Saturday, February 10, 2024

Hells Angels boss Andrew Lamositele-Brown sentenced for murder of friend Petau Petau in New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that "A recently deported Melbourne Hells Angels boss who murdered a gang prospect friend on Boxing Day two years ago - sparking an hours-long standoff with Auckland police, who rescued his barricaded wife and children through a bedroom window - tried to argue one last time that the shooting was an accident rather than intentional. But Justice Sally Fitzgerald flatly rejected the suggestion this week as she sentenced Andew Lamositele-Brown, 40, to life imprisonment, describing the shooting as a fit of drunken, volatile aggression."

It could have been a tragic accident. Him telling the police that his friend f*cked with the wrong c*nt implies intent. "Standing in the witness box today, Lamositele-Brown pointed his fingers in the shape of a gun and demonstrated how he was holding the newly acquired pistol sideways, “flossing” it “gangster style” as he showed it off to Petau over drinks during a 1am visit as that Christmas Day in 2021 transitioned into Boxing Day."

“He was excited and just jumped up like he wanted to have a look and tried to grab it,” the defendant testified. “I reacted to his jumping up. I went back and it just went off. “Bang.” Lamositele-Brown, 40, has said the shooting was accidental."

“[I was] 'angry at myself and pissed off at the guy I got the piece off,' he said. “I didn’t know that the piece was loaded. He didn’t tell me anything. I thought all the ammo was in the purse."

Just so we're clear about basic Alec Baldwin gun safety, Never point at firearm at someone and always assume the firearm is loaded. Whenever you pick up a firearm the first thing you do it check to see if it's loaded and you make sure you keep your finger off the trigger at all times. My pistols don't have safeties. That's where the saying my finger is the safety comes from. It really isn't rocket science. That's why they call it basic firearm safety.

"He invited Petau over after the associate texted around midnight to wish him a merry Christmas, he said, describing his victim as a mate from the club whom he had met about six months earlier - shortly after moving from Australia and joining the South Auckland chapter of the Hells Angels."

"In his own recollection of events, Lamositele-Brown said everyone was jovial and in the holiday spirit that night - himself and Petau included. He estimated having consumed about six bottles of a pre-mixed vodka drink and five glasses of 'Henny and Coke' that he had mixed on his own."

Henny and Coke?! Hennessy and cocaine? You did not mix Hennessy with coke a cola. That would be a crime all in itself. You drink Hennessy straight. You do not mix it with sugary soda pop.

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