Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Democracy won’t sway pipeline fate

Today’s absurdity comes right out of the horse’s mouth. Well one end at least. Stephen Harper claims Politics won’t sway pipeline fate. What he really means is democracy won’t. Politics is the problem. The Reform party talked about giving MP’s free votes and encouraging MPs to poll their electorate and vote on issues how their constituents want them to vote. What a fairytale that would be. Stephen Harper has gone as far away from this principle as physically possible.

Stephan Harper adapts the adage, Big Brother knows best. We decide then we spend your tax dollars on advertizing brainwashing you into believing we were right. Case in point, HST commercials. Attack adds when there isn’t even an election on. Attack adds against the Liberals after they were wiped off the face of the earth in the last election. Robocalls tricking people not to vote has nothing to do with democracy and polling the electorate. It is fraud.

As soon as BC gets vocal enough on the Northern Pipeline scandal that even Christy Clark starts to express concerns, Stephen Harper changes the rules and says BC has no say. He and his cabinet does. Then he has the arrogant audacity to claim politics won’t sway the pipeline. Science will decide. That is a bold faced lie. Money will decide not science. And it’s not money for the country it’s money in the pockets of corporate executives who contribute to his political campaign.

"Here's a government that has gutted the environmental assessment process and the [National Energy Board] process, so that politics trump science, trying to tell British Columbians that well, in fact, science will play a bigger role than politics. It's clearly not the case," Peter Julian.

"We think it's obviously in the vital interests of Canada, and in the vital interests of British Columbia," Harper said following an announcement in Vancouver. “We think.” First of all we don’t care what you think. You are elected to do as you’re told not to rob us of our say. It’s not in the vital interest of BC when we say we want a fair share of the revenue for taking the environmental risk and they say that is ridiculous. Clearly it’s not in our economic interest when you say our desire to have a fair share of the revenue is ridiculous.

Clearly it’s not in Michigan or Wisconsin’s best interest when we see the ongoing environmental impact from an ongoing problem of Enbridge pipeline leaks resulting from long term bad maintenance and bad safety standards. When we deregulate the banks, criminals commit investment fraud and rob it. When we deregulate the oil industry, criminals take short cuts on safety and maintenance to save money and make more profit at the expense of the environment and the public. Not just the general public but other business ventures as well.

Giving the profits from our oil to a Huston Based company doesn’t economically benefit Canada. Letting our oil industry be bought out by Communist China is even more as absurd. If the oil industry was nationalized in Canada like it is in Mexico, then Canada would receive some benefit from a pipeline. Yet it’s not. We give those criminals a monopoly to regularly raise the price of gas at the pump as much as they want. There is no free market here. It’s a monopoly. Our tax dollars are feeding that monopoly so the elites can get obscenely rich at the expense of the taxpayer. Stephen Harper likes to do a lot of name calling but mirror mirror on the wall, who’s biggest flaiming Communist of them all? Stephen Harper is. Don’t you forget it.

The Vancouver Province ran this editorial cartoon on August 9 2012.

This week the Surrey Leader ran a Raeside cartoon about a leaky oil pipline with Christy Clark saying the royalty cheque is in. Clearly I'm not the only one concerned about Harper's abandonment of democracy in the BC decision.


  1. Direct Democracy is what this contry needs get rid of political partys let the people control there contry not "vote" in your dictators but since the queen is our head of state this won't happen unless British Columbia and the Yukon split from Canada and become a truly free Nation The Free Republic of Cascadia!

    1. Friend, you can't take the provinces out of the country, but you can take the politics and the politicians out of the country. The Queen is also a politician, and she is only the Head of State as long as we permit it.

  2. Agent K, Cascadia has more fans than you suspected, eh...?

    British Columbia Forever.

  3. Politicians have invaded our society and our governments, and they are raping us of our money and our power. There is no reason why our government cannot be run like a corporation, and where people are accountable for their actions in the process. Tell the politicians to get a real job, and let's start working towards a system that does not rely upon politicians. They treat themselves like celebrities, and give themselves generous pensions, salaries and expense accounts that we are paying for unnecessarily. We give up almost half of our lifetime earnings in taxes to pay for the politics and politicians of running our government, and there is a better way if the public could come together as one entity in challenge. We don't need one dictator after another coming into corrupt power in our provinces and our country.

    1. THAT is what I'm talking about.....

      A REAL "We the People". But it can't be done with a nation of sheep. It can't be done, and maintained, by people who are fearful/hesitant to challenge and resist power when power is in the wrong or trying to expand itself as it always does. And you can't be taken seriously by those IN power when they have all the tools of force projection and you have a protest sign. Your freedom has to be backed up by teeth, or else it's dependent on the good will of those who wield the power necessary to keep the peace.

  4. Canada is to big for one government it should be split up starting with Cascadia if we don't do this Canada will stay a slave state of the global Common Wealth insted of the independant global power it should be a free nation for free people

  5. If something like this were to happen, it would be best if at a minimum it consisted of the three westernmost provinces. Manitoba can pick west or east as it chooses. Cascadia is a cool name but it might be better if it became Western Canada and Eastern Canada. I would envision that a lot of the historical ties would remain even though more autonomy would change how WestCan would operate/do business.


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