Thursday, February 29, 2024

Windsor Police Constable punished for donating to the Freedom Convoy

Donald Best is reporting that "Windsor Police Constable Michael Brisco was convicted of Discreditable Conduct for anonymously donating $50 to the Freedom Convoy on February 7, 2022. The Ontario Civilian Police Commission just disallowed his appeal of the conviction and the outrageous penalty of 80 hours pay."

"The Ontario Civilian Police Commission has reinforced its position that policing organizations and individual police officers should obey political orders without question, and ignore our Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Rule of Law."

That is mentally deranged. Donald Best is correct. This obscene decision is a defiant violation of the Charter of Rights which each police officer has sworn an oath to uphold. People have the right to donate to any religion, charity or political cause they want to.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Two Kerry men in court following 546kg crystal meth haul

The Irish Independent is reporting that "The two Kerry men charged in relation to the biggest ever haul of crystal meth in the country have appeared in court via video link. Nathan McDonnell appeared first this morning at Tralee District Court via video link from Portlaoise Prison."

"The 43-year-old owner of Ballyseedy Garden Centre, with an address at Ballyroe, is charged with possession of drugs worth more than €13,000 for sale or supply at the garden centre between October 27 and February 12. James Leen, age 41 of Pilgrim Hill, Kilmorna, Listowel, is facing two charges – one of drug importation of crystal meth worth €13,000 or more last October and the possession for sale or supply of methylamphetamine worth €13,000 between October 27, 2023 and February 12, 2024." RTE states that 546 kilos were seized.

"The court was previously told that Customs officials examined a container in the port of Cork, which had an electronic, magnetic, metal recycling machine, which was purpose built to conceal the drugs, which the court was told were almost impossible to find. The court said that 543kg of crystal meth, with an estimated value of €32.8million, was found in the machine."

Two Kerry men caught with half a ton of crystal meth. That sounds like the beginning of a joke so it does. That is a lot of crystal meth. It would be interesting to find out where it was coming from. That's a whole lot of ruthless poison for a relatively small area.

The Irish News is reporting that it is believed the shipment was organized by the Mexican Sinaloa cartel with Irish connections and was reportedly bound ultimately for Australia.

"It is believed the meth originated in Colombia but that the shipment was organised by members of the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico, including Morris O’Shea Salazar, who grew up in Killorglin, Co Kerry." From Colombia to Ireland to Australia. That's kind of the long way around.

Morris O’Shea Salazar was caught through "the Encrochat hack which gave international police forces access to thousands of messages from the app used by criminal gangs." Sounds a wee bit shady so it does. In April 2023 55 kilos of cocaine were seized in Cork.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dr Phil's World Tour: Lock downs and child trafficking

Everyone knows the View is ridiculous. It is partisan trash. That's why we call it the Spew. Dr Phil went on and set the record straight about kids and lock downs. Whoopi Goldberg has lost her mind. They all have. These are bad people promoting bad things.

Dr Phil went to the border and interviewed some guards. He asked about kids coming across with people who aren't their parents. The guard said when Trump was president they would do rapid DNA testing of the kids to make sure the adults with them were in fact their parents. The guard said the Biden administration did away with the DNA testing.

Now they have no way of knowing if the kids are with their parents or if they are being trafficked. Why in God's name would you stop DNA testing kids? The only possible reason was to condone child trafficking. That is mentally deranged. Dr Phil even weighed in on transitioning kids.

Fatal shooting in Alaska

CBC is reporting that "Two people were killed and two were seriously wounded during a shooting at a home in a remote Inupiat whaling village on Alaska's northwest coast and a 16-year-old boy was in custody Monday, according to the Anchorage Daily News. Details were slow to emerge about Sunday's shooting in Point Hope, which shook the small community and prompted a local school's closure on Monday."

"The newspaper, citing court documents, reported that the teenage suspect has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of first-degree attempted murder."

"State law allows minors 16 and older to be tried in adult court on murder charges. The newspaper's reporting was based on a summary of a police report included in charging documents filed in court Monday. Officers from the North Slope Borough Police Department responded to the home after 11:30 p.m. Sunday and discovered a man and a woman dead, as well as two wounded men, the newspaper wrote. All four appeared to have been shot."

"One witness told police she'd seen the boy go into the home and start shooting, the newspaper wrote. Other witnesses said they saw the teen leave with a handgun. The boy turned himself in at the local police station, accompanied by his father, around 11:45 p.m. Sunday, according to the newspaper. While officials said there was no ongoing risk to the community, they declined to give specifics about what had occurred." Yahoo news named the youth.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Police make Arrests in Quebec City Gang Conflict

The Candain Press is reporting that "At least 21 people allegedly tied to a war over drug territory in eastern Quebec have so far been arrested in a provincial police operation that began last week. More arrests are possible during Operation Scandaleux, which is targeting the running conflict between the Blood Family Mafia and the Hells Angels in the Quebec City area, the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, the Lower St-Lawrence and the North Shore, police said Monday."

"Videos are circulating of people connected to the war allegedly being tortured and officers have met with certain individuals to warn them their lives are at risk, police said. The war between the two groups has led to at least one murder."

Global is reporitng that "The peak of a bloody dispute that was months in the making and rife with brutality led to sweeping arrests in Quebec over the weekend, according to an organized crime expert. Criminologist and former Bloc Québécois MP Maria Mourani said the police crackdown resulted from a conflict between a street gang known as the Blood Family Mafia and the Hells Angels that came to blows." They even have a picture of Super Dave.

This is what the Dirty Newz has been reporting on. They have also mentioned the recent arrests.

Royal Canadian Legion shuts down Woodbridge branch due to overt association with outlaw biker gangs

CP 24 is reporting that "In an unprecedented move, a Royal Canadian Legion branch in Woodbridge, Ont. has been shut down due to its “overt association” with outlaw motorcycle gangs, the legion’s provincial leadership team says. Members of Branch 414, also known as the Mackenzie branch, were informed of the decision in a Feb. 12 letter from the legion’s provincial president Derek Moore."

