Sunday, August 26, 2012

The View from Mount Seymour

Here’s a scenic interlude to help keep things in perspective. All of these photos were taken yesterday except for the last one. The first picture is of Mount Seymour also known as third peak or third pump for local hikers taken from second peak. The chair lift doesn’t actually take you to the top of mount Seymour. You have to hike or snowshoe to it. The view is more than worth it.

The following five pictures are the panoramic view from the top of mount Seymour, third peak. If you actually click on the picture you can see a larger version of it. In the first of the five panorama shots you can see Stanley Park and Lions gate bridge on the left. Spanning right is the panorama of mountains from one picture to the next until you come full circle back to Stanley Park and Lion’s gate bridge on the right of the fifth panorama picture.

This one is a zoom in of Deep Cove from Seymour third peak.

This one is First Pump from Second pump.

This one is the same shot of First Pump from Second pump only in the winter.


  1. VERY inspiring and soothing- thanx 4 the nature break

  2. We all need a break from the crime and the murders once in a while.


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