Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Two Kerry men in court following 546kg crystal meth haul

The Irish Independent is reporting that "The two Kerry men charged in relation to the biggest ever haul of crystal meth in the country have appeared in court via video link. Nathan McDonnell appeared first this morning at Tralee District Court via video link from Portlaoise Prison."

"The 43-year-old owner of Ballyseedy Garden Centre, with an address at Ballyroe, is charged with possession of drugs worth more than €13,000 for sale or supply at the garden centre between October 27 and February 12. James Leen, age 41 of Pilgrim Hill, Kilmorna, Listowel, is facing two charges – one of drug importation of crystal meth worth €13,000 or more last October and the possession for sale or supply of methylamphetamine worth €13,000 between October 27, 2023 and February 12, 2024." RTE states that 546 kilos were seized.

"The court was previously told that Customs officials examined a container in the port of Cork, which had an electronic, magnetic, metal recycling machine, which was purpose built to conceal the drugs, which the court was told were almost impossible to find. The court said that 543kg of crystal meth, with an estimated value of €32.8million, was found in the machine."

Two Kerry men caught with half a ton of crystal meth. That sounds like the beginning of a joke so it does. That is a lot of crystal meth. It would be interesting to find out where it was coming from. That's a whole lot of ruthless poison for a relatively small area.

The Irish News is reporting that it is believed the shipment was organized by the Mexican Sinaloa cartel with Irish connections and was reportedly bound ultimately for Australia.

"It is believed the meth originated in Colombia but that the shipment was organised by members of the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico, including Morris O’Shea Salazar, who grew up in Killorglin, Co Kerry." From Colombia to Ireland to Australia. That's kind of the long way around.

Morris O’Shea Salazar was caught through "the Encrochat hack which gave international police forces access to thousands of messages from the app used by criminal gangs." Sounds a wee bit shady so it does. In April 2023 55 kilos of cocaine were seized in Cork.


  1. "An Irish Sinaloa Cartel Boss". If you've never heard an Irishman speaking Spanish you have no idea how funny that is.

  2. Sounds like a new season of Breaking Bad.

  3. Long way around but from what I read on the news, they have a lot of stuff getting intercepted, so perhaps that's their rational for making it looking like the shipment coming into Oz has no connection to a source country. Only drug they make in Ireland is alcohol, ha-ha.


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