“It is with great sorrow that I inform you that the Charter of the Mackenzie (Ont. No. 414) branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, Ontario Provincial Command has been revoked due to the branch’s overt association with members of outlaw motorcycle groups,” Moore’s letter read.

“We learned of the outlaw motorcycle club activities from the police and investigated. In October 2023, after inquiry and for cause, the command suspended the Charter of the Mackenzie branch. We cannot permit the Legion’s name or events to be associated with organized crime.”

"The legion, he said, has a policy that prohibits anyone from wearing street gang colours or attire related to outlaw motorcycle clubs, including vests, logos, or patches, at legion events."

“The Legion developed this policy in consultation with Canada’s law enforcement agencies. The overt wearing of outlaw motorcycle club colours at Legion events and premises is contrary to the Legion’s Articles of Faith and disrespectful to the sacrifices made by our Veterans.”

"In the letter, Moore added that the building and all of its contents will be sold and any cash remaining after outstanding bills and debts are paid will go toward veteran-centric and community programs and supports." I'm not sure what overt association in this case means. If they're talking about Verteran MC patches that a bit of a stretch.

I realize the Hells Angels have collectively shot themselves in the foot in Canada because of the volume of criminal activity they have been convicted of. The days where the Hells Angels in BC could say a full patch member has never been convicted of a criminal offense are long gone.

There have been too many convictions to count. For that reason, I can see why the Legion would say no Hells Angels patches at Legion events. To say no Veteran MC patches at Legion events is their right but IMO it gets a little too infringing with the freedom of association.

For example, to the firefighters have a right to form a MC? Yeah they do. So do the veterans. If a member of those groups is convicted of a criminal offense and is still allowed to be a member then banning their patches may be in order. We have to look at the big picture here. Both of them.

We all know the Hells Angels create puppet clubs to do their dirty work. It creates plausible deniability. It wasn't us it was them. But they work for you. So do we label the entire club a criminal organization and seize their patch? I'm not comfortable with that. If a specific chapter is convicted of a lot of crime, then losing their clubhouse is a natural consequence of that.

Yet I still say Justin Trudeau and the WEF are far worse criminals that any Hells Angel who has been convicted of any offense. If the Hells Angels kill a rival drug dealer that doesn't affect me at all but banning gas vehicles and forcing everyone to live in a 15 minute city is mentally deranged. That concerns me far more than anything any Hells Angel has ever done.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Shooting inside Hamilton night club

The Hamilton Spectator is reporting that "Police are investigating another shooting in the core this weekend — the second shooting in as many days linked to two separate downtown Hamilton businesses. In this incident a man was found with gunshot injuries inside a club on Bowen Street, a short strip that links Main and Jackson streets, between Catharine and John streets. The club was hosting a weekly ticketed event called Sinful Saturdays with a $20 entry fee."

"Officers were sent to Club 33 at 33 Bowen St. for a possible shooting, at 2:30 a.m. Sunday, they said in a media release. At the scene, police located an injured man inside the club. He was taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries. Police say the shooting is believed to be targeted and there is no risk to the public." Inside the club? Aren't they supposed to have metal detectors?

Exploring the connections between Jews and Native Americans

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that " "Not a great deal is written or even known today about the connection between Jews and Native American Indians. It is, however, a fascinating subject."

"According to a Ynet report, a population of Native American Indians from the US state of Colorado has been found to have a genetic mutation typical of Ashkenazi Jews. The finding suggests the presence of common roots that date back to the days of Christopher Columbus. Several stories circulate on this subject."

"In 1650, Rabbi Menashe Ben Israel, Chief Rabbi of Amsterdam, recorded in his book Mikveh Yisrael a conversation that he had with a Jewish Dutch explorer of the Americas. The explorer related how he made contact with the Native Americans but after trying to communicate with them in every possible European language, he had no success. Both he and his first mate, being Jews, they began to talk among themselves in Hebrew. To his utter amazement, upon hearing them speak Hebrew, the Native American chief responded by saying Shema Yisrael.”

"In 1775, Englishman James Adair, after living with Native Americans for 40 years, recorded his experiences and published a book about them in London titled The History of the American Indians. Almost his entire work is dedicated to documenting and proving that the Native American tribes of the central and southern territories were definitively of Jewish origins and to his day maintained a sizable amount of their ancient Israelite heritage."

President of El Salvador cites drug use in American cities

Let's Go Brandon!

Puberty blockers in cereal, vaccines in lettuce, tomatoes and tobacco

SHTF TV is reporting that "Four out of five Americans are being exposed to a little-known chemical found in popular oat-based foods — including Cheerios and Quaker Oats — that is linked to reduced fertility, altered fetal growth and delayed puberty." Dan Dicks picked up on it.

Puberty blockers in kid's cereal. Now that's GMO but it doesn't end there. This recent legislative session talks about Rna vaccines in Lettuce, tomatoes and tobacco. We all know how the WEF is obsessed with getting their genetic mutations into every nonbeliever.

Newsweek is reporting that "Tennessee state lawmaker said during a recent legislative session that various companies and medical entities are capable of injecting vaccines into lettuce, tomatoes and tobacco." Here we go. They're already doing it. Cepicky said that the University of California, Riverside, has perfected vaccinating lettuce, adding that the University of California, Berkeley, has conducted similar tests on tomatoes and that the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company has mimicked that with tobacco products."

"Republican state Representative Scott Cepicky said during a House Health Committee hearing on Wednesday that the public should be wary about vaccines being intentionally put into foods commonly found at grocery stores, much to the chagrin of Democratic chairman John Ray Clemmons. Clemmons asked Cepicky if it is legal, to which Cepicky replied, "I'm not arguing that point"—adding that no current law exists deeming that a head of lettuce at a grocery store includes vaccines. He said such vaccinated plants should be listed as pharmaceuticals so people can get the proper dosage." They are doing it because it's not regulated yet.

