Friday, August 10, 2012

The Ron Paul Revolution Lives

I’m driving home from the grocery store today and I look up and see the car in front of me has this large bumper sticker that says Ron Paul Revolution. I smile and look up and there’s another large bumper sticker above it that says Beside that is another large bumper sticker that says 9-11 was an Inside Job. Even the frame to hold the license plate said

I was gonna honk and give the big thumbs up but when I pulled up beside the car it was a hot young girl driving so I just drove off not wanting to look like a pedophile. I will say it was nice to see. There is nothing more attractive then a woman with a brain and an opinion. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing educated youth willing to stand up for their beliefs. Maybe there’s hope for this world after all. The Vancouver 9/11 Truth Movement have an information booth outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on the 11th of each month from around noon to dusk.

Turns out you can buy Ron Paul Revolution T-shirts. He has a popular blog too.

One of his critics, Paul Constant at The Stranger likened Ron Paul to an "ancient high-school civics teacher" who "puffs up" at the notion of the Constitution as a "living document.” Holy crack pipes batman, what does Paul Constant think the constitution is, a dead document? Now that is sad. Clearly we do need a Ron Paul Revolution to support, sustain and preserve the sacred Constitution.

You can get Ron Paul Revolution bumper stickers and shirts at Cafe Press.


  1. They still have more rights then us and atleast there head of state is not the queen of england. They have Ron Paul, Rand Paul Jessy Ventura, Alex Jones and many more who do we have here basicly no one they have a chance to turn around there nation we are long gone we have never bin a true democracy since canada was born it has allways been under the queens dictatorship they fought and won Independance from the british we just simply became a province of the their commonwealth. The Primeminister is just a puppet following orders the Crown makes the laws and runs this Nation this is why the Yukon and B.C must have true Independance and become The Free Republic of Cascadia!

  2. I was hoping RP would have got farther in the primary process than he did. I did not think much of his "foreign policy", mainly because he doesn't have one. "Bring everyone home" is not really a foreign policy that will work for America. At the same time his domestic policies rocked, and the consequences of disengagement on the international level might have been worth it for 4 years if we could have got his domestic agenda done.


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