Saturday, August 11, 2012

Meth lab busted in East Van

Two arrests were made at the infamous Balmoral Hotel dive in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside after VPD raided a drug lab. The Vancouver Province is reporting that people are under the impression it was a meth lab and that everyone could smell the chemicals from across the street.

We know the last set of meth labs the OMGU raided before last Christmas were run by bikers which in BC means the Hells Angels. We know that the Hells Angels had a large meth lab in Kelowna a while back which was a major production point for the Okanagan.

We know that Greg Domley, the president of the Salem Hells Angels who was also the East coast president has been incarcerated for trafficking meth in Massachusetts. The Hells Angels were bringing crystal meth from California to Massachusetts. So I wonder who was ultimately running the meth lab in the Balmoral? Crystal meth is a very damaging drug. It’s made with Drano and several other highly toxic chemicals and really messes you up.


  1. AK:

    "Crystal meth is a very damaging drug. It’s made with Drano and several other highly toxic chemicals and really messes you up."

    And on a forum I'm on, and everywhere, we see the show, *Breaking Bad,* lionized by millions of avid watchers. They tune in to see the travails & ongoing problems of Walt, the head meth cook & main lead character.

    Everyone sympathizes with Walt, he was seen as a Hero in last night's show; for stopping a freight-train, to pump out a tank-car of precursor chemicals in the US desert. I'm watching this, and we are meant to CHEER ON poor old Walt, who just got the tank-car pumped out before the train started up again.

    He's NOT a hero, he's the worst of ALL drug-criminals, no...? *Breaking Bad* presents him as a hero, whose exploits are to be cheered for. We are to examine & sympathize with the problems of his family life.

    Walt is nevertheless shown as a hero, by dealing successfully with dangerous tasks, impossible production problems and killer double-crosses. The writers carefully put Walt's agonizing choices at the center of the script, ensuring much sympathy for his very tough way of living.

    How sad that a top cable show in the US is devoted to the exciting lifestyle of an industrial-sized meth. cooker.

    1. I don't think you know the difference between a "protagonist" and "hero"

    2. I still think it's messed up running that show on TV because it does glorify that lifestyle which is bizarre.

    3. Glorify?

      i think it highlights how terrible that lifestyle is more than it glorifies anything... Walt's wife hates him, his children don't live at home because of his lifestyle, he lives under almost constant threat of death and has harmed just about everyone he come into contact with... how exactly does that glorify the lifestyle... Walt is the protagonist (the character with the goal), not a hero. as the show progresses his character's steady decline progresses as well.

    4. My understanding is a protagonist is just the main character. I haven't even seen the show so I can't really comment on it. Freddy mentioned it and I have a hard time believing it's really about how bad meth is. If it is, then great, but we know how tv dramatises things. I don't think that stupid tv series about the Anarchy Bikers was really about how bad being a drug dealing biker is. So many grown idiots put that on their facebook it's astounding.

    5. "I don't think that stupid tv series about the Sons of Anarchy is really about how bad being a drug dealing biker is" (fixed it for you ;)

      You are correct, the series creator felt that having them be about drug dealing would be too "controversial" (read "no sympathy for the protagonists") so in this biker soap opera version of Hamlet, the SOA are (improbably) in the gun business.


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