We know that Bill Gates and Benjamin Netanyahu were caught spiking tetanus vaccines with fertility blockers. Now they're putting it right in the food. The thing is, are they injecting vaccines into food or viruses? No doubt all these biolabs around the world are studying how to do both.

Liberals stop building roads and reveal their real Agenda

CBC is reporitng that "Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault said Monday the federal government will stop investing in new road infrastructure — a comment that immediately drew attacks from the Opposition Conservatives and some premiers who said the climate activist turned politician is out of touch." He's out of ouch with Canadians but he's devoted to the Agenda.

His Freudian slip has once and for all set the record straight. Banning gas vehicles and forcing everyone to convert to electric even though the power grid can't handle it, has nothing to do with the environment. He wants to ban gas cars then ban people from using electric cars and lock people up in 15 minute cities. That is not a conspiracy theory. That is a documented fact. That is their insane Agenda and this no new roads policy confirms it. The freedom to move is a Charter Right. Building transportation routes is essential to prosperity and growth. Let freedom ring.

Drea Humphrey: From Fearful to Fearless

Drea Humphrey from Rebel News is reporting that "This past weekend, White Rock Seventh Day Adventist Church hosted an Evening with Drea Humphrey event, where I was invited to tell the story of what fuelled my courage to bring viewers the other side of the story with Rebel News."

"In front of a full sanctuary, I shared my journey from overcoming an illogical fear of COVID-19 — risking my career as a mental health professional — to speak out against the harms lockdowns were doing to people struggling with mental health and addictions and how this eventually led to a call from Rebel News." I was hoping this was going to be my first interview on my podcast but this venue covered it better than I could so I will simply post it and bow out.

We're all individuals. Some of us are good, some of us are bad and some of us are a little of both. Drea Humphrey is good. She is sincere and genuine. She has her own opinions just like everyone else. The way Chris Sky mistreated her when he came to Vancouver was shameful.

Drea works for Rebel News. She has been doing an amazing job. Rebel News has done a great job at exposing the mainstream media's misrepresentation of Covid, lockdowns, Rna vaccines, gender ideology in schools and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is allowed to disagree with someone else's opinion. It literally breaks my heart to see Ezra's blind endorsement of Benjamin Netanyahu. Benjamin Netanyahu is a globalist tied to the World Economic Forum. If Klaus Schwab is bad so is Benjamin Netanyahu. He admitted to spiking tetanus vaccines with a fertility drug.

My concerns with Benjamin Netanyahu have nothing to do with Judaism. Well actually they do. Benjamin Netanyahu is secularizing Israel and has abandoned his faith. That is the root of the problem. My concerns with Mitch McConnell are not anti Christian. Assuming he claims to be one. My concerns with Mitch McConnell are about how his globalist beliefs have betrayed Christianity just like George Soros has betrayed Judaism. I'm just calling it the way I see it.

Richmond lethal injection site protest

The Fake News is admitting that "While Vancouver Coastal Health has confirmed it's not considering a standalone supervised drug consumption site in Richmond, hundreds protested Monday in opposition to the political process that raised the possibility one could be built."

'Last week, seven of nine Richmond councillors voted to ask the health authority to explore the idea as at the city's hospital and launch a consultation process. It was a contentious decision after two nights of heated hearings that required at least one person to be escorted out by RCMP, and calls for calm from Mayor Malcom Brodie." That's because what they are doing is treason.

"An event poster for Monday's protest at Minoru Park Stadium claims the decision to consider the safe consumption site was made hastily, despite overwhelming public protests and opposition, as well as intimidation toward those who opposed it."

Protesters repeatedly chanted, "No more silence!" and waved signs that read, "The silent majority has awakened," and "We elected you, and we can vote you out." It's about time.

"Protesters marched to Richmond City Hall, where Coun. Carol Day said Richmond's motion to consider the safe consumption site also included another important task: better public education and engagement on the topic of safe consumption sites to help reduce stigma."

That argument is obscene. The dirty a*s politicians claim if you disagree with us you need more propaganda. We can all see what's happening in Portland and in the DTES is WRONG. It is not compassion. It is evil. It promotes crime and violence against women.

Rebel News is reporting that "Despite Vancouver Coastal Health rejecting a proposal from Richmond, B.C.'s city council to explore a 'stand alone' safe injection site following civil pushback, hundreds of protesters still gathered on Family Day to encourage citizens to vote out the city councillors who wanted the option considered." That is essential. Finding out who is running in civic elections has become really important. This insane agenda needs to be stopped.

Canadian cocaine Babes and their Sugar Daddies

TBM posted a video about the two Canadain girls caught with a huge amount of cocaine in their suitcases on a luxury cruise to Australia. The video confirms that they were drug mules working for Andre Tamine. All three were from Quebec which as we all know is Red and White.

CBC is reporting that "In Australian court documents and Quebec search warrants, the names of the four accomplices are made public. During the stopover on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: Michel Chiasson - one of the four accomplices - gets off the ship. He was questioned by the Canada Border Services Agency, who let him go. He will never return to the boat." Their accomplices were André Tamine, Nicolay Kolev, Stéphane Chevrier and the two Italians. CBC names Henry Soussan as a person of interest. In Europe all roads led to Rome but in Quebec all roads lead to the Hells Angels. Time served and all is well. Business as usual.

Swedish migrants assault 60 minutes film crew

There are criminals in every community. Canada and the United States has been built by hard working immigrants. Whenever high crime cripples a community we must confront the crime.

CBS is reporting that "Bishop Gerald Seabrooks of New York City’s Rehoboth Cathedral told The National Desk (TND) Tuesday migrants convicted of crimes should face removal from the U.S. “Any immigrant who attacks any citizen of New York City, any peace officer, should be immediately deported back to where they came from,” Seabrooks said. He claimed the action is necessary because inviting criminals to the country is the opposite of American ideals.

