Sunday, August 5, 2012

This is our home

This is our home. Stephen Harper says we don’t have a say in protecting it. He is wrong. Harper’s still running those offensively dishonest commercials. His pal Gordon Campbell was all about the Carbon tax. The NDP in BC are opposed to it. So are the real Conservatives in BC. Paying for dishonest brainwashing while you remove our say on a pipeline through our own province. Shame on you. We need a conservative party in Canada. We don’t need Harper’s Corporate Communism. Save the Whales and the Penny. Lose the clown instead.


  1. Sure is great to see that emerald-colour water in the 1st pic.

    Were there over-hanging trees?

    I found pure, beautiful, deep emerald water up @ Whistler, in a deep, quiet creek. It is very rare.

    This is the peaceful, profound colour of paradise...

    1. The green water in the first pic is Gold Creek at Allouette Lake. It’s a nice safe swimming hole. The water there is similar to the 30 foot pool at Lynn Canyon or Widgeon Creek on the way to the falls. Whistler is nice. The Cheakamus River in Squamish is very green. Not as clear. You can really notice it at the mouth of the river meeting with the salt water. You can see it from the Chief. The first and last pic are Allouette. The rest are Pitt Lake. There was a nest of Osprey being fed while all the huge drug dealer boats were screaming by.

  2. If u be leave that ndp or librals wouldn't do anything diffrent your very stupid or refuse to take your head out of the sand these pipelines are worth over a trillion dollars over time do you think any government would give that up? Harper has no term limit he can be prime minister till he retires and without Jack the ndp are nothing. The neoconservatives will hold majority for a lot longer the only hope is for B.C and the Yukon to become a new Nation a true home of the free. No more stupid drug laws, gun restrictions, useless bilaws, corrupt politictions and dirty cops. No more right left paradigm destracting us from the facts we must unite and have a home we can call truly free were the people have the say not some uneleceted asshole in a suit. Free the people, Free the land, Free The Republic of Cascadia!

    1. Perhaps but I don't see that happening either. The concern is the blatant disregard for the environment. Everybody wants to make some money. It's the greed that has resulted in a long history of bad maintenance and bad safety at Enbridge that raises huge concerns. I do think the other parties are willing to look at environments protections. I know the Green Party is.

  3. The above poster may be a bit confused; but BC Independence is a big, growing idea here, Agent K. I am a BC separatist, many of my BC-born friends want full Independence as well. We are separated by the Rockie Mtns., as all naturally-occuring separations begin.

    We are the ONLY province completely self-sufficient in energy. We need all our essential services to be provided by, and for, BC only, and when that does not happen, we get the RCMP and their endless scandals.

    Separation will free us; in every natural way.

  4. I used to hear people call for separatism as in everything West of Ontario. I don’t see it happening. Don’t forget we did elect Gordon Campbell at one time. A sovereign BC with someone like Gordon Campbell as premier would simply not be a sovereign BC. But who knows. If Harper keeps pissing us off, I suppose anything is possible.

  5. Good luck with that. You don't think Harper would send in the troops if BC decided to separate from Con-federation? You thought you saw dirty tricks with robo-calling, go ahead and vote to secede and watch what happens.

    freddy's right though, a BC that kept the fruits of it's labors and had the Ports on the west coast would not be Ottawa's puppet any longer. "WestCan", consisting of a loose confederation of BC Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba would be a very viable entity, extremely strong in natural resources. Letting each province (you'd have to change that name as it implies ownership or control by others) have much more say in their own affairs would be all to the good freedom wise. Not so much centralized authority and control wise. Something to think about.

  6. First, thanks to Trailrunner for his kind words, and perceptive commentary.

    For many, BC's independence is called "Cascadia." That is the separation definition many old-line BC'ers are using. Many on the left use that word to define our withdrawal from Confederation, a deal which did NOTHING for BC! Many not on the left want a separation as well. Some mistakenly think we can add two US States to the plan; some want to include only BC & the Yukon. Ottawa has proven, over the last 20 or more years, that they have zero real help for us. They have denuded the coast of ANY defense.

    When the Gov't. refuses even to defend our sovereignty, we must leave now, and defend ourselves.

    If tiny Israel can defend itself, so can we.

    We only need the confidence & bravery to proceed.


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