Monday, August 13, 2012

Brandon, Manitoba Drug Busts

Speaking of the Hells Angels drug trade, let’s take a look at Brandon, Manitoba. Billy Bowden's from Brandon. They killed his friend from LHS and told him to suck it up or be a target so they could give the Thompson drug trade to the Ontario village idiots. That's what set the gang war off in Winnipeg.

Well here’s a picture of two locals from Brandon. Tyler Cairns and Ron Hather. Ron is the one on the right in the support vest that says B-Town Thugs. He was charged with trafficking cocaine back in 2008 along with several others.

Interesting to note that on July 6 2012 a suspect was taken into custody regarding the Canada Day shooting in Brandon. The guy riding with him car was caught with a gram of crack and heroin. He was released on a promise to appear.

Two grow ops worth $1.3 grow op were recently busted in Western, Manitoba. There appears to be a local shake down on the drug trade and people of interest are MIA.


  1. Why do they all hug up each other like kids at the prom? Please agent k can you run a collage of all the gangster hugs I've noticed. Latent comes to mind lol

  2. The only real gangster Brandon ever had was troy b

  3. That was years ago u stupid man Troy b is retired living on the beach drinking tequilas ur trying to talk about stuff that happened 10 years ago shut er down man go to bed

  4. Hes not retired, he's stealing stuff to barely get by, he's a dead beat dad and owes his ex a ton of money. He's in an out of jail for childish shit and never even sees his kid hardly, living off everyone else guy is a 🤡

  5. This is a very old thread. No offence but Brandon is in the middle of nowhere. Nobody cares. He's just another hillbilly skid.


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