“This is not what America is about. We’re trying to fight crime. We’re not trying to invite crime to continue. We’re fighting that stuff," Seabrooks said. Exactly. Hard working immigrants are welcome. Criminals are not. We must continue to be vigilant in fighting crime.

The problem with mass illegal immigration is crime. People throw away their ID right before they cross the border so no one can do a criminal record check. We see migrants charged with murder who get deported then simply come back again illegally. The purpose of a border is to confront crime and to screen out criminals. The New York Times is reporting that "Immigration officials revealed on Monday that a fugitive Mexican national accused of killing five neighbors over the weekend had previously been deported four times."

NYPD officers attacked by illegal migrants in Times Square

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Robert Pickton Qualifies for Parole

Rebel News is reporting that "Despite a jail cell confession where he claimed to have killed 49 women, Pickton was found guilty of the second-degree murders for six victims and sentenced to life with no possibility of parole. The remaining 20 murder charges were stayed. Now, 22 years since his original arrest, the sadistic killer can apply for day parole. It's important to note that while he can apply, acceptance is not guaranteed."

As concerning as that may be, locally we all know that Robert Pickton wasn't the cunning serial killer they claimed he was. The elephant in the room was the Dianne Rock Story. She was gang raped on the Pickton farm. That would implicate more than one suspect and Robert Picton wasn't one of them. That's why the judge's instructions to the jury was that they could convict Robert Pickton if he wasn't the only suspect or even the main suspect just an active participant.

That was outrageous. What's even more outrageous is the fact that Wally Oppal shut down the Mission Woman inquiry as soon as other suspects were mentioned. He turned it into a panel discussion where he could more easily censor evidence. Wally Oppal said the Commission did not have the mandate to examine other suspects. That's exactly what it was supposed to to. Find out what happened to all those mission women.

The second Mission woman's inquiry was another farce. The whack jobs that took over the Inquiry had a extremist political agenda to push instead of exposing the root cause of much of the violence against Indigenous Women. Most of them were sex trade workers who had drug debts.

Marilyn Poitras stated why she resigned from the commission: "We've been down this road before... We had people tell us if you want to know who the problems are and how to fix them you go talk to the sex trade workers. They're going to tell you who they are. It's not a mystery. This isn't some person coming out of the blue and randomly taking women off the street. People know who they're threatened by. Lets go talk to them. We weren't doing any of those things."

Robert Pickton wrote a book but it was pulled oft he market. Someone sent me a copy of it years ago. It wasn't a tell all tale. He didn't trash the club. He trashed the guy that ratted him out who was a Hells Angels associate. It was nothing new. He was the fall guy. We all know that.

Man acquitted in 2010 shooting of Mandy Johnson

This is old news but relevant. The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that "A man has been acquitted of second-degree murder in the 2010 shooting death in Abbotsford of single mom Mandy Johnson of Langley. Jason Himpfen, 43, was found not guilty Friday in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster of the second-degree murder of Johnson, as well as the attempted murder of a man who cannot be named because of a publication ban. That man, who Black Press will refer to using the pseudonym “Jim,” was the key witness at Himpfen’s trial."

"Johnson, 22, was killed July 28, 2010 while she was in a vehicle on Polar Avenue in Abbotsford. She was the mother of a young daughter. Also initially charged with manslaughter in relation to Johnson’s death, as well as the attempted murder of Jim, was gang leader Gavin Grewal. But Grewal, 30, himself was the victim of a targeted killing in North Vancouver on Dec. 22, 2017."

Gavin Grewal was the leader of the Brother's Keepers. Jim sold drugs for Gavin Grewal. "Jim had a meeting a couple of days before the shooting where he was warned by a man known as Long-Haired Garry that Himpfen was going to get (him).”

"On the morning of the killing, Jim and Grewal exchanged text messages and arranged to meet at around 3 a.m. on Polar Avenue. The two travelled in separate cars – Johnson was in a Chevy Tahoe with Jim – and got out to speak to each other.

"After a few moments, Himpfen emerged from the back of Grewal’s car. Crisp alleged that Himpfen was holding a gun, and Jim began running away. Shots were then fired at him, and he heard Johnson scream. She had been shot at several times through an open window of the Tahoe. Himpfen and Grewal fled the scene – a third man was apparently driving the vehicle they were in – and Jim ran to Johnson, saw she had been shot, and called 911. Johnson died on the scene, and an autopsy confirmed that she had been shot in both the head and torso."

"Nine spent shell casings were found at the scene and three shell fragments were found in the vehicle. But defence lawyer’s Kevin Westell was correct in his opening statement that the trial would be an “identification case” – a matter of proving who actually pulled the trigger. The judge found there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Himpfen was the shooter."

That is disguising. There are two tragedies here. Jim goes to a meeting where he knows he's in trouble and brings his girlfriend. The first tragedy is that wonderful young women got involved with such a low life piece of white trash. The second tragedy is that those low lifes intentionally killed is GF just because they wanted to get him. It was no accident.

Why were they trying to kill him? He probably owed them money. Yet killing his GF instead was deranged. This is a sh*ty life and a sh*ty world. Don't get involved wit hit. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you want to leave the life just leave. Pay your debts and don't cooperate with the police. Cooperating with the police just to avoid jail time is pathetic.

US Customs Seize 6.5 Tons Of Meth In Eagle Pass

Zero Hedge is reporting that "U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said on Thursday that it seized 6.5 tons of methamphetamine at Eagle Pass port of entry in Texas. It is the largest seizure ever made at a port of entry in a single enforcement action."

"The seizure was made at the Camino Real International Bridge on Feb. 18, when a CBP officer referred a tractor trailer manifesting a shipment of drying agents for piglets for secondary inspection. The CBP said that its officers conducted a canine and non-intrusive inspection system examination on the truck and found nearly 13,101 pounds of alleged methamphetamine."

Trump wins Republican primary in South Carolina

CBC is reporting that "Donald Trump won South Carolina's Republican presidential primary on Saturday, beating former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley in her home state and further consolidating his path to a third-straight Republican nomination. The former U.S. president has now swept every contest that counted for Republican delegates, with wins already in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands." I still say he should pick RFK for his VP.

