Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Coquitlam Cactus Club shooting

The Vancovuer Sun is reporting that "Police in Coquitlam say at least two suspects are behind a late-night shooting in the parking lot of a Cactus Club restaurant that left a man and woman in hospital. Coquitlam RCMP say investigators continue to look for witnesses and video helping to identity those involved in the shooting just before midnight Sunday. Officers found two people in a vehicle with gunshot wounds who remained in hospital Tuesday for treatment of their injuries."

"After the shooting, a silver Chrysler 200 was found ablaze in the area of 180th Street and Golden Ears Way in Surrey. Investigators believe the car is linked to the Coquitlam shooting." That's weird. It's right where the Softside Clubhouse in Surrey is. Someone the Edmonton Hells Angels hired didn't even know where the Softside clubhouse was or are they trying to set them up?

The Brothers Keepers certainly know where that clubhouse is. That's where Ali had his meetings. Tell me they didn't torch the vehicle then run and hide inside the clubhouse. That would get Jamie capped in a heartbeat. There are surveillance cameras at every major intersection in Surrey.

Surrey applies for an injunction to evict the Hells Angels
They have a picture of Jamie out front holding a baseball bat. He's the clown with a baseball tattoo on the back of his hand with the two dead guys. Jamie's hanging by a thread so he is.
This is the only clubhouse I've ever seen that's not marked. No logos anywhere. It's all hidden. They're not a real charter. They're just a couple of dweebs in a rental. They don't run sh*t.


  1. Dennis you mean that Jamie Yochliwiz aka goes by self proclaimed jewsefer right? I think that's who you mean. What you mean hanging by a thread? He dropping water balloons on homeless last year I can't beleive the club let him in he's a ftslob embarrassment geek he's got some kind of podcast it's hilarious who the club allows in these days he looks more like a YouTube I fluency than a club guy.

    1. The guy's an idiot. Chad and Ali are dead. If he's not careful, he'll be next. There's something called staying under the radar and not being a heat bag he needs to understand.

    2. I wonder if Jamie even owns a motorcycle. I personally have never seen any pictures of him at any public club events. Curious.

    3. He's the biggest poser in the history of the club for sure. I've seen him on a big on his F page it's funny asf he's a big fat loser on bike looks ridiculous.


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