Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Father turns to youtube to raise funds for son’s cancer treatment

Sympatico news just ran an article about a father who makes a heart warming video trying to raise money for his son’s cancer treatment. The father sings Let it Be from the Beatles to raise money for his son’s treatment. Ya gotta feel for the guy. Yet there is a point I have to make.

After Mitt Romney recently offended England and Palestinians with offensive and just plain dumb statements, he just chose a running mate that has done the same thing to Canada. Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's new running mate said he likes Canada but not it’s health care system. He says our health care system is "old, unreliable and obsolete."

I will be the first person to admit our health care system needs help. The wait times are excessive. Emergency ward wait times are archaic. Yet everything in the emergency ward is prioritized. If it’s a life threatening emergency, you are seen right away. It it’s not life threatening, you have to take a number and wait. Sometimes a very long time.

Yet here we have a guy who has a job. He’s a public defender. If I’m not mistaken, that means he's a lawyer. Yet he has to make a public appeal for money to pay for his sons cancer treatment. What about everyone else who’s appeal doesn’t make the papers? Compared to that system, our health care doesn’t look so bad after all. Theirs is the one that looks not only archaic but heartless. Republicans want to lynch Obama because he wants affordable medical. They should be ashamed of themselves.


  1. There is nothing wrong with our health care system, its just full.

    When a toilet plugs we don't keep pouring the water to it hoping it will open up, we eliminate the blockage and the flow resumes but if everyone keeps laying on the charmin even an amateur plumber can predict blowback.

    The sad part is, this shits just started...

    Keep up the great work Agent K, I appreciate it.

  2. Thanks. There is certainly an overwhelming sense of greed and intolerance coming from the religious right. Sad. I like our health care.


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