Isn't it ridiculous how the fake news has the audacity to go on about how Trump's cognitive problems are worse than Bidens. Tha tis absurd. No reporter with an ounce of self respect could ever repeat such a ridiculous claim. I don't care about Donald Trump. Stop lying about him. They could compare Mich McConnell's cognitive problems with Joe Biden but they won't go that simply because Mitch McConnell is a globalist. A wold in sheeps' clothing.

Isn't it also ridiculous the number of court cases against Donald Trump's trying to make him ineligible to run for office. That is the worst case of election interference in history. Let's not forget how the Democrats wouldn't even let RFK run. The shady sh*t that's going on is completely out of control and they aren't even trying to hide it. They just keep lying like a broken record.

Street gangs and the Hells Angels in Quebec city

CBC is reporitng that "Quebec provincial police is sending several of its officers specializing in organized crime to help Quebec City's police service, which has been dealing with a growing number of incidents involving street gangs and the Hells Angels."

That's what The Dirty Newz has been reporting on. The rise of the BMF.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Was Donald Trump Lying About the Vaccines?

This was their live stream that YouTube shut down for talking about guns.

French Farmers building a wall to keep the politicians in

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Gang shooting in White rock - Update

Update: There was another shooting In Langley 6:45 AM Friday morning. No injuries. Police say the 4 victims in the Whiterock shooting were in heir 20's.

2nd Update: Some fake expect claims this firearm was likely home made or a converted Airsoft rifle. That is absolutely ridiculous. That is no expect. That is a complete whack job. It was not a converted Airspoft. This Justin Trudeau a*s kissing freak is just trying to find an excuse to ban Air soft rifles. It was not made from a 3D printer. We all know what it was and where it came from.

The Ontario Provincial Police recently made a large illegal firearm bust. They all came from the US. Some were seized in Canada and some were seized in the US on their way to Canada. Fully automatic weapons are not new to Vancouver. Justin Trudeau's bogus gun control has done absolutely nothing to stop it.


Evidently there was a gang shooting in White rock last night and a video circulating on What's Ap. It hasn't hit the mainstream media yet which is unusual. Evidently a guy with an automatic assault rifle opened fire on a vehicle. 6ixAK_TV has posted the video. There were three shooters.

Update: CTV is reporting that "A shooting that left four people injured in White Rock, B.C., early Thursday morning was captured on a nearby surveillance camera, and CTV News has obtained the shocking video. The recording depicts two shooters running onto a parking lot near Roper Avenue and Lee Street at around 12:15 a.m. and opening fire on a black SUV."

If you watch the video you;ll see a third shooter take a strategic position up beside the house. It's wise to spread out. However, from is cover position he doesn't have a clear shot. As the CUV drives away he fires towards the vehicle. Yet if you notice the position of the second shooter he's between the third shooter and the moving vehicle.

The third shooter is a young kid excited and full of adrenaline. He doesn't want to come back and have to say he didn't fire a single shot. However, you need to be aware of what's behind your target as well as what's between you and the target. The second shooter could have easily been taken out with friendly fire. There's nothing wrong with providing cover. Calm down and make sure you have a clean shot. None of these kids are thinking about what's behind their target. Killing an innocent civilian is really bad. That's what we want to avoid.

The thing that's surprising is the numbers of rounds fired. In Canada we're only allowed five rounds semi automatic. Since full auto is banned it's not surprising that a criminal would also use a prohibited magazine. 30 rounds? I don't now. I didn't see him change magazines but we sure heard a lot of shots as he chased the car down. He kept reloading flawlessly. Most of the local clowns can't bust 10 rounds off without a jam. I'd say he was experienced.

Rambo might want to check his ammo. It might have been designed for a longer barrel. I know the big bang and fire is cool but normally professional hits are trying to be discrete. This was not discrete. This guy was going for shock and awe and he achieved it.

It's easier to fire full auto from the hip but he probably would have been more effective from the shoulder. Last time I was at the gun range a couple beside me were firing a semi automatic rifle. It sounded louder than my SKS and it had fire coming out the end. I asked the range officer what caliber that was and he said .223. I was shocked. My SKS is a larger caliber.

The Range officer explained the reason it was so loud was because the ammo was designed for a longer barrel. That's why there was fire coming out the end and it was louder. Yet it was still just a .223 which is the favorite caliber for American ARs. They sell freedom buckets of .223 ammo. It's not surprising that a criminal would have a shorter than stock barrel.
OK let's take it the next step. If there's 3 of you and you completely surround the vehicle, you're going to end up shooting each other. So now, think about what's behind your target. You don't want to shoot your partner and you don't want to shoot an innocent bystander. That's why carrying a gun on a crowded subway is so dangerous. You need to be aware of what's behind your target. That was my concern with the Dover Park shooting in Richmond many years ago.

In 2007 there was a massive shootout in Dover Park with automatic weapons. The problem was Dover Park is a small rectangle surrounded by a huge residential complex and a day care for kids There was no safe firing direction because no matter where they shot, the bullets that missed would go into a residential building. Just like hunters, gang bangers need to be aware of what's behind your target. Don't shoot yourself, don't shoot your friend and don't shoot an innocent bystander. Aside from being immoral it brings the heat. That's why this blog was created.

Vancouver has a long history of automatic weapons used in gang conflict. I knew a guy in Vancouver who witnessed automatic weapons being used in a gang hit. He them moved to New Zealand. In October of 2009 Joshua Hendrick was found dead floating down the Fraser River. According to the police, Hendrick was with the Crew, who ran crack shacks and collect drug debts for the Hells Angels in Prince George. Sex trade worker Lisa Francis was found dead in the Fraser River in 2009. A few weeks before Hendricks body was pulled out of the Fraser River a MAC 10 Machine gun with a silencer was found in a plastic bag floating down the Fraser River. Police say that firearm was involved in several gang related shootings in the Vancouver gang war.
The MAC 10 is a fully automatic machine gun which are completely prohibited in Canada. Unfortunately criminals don't obey gun laws. They are very small, not incredibly accurate but insanely fast. It is chambered in either . 45 ACP or 9mm. They had an old Tommy Gun at DVC which was converted to a single shot .45. It was quite heavy but amazingly accurate.

