Saturday, August 11, 2012

David Giles pleads guilty to DUI

And one for the road. David the rusty vibrator Giles, also known as Skeletor, has been pretty quiet lately. Other than the DUI we heard he was charged with back in August 2010. Turns out he recently plead guilty, was fined $1,000, prohibited from driving for a year and ordered to pay a victims surcharge fee of $150.

I’m not sure what the victim surcharge is about. I thought he was just seen weaving down the road like a drunk after he escaped from the loony bin. Perhaps there’s more to it. Prohibited from driving for a year is a bitch. Although I doubt he’ll be driving much longer. No doubt one of his nurses from the seniors’ home will be happy to give him a ride after his rub down.

Don't forget everyone, if you see him behind the wheel, dial 911.

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