Thursday, February 1, 2024

A Classified look at the Future

OK here's the deal. I follow Classified because I think he rocks. I really liked his one hit wonder with David Miles called Inner Ninja. David Miles looks a lot like my lawyer friend David Whotherspoon who has helped me settle a couple of lawsuits.

David was a partner in the largest law firm on the planet then broke off on his own and started his own law firm in an era where competence surpasses politics. I related to Lucus Boyd because when my back's up against the wall I don't freeze up I re up. I'm from the West Coast but my mother was born in Amherst and my father's mother was born in Woodstock.

Obviously my politics are different. I think the mass shooting in Nova Scotia was orchestrated and I think Covid was a scam. Yet when you set politics aside it is as Lois Armstrong once said a Beautiful World and the bottom line is that people are allowed to disagree.

Well I just noticed he posted a new video on YouTube of two local dancers doing a routine to his song All Wrong. It's two sisters from his hometown named Madi and Keni Hopewell. They're really good. They have been dancing since they were little kids and were accepted into a summer program at the Broadway Dance Center in New York City back in 2016. That's awesome. They're not trashy they're classy and very talented. The future looks bright if you turn off the fake news. Breagh Isabel is really good too. She makes a nice balance. Keepin it real yo.

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