Shane Knox was with the UN in Calgary many years ago. As he got off the elevator a group of Independent Soldiers came after him. One of them had a Mac 10. He ran up to the guy with the Mac 10, ripped the magazine out and pistol whipped him with it before running off. Surveillance video caught it all on camera as they chased him through the lobby.

I have a huge amount of respect for Shane. He isn't a suburban princess like the Bacon brothers. When he was a child he lived in the Balmoral in the DTES with his mother. That is hard core. That's no place for a child to live let alone grow up. Later on he ended up running the drugs out of the Balmoral for the UN. He has since left the life and volunteers with Stan Price over at Kid's Play. He now has steady work as a welder and a has daughter.

OPP, US Homeland Security make large illegal gun bust

CP 24 is reporting that "Ontario Provincial Police say a joint investigation with authorities in the United States has led to the largest bust of handguns and assault-style rifles in the province’s history. According to police, 274 illegal firearms were seized as part of Project Saxom, an OPP-led investigation in Ontario, and Dual Approach, a U.S.-led probe by Homeland Security Investigation's (HSI) Buffalo field office. Police said 168 guns destined for Canada were seized by investigators in the U.S. and 106 guns were seized by law enforcement in Ontario."

The Hamas Gang Rape and the Test of Truth

The fake news is desperate. The ridiculous headlines are becoming more and more absurd in a brazen attempt to distract the world from their own misdeeds and rationalize their Agenda.

The New York Times is reporting that "An Israeli organization that supports survivors of sexual abuse released a report on Wednesday concluding that acts of sexual violence against Israelis during and after the Hamas-led attack on Oct. 7 were systematic and widespread.”

We're not done executing little children and we're not done blowing up hospitals and ambulances so we need to bring back the October 7th attack. I want to talk about honesty and believably.

Rape is horrific. Terrorism is horrific. False flag attacks are horrific. We remeber the USS Liberty. Israel attack the USS Liberty on June 8th 1967. They lied and said it was a mistake. They lied and said it was an unmarked vessel. Years later an IDF whistle blower said he was ordered to fire on the vessel and he refused. He said it is a marked US Naval vessel. That is an ally.

Notwithstanding that fact he was ordered to fire on the vessel and was threatened with court marshal if he refused. President Johnston ordered the attack. He recalled the air support a nearby US Aircraft Carrier sent. He wanted the vessel sunk. When a Russian spy ship entered the waters and started recording the attack they finally called it off. We need to remember that historical fact because history tends to repeat itself until we learn from it.

With the recent news of the IDF executing a family of civilians in a car and blowing up the ambulances sent in to rescue one of the little girls, they have once again brought up the October 7rh attack to rationalize their own misdeeds. Before we examine the believability of the sexual assault allegations, let's examine the undeniable fact. Israel knew about the attack a year before it happened. The attack as planned was not possible given the constant surveillance of the Gaza border. Benjamin Netanyahu facilitated the attack by moving all the soldiers guarding the border and by giving the IDF a stand down order so they could get in and out with hostages.

So we all know this whole hostage taking was a complete farce. If Benjamin Netanyahu didn't let them take hostages, there would have been no hostages. Likewise if there really was any sexual assaults, Benjamin Netanyahu made that possible to justify his Gaza Agenda.

As I've previously said, the timing of the Hamas attack is highly suspicious. Why would they start a war they knew they could not win right after they signed an agreement about drilling for natural gas? Sharing the profit from Natural gas would have greatly raised the standard of living for Palestinians in Gaza. Throwing that all away would have been unwise and is consequently highly suspicious. As we reflect on the believability of the sexual assault allegations, let's compare it to other allegations that didn't make sense in Syria and the Ukraine.

The CIA accused Assad of using chemical weapons on rebels. Why would he do that when he was winning the war? Why would someone who was winning a war do something that would infuriate the rest of the world and inspire them to unite against him? He wouldn't and he didn't. The CIA set him up. The CIA created ISIS to justify bringing the US into that pipeline dispute.

ISIS were raping civilians in Syria and the CIA created ISIS. Likewise there are many suspicious things about the October 7th attack. It clearly looked like Blackwater blew up the fence for them. We now know that Mossad created Hamas. Now let's look at the Ukraine.

Remember that viral video of a Russian tank running over a civilian car in the Ukraine? Turned out it wasn't a Russian tank. It was a Ukrainian tank that lost control. Let's examine that.

What do you mean it lost control? Did the accelerator get stuck? You could still steer. It swerved towards the car and intentionally drove over it. Then they somehow magically regained control of the tank and drove off. Their claim doesn't make sense. It wasn't a Russian tank but they were trying to make it look like it was a Russian tank.

Now let's talk about the WEF Circus in Davos right after the Invasion. The WEF and the UN's New World Order launched a dramatic defamation campaign against Russia at that event. They hijacked Russia house and turned it into a ridiculous house of horrors war crime house accusing Russia of a whole lot of ridiculous things.

They accused Russia of torturing prisoners when in reality Zelensky's Nazis were torturing Russian prisoners. Then when Russia took some Ukrainian prisoners who were starting to confess, Zelensky blew them up and tried to blame Russia.

The lies about the Ukrainian conflict are too many to list. I'm simply illustrating a pattern of disinformation in the fake news. I'll tell you why this matters. Candace Owens interviewed a Jewish man who opposed the war in Gaza and raised a very concerning point.

