Friday, February 16, 2024

Government of Canada denies Cameron Ortis a Bible

OK here's the deal. I sent Cameron Ortis a book from Amazon and it was returned. They wouldn't let him have it. I've sent inmates books before. You can't mail them from home you have to have Amazon send it to them directly which I did. What did I send him? I sent him a copy of the book of Psalms from the Bible. His father was a Mennonite minister. I've never heard of an inmate being denied a copy of the Bible before. This is just one of many examples of the punitive conditions Cameron has endured while in custody for a crime he did not commit.

Cameron Otris has been forced to endure countless Xrays and strip searches despite the fact that he's spent most of his time in solidarity confinement. This isn't a CIA black prison site. This is here on Canadian soil. These putative b*stards are disgusting.

In case you missed it, I was on Jason Goodman's podcast last week discussing the case. Jason is a podcaster from New York City. He also thinks Cameron Ortis is innocent and was set up.

As I said in the interview, Bob Paulson created a new program called the OR and placed Cameron Ortis in charge of it. Then he put Cameron in charge of the NIC and the RCMP members lost their sh*t. They did not want a civilian for a boss. Bob Paulson was grooming Cameron to become the next RCMP Commissioner after he retired and the old boys club made damn well sure that never happened. Now they're just being punitive POS.

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