Sunday, August 12, 2012

Montreal gang leader murdered

Chenier Dupuy, leader of a north Montreal street gang called Bo-Gars, was shot and killed Friday night. Maria Mourani, a Quebec criminologist and Bloq MP said "Either what happened was a power struggle inside the Bo-Gars or it's an attack by their adversaries,"

Indeed. Let’s see who some of their enemies might be. The Bo-Gars wear red and align themselves with the bloods. The crack down posse wear blue and align themselves with the crips. Crips and Bloods are arch enemies.

We know that Mom Bucher recruited Greg Wooley and made him a member of the Rockers (not Rock Machine) who in turn started the Syndicate and supplied all the crips in Montreal with cocaine. A White Supremacist using a brother to sell drugs. Many locals took offense and the Bo-Gars were born. Clearly, the struggle continues.

The Hells Agnels have been implicated in this murder as well.


  1. Wooley is trying to unite all the street gangs under the HA's command because they have nobody on the streets in Montreal. They have already lost a lot of territory so they got Wooley trying to muscle in. Dupuy never liked the HA and vowed to never work with them. He had been running his own crew for 20 years on teh streets, they were a mid level gang looking to push to the highest levels. He was summoned to a meeting about 2 weeks before he was murdered by Wooley. IT was a meetign to bring all the active street gangs together. Dupuy wasnt having it and slapped Wooley in the face in front of everyone there. He basically signed his death certificate. The guy he went to the meeting with, his right hand man, Lamartine Paul was also shot and killed the same day walking out of his apartment building. Before Dupuys death is was alleged that even after he slapped Wooley he confrotned him one more time at the Solid gold strip club. Solid gold has been known for years to be a mob hang out and was managed by Moreno Gallo(now facing deportation if he isn't gone already). Dupuy also beat up a Syndicate member. All this leading up to his death. He knew the HA was weak and the Bo-Gars were more powerful but the HA and mob have a lot of key members who have come out of jail or who are coming out this year. There is going to be a big push for shit to go back to how it use to be with HA, Irish Mob(West end gang) and italian mob running Montreal. Theres a lot more violence coming.

  2. If Dupuy slapped Wooley at a big meeting then they had someone shoot him because Wooley couldn’t take him in a fight. People might fear that but they won’t respect that. Any 12 year old kid can pull a trigger. Greg Wooley isn’t bullet proof. Neither are the white supremacists he works for. Don’t forget the Hells Angels don’t have the mob any more. Just a group of Calabrians from Hamilton. As for the Irish gangs, that was a long time ago. People are starting to learn the truth about Mom Boucher’s dirty politics. He was stabbed in prison a couple years ago. People don’t respect betrayal.

  3. Even if Wooley could take Dupuy in a fight it wouldn't matter, you slap a HA in the face and your automatically dead. No question there. Most of the HA members are bitches and couldn't win a food fight but they have guns. You are 100% right. Nobody is bullet proof and Wooley will probably end up dead himself if he doesn't get locked up before.

    Irish gangs a long time ago? The west end gang runs the ports of montreal and they are Irish MoB. They control everything that comes in through the Ports. They're boss was also just released last year. (Gerald Matticks) You can't even get a job at the ports if your not family connected in some way. Try to approach that Union LOL They are very alive and well. More in tact then the HA or MOB. Hell's still have the Italian Mob of Montreal without question they just don't have the man power on the streets. Big players from the HA still hang in the same MOB runned clubs and strip clubs and vice versa. Those guys built ties over years that have spawned marriages and such. The HA of montral is rebuilding and thats why you will see guys like Larry Amero in montreal. The big players aren't going to start selling rocks on corners. They are building puppet clubs and having Wooley try to align the street gangs that control the majority of the streets. The problem is the street gangs don't want to work for HA and the MOB because they will just set the coke price back up to 50k and they won't make as much cash. Everything will unfold in the next year. Several big names will be released this year or next (Rizzuto and his guys. As well as some key HA guys.) They will have to stay together to take back what they once had or they will all crumble. Montreal is going to be hectic over the next year then we will see who comes out on top.

  4. I’m not up on what’s going on in Montreal first hand. Just what people tell me. The Irish are still around? That’s pretty wild. I know the West End gang was active back in the day. Had no idea they were still around. I used to live in West Belfast many years ago. If the Hells Angels still have the Italian Mafia in Montreal then they are playing them just like they played the UN here in Vancouver. The Hells Angels are supporting the Violis out of Hamilton who are exterminating the Rizutos in Montreal. We know the Irish or the Sicilians didn’t firebomb a funeral home.

    Larry Amero is in Montreal because he’d be shot again if he came back here. The guy was picked on in high school. That’s why he turned to steroids. I know a guy that went to high school with him at Walnut Grove. Total suburbs. His father was a longshoreman. That’s how he hooked up with the Hells Angels. Larry Amero is the queen of dirty deals playing both sides. He was shot in Kelowna because he was bragging about his support for the Bacon brothers who are despised here. Up until then he hid his support for the Bacon brothers because he was playing their enemies the UN. When he went public with the fact that he was supporting their enemies he was shot and left town.

  5. BTW I do think the fact that Wooley couldn’t take him in a fight is relevant. If the guy slapped him in the face at a big meeting and nothing was done until much later after a second confrontation at a club, then that shows how weak the HAs have become. Doing nothing at the time and paying someone to shoot him later on is cheap. No one respects that.