Norman Finkelstein said Benjamin Netanyahu was trying to ivoke the law of the Amorites. Well it wasn't really a law. It was simply a slaughter. The Amorites were so evil God said destroy every one of them - man, woman and child. That was a very exceptional circumstance. We are told some of the former inhabitants of Israel were very, very bad. That is why they were told to slaughter them. Kind of like back in the flood. This is why Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the IDF to kill children in Gaza.

We can argue about the slaughter of the Amorites until the cows come home. The Palestinians in Gaza are NOT the Amorites. God has NOT commanded Israel to slaughter them. God commanded Joshua NOT to go into certain lands. God commanded Israel to vex not the stranger that soujourneth with thee. Benjamin Netanyahu has used lies and deception to justify his evil deeds for his evil purposes. Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to wipe out the Palestinians and turn Israelis into slaves just like Gorge Soros. Rebel News' defiant embracement of that cause is a shocking disappointment. If Klaus Schwab is bad so is Benjamin Netanyahu.

Notice how all the fake news misrepresents anyone who opposes carpet bombing civilians in Gaza. They don't call them pro Palestinians or Pro Mercy. They call them pro Hamas. I don't support Hamas and I do not support murdering Palestinian children. So mote it be.

Update: This first red fag in the October 7th attack was the claim that Oct 7 was Israel's 9/11. What do you mean? 9/11 was a false flag. Does that mean Oct 7th was a false flag as well? The second red flag was the claim that Hamas is ISIS. What do you mean? The CIA created ISIS. Does that mean Mossad created Hamas? Evidently they did.

This leaves us with the third obvious inconsistency with Oct 7th. Someone sent me a link to some video clips alleged to be Hamas in Gaza man handling some female hostages with obvious stains on the pants. It looked totally orchestrated to me. Just like the high altitude drone footage.

That high altitude drone footage wasn't taken by Hamas that was taken by Mossad. The precision aerial strikes were trained Mossad operatives. This white guy leading that squad on an Israeli armoured vehicle was Blackwater just like the guys who blew up the border fence. The operatives with the staged hostages worked for Mossad just like ISIS worked for the CIA.
Think about it. Both sides are desperate to win over public opinion. Hamas would not film themselves man handling female hostages with stained pants. That would not win over public opinion. ISIS were beheading people. The CIA paid them to do that to create a powerful public reaction. Hamas were showing videos of the hostages being treated nicely and waving goodbye happily. Hamas wouldn't film themselves mistreating women. As my daughter said, if there was a group of terrorists in Nova Scotia killing cats, you wouldn't kill everyone in Nova Scotia.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Israel Kills Medics trying to save 6-Year-Old girl in Gaza

What we do in life echoes in eternity. Ben Shapiro has lost his mind and his soul.

As I've said before, there is good and bad on both sides of this conflict. As I've said before you can't say all Jews are this or all Palestinians are that. People are individuals responsible for what they do not for what others do. God is not a respecter of persons. Every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him. Every nation.

Ben Shapiro has blind faith in Benjamin Netanyahu despite the fact that Benny Yahoo is a dirty a*s globalist. That makes everything else Ben Shapiro has said a complete contradiction.

Israel and Gaza have past history. Gaza was the site of David and Goliath. It wasn't owned by the Palestinians it was owned by the Philistines. That means Israel didn't own it either. It all comes back to the Oslo accord which both sides have broken. Israel has been pushing Palestinians out of West Bank into Gaza. That is a violation of the Oslo accord.

Gaza has a long history of crazy. As soon as Israel pulled out and gave them more autonomy, they start firing rockets into Israel. That's not being a good neighbor. That's actually an act of war.

As soon as Israel would give notice of a military strike on a building they were firing rockets off the roof of, they would send in crazy women to die for the cause so they could show the world pictures of civilian causalities which they themselves caused.

The Hamas attack on Israel was completely unacceptable but it was a set up. Benjamin Netanyahu took all the soldiers off the border. Blackwater blew up the border fence for them. Benjamin Netanyahu gave the IDF a stand down order to let Hamas take hostages. That whole hostage taking was a complete farce just like it was in Iran.

Yet Israel's carpet bombing of Gaza has been completely unacceptable. They went in with tanks and bulldozers because they have an agenda. Actually several. They want Gaza's natural gas. They also want a more direct route for the new canal.

The Hamas manifesto is unacceptable but Mossad created Hamas to push the PLO out of Gaza. We need to get rid of Hamas and bring back the PLO and the Oslo accord. I don't see that happening because the pride of Benjamin Netanyahu is like unto the pride of Zedekiah right before Nebuchadnezzar killed his sons and poked his eyes out. Israel isn't always right. History has shown the world Israel's pride cycle of obedience and disobedience to God.

There has been many accounts of IDF snipers shooting someone then shooting anyone who comes to their aide. That is not the IDF I knew and wanted to join. In fact it's probably Blackwater doing that but I have seen videos of IDF soldiers mistreating Palestinians. Pride comtheth before the fall but not until they are ripe in iniquity. Moses warned Israel about disobedience.

Australia calls for US to drop case against Assange

Julian Assange’s extradition is illegal because he is accused of political offences

Finland to open 300 shooting ranges to boost interest in national defence

The Telegraph is reportng that "Finland has announced it will open 300 shooting ranges in a bid to encourage citizens to take a greater interest in national defence. A member of Finland’s defence committee said the move would help Finns improve their shooting skills in the face of increased threats from Russia." Great idea. Everyone should know basic firearm safety.

The House of the Rising Sun

Today I want to talk about the Devil's Deception and the House of the Rising Sun. Recently I saw a music video with some video clips of the Sons of Anarchy and the music from the House of the Rising Sun. I was never a fan of the Sons of Anarchy because I thought it was a stupid show. Hillbillies glorifying patches and crime because they have nothing better to do.

The SOA video was of a guy who rides a motorcycle. He's got two young kids and gives them hugs as he says goodbye. He hands in his presidents patch to his club then kills himself when the cops try and pull him over. I was like WTF? That was pointless. You've got two young kids. Don't you want to be a part of their life and see them grow up?

