Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is Larry Amero doing business in Montreal?

Update: Larry Amero busted in Montreal

I was hesitant posting Larry Amero’s picture and a link to the story about him being spotted in Montreal because I know he’s been in hiding since he was shot in Kelowna with Jonathon Bacon. We knew he had contacts in Ottawa. Then we hear the leader of a Montreal gang that doesn’t want to buy drugs from the Hells Angels was shot dead and I started wondering. One blog reader claimed Greg Wooley, Mom Boucher’s poster puppet is still involved in the Montreal Drug trade. They even claim he slapped Wolley at a big meeting and confronted him at a club before he was shot. That would reinstill the fact that the Hells Angels are still very much involved in the Montreal drug trade. So what is Larry doing there?

Larry is the queen of deception. He has a long history of playing both sides. That is why he was shot in Kelowna. During the 2009 Vancouver gang war the UN and the Bacon brothers were arch enemies. Jamie Bacon is on trail for his involvement in the Surrey Six murder where two innocent bystanders were shot dead when the Bacon brothers took over the leadership of the Red Scorpions and made them a Hells Angels puppet club. There was another ruthless hit against a UN supporter where a mother was shot dead with her toddler in the car.

Consequently the Bacon brothers are hated in Surrey and despised by the UN. Nevertheless, the Hells Angels, Larry Amero, included, were at the same time playing the UN. They were caught doing business with them and playing both sides. They kept their support of the Bacon brothers a secret from the UN at the time.

Larry even let one of his ex’s, Sarah Trebble, who he shared a car lease with, ride with the UN when they did the hit on the Bacon brothers outside Tbarz which Randy Jones from the Hells Angels owns.

Needless to say, the UN were a bit surprised and a bit choked when Larry Amero came out of the closet with his relationship with Jonathon Bacon. We knew they were friends at the time, we just couldn’t prove it. We could only prove Larry’s friends were friends with Jonathon’s friends. Yet in Kelowna, they weren’t just caught meeting together. They were bragging about the Hells Angels support of the Bacon brothers driving around on that stupid Steroids and Silicone boat trying to pick fights with civilians on the water. No doubt Larry is playing the mob in Montreal while the rest of them are supporting the Violis in Hamilton. Buyer Beware. The Irish didn’t firebomb a funeral home.

Come to think of it, Larry Amero’s friend Jeremy Bettan who used to work for Larry’s “courier company” in Montreal was shot dead in Walnut Grove a while ago. I guess Larry has been doing business in Montreal for a while now.

Come to think of it, Larry Amero’s other friend, Randy Naicker was shot dead too. Working for Larry appears to be very risky business. Jonathon Bacon worked for Larry. He’s dead. Jeremy Bettan worked for Larry. He’s dead. Randy Naicker worked for Larry. He’s dead. I’m beginning to see a pattern. It doesn’t look like Larry’s very good at protecting his employees. He’s only good at playing both sides and covering his own ass. We’ll see how long it takes for the brothers in Quebec to see through that.

The Toronto Sun is confirming the story that the gang leader shot in Montreal had slapped Greg Wooley at a Hells Angels sponsored summit to unite all the gangs in North Montreal. Needless to say that a Hells Angels sponsored summit to unite all the drug dealers in North Montreal is a complete joke. They don’t want to unite them, they want to take them over. There’s a big difference. I think we should unite the gangs. We should unite the Haitians, the Irish and the Italians against the Hells Angels and their Nazi 666.

Sadly, the police’s response is to shake down all the members of the Bo-Gars and charge them with firearms offenses. That is an offensive waste of taxpayers money. Helping the Hells Angels take over the entire Montreal drug trade is not something the police should be doing. I realize they’re worried about retaliation. Yet we live in a cause and effect world. Searching the Bo-Gars for weapons and not the Syndicate is wrong. If you want peace on the streets you need to arrest Greg Wooley for murder and take him off the street. Helping promote his business is not the answer. Greg Wooley is still a puppet for the Hells Angles.


  1. Wow, reading this story, *Big*, the head of Bo-Gars, must have been nuts to publicly humiliate, and then beat up, another of the HA's *Syndicate* friends of Wooley's.

    You just can't do that, even the Police told him he was about to die.

    One can applaud anti-HA bravery, but didn't he know what he was doing...?

  2. Are you serious? We’re talking about Haitians. This isn’t over yet. Believe you me. They don’t respect Wooley and they won’t work for the Hells Angels.

  3. Lmfao, the HA NEVER lost
    Control of Quebec, just like they never lost control of ONTARIO. You can raid their club houses where you know they are and shut them down. But one thing is sure and certian they will continue to do business just now you have no clue where they are.

  4. this is my first and last post on here probably, lets just say i follow your blog for sometime. lets just say i am well informed. Randy never worked for Larry he worked with I know them both I no Larry back when he had to borrow money off pimp to get started bringing blow up from cali then he took off bringing in over 100 kilos at a time and well didnt need anyone that helped him start up anymore anyway ill keep this short. You just posted a article about HA associate shot dead in surrey this associate you speak of was killed because he is or was to be involved in the killing of bacon and shooting of Larry he had a 500k hit on his head you probably dont no this but this individual was the one who got beat down buy the bacons and the late Kevin Leclairin his own GYM!! well I will tell you something else KEvin used to pay him tax for running crack lines in surrey langley aldergrove when kevin had a run in with some people no one helped and was left to fend for him self he joined the bacons how close of a HA associate was he if he had something to do with shooting LArry and killing there puppet club leader?


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