Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pat James is a flaming idiot with bad ink

I’ve talked about this guy before but I really think it’s important to emphasize how much of an idiot and how ugly and stupid his eyes on the back of his head tattoo really is. It’s one thing to be an idiot but it’s another thing to brag about being an idiot. That shows the guy has no brains and no heart. Something you don’t really see every day.

One of the reason that the Bacon brothers are hated so much in Surrey is because they’re not from the hood. They’re a bunch of yuppies from the suburbs who were empowered by the Hells Angles to murder for money. They have no respect. They didn’t come from a broken home per say. Their brain dead parents were in on it.

Likewise, Pat James is this huckleberry hillbilly in the middle of nowhere who brags about being an idiot and bullies non drug dealing MCs in the middle of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong. I love small towns and I love enjoying nature in the distant corners of our vast country. Yet bullying a couple of seniors at a Tim Horton’s in the middle of nowhere screams loser.

Let’s emphasize how bad his ink really is. Getting tattoos of eyes on the back of your head is really dumb. It not only looks stupid, it looks ridiculous. Aside from that, it’s not very well done. Even one of his own “friends” thinks it looks crooked. Bragging about that bad ink by still using it as a facebook profile picture while he bullies other MCs in small towns wins him the flaming idiot of the year award. How old is this guy? Is he ever going to grow up?

Pat James is an active supporter of the free Matt the murderer campaign.

As soon as the Darksiders show up in Bridgewater a brothel gets busted and all the big city crime of Halifax starts getting imported to a small town. Pat James seems to be the one in charge of or actively involved in the Darkisdrers and the Wind Demozs bullying in Bridgewater. The Wind Demonz are harmless idiots indeed. The left overs that didn’t patch over to become Darksiders ride sports bikes and hang out at Tim Hortons. Losers in every sense of the word. Yet Annie potty mouth the trailer trash hussy from nowhere is actively involved in their disinformation campaign.

Let’s remember that Bacchus out of Halifax were caught selling drugs for the Hells angels in Prince Edward Island. Likewise, in Bridgewater, the head of the Darksiders is now facing drug charges. The bullshit never ends.

In 2009 Pat James was a striker for the East Coast Riders who patched over to become Bacchus in January 2010. So that means Pat James hasn’t been a member of Bacchus or the finger puppet club very long. He was a striker for the finger puppets when he was at least 41 years old. Don’t ya think someone that age should act it? He breeds dogs. I guess that’s why everyone calls him a dog fucker. A bizarre note is that Rusty Hall was from the East Coast Riders too. He and his wife were murdered the month after they patched over to Bacchus. So if Rusty’s murder was an inside job, who did it? What's the matter? Didn't Rusty want to sell crack?

Sadly, if you take Pat James, wipe off that stupid make up, turn him around and cover up those stupid eyes on the back of the head tattoo and that tacky green stripper on a pole tattoo, he looks human. He looks like a nice guy. Why on earth does he want to be a bully so bad and get involved with a criminal organization that sells crack and lives off the avails. How can any man with a daughter support turning other daughters into drug addicted prostitutes? That’s pretty heartless and short sighted. Sackville is better than that.

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