Other versions of the song say "Spend your lives in sin and misery in the House of the Rising Sun." Sin and misery. They go hand in hand because wickedness never was happiness.

The solution is simple. Don't get trapped by the Devil's deception. The chains of slavery are like flaxen cords that gently and softly wrap themselves around our neck slowly but surely. We don't notice it at first until they tighten their grip and start to choke us out. Then it's clear the chains need to be broken and the deception needs to be revealed. The truth will set you free.

CSIS admits to monitoring parental rights activists and compares them to neo-Nazis

True North is reporting that "Canada’s top intelligence agency admitted it is closely monitoring the activities of activists and groups associated with the parent’s rights movement, particularly those opposing radical gender ideology." The report claims “Anti-2SLGBTQl+ narratives remain a common theme in violent rhetoric espoused by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, the Freedom Movement, and networks such as Diagolon and QAnon.”

So here we have CSIS and the Five Eyes supporting gender ideology and the sexualization of children in school. Here we have CSIS opposing parental rights and compares freedom activists to neo Nazis. Isn't that ironic since it was CSIS who created the Heritage Front.

I came across the news story from the Exposing SOGI 123 web site. They posted a screen shot of CSIS' most wanted list which I hope and assume is satire naming three parental rights activists stating 1,000 points will be added to your credit score for information leading to their capture. It's funny but is it? Can you see where this kind of insanity is taking us? Geore Orwell 1984.

Once again now we are supposed to blindly believe every press release CSIS and the Five Eyes send out? I think not. CSIS' endorsement of gender ideology and the sexualization of children in school shows that their endorsement of the WEF Agenda is insane. CSIS and the Five Eyes need more public accountability not less. They set up Cameron Ortis to prevent that from happening.

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Alexey Navalny's right hand man meeting with MI6 agent

Update: Once again YouTube removes true information from it's server.

The video YouTube took down is posted on SHTF TV.

MSN is reporting that "Alexei Navalny was likely killed by a single punch to the heart after being exposed to freezing conditions- a special technique once taught to KGB agents. The Russian opposition leader was found dead in prison last week with severe bruising on his body consistent with the ‘one punch’ technique, according to Russian exile and human rights campaigner Vladimir Osechkin" That is so ridiculous. GMAFB. If he's in exile how did he see the body?

The KCCU is reporting that "The death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in a penal colony in Russia's Arctic north was shocking, but hardly surprising. For years, critics and opponents of Russian leader Vladimir Putin have fallen victim to shootings, poisoning with radioactive or nerve agents, or have plunged to their deaths from open windows."

Obviously that's concerning and obviously that's not the whole story.

This Rumble video is said to have been filmed by the Federal Security Service (FSB) sometime in 2012 and allegedly shows a meeting between Vladimir Ashurkov and an employee of the British Embassy in Moscow. Ashurkov is the executive director of the FBK, Alexey Navalny’s anti-corruption organization. That falls completely within the realm of believability. We know the CIA is currently meddling in the Iranian elections and are backing a group of terrorists who helped gas Iran simply because they oppose the current administration.

I most certainly don't have blind faith in Putin. However, I have even less faith in the mainstream media and in the Five Eyes Lies. In the YouTube video the Russian opponent is asking for millions of dollars from the corporations who could make billions from Russian resources. That investment would be used to buy mass protests, civil initiatives, propaganda, establishing contacts with the elites and explaining to them we are not going to take away their assets. That's because these Communists don't believe in a distribution of wealth. That line is a lie.

I've already talked about the Sergei Skripal assignation in England. I don't believe Russia was behind it. They could have killed him when he was their prisoner. The nerve agent Used in Salisbury was not Russian. Russia didn't kill Dr David Kelly.

The KCCU article has the audacity to claim that Alexander Litvinenko had accused Putin of complicity in the 1999 bombing of a Russian apartment block that killed hundreds of people and provided Putin with an excuse to launch the Second Chechen War. GMAFB.

We've already talked about that too. The movie the November Man with Pierce Brosnan was based on a true story. The CIA was directly involved. They put Putin in and now they want to take him out simply becuase they want his oil and gas just like Iran.

Now we are seeing CIA drone strikes on Russian refineries after they blew up Nord Stream.

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Fatal shooting in Montreal’s Little Italy

City News is reporting that "Montreal police are investigating after a man was shot and killed in the city’s Little Italy neighbourhood early this morning." CTV is reporting that "The victim of a drive-by shooting in Montreal's Little Italy neighbourhood on Saturday was the brother of reputed gang leader Jean-Philippe Célestin, a source confirmed to CTV News. Jean Brandon Célestin was shot multiple times after leaving a restaurant on Bellechasse Street just after midnight."

"Daniel Renaud is a reporter at La Presse specializing in organized crime. Speaking to CTV News on Saturday, he said the victim's brother, Jean-Philippe Célestin, is a major player in downtown Montreal's drug trade. The Célestin brothers also served as right-hands to organized crime kingpin Gregory Woolley, who was gunned down in November, said Renaud."

Sounds like Gumby and the Ontario Village Idiots are spending some coin in Montreal.

The Montreal Gazzette reported "A restaurant owned by a man who was shot in Laval on Feb. 9 was damaged by gunfire early Wednesday morning. The man survived the shooting despite several shots being fired into his Mercedes sport utility vehicle while he was seated inside it."

"The shooting occurred in the afternoon outside a restaurant on de l’Avenir Blvd., near St-Martin Blvd. W. No one has been charged in the shooting, but on Wednesday Laval police arrested a 27-year-old man after shots were fired into the door of a different restaurant in the city’s Ste-Dorothée district. According to Quebec’s business registry, the victim of the Feb. 9 shooting is part owner of the restaurant. He is also the owner of a used car business based in Lachine."

"According to a court document obtained by the Montreal Gazette, the man was recently investigated by police as part of a probe into an extensive network of car thieves. Leaders of the network are alleged to have worked with the South Shore businessman and his company in Lachine to get stolen cars packed in containers through the Port of Montreal."