Friday, August 24, 2012

Hells Angels associate gunned down in Surrey

Christopher Pammenter was shot and killed in a drive by outside his Fraser Heights house in Surrey Thursday night. He exchanged gunfire with someone in a white car that sped away from the scene. He is known to police and at this point it appears to be a targeted, gang-related shooting.

Pammenter was charged in a Calgary extortion case in 2002 with Anthony (Tony) Terezakis, who was a central person in an eight-year investigation by police into cocaine trafficking that resulted in the murders of five people in Abbotsford in 1996 and two people in Burnaby in 1995

We remember Big Tony and we remember that case. It connected the Hells Angels to the crack cocaine trade in East Vancouver back in 1995 where a police agent and his wife were murdered Christmas eve. “The Boys” brought Christmas gifts of gasoline to burn the house down after they were killed. The person who ordered the hit instructed the person hired to do the hit to kill his co accused on the scene but the opportunity failed him. They even murder the people they hire to commit murder. No L&R there only greed and betrayal. The Hells Angels are not welcome in Surrey.

The Surrey Leader found a picture of Christopher Pammenter. With a name like Pammenter, I thought he was Indo Canadian. Turns out he’s Caucasian.


  1. Do you, AK, or anyone else, really know what the essence of this case is about? First, back in '95, the cops seized 135 k.'s of cocaine, a week later 170 k.'s, huge amounts. Why kill this guy now, over that ancient history? Why up the count, to now seven murders, which the RC's say, are attached directly to those huge busts? Why above all, were the trailer-trash-types in Abbotsford killed, five in all? What on earth would those low-lifes have to do with huge cocaine busts somewhere else, that got the Uyeyamas killed, and what did they have to do with anything, exactly?

    To say the Police haven't begun to lay out a road-map to all this murder & mayhem is total understatement. The five in Abby weren't exactly top-line large kilo owning types.

    Seventeen years after it all began, the Police won't help the public with one single statement of fact.

    AK, do you ever call the Police to try to drag info. out of them for blog stories? Maybe you should try, maybe they'd talk to a much-respected crime blogger.

  2. I don't know why Pammenter was killed now but I highly doubt it had anything to do with that other case. The other case was worth mentioning because it showed he was an associate of Tony Terezakis. The two murders in 1995 were informants. Well one was. They killed a police agent and his wife. I don't remember hearing what the motive was in the Abbotsford murders back then. Usually when something like that happens they go on a witch hunt for informants. It's remotely possible that Pammenter was an HA associate and started selling for the Dhurry Dhak group like that guy in Squamish they killed. I suppose when Kim gets back from holidays she'd be able to shed some light on the motive for Pammenter's murder.

    No I never get info from the police. I do have a contact I sometimes give tips to but he made it clear that the information sharing would be a one way street. I pass on info to them and they don't pass any info on to me. They won't even confirm is something I heard is true or not. I can understand why they do that. I'm just a blogger and they can't accept liability for information they give me. I've never approached a pr person with the po po and haven't got on their press release list like Kim and the media is. I suppose I could ask to get on that list. It'd be nice to get on bar watch but I doubt they'd want me putting any of that stuff online for legal liability reasons.


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