Sunday, February 25, 2024

Canadian cocaine Babes and their Sugar Daddies

TBM posted a video about the two Canadain girls caught with a huge amount of cocaine in their suitcases on a luxury cruise to Australia. The video confirms that they were drug mules working for Andre Tamine. All three were from Quebec which as we all know is Red and White.

CBC is reporting that "In Australian court documents and Quebec search warrants, the names of the four accomplices are made public. During the stopover on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: Michel Chiasson - one of the four accomplices - gets off the ship. He was questioned by the Canada Border Services Agency, who let him go. He will never return to the boat." Their accomplices were André Tamine, Nicolay Kolev, Stéphane Chevrier and the two Italians. CBC names Henry Soussan as a person of interest. In Europe all roads led to Rome but in Quebec all roads lead to the Hells Angels. Time served and all is well. Business as usual.

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