These 1% clone clubs just don’t get it. They never grew up.

Laura Szendrei murder trial under way

I haven’t heard anything in the news of late but last February it was announced that the trial for the suspect arrested for the murder of Laura Szendrei was scheduled to start August 13 2012 and run till October. First I want to say that her death is an absolute tragedy.

We need to separate the fact that her father wore Hells Angels support gear and that Hells Angels attended the funeral. We need to separate that completely from the case. A young girl was murdered. Beaten to death. Police say they don’t think victim knew the suspect which makes it even more tragic and bizarre. Someone just beats a young girl to death for no reason. Incomprehensible.

The moral of the story is that murder is a horrible thing. It is devastating for a whole family. I think it would be inherently offensive if some idiots started a free this murderer facebook group like they did for Matt Foley back east. I don’t see that happening because everyone here agrees this murder was horrible.

Some people get all upset because they claim the father threatened revenge in court. That is a pretty human thing to do. Those kinds of feelings are appropriate given the tragic nature of the situation. We need to set that aside too. It does however lead us to the concept of justice. They say where there is no justice, there will be no peace.

The legal consequence for murder in Canada is bad enough as it is. The fact that the kid was a young offender makes it worse. Even less time served. Thanks to Chuck Cadman and his work with CRY: Crime Responsibility Youth, young offenders can now be tried as adults in the case of serious crimes like murder. Clearly this suspect should be tried as an adult in this case.

There’s a publication ban on the kids name because he was a young offender at the time but there isn’t a publication ban on the motive and the sentence he will receive. That needs to be discussed.

The Surrey Leader is now reporting on the trial.

Pat James is a flaming idiot with bad ink

I’ve talked about this guy before but I really think it’s important to emphasize how much of an idiot and how ugly and stupid his eyes on the back of his head tattoo really is. It’s one thing to be an idiot but it’s another thing to brag about being an idiot. That shows the guy has no brains and no heart. Something you don’t really see every day.

One of the reason that the Bacon brothers are hated so much in Surrey is because they’re not from the hood. They’re a bunch of yuppies from the suburbs who were empowered by the Hells Angles to murder for money. They have no respect. They didn’t come from a broken home per say. Their brain dead parents were in on it.

Likewise, Pat James is this huckleberry hillbilly in the middle of nowhere who brags about being an idiot and bullies non drug dealing MCs in the middle of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong. I love small towns and I love enjoying nature in the distant corners of our vast country. Yet bullying a couple of seniors at a Tim Horton’s in the middle of nowhere screams loser.

Let’s emphasize how bad his ink really is. Getting tattoos of eyes on the back of your head is really dumb. It not only looks stupid, it looks ridiculous. Aside from that, it’s not very well done. Even one of his own “friends” thinks it looks crooked. Bragging about that bad ink by still using it as a facebook profile picture while he bullies other MCs in small towns wins him the flaming idiot of the year award. How old is this guy? Is he ever going to grow up?

Pat James is an active supporter of the free Matt the murderer campaign.

As soon as the Darksiders show up in Bridgewater a brothel gets busted and all the big city crime of Halifax starts getting imported to a small town. Pat James seems to be the one in charge of or actively involved in the Darkisdrers and the Wind Demozs bullying in Bridgewater. The Wind Demonz are harmless idiots indeed. The left overs that didn’t patch over to become Darksiders ride sports bikes and hang out at Tim Hortons. Losers in every sense of the word. Yet Annie potty mouth the trailer trash hussy from nowhere is actively involved in their disinformation campaign.

Let’s remember that Bacchus out of Halifax were caught selling drugs for the Hells angels in Prince Edward Island. Likewise, in Bridgewater, the head of the Darksiders is now facing drug charges. The bullshit never ends.

In 2009 Pat James was a striker for the East Coast Riders who patched over to become Bacchus in January 2010. So that means Pat James hasn’t been a member of Bacchus or the finger puppet club very long. He was a striker for the finger puppets when he was at least 41 years old. Don’t ya think someone that age should act it? He breeds dogs. I guess that’s why everyone calls him a dog fucker. A bizarre note is that Rusty Hall was from the East Coast Riders too. He and his wife were murdered the month after they patched over to Bacchus. So if Rusty’s murder was an inside job, who did it? What's the matter? Didn't Rusty want to sell crack?

Sadly, if you take Pat James, wipe off that stupid make up, turn him around and cover up those stupid eyes on the back of the head tattoo and that tacky green stripper on a pole tattoo, he looks human. He looks like a nice guy. Why on earth does he want to be a bully so bad and get involved with a criminal organization that sells crack and lives off the avails. How can any man with a daughter support turning other daughters into drug addicted prostitutes? That’s pretty heartless and short sighted. Sackville is better than that.